A Lover Close To Home Ch. 01

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I married Nick almost ten years ago when I was 25 years old. Nick was ten years older than me and had custody of his two young sons from a previous marriage, Adam and Craig. It was difficult to assume the role as the mother figure at first, but with time, and the absence of the Nick’s ex-wife from the boys’ lives, a bond quickly grew between us.

I did not have children of my own, so I never really knew that special bond of a mother and son. I loved Adam and Craig with all my heart, but there was always that knowledge in the back of my mind, and I know in theirs, that I was not their actual mother. I feel that lack of maternal bond contributed to the events that transpired later on in the boys’ lives.

My relationship with Adam was not something that happened suddenly. It had been slowly building, as the boys’ father and I had grown apart over the last two years, so much to the point he would rarely speak to me. Only when he had been drinking and felt the need to be aggressive did he want to have sex with me. I tried many times to revive the love we used to have but things never recovered. I became lonely, so lonely that the smallest amount of affection I received I greeted with gratefulness.

It was about this time, after he had graduated high school and was enrolled at a local college, that Adam saw the unhappiness that had overcome me. We began to spend more time together, doing everything from shopping to hiking to sitting and listening to music. We spent many evenings sharing thoughts, and Adam even touched on his relations with girls, giving me small hints of what intimate moments he had experienced. Adam became my confidant and best friend.

Like most boys when they get older and begin to notice women, Adam was not very discreet about his interests in the opposite sex. Often I caught him staring at my chest, especially when I was in a bikini and my cleavage was showing. Several occasions I noticed him staring up my dress when he was sitting across from me. As he got older I allowed him canlı bahis şirketleri more opportunities to get a view down my shirt or up my dress. At this time I began to look at Adam less as a stepson, and more as a sexually curious young man, one who was giving me attention that I sorely missed.

Too my knowledge Adam had never seen me nude until the night I caught him standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I had just taken a shower and my robe was in the closet. Thinking I was secure in my own bedroom, and not thinking about the door being partially open, I walked out of the bathroom completely naked and walked to the closet for the robe. Before I closed the robe in the front I turned and saw Adam standing in the doorway, his eyes glued to my body. By instinct I closed the robe quickly. Mortified, Adam turned and darted down the hallway, his bedroom door slamming behind him. Afraid I would traumatize Adam with guilt, I did not mention this to him.

The next time Adam and I had an encounter was when I thought he was out of the house after I had returned home from a quarterly work dinner. Thinking all three males were out of the house I stripped off my dress at the laundry room and tossed it on the washer. As I walked down the hallway around the corner out of nowhere came Adam, not four feet from me.

As we both stopped in alarm I saw Adam’s eyes immediately dropped to my breasts which were encased in my best push up/fuck me bra. Instead of running nervously I merely sauntered toward my bedroom, giving Adam clear view of my bare cheeks and the black strip of thong running down the crack of my ass. A thought popped into my head that I’d never had before: I wanted Adam to look. Of course the drinks I had earlier most likely helped stir up these thoughts.

In one abrupt move, I stop and turned back to Adam. “I thought you guys were over at your uncle’s working on that race car.”

“I…uh…I decided to stay home. I didn’t want to go.” I felt so devilish, a feeling I had not felt in canlı kaçak iddaa years. I reached for the clasps of the bra between my bosoms.

“Well…lucky you.” With that I turned back toward the bedroom, and as I walked onward I unsnapped the front closures of my bra and opened it. Laying my arm across my boobs, I turned and gave Adam an evil grin and shut the door.

I felt guilt and shame once the morning came and the alcohol wore off. What kind of woman pulls a stunt like that? We’re not blood related, but I was basically his mother! I couldn’t look Adam in the eyes for a week after that, but then, the feelings I had begun to stir in my thoughts again.

I thought about those times often, wondering what ran through Adam’s head at those moments. I wondered what he thought of my body. Did he enjoy “bumping” in to me? Did he find me sexy? Did he, I dare even think, find me desirable? Did he fantasize about me? The thoughts would run through my head and then I would stop myself. Adam was my stepson, and I couldn’t entertain such thoughts. I knew I was growing closer to Adam, and I was beginning to look at him less as the stepson I had raised from a young age, to a sweet, caring young man.

As time went on there seem to be more instances where Adam and I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. There seem to be more bedroom doors not closed when I was dressing. My skirts pulled high on my thighs and my legs spread farther than good taste dictates, allowing him more of a view of my crotch. There was more of a tendency of him walking around the house with only his briefs on, his semi-erect bulge in plain sight. It was on one of those occasions that I discovered how Adam felt about all the flirting we’d been doing

Adam came into the kitchen wearing a bathrobe one morning while I was drinking coffee at the table. He poured a glass of orange juice and walked over to the sliding glass door that led to the back patio. As Adam looked out into the yard, sipping on his juice, his robe canlı kaçak bahis gaped open enough that I could see the tip of his penis, which appeared semi-erect. Adam made some small talk while surveying the yard and the entire time I was focused on the opening of his robe. Adam turned toward me and walked back to the breakfast nook where I was sitting.

Adam leaned his shoulder against the doorway to the nook, resting his body against the frame. The left side of his robe fell open due to his lean, exposing a wide view of his cock and balls. I couldn’t decipher if Adam meant for this to happen or it was an accident, and frankly, I did not care.

“Got anything special planned today?” I continued staring at the opening in his robe. I had a wide open view of his entire package. It was quite large and, if his cock was this large flaccid, I could only imagine how big it was when it was hard.

“Uh, no, nothing planned.” I finally gained enough composure to answer his question.

Adam began to make small talk and it was obvious he was looking for any subject to talk about to justify him standing there for so long. I would nod when I think I needed to respond, but my focus was on what lay between his legs. As he stood there talking, I could tell he was becoming erect. The tip of his cock began to rise, and I became inpatient, hoping I would see it at full attention.

“I guess I better go take a shower.”

“Yeah, you better. I mean, so you can get your day started.”

Adam moved to the edge of the table and set his empty glass down. His robe was still open enough I could see his now nearly full erection peeking out past the robe opening. I was less than two feet away, and the temptation to reach out and touch it was immense.

“My day has already gotten started, don’t you think?” Adam turned and headed out of the kitchen for the bathroom.

I sat there in shock, not believing what had just happened. Adam had made it apparent he was quite privy to our flirtations, and was not timid about acknowledging it. I was excited and giddy. For the first time, the excitement of our toying with each other overrode my guilt I felt for treading into such a taboo area. I knew the next incident would be unimaginable.

To be continued…

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