Veggie Tails

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Okay, first off, I’m not a freak – just a girl who was born in the wrong decade. I’m a hippychick of the new millenium who loves day-glo colors, being out in nature, and sensual/sexual exploration. And that’s how I ended up sitting on a bright orange carrot.

Ah ha! I thought that would get your attention! Ever since I was a little girl, I was always in touch (literally and figuratively) with my body. I had no shame touching myself in the tub, but knew enough to not do it when mom or dad was around. I still remember the day I found the sex manual under my parent’s bed and started to learn the words and definitions of what I had been doing.

Vaginal massaging, clitoral teasing, breast brushing with the tips of my fingers….and anal play. All of these I began to incorporate in what would become a pretty regular masturbatory schedule (interrupted for a few years when I thought it would ruin a future sex life). However, recently, an online friend noted that I had not fully explored her favorite area – the rear! The following is an account of how I was dared into a deeper casino şirketleri (no pun intended) exploration of anal play during fantasy time.

I sit on my bed in my knee-length night shirt with no panties on. I look down by my side and there is a small, hand-held mirror and a small (but not baby) freshly washed carrot. I pick up the carrot, which is just slightly more orange than my hair, and lie back on the bed. I then hike up my night shirt, bring my knees up, and place the mirror between my legs. Looking into the mirror I see my recently shaved reddening pussy lips glistening already with the thoughts of exploration. I lean back against fat, fluffy pillow and prop the mirror up against another pillow. I look in the mirror again to see my cheeks spread, revealing the puckered blossom in between.

I then let my mind go where it will, conjuring up fantasies tame and wild. I begin to touch myself gently, feeling my body and mind respond as my fingers become slippery with my own wetness. After about ten minutes, I begin to move my finger lower, briefly tracing the casino firmaları outline of my anus. I let the ridges of the wrinkles slide beneath the tips of my fingers and I gasp at my own touch. Then, I slide the tip of my index finger into that hole, pressing in slowly and surely. My other hand returning to massage my labia and clit as my anal muscles warmly squeeze the visiting digit.

I begin to slowly move my hands in tandem – my finger moving slowly in and out of my rear as my other hand begins a pattern of play on my pussy. I can smell myself – the pungent, erotic smell of sex filling the room. I continue in this fashion, loosening my rear for something larger. I’m sweating now – the heat of the summer night and of my own body causing me to glisten with perspiration.

Unsure of the next step, I stop both hands’ activities and remove my finger. Taking the small carrot in my right hand, I use my left hand to spread my cheeks wide causing my rear hole to lewdly gape at me. I slowly, slowly, slowly press the cold tip of the carrot to my anus, pressing gently but güvenilir casino firmly. The small end feels fine but things get uncomfortable as the wider end begins to enter. I take things very slow, letting my rear get used to the carrot. Finally, I feel that I have reached my limit – about three inches of carrot is now in place.

Once again, I begin to massage my clit, feeling pleasure shocks shoot up my spine as my muscles involuntarily contract around the carrot. I’m surprised at how many pleasure sensors must be located in that tender area as I passionately moan. No longer able to control myself in this “experiment”, I let go of all restraints and work my clit and nipples with my hands. Teasing, circling, brushing, kneading…..all building and building and building…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


My hips shake and squirm from the orgasm as my finger and the protruding carrot is covered in my honey. I keep touching my clit as I climax, until it gets so sensitive that I can’t go on. Breathless now, I collapse on my bed and gingerly pull the carrot out. I can say now that I’ve experienced anal penetration, but all in all I prefer a warm finger to a cold carrot 😉

Well, I hope you enjoyed this kind of off-the-wall encounter. E-mail me and let me know what you think 🙂


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20