Nicole’s Spring Break Part 2

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Nicole’s Spring Break Part 2
March 13 (evening)

Nicole heard the front door close as Candy’s guests left followed by the tap tap tap of her heels on the tiled floor as she returned to the lounge sat on the settee and cuddled up close to her. “Well you are a dirty little slut aren’t you, you couldn’t wait to get his cock between your legs could you, your face is still covered in his cum,” said Candy smiling, “You’re nothing more than a cheap whore for any cock that comes along” she said as her lips brushed Nicole’s before her tongue licked the remains of Tony’s cum from her lips, cheeks and eyelids before sliding her sperm covered tongue between Nicole’s parted lips so the girls could share and savour a final taste of her latest lover.

As the girls finally broke their kiss each swallowing the last precious drops of man juice, “Darling, you are just jealous, but I can make it up to you” whispered Nicole into Candy’s ear, nibbling on her earlobe as her hand slid under her skirt and slowly made its way up her girlfriends thigh, across that final barrier of flesh between stocking top and panties to caress the rapidly swelling joy stick hidden there. “You weren’t left out of the fun anyway, Karen certainly made you wriggle on the end of that strap on, and she was quite vocal when you had this inside her,” she said as she continued playing with Candy’s now rock hard cock. “It was good wasn’t it,”tittered Candy as her lips once again found Nicole’s and as the girls kissed again her hand made a similar journey to the Nicole’s had a few moments earlier only to discover that her friends panties were still somewhere in the bedroom where Tony had thrown them when he had removed them from a very willing Nicole a short while ago.

“I knew you were a slut,” breathed Candy, “only sluts and whores go around with no knickers on, I like it though” she continued, ” and you will enjoy the evening I’ve planned for us tonight, I certainly will,” she murmured through the kisses as her fingers wrapped around Nicole’s cockette and began to stroke it gently feeling it harden and grow under her caress. Slowly, Candy slipped off the sofa and on to her knees. Pushing Nicole’s skirt up around her waist she looked at her, “Spread your legs my little slut” she commanded. Slowly Nicole parted her legs as Candy lowered her head and took her girlfriends boy clit into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and working her lips along its length and listening to the sighs of pleasure coming from Nicole’s lips. Candy continued sucking cock alternating between sucking, licking, kissing and nibbling as the other girl rolled her hips thrusting her cockette into Candy’s warm, wet eager mouth.

“Please” begged Nicole “let me suck you, I need your cock so badly” moaned the tormented girl. Candy ignored her pleas and continued to inflict exquisite torture on her inflamed clit as the slut continued to writhe and beg. Abruptly Candy withdrew her lips, stood, took two paces back and looked down at the wanton girl on the sofa. “Get on your knees” she ordered. Nicole slid off the settee and onto the floor where she knelt before Candy looking into her eyes. Candy tossed her red mane and slowly began to unbutton her blouse revealing her corseted body to the randy girl kneeling before her. Once unfastened, Candy dropped the blouse to the floor, and then began to unzip her skirt which soon slipped down
her legs joining the blouse in an untidy heap at her feet. The dazzling redhead now tightly clad only in corset, stockings and heels took a pace backwards as she stepped out of her skirt. “Come here slut” ordered Candy, obediently Nicole crawled across the small gap between the two girls, looking only at the bulge in Candy’s panties.

Candy looked down at the girl kneeling before her, “You may remove my pants slut, but DO NOT touch me, or you will regret it.” As Nicole reached out to touch her lover she thought of how what had begun as a romantic evening had suddenly taken a new direction, Candy was showing a side of her personality that she had never displayed before. A girl who was naturally inclined to take the submissive role in bed Nicole realised that this new Mistress/Submissive role was beginning to excite her. Where would it lead?

As her fingertips touched the lace of Candy’s panties her concentration was dragged back to the reality of her position, one part of her mind concentrated on the task of removing the panties without touching flesh, the other thought only about the meaning of the phrase “You will regret it.” Gingerly, Nicole worked her Mistress’s panties over the curves of her hips and slowly down her thighs until further progress was halted by Candy’s cock becoming caught in the lacy mesh of the underwear. Edging closer to the dominant woman before her, Nicole pressed gently down on the flimsy material forcing the cock downward. The panties cleared the head of Candy’s love pole and it sprang back, fully erect, immediately in front of her mouth. Nicole could not resist it, the tumescent glans of her Mistresses cock so close to her mouth just had to be kissed and the glistening drop of precum licked from the head before rapidly pulling her head back and continuing with her task. There was no reaction from the woman at whose feet Nicole knelt, with more confidence than she felt bostancı escort Nicole quickly pulled the panties down to Candy’s ankles and her lover stepped out of them in silence.

