‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night…

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Eric was feeling down. Here he was, 23 years old, with a good job in computer repair, and a pleasant house that he was renting, but life had gone wrong. Amy, his longtime girlfriend who had been living with him had left. She said it was because her employer had transferred her to an office in a distant city. Eric suspected that she had requested, or at least, not resisted the transfer.

Eric heated some left-over pasta from the fridge and washed it down with a beer. A miserable meal to match the miserable world outside. There had been freezing wind and rain all day. It was now dark and lightning was flashing in the sky. At least the heater was working. Eric flicked through the TV channels but could find nothing of interest. Finally he found and old favourite DVD and loaded it into the player. He sat in his most comfortable chair with another beer and pressed the buttons on the remote control. Eventually the screen came to life and the show began. This made him feel even more lonely. He and Amy used to sit together to watch DVDs and cuddle and fondle each other. Eric had some very pleasant memories of Amy’s breasts. And when he got an erection, he had to do all the fondling himself. It was little comfort to remember the quote that “masturbation is sex with someone you love.”

Then there was an almighty clap of thunder and the power failed. No lights, no heat and no DVD. Eric felt his way out to the kitchen where he kept a battery-powered light he used for camping. With this he wandered back to his chair and pondered his future. Should he stay here and hope for another girl like Amy? Should he move to a small apartment and save money? Should he go off and chase Amy? There was no easy answer.

While Eric was trying to sort out his thoughts, the power came back on. After a few attempts he persuaded the DVD to start playing where he had left off and sat back hoping to escape life’s problems. Perhaps he needed another drink …

After about half an hour, there was a knock at the door. “Who on earth comes out on a night like this?” was his obvious thought as he made his way down the hallway. He switched on the light and opened the door to find a slim young lady looking very anxious.

“Hello,” she said, “I’m sorry to bother you at such a time, but I was wondering whether you could help me. I am Ruth, a friend of Amy’s, and live across the street. I see that the lights have come on along the street but mine aren’t working. Amy says you deal in electrical things, so I thought you may be able to help. My real problem is that I am writing a thesis on my computer and need to keep working to meet the deadline.”

“Sure,” replied Eric. “I’ve seen you walking along the street sometime. Come and stand by my heater while I grab my lamp and a coat.”

In a couple of minutes the pair cautiously made their way down the path, across the road and up the stairs of Ruth’s apartment block. Eric shone his light around the foyer and stairs, looking for the electrical box. As Ruth unlocked her door, Eric found what he sought and was able to switch on a circuit breaker and get some light inside Ruth’s apartment.

“I’d better come in and check you have power where you do the computing,” he commented.

“Yes, come in and check it all while I pour you a drink. Would you like a rum and coke, or prefer something warmer on a night bahis firmaları like this?”

“Rum and coke would be perfect,” replied Eric, not sure of what to make of an almost unknown young lady offering him a drink.

So Eric sat on a couch in the room that served as Ruth’s study, dining and TV room while Ruth busied herself in the kitchen. When she returned with the drinks, Ruth sat in what was obviously her favourite chair.

“How does a student like yourself afford a place like this?” asked Eric.

“Ah, my parents are hardworking, strict protestant types who have saved quite a bit of money and don’t want their little daughter mixing with ‘the wrong crowd.’ They bought this place partly as an investment, and partly to keep me away from the evils of the world,” replied Ruth.

“And have they succeeded?” asked Eric with a chuckle.

“Yes, I have learned to live by keeping to myself and studying hard. But it hasn’t been so successful socially. I have few friends.”

“I’m not sure how well I’m doing socially these days,” added Eric. “You might not have noticed but Amy has left me and moved far away.”

“That’s terrible,” replied Ruth. “I used to admire the way you and Amy were as a couple. I used to secretly envy you!”

“Well, envy us no longer,” replied Eric. “Our world has fallen apart. I am thinking of moving away and downsizing. Your life is actually more stable than mine!”

Ruth left the room to refresh the drinks. Eric wondered how much more computer work she would do this evening.

“Tell me about your field of study,” asked Eric when Ruth returned.

