Julie in College Ch. 01

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My name is Julie, I am 40 years old, married and have two children. At 5’4″ I am fairly petite and was disappointed in my small bust size (A) for a long time. I was never one of the popular girls and somewhat plain looking. The Catholic school I went to required both boys and girls to wear uniforms. Mine was a pleated skirt, while blouse and navy blue blazer. The boys could wear any slacks but not jeans and had to wear a white shirt.

I was a pretty shy and conservative girl in high school. Most of my concentration was on my grades and remaining at the top of my class. It was finally in my senior year that I began to open up to boys. In early November of my senior year I began dating Jason. Jason was smart, not a jock but pretty masculine and I loved his wit. I also liked that Jason had a car.

My first kiss from Jason was so special I floated about six inches above the floor as I came into the house and went up to my room. I was totally in love and sure that Jason would be my husband some day.

Being active teenagers, things progressed in a normal manner between us. At first I was not willing to let the touching happen, but by my 18th birthday in February my desires were overtaking my prudishness and I found a new level of delight as he got his hands inside my bra. I still remember the day we were making out in his bedroom after school, having the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. We were on his bed and I somehow opened my legs and found him lying between casino şirketleri them and the hardness of his penis right against my panties since my skirt had ridden way up. That was my first climax with a boy. I was embarrassed at how my skirt had ridden up so much, but also excited by it.

After that we dry humped often, mostly after school with me still in my skirt. I no longer tried to keep my panties modestly covered in front of Jason. Jason wanted to go further, but I was not ready. We got to the point where he had his pants and underwear off and dry humped against me. That was my first exposure to semen. Again, I was excited.

Still, there was no way I was ready for sex. So, when Jason would try to remove my panties I always stopped him. I would not even let him put his hands inside my panties. I loved his hugs when I could feel his hardness as he pulled me against him with his hands under my skirt on my rear.

One day in early May we were again in his bedroom. Jason was naked and I was down to just my panties. Jason again tried to put his hand inside my panties and a little later to remove them. I still managed to stop him and we dry humped again. I thought since we both climaxed and it felt so good things were fine between us. Jason obviously felt differently about it and that weekend he broke up with me.

I was pretty hurt. He seemed so perfect for me, the guy I would marry someday. I missed the prom and moped around the house for a full month. casino firmaları Things were a little better by graduation, but I hated seeing Jason hanging around with Cindy who all the girls knew had not been a virgin for a very long time.

Summer was a combination of working as a receptionist and a little bookkeeping at an accounting office, lots of swimming and getting ready to go off to the university and be away from home for the first time. I had a few dates but no sexual adventures as my prudishness had returned out of a desire to not get hurt again. I usually wore a dress or skirt to work and liked the attention I got.

With Labor Day weekend I was off to the university about 200 miles from home. My parents helped me to move into my dorm room and I met my roommate, Sarah. Sarah had flown in from Southern California so she was all alone. After all the introduction stuff, dinner, a dance and orientations, my parents left and Sarah and I got a chance to get to know each other.

Sarah was pretty close to my size, light brown hair and a little bigger than me on top. It was nice that we could share clothes. Of course we compared notes about boys. Sarah told me about her last boyfriend and how she had lost her virginity to him at the beach that summer. I was surprised that she was not upset about being apart from him but she said he was a great date and all, but not the one. I actually felt a little embarrassed to tell her I was still a virgin even though I güvenilir casino had no plans to change that for a very long time.

Classes started and Sarah and I started college life together. Three weeks into the school year Sarah did not return from her date until 11:00 the next morning. I had gotten in from my date just before midnight. I was worried and upset. I settled down a little while after she got back and we worked out signals and messages. Remember, this was before everyone had a cell phone.

I met Robert pretty early in the school year. Robert was a senior majoring in accounting. Since my major was accounting Robert kind of took it upon himself to mentor me.

Robert was one of those special guys. Smart, good looking, witty and from a professional family back in Ohio. That an older guy like him would take an interest in a plain girl like me gave be a real thrill. Our dates became more frequent and it got to where I was spending a large part of my time at his room in the row housing.

Robert was not pushy with me. He kissed me on our first date, but did not take things any farther. However, it was not long before his hands found their way inside my bra and not long after that he was going much farther.

I still often wore skirts and dresses and loved to feel Robert stroke me through my panties as we kissed. It was in early October that he began to stroke my inside my panties and making me climax with his fingers. About the same time I began to give him blow jobs. I loved the feel of his popsicle like penis in my mouth and learned to swallow when he came.

So, by the end of October I was easily ready on the Saturday night that I gave myself to Robert.

Should I continue?

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