Usha Akka Satisfied Me

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In my last posting, I wrote about my experience with my cousin sister, Selvi akka. In this posting, I like to tell you about my experience with Usha akka.

Usha akka is not really my sister. She was our neighbor. She was a Brahmin lady and possessed all the characters of a Tamil Brahmin lady. Light, healthy skin that shined like gold because of regular application of turmeric. She wore a full saree and covered herself well. Yet her boobs and bottoms were so generous that they could not be completely hidden from view. She had a smile that really charmed people. Unlike many Brahmin girls, Usha was not so academically gifted. So, her parents had decided not to send her to college. Usha akka stayed at home and was learning to become a good housewife for some lucky man.

Usha akka was five or six years older than I. However, we developed friendship because we shared interests in reading and music. I used to go to their house to chat with her family people. Her parents were broad-minded and did not mind me talking to Usha akka. I never had any sexual intentions in my friendship with her.

After the affair with Selvi akka, however, my mind saw the ample potential I had with Usha akka. I started fantasizing about her and masturbating. I hatched a plan to seduce Usha akka. As a person born and brought up in the city, I was wearing only trousers and did not casino şirketleri know how to wear the traditional dhoti (a sarong-like cloth that is tied around the waist). One day, I took a dhoti and wore around my waist and went to Usha akka’s house when I knew only her mother and she would be there. Usha akka laughed at the way I was wearing the dhoti and teased me about it. I pleaded my ignorance and asked her to show me the right way of doing it. After some persuasion, Usha akka agreed to help me.

We went to one of the inner rooms. Usha akka removed the dhoti from my waist. My cock was very erect by then and a clear bulge could be seen over my flimsy underwear. Usha akka pretended not noticing it, but I could see that her entire face and neck became reddish with shyness and excitment. She then tied the dhoti in the proper way. During this time, her hand brushed over my erect penis. Accidental or on purpose, I did not know.

A few days after the above incident, Usha akka and I happened to be alone again in her house (her grandmother was also in the house but was busy on something elsewhere). Usha akka and I were sitting by a table and talking about something we were reading. At that time, I put my leg under the table and brushed my foot against her foot. Usha akka seemed a little surprised, but she did not withdraw her foot. She kept talking. casino firmaları I got bolder and started caressing her foot with my foot. She smiled. Then I put my hand on her thigh and started caressing it slowly. She smiled more and asked me

“What’s going on, Dev?”

I answered,

“Akka, I want to see you naked and kiss all over your body.”

She sighed and explained that it would not be possible to do it because she was never alone and it would be hard to find privacy to do it.

I squeezed her thigh and took my hand to her pubic mound. My hands were still on the outside of her saree. She took my hand and put it on her jacket. I squeezed her boobs through the jacket and see that she was enjoying the feeling. Then I put my hand inside the jacket and started playing with her nipples. Very soon the nipples became erect. I moved closer to her and planted several kisses on her cheeks. She responded by smiling graciously and at the same time seductively. Finding her full lips to be inviting, I kissed her on the mouth passionately. She opened her mouth. We probed, kissed and sucked each other’s tongues. At this time, she opened her thighs wide, raised her underskirt and saree so I could have access to her cunt. I played with her cunt while kissing. Then I knelt down before her to lick the cunt which was already slippery with her lubricating güvenilir casino juices. The sweet aroma from her cunt was simply taking me to another world. I dived into her love box and started licking, gently biting and inserting my tongue into her love hole.

I could see that she was trying hard to suppress her reactions so that her grandmother does not become suspicious. Since her cunt was unshaved I could not play with my tongue for very long. So, I inserted my finger into her cunt and she reached a massive orgasm. Holding my finger tight by pressing my hand between her thighs, she went into a state of trance for 10 or 20 seconds during which I could feel her cunt muscles get tensed and relaxed may be 10 times or so. Once it was over, she smiled at me with a deep sense of satisfaction.

She then asked me to sit on the chair. She took hold of my cock which was by then achingly hard. She looked at it closely as it was the first erect, adult cock she was looking at. She stroked the shaft so the head of the cock was exposed from its hood. She ran her fingers over the shiny, pink head. I showed her how to masturbate. Within a few strokes, I came violently over her hand, saree and the floor. She was surprised at the volume and velocity of the ejaculate and smiled at me once more.

We had the opportunity to continue our relationship for another six months. After that she got married and moved to another city with her husband. I have not met her since then. I still masturbate thinking about her and fantasizing how it would be to have made love to her. Perhaps she is thinking about the same.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20