Still on her knees Nicole waited for the next instruction from her new Mistress. It seemed like an eternity before Candy spoke, “Open your mouth.” Nicole did as she was commanded, seductively licking her top lip in anticipation of what her mouth was going to receive. Mistress Candy placed a hand firmly on each side of the sluts head and pushed her hard cock deliberately into the waiting orifice until it’s full length was buried deep in the gagging girls throat. Holding it in place Mistress looked down at the choking girl without pity. “Do you like your new role in life, slut?” Unable to speak Nicole tried to nod her head in agreement. Her life had been turned upside down, she only knew that everything now depended on her Mistress’s whims. Candy continued to fuck Nicole’s mouth without allowing her to wrap her lips around the shaft of the cock and pleasure her Mistress with her mouth, lips and tongue.

At last Candy withdrew her cock from the sluts mouth. Looking down at the girl she said with authority in her voice “You look a complete disgrace. Go to the bedroom, clean yourself up, undress and put on the clothes you find there. Keep your heels and stockings on. When you are presentable you may return here.” With that she turned and walked away

Confused but contented with the recent turn of events Nicole entered the bedroom and looked around. She took in the dressing table with its mirror and array of cosmetics, the fitted wardrobe with its floor length mirrored sliding doors reflected in which was the large double bed, and on the bed was laid the most beautiful, diaphanous baby doll nightie. Pink with spaghetti straps, edged with a frill of black lace and the cups embroidered with a delicate black pattern. Open at the front, a black silk ribbon running under the bust could be tied to hold the two sides of the nightie together. To complete the ensemble were a matching pair of sheer panties with tie sides. Nicole fell in love with it immediately. Quickly she slipped out of her skirt and top and discarded her bra. Naked, apart from her stockings and heels Nicole sat at the dressing table and began to repair her makeup, finally completing the task by painting her full lips with a fresh layer of ruby red lipstick topped with a glistening lip gloss. She brushed her shoulder length blonde hair and sprayed herself with J’Adore. She stood, turned, and inspected her naked body in the full length mirror. Satisfied with what she saw she picked up the panties, fitted them over her sex, pulled her sissy clit back between her legs before tying the side ribbons together high on her hips. Finally she slipped into her nightie, and tied the ribbons to bring the sides together ensuring her breasts stood firm and proud. A last glance in the mirror, a smile on her lips and her head held high Nicole returned to the sitting room ready to serve her Mistress.

“Come here my beautiful Darling,” beckoned Candy from the sofaas Nicole entered the room. “Kneel at my feet while I explain a few things. From this moment I am your Mistress and you are my plaything, a slut to be used for my pleasure, you will obey my orders instantly, any disobedience will be punished. You will speak only when spoken to or I give you permission to speak. You will refer to me as Mistress or Mistress Candy. Do you accept your new role?”

“Yes Mistress Candy,” replied Nicole.

“Good girl,” said Mistress, “now, you remember I told you not to touch me when removing my panties?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what did you do?”

“Touched you Mistress.”

“Not only did you touch me what else did you do?”

“Kissed your cock Mistress.”

“Without permission and against my orders. So, what happens now slut?”

“I’m to be punished Mistress?”

“As well as being beautiful and desirable you’re also very bright,” said Mistress Candy. “Go over to the desk and bring me what you find there.”

Nicole rose and with some trepidation she walked over to the desk on the top of which lay something that looked like a table tennis bat but rectangular and made of leather. She picked it up and returned to face her Mistress. “Give me the paddle, slut,” said Candy in a way which clearly showed she was enjoying her new position of authority over a now very subdued Nicole, “and take off your panties,” she commanded.

After handing the paddle to her Mistress Nicole nervously untied the ribbons holding the two halves of her panties together, once untied her panties fell to the floor. Nicole stood before her Mistress awaiting her next instruction. “Return to the desk, bend over it and grasp the far side with both hands,” instructed Mistress Candy. Nicole did as she was ordered. “Spread your legs and push your bottom out,” came the next command. Nicole obeyed and listened to the tapping of Candy’s heels on the floor as she approached her. The tapping stopped and a hand in a satin glove began to caress the cheeks of her bottom. “You have such a sexy bum Darling,” murmured Nicole’s Mistress, “it would look so much prettier if it was a lovely shade of Pink,” she continued as she stroked the twin globes of her slave, ” I think six on each side will have the required ataşehir escort bayan effect, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” whispered Nicole.

