Another Good Night- Part IV

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Another Good Night- Part IV

Claire searched frantically on every table top and drawer in the living room. She was still naked and she only had until Malcolm came back with the champagne. If she could only find the gun that the drunken bastard had left lying she could make her uncle let her go. She didn’t know if she could let him touch her again. The shock of his first attack was paralyzing but now the full disgust of what Malcolm wanted from her was setting in. He hadn’t intended just to rape her once and then leave, like Brett had done; he wanted to do it again and again, every night, and God knows what else to her.

Vomit surged into her throat; stopping her dead in her tracks. She covered her mouth and held it back. Just the thought of Malcolm’s blubbery naked body was revolting to her. She tried again to find the gun but it was too late. She heard the heavy sound of Malcolm’s bare feet padding behind her. Then she felt his fat hand on her shoulder.

“Get up, babe.”

He pulled her to her feet and turned her around. He had the champagne and one glass in his right hand. His left hand touched her nude waist and pulled her luscious little body into his mound of flab. Her small tits pressed fully against his chest. She could smell the thick noxious smell of his body odor.

“Let me go Malcolm,” She pushed at his arm, trying to get free, “I mean it! I’m not doing this! Let me the fuck go!”

Malcolm just pulled her closer.

“You’re so feisty, Claire,” he sighed, “let’s see you drink a little champagne.”

He started undoing the cork.

“I fucking mean it!” She tried again to push his heavy body away.

“So the fuck do I!” Malcolm roared, pushing his niece back as hard as he could and slamming her against the near wall.

She could hardly breathe through the shock; that and Malcolm’s fat pushed up against her, her back against the wall. He popped the cork and a flush of white bubbling wine poured over the floor; just like Brett’s spunk had wetly hit the floor an hour before.

“I don’t wanna hurt you, Claire,” Malcolm said, pouring the champagne into the single glass he’d carried in from the kitchen, “I’ve locked every fucking door in the house though… and if you don’t play nice I’m gonna have to… now… let me see you drink…”

He forced the rim of the glass up against Claire’s mouth and tipped it. She was forced to swallow as he poured the stuff down her throat. When he pulled away she coughed; but Malcolm didn’t let up, just filling the glass again.

“Come on, babe, drink what daddy bought you.”

Claire turned her head away.

“Fuck you Malcolm.”

Malcolm grabbed her throat and turned her head back to face him. She nearly vomited again as his filthy fingers plunged violently into her mouth and he wedged upon her jaw. She couched and tried to pull away but her had her hard; fingers hooking into her lower jaw, holding her open. He forced the hard rim of the glass up against her lower lip again and tilted it as before.

“I wanted this to be fucking romantic, slut,” he shouted, “but you need some fucking wine to loosen you the fuck up!”

Claire stared around the room; silently screaming as so many times she nearly choked on the wine Malcolm was forcing her to swallow. Finally he pulled the glass away and threw it hard across the room; it shattered over there. Then Malcolm put the head of the bottle in his mouth and started pouring the alcohol down his throat. He downed it until the whole bottle was done then he took it out his mouth and threw it after the glass. It rolled away. Malcolm pressed himself hard against Claire and belched loudly, dispelling the gasses, before grabbing at her sweet, firm ass and pulling her pussy up against his cock. He belched again in a satisfied way and started kneading her ass-cheeks roughly in both hands. Claire just stared away in utter disgust.

“If that ain’t loosened you up babe it’s sure as hell got me going,” he sneered, “I’m fucking hot to trot for you, slut.”

He pulled her hips more insistently closer to his wide body. Then he started pulling her back towards the couch.

“Let me go. Let me go!” Was all she could say as Malcolm tugged her forcefully back onto the couch.

He made her sit there first then climbed down next to her; dispersing his massive weight.

“I’m going to tell everyone you did this you bastard!” She had started to cry, “you’re going to go away for fucking rape.”

He dragged her towards him. She fought against being cradled into his fat again but it was useless. Malcolm was unfit but huge enough to pull a young girl like Claire around without breaking a sweat. He pressed her face into the part of his chest under his arm and held her painfully close, pinned by his massive arm.

“Stay the fuck there,” he grabbed the remote from where he sat and powered up the TV, “we’re gonna watch something to get us in the mood.”

He flicked through the cable channels and finally found some porn. Claire caught a glimpse of two guys jacking off onto a girl on her knees. Then she closed her eyes in total disgust. In the dark all she could hear was the sounds of the guys on screen moaning and the girl chanting for them to use her as a cumdump.

