A Morning in Bed

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I was lay in my bed on an early, wet Monday morning. My thoughts started to wander to the guy I had met on the previous Friday night, my hands trailed down my chest as I thought about his fantastic body, and his big 8 inch cock, his clean shaven balls and his hot sexy ass.

My hand reached my already stiffening cock, my fingers started to trace lines across my thickening shaft, I lifted my hand to my mouth and spat some saliva on to the palm of my hand and then returned it to my cock.

My fingers once again wrapped themselves around my now nearly fully erect 7 inch cock although this time they slid up and down the shaft with relative ease as my saliva put a nice slick coating across my hot, hard sensitive skin.

As my hand ran up my shaft my thumb would run across the head of my now heavily swollen cock head, I pulled my foreskin down all the way almost until it started to hurt. I once again spat in to my hand and coated my now fully erect, thick, hard cock.

I played with my cock for several minutes while I lay back on my bed, my eyes were shut and my thoughts were of the guy from Friday and how it was his hand stroking my cock and then how it was his mouth sucking my cock, his soft warm lips opening up to engulf my hard swollen cock, his tongue licking at my cock head and then licking up and down my shaft before he once again sucked my cock past his lips and down into his hot, warm, wet, mouth.

Not wanting to cum just yet I turned my attentions away from them thoughts long enough to open the draw in my bedside cabinet, in my draw was my two trusty Butt Plugs, 1 was a medium size and one was a large size, my 9 inch Dildo, and my 9 inch Vibrator. Lying beside them was a big tube of water soluble Anal Lube.

I reached for the tube of Anal Lube and popped open the cap; I tilted the top of the tube and squirted a dollop of Lube about the size of a button on to my fingers. I put the lid of the cap back on and returned the tube back to the draw, I then lay back on my bed again and relaxed as I started to apply the lube on to and then into my ass. I only inserted the tip of my finger in to my ass just in enough to put a small coating of lube into me, I then reached in to the draw and pulled out my medium sized Butt Plug.

With the left over lube that was still clinging to my fingers I started to rub it on to the butt plug, it was hardly enough to put a slight coating on to the plug.

I ran the Butt Plug slowly over the bahis firmaları crack of my ass until it reached my opening then I slowly inserted the tip into my ass, I pushed more in to my ass until the whole Butt Plug slowly slid it’s entirety inside of me.

I started to ride the butt plug as I used my hand to put pressure onto the base of the plug, I then used my other hand to start to slowly wank my semi hard cock. I spent more time on pleasuring my ass than I did on wanking myself as I really like the feeling of my ass stretching and accustomising itself to the new invader within it.

I really like to fuck myself with the toys that I use, whether that be riding them like a cheap slut, or pulling them all the way out of my ass and then thrusting it all the way back in, twisting it around inside of me and then pulling it out and pushing it in, then I will push the Butt Plug all the way inside of me then sit up on the bed, open my ass cheeks as wide as they will go, then I sit there riding the anal toy while stroking my cock until I feel like Cumming, then I stop and return to a new position.

I removed the medium sized butt plug from my now wet and horny ass, I placed it on top of the bedside cabinet then went back in to the open draw and pulled out the larger, longer and much thicker Butt Plug.

From previous experience I knew that I would have to work a little slower about inserting this thicker plug in to me but I also knew that it would eventually be sucked up into my ass and that the pleasures it would bring me would be mind numbing.

I pushed the head of the larger butt plug into my wet hole, I felt it slide in relatively easily until it reached about half way and the girth had started to widen considerably. I once again started to slowly pull and push the plug in and out of my wet hole as I used my hips to buck against it slightly to allow my ass to adjust to the new thickness that was trying to gain entry in to it. I felt my ass loosening up slightly as more and more of the large, thick plug pushed further inside me, eventually I felt that last ridge of resistance subside away as the thickest part of the plug slipped itself past my hole and rested deep inside of me.

As I had before, I started to push it hard against my stretched ass hole applying the pressure with my hand and then as I settled in to the feelings exploding within myself I started to stroke my cock again, my mind returning to the gay with the big cock kaçak iddaa and imagining that it was his cock now inside of me and how I wanted to fuck that cock.