A rush of air, a resounding crack, a sharp sting and a yelp of pain all melded together as the first stroke was delivered to Nicole’s right buttock. “Silence slut,” snapped Candy, as the second stroke descended on the left buttock. “Don’t you think you should thank me for my kindness in punishing you?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Count the strokes as well.”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Three, thank you Mistress,” whimpered the girl spread across the desk whose bum was on fire from the first strokes. The punishment continued, CRACK,”four, thank you Mistress.” By the time eight strokes of the paddle had been firmly administered the fire in Nicole’s arse cheeks had mellowed into a warm glow that was beginning to spread throughout her body and continued to grow with each stroke. Nicole strained to push her bum out further and further in anticipation of the warm sting of the paddle.

With a mixture of relief and a tinge of disappointment Nicole whispered, “twelve, thank you Mistress.” A warm hand caressed her tingling ass cheeks, “what a gorgeous colour they are, you’d love them if you could see them,” said Candy, “as a reward for being so brave I have a little present for you, stay as you are,” she commanded. A minute or so later Nicole spread her legs wider when ordered to do so by her Mistress who proceeded to apply a cold soothing salve to her bottom and the cleft between her cheeks. As she enjoyed the relief the salve brought to her tortured bum she became aware of some thing hard pressing against her rosebud. “Keep still, slut,”ordered Mistress Candy as she pushed, firmly but quite tenderly, a butt plug into Nicole’s sissy pussy. Nicole moaned quietly as the plug grew thicker and thicker as it forced the entrance to her body wider and wider until at last the widest part of the plug was reached and it completed it’s journey without resistance as the shaft narrowed and was sucked into the sluts sissy pussy and gripped tightly by Nicole’s sphincter muscles filling her completely. “What do you have to say for the very special gift I’ve just given you?” demanded Mistress Candy. “Thank you Mistress, it’s perfect and fits so well,” replied the slut.

Mistress Candy walked around the desk and faced Nicole, her cock erect, it’s head glistening with precum, “thank you isn’t enough for such a perfect gift,” she snarled, “suck my cock, slut, that’s the correct way to thank me.” Nicole stretched out over the desk and slowly licked the shiny liquid drops from Mistress Candy’s glans before sucking the head of the shaft into her mouth, her Mistress tasted so good. Moving her lips along the length of flesh, sucking hard and then releasing her grip, licking and kissing along its length, taking its fullness into her mouth Nicole was a happy little submissive pleasuring her Mistress. A groan came from Candy’s lips before she spoke.

“You like that, don’t you slut? A cock in your mouth and a plug filling your pussy. What more could a slut want?” She paused, “I know, a cock fucking that tight little pussy of yours and filling it full of lots of hot creamy cum.” She paused again, “you are a lucky girl, tonight your wish is going to be granted, but not yet.” Mistress pulled her cock from between Nicole’s lips. “All this work has made me quite thirsty,” said Mistress Candy, “get me a drink, Cava, you may have one yourself. Put your panties on first.” Nicole, eager to obey her Mistress, put on her panties and hurried to the kitchen to get the cold fizz. “Swing your ass slut,” Candy snapped, let everyone see what a whore you are.” Nicole swung her hips from side to side wiggling her ass enjoying the feeling of the plug riding up and down inside her.

In the kitchen Nicole retrieved the Cava from the fridge, and placed the bottle on a tray with two champagne flutes, added a strawberry to each glass and careful not to drop or spill anything returned to her Mistress in the lounge. “Come and sit by me Darling,” said Candy as Nicole offered her the tray of drinks, ” but pour the drinks first my little slut.” Nicole placed the tray on the coffee table and poured her Mistress a drink and handed it to her before pouring herself one and joining Candy on the sofa. Candy took the glass from the girl and placed both glasses on the table before taking her submissive in her arms and kissing her tenderly on the lips, her tongue working its way into Nicole’s partially open mouth. The two girls kissed long and lovingly until Candy pulled back and looked into the eyes of her lover. “We are having fun, aren’t we my darling?” questioned Candy. “Oh yes,” replied Nicole, “I never thought it would be so exciting to serve a Mistress.”

The kissing and cuddling continued, the two girls exploring each other’s bodies with hands and lips. Candy bared Nicole’s breasts and began to lick and suck on her erect protruding nipples. In response Nicole pressed her girlfriends head firmly against her bosom as Candy began to nibble on the hard cherries that were her nipples. Nibbling turned to sharp nips and tender bites making Nicole moan both in pain and with pleasure as the delightful torture continued. Nicole groped for Candy’s hardness and caressed göztepe escort bayan its length with her hand, causing Candy to pause in her toying with Nicole’s breasts and allow the passive girl to lower her head and once again take her lovers joy stick into her mouth. A firm tap on the butt plug in her ass brought Nicole to her senses as Mistress Candy asked, “who gave you permission to suck me, slut?”