“Shit this is hot,” Malcolm said.

Then Claire heard it as her fat uncle started to jack off. She tried to push away again but it was useless. Her thin arms just couldn’t beat his massive beefy things. He held her close and continued stroking his dick to the porn. For ten minutes all she heard was the wet sound of his jacking and the filthy sounds from the TV.

“Okay darlin’” he groaned at last, “time for us to start our own little fucking show.”

Claire whined audibly with revulsion as Malcolm grabbed her hips again and pulled her onto his lap; her sleek legs straddling his ugly, blubbery body. He killed the TV and put his chubby hands lightly on her ass-cheeks.

“Okay, sweet thing,” he leered at her fit-as-fuck body, her pussy and her little titties all on show, “I want you to act like a little porn actress for me.”

She made a forbearing face and pressed her hands against his chest trying to push away. He just grabbed harder buckling her over until her face was pressed against his face; his hand clutched the nape of her neck and he help her there.

“Come on, sweet thing,” he whispered in her ear, “I know you’ve been studying dance at college… why don’t you give daddy a little lap-dance.”

Claire pushed her hand against Malcolm’s fat greasy face and tried to claw the skin. But he grabbed her wrist and forced her arm back down.

“Keep your fucking hands by your side!” He forced her face even closer to his, pushing them together, “Now give me a fucking lap-dance!”

“Go to fucking hell!” Claire screamed.

Malcolm lost it. He pulled his fat body up and stormed across the room. Claire took the opportunity and ran naked to the front door. She fumbled with the locked latch for moments before Malcolm reappeared; seizing her round the top of the arm and dragging her back to the couch. He forced her down onto the material, face-up, and rammed the muzzle of his gun firmly between her jaws. He was sweating like a pig and his eyes were maniac crazy.

She couldn’t breathe for the fear.

“I want a fucking lap-dance!” He shouted down on her, “you don’t give me a lap-dance I’ll be going to prison for murder one… fuck rape… what you saying now, slut!”

He pulled the gun out of her mouth. She touched it, terrified, tears of humiliation running down her face.

“I’ll do it,” she said weakly.

“Fucking casino şirketleri right you will!”

Malcolm grabbed her again and forced her to straddle him like before. His hand still held the gun lightly. He grabbed the nape of her neck again, forcing their faces together and her hot little ass to turn up pertly with her arched back. He licked her face.

“Give me a lap-dance,” he whispered.

She could hardly maneuver herself in that position but she tried; grinding her fine ass on his blubbery skin, mashing her pussy up against his hard cock. The whole thing was torture. Malcolm pushed their faces closer together and shoved his fat tongue into her mouth; licking her out. The sound he made while tongue-fucking her was so sickening it made Claire want to push up off him and run. She just kept moving her hips for him.

Then his hairy, fat hand grabbed at her ass and she flinched visibly as his finger touched her asshole. She tried to make it part of the lap-dance, as she reached back and pushed his hand away. Malcolm just kept tonguing her mouth wetly and moved his hand back pushing his finger more insistently against her opening. She pulled away from him.

“Please,” she said, trying to prize his hand away again.

“Let me do it.” Was all he said, obviously lost in lust.

Claire looked at the gun, then closed her eyes and started crying silently. Malcolm started kissing her again and she felt it as he pushed his fat finger up into her ass. She winced and tried not to feel what he was doing. But it was impossible, he was slowly fingering her asshole while she was forced her to take his fat scummy tongue. He pulled away, letting a string of spit break between their lips.

“Keep dancing, baby,” he slurred, then he dug his filthy finger deeper into her asshole, as though to prod her into action, “come on, sweetheart, give daddy a nice show…”

She cried audibly as he shoved his finger home, the feel of it inside her ass was so disgusting, but she moved anyway. Grinding him some more.

“AW,” his fat mouth opened with pleasure and she could smell his rancid breath again, “good girl… ride daddy…”

He started moving his finger in and out of her tight guts.

“Aw! Push your sweet little titties together, Claire, let daddy see how beautiful you are.”

She cried harder. Pushing her pert breasts together for him to see.

“Push them up against daddy’s face, baby,” he leered at her beautiful titties, “I wanna kiss them.”

She moaned as he bucked his hips into her, forcing her to move closer. She reacted, doing as she was told and pressing her knockout breasts up against his fat, sweaty face.