I started to ride the plug that was being manipulated by my hand as my ass tightened, then loosened itself against this magnificent anal invader, I sat up on the bed and started to fuck the Butt Plug with a renewed passion, I could feel it rubbing and brushing against my wet, sensitive, horny ass with each thrust and each buck I made. I sat up and slowly pulled the Plug out of my ass and then sat straight down on it again and let it force itself inside of my hole, other and other again I pulled it out and then pushed it back in again, my ass was now fully accustomed to the size and girth of the plug that it was now slipping in and out relatively easily.

I knew that if I kept this assault up on my ass with this plug that it wouldn’t be long before I was shooting my hot cum all other me and I wasn’t ready for that as I wanted to use my larger and more technical vibrator before Cumming.

I removed the plug from my ass and placed it next to the smaller plug on my bedside cabinet. I then reached in to the draw and pulled out my 9 inch cyber skin vibrator. This really was a work of art; it looked real, and almost felt real. It was 9 inches of sheer pleasure and the girth of it was huge, when I have wrapped my mouth around it before when playing with it I have really struggled to get it in. I knew that inserting this beast of a sex toy into my ass was not going to be easy but I also knew that it would not be impossible as I was now so horny, and my ass was so wet, and pre stretched, that nothing would stop me from getting this beast of a sex toy inside of me.

I lay back on the bed and let the thick head of the vibrator trace a line down and along my wet crack; I rubbed it up and down my crack letting it brush over my hole sending little tingles of expectations soar throughout me.

I then stopped the vibrator with the thick head of it resting against my wet hole, I started to push it inside of me and instantly I could feel the resistance, I inserted more pressure against the base of the vibrator as it started to push inside if me. Inch by inch I could feel it working itself inside me, I could feel my ass stretching more that it had before, I was certainly glad I had used both the butt plugs to work my ass open before I tried to insert this beast inside of me. As I relaxed more and more kaçak bahis in to the new length and girth being pushed inside of me I eventually managed to get most of it inside of me, I then started to let it twist and move around inside of me allowing my entire ass to become accustomed to the big vibrator now resting inside. As I worked it more and more and started to pull some of it out of me then slipping it back inside I twisted the vibrating control on and I felt it start to slightly pulsate inside of me, I pushed the vibrator as far into me as it would go and lay there as the waves of pleasure started to flow within me. I started to fuck myself slowly at first and then slightly faster as my ass gripped and loosened itself along and around the beast that was sending pleasurable sensations in and around my body and my ass.

I turned to vibration setting up higher as I fucked myself faster and faster, I settled in to a rhythm of pushing and pulling and thrusting my hips to meet every thrust of the vibrator, my hand moved to my cock and I started to once again wank myself with thoughts of my Friday night guy, thrusting his big cock into me, I knew I wouldn’t hold out long before Cumming, but now I didn’t care either I had reached that point of no going back and I wanted to cum with this big beast inside of me while my hand fist fucked my cock. My breathing was now erratic and my body had lost total control of it’s feelings, as the vibrations shot throughout me and the cock pounded my ass I felt my first wave of orgasm build and then explode from my cock, shot after shot of hot cum exploded from my cock, my eyes had rolled in to the back of my head, my back arched up so far that I thought I was going to fold in half. My mouth was now wide open and screaming OH FUCKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSS YESSS YESSSSSSSSSS.

As my orgasm started to subside and my back once again hit the bed, I could still feel the vibrations coursing through out my ass; my eyes had rolled back to the forward looking position.

My cock was still hard but had started to soften slightly, as my body relaxed more I felt the vibrator start to slide out from my ass until only the tip of it rested against my wet open hole.

I reached down and picked up the vibrator, I turned off the vibrating settings and placed it on to the bedside cabinet. I lay on the bed breathless and totally spent, I knew I would have to get up soon and clean up the sex toys and take a shower, but for just now I just wanted to lie there and drink in the moment to its full extent.

I would be giving my Friday night guy a ring later on as I wanted him to fuck me with his big, thick cock, but for just now I had to be getting ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20