A Pervert’s Memory of Being 18 Pt. 02

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I slumped into the seat on the bus. Zeus-was I exhausted. My arms and legs ached, my asshole screamed at me for the abuse I had given it. Ignoring all the pleasure I had received, this simple muscle, one of sixty in the body, was easily forgiven, for it is my favorite sphincter.

I couldn’t help recalling my theater visit as I sat, with two or three others, on the bus.


Right after my encounter with the first two guys, I leaned against the wall. The darkness was the same, but my eyes had, at an even earlier stage, adjusted to the darkness.

So I saw two more guys approach; each stood at either side of me. Hands roamed over my body. Finally, one guy turned me sideways so one was in back and one in front.

To my grateful surprise, the guy in front dropped to his knees before me, and his mouth engulfed my cock. Behind me, the guy must’ve dropped to his knees, for I could feel him handling my ass, spreading its cheeks—and his tongue and mouth began sucking and probing my asshole. The pleasure can only be described as sizzling electric.

Earlier, I had felt cum dripping from its gaped opening, and I heard pleasurable moans and other mouth sounds [of pleasure] coming from him. I took several hits of poppers. I tapped my cocksucker and he took two hits and the order of events from there for a long period I truly don’t recall.

The next thing I can recall is an orgasm that shattered my body unlike any other. My cock was deep in his throat, and feeling it shoot cum was unbelievable. He pulled his head up and let only my cock’s head rest in his mouth. My ejaculation finished in small spurts right into his mouth.

My legs were shaking as both men rose to their feet, and each in turn kissed me with an opened mouth. We exchanged my cum and the cum from my ass. Back and forth we went snowballing. One fingered my asshole, the other was squeezing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my balls.

After depositing a full mouthful of cum and spit, the cocksucker said, “I think we got a submissive boy here. You like that, yes?” as he squeezed my balls. The squeeze was quite strong and for Zeus’ sake, I did love it. All I could do was say, “Yes, I love it.” Then each in turn deposited their mouthful of cum in me. It dripped from the corners of my mouth; I swallowed it.


On the bus home, I recalled what had just happened to me, different scenes came to mind as if they were a movie with other people in the reality roles. My cock was as hard as it had been.

I wanted to pull it out and beat off. Urged by the strong taste of cum and my ass juice filling every square centimeter of my mouth-my cock pleaded to be strangled again, and I bowed to its majesty’s power and gave in. I pulled my rock hard cock out.

Sitting in the middle of the bus seats, the other riders were in front of me, several seats ahead, and no one was behind me. Slowly I stroked this creature that has more control over me than my own brain, so much so that for the last six to seven years I jerked off several times, every day.

The creature didn’t care where we were; it wanted to shoot its load as often as it could, anywhere, anytime. A hard cock has no conscience. And this creature took me to some of the scenes they suggested; the scenes played in my mind like a movie, and I gave the guy in the dark room my cell phone number because his majesty lusted to experience a house full of horny men, each seeking a hole to cum in. The scenes played in my head, making me feel small, alone, and somewhat disgusted for a moment.

But stroking faster, faster, faster, and squeezing its head on the upward stroke, all I could due as I realized -maybe that guy was right-So I grabbed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my balls and squeezed them, and I began slapping my cock as hard as I could. Being called a submissive, realizing his squeezing my balls just made my cock harder—and right then the creature shot its load onto the back of the bus seat.

So I crammed my cock back under my shorts and rode home. I used the back kitchen door, and fled up the stairs to my room. No one saw me so I didn’t have to listen to wasted, empty conversation. Immediately, I disrobed—shower.

The hot water’s spray, unrelentingly pounded on my neck, back and legs, soothing and massaging my aching muscles; it washed away, from my skin, the theater’s proof that I was there.

And as I washed the creature and his balls, its head jerked upwards, lustfully trying to be at it largest, and along with that came that feeling of drowning in pleasure; it overcame me, my hand choked the creature, and then I slapped it very hard.

The pain brought with it another more satisfying feeling, and that feeling seduced me and I knew I would seek it to satisfy the creature. I slapped my cock again, over and over. Each slap had more force to it, but with each vicious slap my cock absorbed it nad stood with head high, begging for another. It being slapped as hard as I am capable was its desire—and the creature always gets what it wants.

The three of us went up to the lobby and sat on the sofa. He told me of a party he could arrange for us. He was explicit about my role: I would be gang-banged by seven to ten guys. It would happen the next weekend. And that’s when I gave him my cell phone number.

Back to the darkness. In the short time we were on the sofa, the dark room had filled. I had seen several guys come in, but didn’t realize just how many. All along the wall were men standing, shoulder to shoulder, with their cocks güvenilir bahis şirketleri hanging out of their zipper.

I grabbed the first man’s cock, and he said ,”Suck it, sonny. I like to have it deep throated.” Eagerly, I began to give him a total sucking so he would cum quickly. He was above average in length and very thick, so I had to push it down my throat, [he had his hands on the sides of my head] but that is what got him off. And it exploded in my throat with his hands still holding my head down on his cock. It was choking me and I began to aspirate. I forcefully stood as I began to cough. I went to the lobby and coughed for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, it stopped. The coughing had tired me, so I sat on the sofa. An elderly man [fifty or so in age] sat beside me. He offered me a cigarette; I declined. He began to speak in a melodious tone, “I saw you with the two guys. They worked you over pretty good. You enjoy it?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Have you ever served a Master?”

“No,” I answered, wondering what he truly wanted.

“The shortest answer I can give is this,” and he pulled out the biggest cock, uncut and thick, I had ever seen. It laid on his lap like a Python.

“This huge cock, [it is not aroused, so its length and girth are yet to manifest] my asshole and my balls are altars upon which you will worship daily. Also, you will learn to take this cock up your ass and down you throat. You will party every weekend with several men who will treat you like a slave, and you will experience the whole dark world, daily and especially on weekends and holidays. You will live in a magnificent house, you will eat only top of the line food cooked by a superb chef, and you’ll be paid five thousand a month. I offer you this opportunity.”

He stood and handed me a business card with only a telephone number on it. “Don’t wait too long to decide,” he said as he slowly walked away and out of the theater.

I sat there stunned by the offer. The creature was totally aroused; it wanted to follow him home right that second. Without a doubt, I will have a monumental struggle with the creature.

Zeus, he always gets his way!


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