“That’s right honey,” he started tonguing her tits, “let daddy kiss your hot little titties…”
He started going wild with her back passage; fingering her painfully as he licked wetly at her firm tits. Then he removed his finger and let his palm brush across her silky ass-cheeks. He thrust into her with his massive hips, making her move again, but this time following through; buckling her over unto her back on the couch and climbing up on top of her. The breath was knocked out of Claire with the unbearable weight he pressed down on her. Malcolm just kept on licking and kissing as her hot little titties has he held her fast in position.

“That’s it… beautiful… that’s it hot baby… just let daddy slabber on your titties…”

That’s exactly what he was doing- slabbering on her- Claire watched in humiliation and horror as her fat, ugly uncle tongued hot wads of spit onto her breasts from his stinking mouth. After her breasts were completely soaked and clinging with his spit he stopped and looked directly into her gorgeous face.

“I love you, Claire,” he said.

She tried to look away but he forced a hand onto the side of her face and held her firm. He kissed her face.

“I love you,” he said, then he reached down between them and slipped a finger into her pussy, he kissed her face again as he started fingering her softly, “I love you.”

“Stop saying that! You fucking bastard!” She was crying and staring into his pitiless eyes; he made her skin literally crawl.

“Aw!” he crooned, “baby, don’t worry, I’m gonna make you used to me…”

“You’re fucking disgusting!”

He pushed his finger further into her pussy then he licked between her tits; pushing the wads of his spit around on her sexy skin.

“I’m gonna make you used to me…” he repeated.

Then he closed his mouth and gathered up his spit inside. Claire couldn’t believe what he was doing as he spat out a long, white strand of saliva and let it land heavily between her breasts.

“Stop it!” she tried to push him off her but it was no use; he was way too heavy to move and even her arms were pinned under his massive body.

“It’s okay, babe,” Malcolm hushed, “I love you so much… I won’t hurt you, gorgeous… it’s just a little bit of daddy’s spit…”

He hawked up more spit onto her naked tits.

“Stop it!” she screamed, pushing at his ungiving flab, “Stop it! I’m not letting you do this! Stop!”

“Aw,” he pressed his sweating face against hers, she turned away from him and he started licking his spit onto her cheek and chin, “Shhh, babe. I won’t hurt you. I just want you to be covered in me, baby. I want my fucking spit all over your fine body.”

He spat on her neck.

“Stop it!”

“Shh… Shh… Shh…” He spat on her tits again, “I’m gonna be doing this a lot, Claire… I’m gonna spit on you and cum on you until you understand that you’re mine…”

He spat a pool into her sexy solar plexus.

“…my own personal little cumdump…” he slurred.

Then he took his finger out of her pussy and crawled down her body; holding her hips flat and spitting on her flat stomach. Then he moved his face over her tight pussy and spat a long wad of his shit onto her mound.

Claire took her chance; his body now mostly off of her. She moved her legs fast, being a dancer she had some stretch there, and so she was able to kick her uncle off her and make a run for it. She ran for the door, reaching it and fining it locked fast. She screamed for help and cried and pummeled at the ungiving wood. Malcolm roared and chased her; grabbing her again and dragging her back to the couch. He slammed her face down on the seat and forced his massive, fat stomach up against her fine ass to hold her in place. He forced her face down into the material.

“Let me fucking spit on you, bitch!” He roared, jamming the gun up against her skull from behind, “Fuck! Don’t you fucking get that I fucking own you!”

He laid his body roughly onto her back. Forcing her face so hard into the couch she could hardly breathe. She could her his labored breath and feel his fat chest wheezing. He slowly got himself back together from the chase and calmed down.

“Now fucking stay still!” He said at last.

Then he started where he’d left off. Spitting on her back. Claire cried hysterically as her disgusting uncle continued methodically to spit all down her back. Then she felt it as he moved lower kissing her ass-cheeks lightly before starting to hawk up on them. Then he started lazily rubbing the hot pools of spit into the skin of her back as she felt him begin softly to tongue her back passage. He pulled back just a little and spat on her asshole then massaged the wetness in with his fat tongue. After about ten minutes of his humiliating her that way he spread her legs wider and she felt the strands of spit and his tongue move down onto her sex.

“Aw… pussy…” he licked, “pussy… casino firmaları pussy…”

He tongued her back there for ages; getting so hard in the end that Claire’s soft hips battered against the material of the couch. Then, finally, he licked up her ass and lay back down on her. He forced her face out of the material and turned it to one side. Pressing his own face close to her cheek.