“No one Mistress.”

“You know what this means slut?”

“Yes Mistress Candy.”

“Tell me, slut.”

“I’m to be punished Mistress.”

“Correct, go to the bedroom, kneel on the bed, head down, ass up, legs spread.”

“Yes Mistress,” murmured the slut as she rose to her feet and proceeded to the bedroom and adopted the position as ordered to await her Mistress’ pleasure. The minutes passed as the girl on the bed waited and waited to be chastised for her disobedience. After what seemed to be an eternity the sound her heels announced the arrival of Mistress Candy, the slut clenched her buttocks in anticipation of the punishment to come. Nicole turned her head slightly to the side where she could see herself reflected in the full length mirrors that made up the wardrobe doors. Behind her stood her Mistress, her cock standing proud, looking down on the acquiescent girl awaiting her punishment. She watched as Mistress Candy climbed onto the bed behind her and began to caress her still pink cheeks pushing the baby doll up over the expectant girls hips and untying the ribbons holding her panties together.

Naked from the waist down Nicole closed her eyes and awaited the inevitable. Surprised, she felt a pair of warm moist lips tenderly kiss her glowing globes. Surprise turned to a yelp of pain as Candy sank her teeth into Nicole’s soft creamy flesh before delivering sharp slaps to each ass cheek until she tired of the exercise.

“Have you learnt your lesson, slut?” Queried Mistress.

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Good, remain as you are.” With that Candy rose from the bed leaving the subdued Nicole to contemplate her sins. The girl looked at herself in the mirror once more her eyes coming to rest on the bright pink colouring of her butt cheek where Candy had so recently beaten her, “it looks so pretty” she thought to herself. Mistress soon returned to the bed and continued to play with Nicole’s ass, fondle her sissy cock and toy with the butt plug as the sub girl gazed at the mirror responding with a rolling of her hips and a sigh of pleasure at the treatment she was receiving from her loving generous Mistress. She continued watching as Mistress slowly removed the plug from the sluts pussy leaving her feeling empty and craving for the return of the plug. She closed her eyes and offered a little prayer for its return.

Pulling the waiting girl towards her Candy pressed the tip of her cock against Nicole’s Rosebud and forcibly pushed its full length deep inside the compliant girl kneeling before her. Nicole groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure as her sissy pussy was once more violated, but this time with Mistress’ wonderful cock.

“You love to be fucked, don’t you slut,” grunted Candy as she thrust her cock in and out of Nicole’s ass pussy.

“Yes Mistress”

“Yes Mistress what?”

“I love being fucked Mistress”

“You’re just a fuck slut aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress I’m a fuck slut, a dirty fuck slut whore.”

“What are you?”

“A dirty fuck slut whore Mistress.”

Nicole continued to proclaim her sluttiness with each thrust, some hard and fast, some slow and gentle, some shallow, some deep, of Mistress Candy’s cock into her tight sissy pussy. Nicole impaled herself on the cock with each thrust building her Mistress’ desire with each stroke until, inevitably, Candy reached her climax erupting and pumping her cum into the sluts pussy, filling it with her hot creamy love juice. The slut’s pussy muscles contracted with each pulsation of her Mistress’ cock milking every last drop from the hard piece of sex meat buried to its hilt inside her.

Candy came down from the heights of her orgasm and withdrew her softening cock from her submissives sissy pussy. “Turn round,” she commanded, Nicole complied with the directive turning to face her Mistress, ” clean me,” demanded her lover. The slut took her Mistress’ cock into her mouth and lovingly used her lips and tongue to remove any lingering trace of cum from Candy’s love stick.

Once the task was completed to Candy’s satisfaction she gently pulled her girlfriend to her and kissed her on her lips tenderly slipping her tongue into Nicole’s compliant mouth. The two girls enjoyed a loving embrace fondly caressing each other’s body. Entwined, the girls slowly sank onto the bed as they continued to kiss. Candy’s hand slid between Nicole’s legs feeling the wetness as her cum leaked from her intimate’s love cave. “You’re so wet my Darling,” she murmured as her fingers slipped inside to receive a coating of cum. Her fingers now thickly covered in love juice she offered them to Nicole, who, with a smile parted her lips to receive the offering.

“Turn over Darling,” instructed Candy tenderly, ” I want to lick your pussy clean. Nicole obeyed and revelled in the enjoyment of Candy’s tantalising tongue as she went about her work. Her task completed, Candy worked her way up Nicole’s body as the other girl rolled over to meet her lovers lips as they came face to face. Wrapped in each other’s arms the girls continued to kiss and caress each other until tiredness crept over them and they finally drifted off to sleep dreaming of the love making to be enjoyed the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20