Who’s Got the Remote?

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“Wake up, sleepyhead!”

I know you’re groggy. The drugs wear off slowly, but you’re supposed to be able to understand me, now.

To comprehend.

Recognize me? Yes, it’s your wife. Yes, that’s right.

I kiss him on the lips. He responds.

The closeness is what I’m after. He needs to smell me.

That’s the deepest, most embedded memory.

Our first kiss.

The taste of my mouth while we made love for the first time.

The last time you kissed me.

Just before I tazered your ass and the ambulance whisked you off to the hospital.

For your little operation.

Yes, dear, you had a little operation, an implant at the base of your skull.

No, idiot, don’t touch it. There will be a little bump, later, but now, it’s a bit tender.

You might get infected.

The implant is increasingly popular among my girlfriends.

Not for them, for their husbands – well, it is for the girls, but it’s in their husbands.

It’s really no big deal compared to a boob job, which we get willingly for you.

I have a little remote control, now. We’ll try it out in a minute.

This goes back a few weekends. You and your friends were laughing about “What women want.”

Oddly enough, a cock so big we can’t get our hand around it would be nice, but maybe not as much as you think.

A cock that gets hard when we want it to and stays hard until we’re done – that’s much more practical.

Here, let me show you…


He now has a mammoth erection. It happened so fast, I think he’s dizzy. There, now his eyes are focused. They were a bit glazed over…

You see, dear, now I can really control it. Not just by what bra I wear, or by letting you see down my dress.

Just by thinking about it.

You see, now I have an implant, too.

I can make it go away anytime I want, too – watch.


Kerplink! Baby button time! No more, “Oh look what you’ve done – now you have to make it go away, since you caused it.”


All casino şirketleri I have to do is think about it and you’re down, boy.

Awww, it won’t be that bad. You’ll come to love it, I think.

Oh, silly, don’t get mad. There’s no point.

You see, the remote has other functions.

I hate I have to do this, but you need to understand.

(He bursts out crying.)

Okay, that’s enough. It’s not real – you just thought your cock had fallen off. All the way to the floor.

So sad.

It’s still attached – go ahead and feel it, if you like. Reassure yourself.

It’s a vivid illusion, though, isn’t it? The manufacturers tell us it’s virtually real. I wonder how they know? More importantly, it works over and over, again and again.

Oh, well.

Back to what women really want.

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?


Right now, I’d like for my toes to be licked. Kneel down and kiss them and lick them.

Excellent. That’s very good.

Here, let me sit down so that you can take them into your mouth.

No, no, one by one.

There, now take it all the way in, nibble and suckle, I’ll let you know when to move to the next one.

Mmmmmm. Excellent.

There’s just a little bit of feedback from my pleasure center into yours.

It seems extreme, but you only get pleasure from me, now. See how good that makes me feel?

That way, you’ll take your time.

Okay, move on to the next toe. Yes, very, very good, so yes, alternate nibbling and sucking.

You still look so manly, your broad shoulders bent over my feet, your back muscles straining to position yourself just right.

To kiss my feet.

The pleasure I take in your appearance feeds back to you.

You’ll probably want to exercise more. You’ve noticed my friends husbands working out, haven’t you?

Now you know why.

Perhaps if you massaged my calves while you suckle. Yes, yesssss. that’s great.

Good, you’ve moved casino firmaları on to the next toe, without my having to tell you.

That feedback is really something, isn’t it?

Now, baby, I notice you’re getting an erection, again.

I didn’t call for one, it’s just that as I get aroused, you get aroused.

Slowly, just like me. MMMMMmmmmmm.

Why don’t you start kissing my legs, now? First one, nibbling, sucking, kissing, working your way up one….

So good, so wonderful. You’re most attentive when you try to please me, yes, baby, that’s so right…


Now the other, take your time, get me all wet with your sweet lips and tongue.

Oh, yes, your tongue may get more tired now, but don’t worry, you won’t be able to stop until I ….well, …. let you.

There, that’s right, you pulled my panties off oh, so slowly, your eyes taking in my freshly waxed…

Yes, fold them carefully and place them on the bed. They’re so damp, now, you’re doing a great job, you can launder them later.



Now, there’s an unfortunate tendency for you to want to go directly to kissing my … middle, shall we say.

It’s perfectly understandable, since that’s a common imprint for a heterosexual male, to move directly to … business.

And, of course, there’s my desire leaking through to you, too. Yes, silly, of course I want you to lick my clitoris, so, now, you want to doubly so.

But we’re going to learn to take our time.

There’s my inner thighs for your to caress, first.

They’re so jealous of the love you gave my calves.

Yes, dear, that’s right….squeeze them with your fingers, then kiss and suckle and lick, now repeat, work your way up a little at a time.

The odor of my sex is affecting you, now, you’re so close. I can see you straining to control yourself.

Yes, that’s right, first we have to move over to the other leg. It’s quivering, too, with desire for your fine touch. Kiss, kiss, güvenilir casino yesssss, oh….

Yes, oh, now nibble, your fingers can move up to my buttocks, cup them, pull me to you, now, yesssss…

Your finger finds my anus, rub, run it around and around, oh, yes, mmmmmm, yes.

The pussy seeks your lips, your tongue, but first, I think you’ll have to kiss my rear hole, yes, now that tongue, rapid, yes, don’t stop, oh, yes…

What a dear and you can tell where to stimulate! Yes, yes, mmmm, yes, there, there, more, yes….

Your hand finds my vagina, the outer lips, first, press, press, press, now rub, up and down, more slowly, you’re teasing it now.

YES! See, you made me come and you haven’t even penetrated me yet, yes, yes, don’t stop just because I came, now your finger, inside me. That’s it, RIGHT THERE!!!!

YES, you know when I seem to want it fast, you must do it slowly, slowly, now faster, fuck it in me, yes, yes, now french the rear while tickling my g-spot.

OHHHHHH! I counted four, did you think three? It doesn’t matter, just keep on,

Oh, baby, yes, yes, yes,


(He mounts me, I clasp his waist tightly with my legs.)

Yes, now fuck me, hard, 10 rapid, hard strokes, then 10 slow, shallow ones. AGAIN. Again. AGAIN….oh, yesssss….

(He maintains the rhythm, relentlessly, slipping in a variation here and there.)

You realize you can do this all night? That heart attack that Esme’s husband had? Yes, that’s what happened.

(He continues, he is a machine, he doesn’t miss a beat while i talk, it’s heaven, oh, yes, it ‘s heave…)

I’m supposed to watch for signs of cardiac distress, but it’s hard when I’m coming, over, and over, and over.


Let me feel your balls. (He keeps stroking while I check.) They’re quite swollen. When you come, it’ll be a torrent that neither of us has experienced.

Just warning you.

It’s not painful, just a longer orgasm than you’re used to.

It’s like a woman’s.

When she’s stimulated properly.

Oh, yes, put that thing in harder. DEEPER. HARDER. You won’t hurt me.


You can’t hurt me.


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