“Don’t worry, Claire,” he kissed her face, “you’ll get used to me spitting on you before sex… then when I’m ready to get off you’ll get used to me cumming on you too… I think I’ll cum on your face tonight after we do it… you’ve got such a pretty face, Claire… like a fucking model… you want me to blow my thick load on your pretty face?”

She winced as he pushed at her neck. Forcing her face further to one side; demanding an answer.

“I don’t have any choice,” she moaned defeatedly.

“Aw babe,” he licked her face again, “you’re gonna look so cute with my hot spunk all over your face… aw… sweetheart… daddy’s sticky jizz… yeah… I’m gonna cum on your face after we fuck tonight… I’ll do it different some nights, sweetheart… it won’t get boring… some nights I’ll give you a cute little pearl necklace… sometimes I’ll spunk on your pussy or your ass… I’ll cum in your mouth too, Claire, aw!… in your hot little mouth… fuck this is getting me rock fucking hard!”

He grabbed her hair painfully in a balled fist and forced her up from where he’d bent her over. He sat his flabby ass down on the couch and dragged his hot-as-hell niece onto her knees between his pale, ugly thighs.

“Time to suck cock,” he slurred.

“Oh God,” Claire rested her hands on his thighs and steeled herself for what he was going to make her do.

Malcolm didn’t seem in much of a rush to shove his boner in her mouth, either. He was leering at her and enjoying the fact that she was disgusted as hell but would have to suck on it anyway. He grabbed his cock in his hand and presented it to Claire’s mouth. His hand thighed in her luscious, thick hair. Then he peeled back his foreskin and Claire nearly vomited.

There was a deep accumulation of grey scum and white smegma clinging in a band around the head of Malcolm’s filthy dickhead. The smell was unbelievably revolting.

“Open your mouth.” He crooned.

Then Claire felt it as he tried insistently to pull her face into his cock.

“Malcolm!” She pushed against him, “Malcolm… God… please… you have to wash it… Please! Malcolm!”

He pressed his filthy dickhead against her lips.

“Suck it.”

“Please!” She screamed, trying to keep her mouth as closed as possible while Malcolm tried to edge his cock inside, “Malcolm… I can’t until you wash it… Malcolm… I’ll throw up!”

Finally Malcolm won. Pressing his cockhead hard against her lips until she was forced to open. He shoved his dirty prick hard inside her mouth. Claire screamed over his cock, slapping his fat thighs and trying to pull away. The taste of his smegma was indescribable and she could feel her last meal churning in her stomach.

“Wash it?” Malcolm laughed, “sweetheart… when I heard you were up here for the week I started fucking saving that cock-cheese for you… I wanna feel you lick it all off daddy’s fat cock…”

Claire screamed and Malcolm groaned at the pleasure of the vibration.

“Lick round the head, Claire,” he moaned, tilting his fat hips up towards her face, “give daddy a slutty little blowjob…”

Claire did nothing. She just knelt there and felt it as Malcolm bucked against her face; forcing his cock deep into her throat. His pre-cum gathered in her mouth and the scum on his dick dissolved onto her tongue more with every thrust. Once or twice he tried gagging her.

“That’s it, sweetness,” he forced his dick into her throat so hard she nearly threw up, “a girl as hot as you gotta learn to choke on dick while you’re giving a guy head… that’s right… aw!… sweetheart… aw!… polish daddy’s fat knob… suck on it… fucking suck on that cock!”

She sucked his dick for around twenty minutes. Every now and then, when he wasn’t gagging her, he’d pull out and make her lick off some pre-cum or dirt with her tongue. Finally he pulled out entirely and grabbed his cock in one fat hand. He tilted it up and forced his heavy, fat balls against Claire’s mouth.

“Suck on daddy’s balls,” he slurred, twisting his fist round again in her hair so she could bearly take the pain.

She was forced into his sweaty, stinking nutsack and Malcolm held her there until she complied and started tonguing him.

“Get me wet, babe,” he laughed, “get that ball-sack nice and fucking sloppy.”

She moaned. Licking and sucking on his balls just to have it over with. She wasn’t cooperating well enough for Malcolm though.

“Fuck, bitch!” He pulled her hair hard, “what part of fucking sloppy don’t you fucking get!”

He leaned in and hawked up a ball of spit; spitting it onto his balls.

“Now lick that shit off my sack!”

“Malcolm!” She tried to pull away.

“Just do it, whore!” He twisted her hair, “fuck! Sex with you’s like fucking debate club or some shit! You ain’t in college now, bitch! Now lick my spit off my balls.”

He forced her face into his sack and again she was made to lick his balls. This time pushing his wad of spit around on the filthy skin.

“Okay, sweetheart,” he let go of her hair and Claire immediately distanced herself from his disgusting genitals, “anymore oral and I’m gonna blow my load in your mouth…”

He laughed.

Claire cringed.

“Get your sweet ass up and go get showered,” he said, “Once your done get into bed and put on a nightdress… I wanna fuck you in a nightdress tonight… I’m gonna stay down here and have a few whiskies before we do it… but don’t you fucking dare fall asleep… you hear me!”


Claire had no choice. Malcolm carried the gun wherever he went.

She cried in the shower. Washing herself until she was raw; trying to wash away the spit from her skin and the stink Malcolm had left on her. After her shower she tried to get up to her room without bumping into Malcolm on the way. She wrapped a towel around her and almost managed the whole journey. She was at the steps, ready to ascent to the room above when Malcolm came out of the kitchen; holding a bottle of whiskey that he’d party drained. He came at her and pushed her against the bannister rail.

He was already three parts pissed and he stank still of body-odor and alcohol. Claire just let him do what he wanted; knowing he was going to let her go to bed for awhile before he raped her. He pushed his dirty hand up her towel and Claire stared at the wall with dead eyes as he pushed two fingers slickly into her watery pussy.

“Remember, baby,” he said while slowly fingering her, “put on a nightdress before you get into bed… I wanna get you on your back up there and push it up and fuck you while you’re wearing it… you’ve got such a warm, tight pussy, Claire… I wanna ramrod this fucking cunt until its just my little cunted hole…”

Claire audibly cringed at Malcolm’s words and at the hard feel of his fingers digging deeper into her. Finally he let her go. Taking his hand away from under the towel.

“Go on,” he said, “I’m gonna have a drink first.”

Claire got to her room, dried off and pulled on a plain grey nightdress. It only came to her mid-thigh and Malcolm, she knew, would want to push it up around her hips and fuck her. She lay down in the fetal position and cried silently. güvenilir casino Downstairs she could hear Malcolm moving around while he drained more of the whiskey. Getting ready for the best night of his life.

All she wanted was to sleep. But she remembered what Malcolm had said and she knew he’d probably get violent with her if she didn’t stay awake.

She lay there for about an hour before she heard Malcolm’s heavy padding as he drunkenly staggered into the dark and silent room. He was still carrying the whiskey, half finished, and he was as drunk as hell. He sat his fat, hairy ass down on the bed and for a moment nothing happened. Claire just lay there, still fetal, and afraid to breath. Malcolm never said a word.

Then he pulled back the covers and got into bed beside his hot niece. He grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her back silently. Then he forced his fat body on top of her. She stared soundlessly at the wall as he rugged up her clean, grey nightdress so that her slim bottom half was uncovered. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed and condom; opening it and slipping the rubber sheath over his hard dick. It was like it was a routine. A tear ran down Claire’s face and Malcolm started peppering her cheek with little drunken kisses as he rubbed his fat cockhead up and down on her slit.

“You’re gorgeous tonight, Claire,” he dribbled on her as he spoke, unable to stop himself he was so drunk, “I love you… your hot pussy’s a fucking wet dream… I’m gonna shaft the fuck outta that cunt, babe… I’m gonna make you my little cumdump…”

She just stared at the wall and cried. Malcolm felt her tits through the cotton of her nightdress.

“I’m gotta make this cunt a little fucking cunted hole, babe,” he slurred, licking her cheek with his wet tongue and starting to slowly push his dickhead into her pussy, “I’m gonna fucking ramrod this cunt…”

He continued to lick her and feel her covered breasts as he forced his cock balls-deep into her pussy. Claire made a slight sound of discomfort and frowned. Malcolm started moving his massive hips against her slim hips; plowing pussy. The bed-head started hitting against the wall as he started speeding up and Claire just lay there; body moving backwards and forwards, taking it.

“Aw! Aw! Aw! AW!” He was making sounds like an animal as he fucked her, “I fucking love ramming your fucking cunt! Fucking hot, fucking cunt!”

He grabbed her face and forced her to look at him.

“Don’t you fucking look away from me again, slut!” He dribbled on her, then he slapped her hard.

She screamed. And then he grabbed her face and forced her to look at him again.

“I said don’t fucking look away!” He shouted, pounding pussy all the time, “I wanted to be gentle tonight, Claire! I wanted to show you I can be romantic with a bitch! But you’ve been a little cunt to me all night! Now I’m fucking inside you and you’re gonna take my fucking dick!”

He started pushing in deeper with every thrust.

“Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!” He chanted, “little hot cunt! I wanna tear up this hot little cunt!!”

“You’re hurting me!” Claire screamed.

“Open your fucking pussy then!!” He shouted at her, “fucking let me the fuck in!! Fucking act like a slut!!”

He started licking and dribbling on her lips. Then he grabbed her hips and turned her over like she didn’t weigh a thing.

“Get on your fucking hands and knees, bitch!” He shouted, “get that pussy on show for me!! I wanna fuck doggy-style!!”

Claire cried as he forced her onto her hands and knees; flipping her nightdress up over her amazing ass. He got onto his knees behind her and spat on his hand; lubing his fat dick and shoving the whole thing back into her pussy.

“Awww!!” He yelled, “Awww! Shit! What a fucking cunt!!”

Claire felt more humiliated than ever. On her hands and knees like an animal. Presenting her ass to him. Getting fucked hard and fast. He started playing with her asshole again while he fucked her; She closed her eyes.

The rape went on for another fifteen minutes; but in felt like forever. By the end Malcolm, much older than Claire, was exhausted and could hardly breathe.

“I’m getting ready to spunk!” He announced.

Claire whined.

“Aw! Aw! I’m fucking close! I’m gonna empty my nuts on your pretty face tonight, cunt!”

He kept fucking her for awhile more Then, fiercely and without warning, he grabbed her hair in his fist and forced her down onto her back again. Claire tried not to watch as the fat, ugly man pulled off his condom and moved up on her. Straddling her chest with his massive, fleshy thighs. He pointed his scummy dick at her face and started jacking off wildly. Then his free hand pawed at her face, forcing it to one side so that her right cheek was tilted up and ready to take spunk.

“Aw! Aw! Aw! Fuck! I’m… I’m… I’m fucking spunking!!”

A jet of hot white fluid spasmed out of Malcolm’s hard cock, catching Claire on the neck. The second heavy wad landed on her face, and the third, and the fourth. Then what was left dribbled out of Malcolm’s piss-slit and stained her clean nightdress.

“Aw! Aw! Awesome! Aw!” He came down from the heights of ecstasy and started languidly rubbing his cockhead all over Claire’s face, massaging his stuff into her skin.

She just lay there and let him. She was humiliated beyond belief and her pussy was on fire with pain. She was still quietly crying as he rubbing his mushroom head all over her.

He wheezed from his older lungs.

“You like daddy’s sticky jizz, babe?” He breathed.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” She said, trying to stay calm.

“Sure thing, slut,” he climbed of her and lay next to her, holding her into his fat, “but first tell me you like daddy’s hot spunk on your face.”

She stared at the ceiling.

“I like it.” She said, anything to get away from the stink of him and from his ugly words.

“Aw,” he stroked her covered titties, “what do you like, babe?”


He twisted her nipple hard. So hard she thought he might pull it off. She screamed.

“What do you like!!?”

She put her hand on his chest; trying to calm him down. She couldn’t stand to look at him.

“I like… I like daddy’s hot spunk…” She said.

“Awwww,” he breathed, “hearing you say that makes daddy wanna fuck all over again…”

He pressed close to her.

“Say it again, baby.” He twisted her hair.

“I like daddy’s… I like… daddy’s hot spunk,” she cried.

He grabbed her hand and forced her to touch him between his fat legs.

“Feel that, babe,” he leered, “I’m getting a boner again just hearing you say that. Say it again!”

“I like daddy’s hot spunk,” she cried harder.

“You’re such a good girl,” he said, “such an amazing, hot slut. But you’re gonna have to prove you like that fucking spunk.”

He dipped his dirty finger in the cum on her face. Claire had an idea what he wanted and just reacted.

“Malcolm!” She turned away, “Don’t!”

“Don’t fucking fight me Claire!” He grabbed at her face, “I want you to eat my fucking jizz!”

“Please! Malcolm! Don’t!”

He forced his fingers into her mouth. Making her taste his cum.

“Lick it off my fingers, Claire,” he said, she cried, “get used to how it tastes.”

He scooped up more and forced it into her mouth; making her swallow each time. In the end she could taste him like he’d cum inside her mouth and she was crying hysterically. Then, when most of his spunk was gone, he stopped.

“Okay, whore,” he said, “you’ve proved you like spunk… good… you’re gonna need to… now go get washed again and cum up to bed… remember to wash your pussy clean… I’m gonna eat you out for awhile before we get some sleep…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20