“I am studying for an advanced degree in particle physics,” was Ruth’s reply. “I know a lot about how particles behave according to set rules, but can never work out the rules governing human behaviour!”

“I have similar trouble,” replied Eric. “I was fortunate to meet up with Amy who understood all those things so well. I am lost without her.”

“I was actually quite envious of Amy. She had a better figure than myself and knew more of the social graces. I’ve always felt I was too thin where it matters and too awkward with people. People see me as a nerd. And I have always thought Amy did rather well in having you as her partner.”

“Thin is considered very desirable in the fashion world. The world is full of people trying to lose weight – mostly without success!” was Eric’s reply.

“I don’t know much about boys,” Ruth replied, “but I know they like to see some fullness around the bust and the bottom. I have neither. I used to think Amy had about the right sized breasts and used to imagine you playing with them!”

“That’s very naughty of you!” replied Eric. “But it is true that I used to enjoy Amy’s breasts. I used to get turned on by them and then proceed to other activities!”

“And I used to enjoy seeing you when you worked in the front garden without your shirt. I used to envy Amy having your body to cuddle and explore.”

“You certainly have been using your imagination as you walk down the street!” was Eric’s slightly tipsy reply.

“Well,” said Ruth, “I am 22 years old and have never seen a real naked man, so I used to imagine you taking you clothes off with Amy! I couldn’t quite imagine all the details, of course. Two drinks and now I have said too much – how embarrassing!”

“Don’t kaçak iddaa be embarrassed – it is good to unwind and talk freely about our thoughts. I’m thinking you put a lot of rum in our drinks!”

“Yes, I was not expecting visitors so didn’t have much Coke in the fridge, so I made up the volume with rum.”

At that moment there was a bright flash of light followed soon afterwards by a loud crack of thunder. And then the lights went out again.

Eric commented, “The trouble is caused by those particles of yours. Electrons jump around in the sky releasing energy which comes in our windows as photons. I wouldn’t be surprised if the particles haven’t damaged the power transformer. I’m sure you know how to calculate how far away the lightning is – sound travels at 340 meters per second and that thunderclap took less than a second to get here. So say 200-300 metres away. That’s probably the height of the clouds outside.”

“Yes, I’d already done the calculation, and it quite scares me,” was Ruth’s reasoned reply. “It frightens me. I’ve seen some artificial lightning generated in the lab. And I know the power it contains. Sitting here in the dark with all that happening above me makes me quake.”

“Then come over here when the next lightning flash shows the way, and sit next to me. We can live or die together.”

“How very romantic,” replied Ruth as she scurried over to the couch.

Eric put his arm around Ruth’s shoulders and thought he detected a tremor. “Was that fear or excitement?” he wondered as Ruth moved a little closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t see you getting much more computing done tonight. What with repeated power failures and the rum!”

“I’m not so worried now – I have good company, and you are letting me relax.”

Another flash and thunderclap made Ruth move closer to Eric. Eric tried to calm her my gently moving his hand up and down Ruth’s upper arm. Ruth gently took Eric’s hand and placed it under her arm and against her chest, letting him feel her breast. Eric realised the Ruth was not wearing a bra and because the heater was off and the temperature dropping, her nipple was very prominent. He rolled it between thumb and forefinger.

“What do you think?” asked Ruth.

“About what?”

“My breast. Is it big enough for you?”

“It is a real handful,” was Eric’s quick reply. “I suspect you could be described as a real handful in many ways!”

“I’ve been a student all my life, and I’m still willing to learn. What can you teach me?”

“I could nibble your nipples the way I used to do it for Amy. Would you like that?”

“Yes, please. As I said, I used to imagine you playing with Amy’s breasts,” replied Ruth taking her T-shirt off quickly.

So Eric gave Ruth the full treatment, accompanied by some sighs of delight from Ruth. He then took his own jumper and shirt off and placed her hand on his chest, letting her feel the hairs.

“I’ve never felt a man’s chest before,” commented Ruth.

“There is more than that to feel!” replied Eric leaning in for a kiss. “But there isn’t a lot more to see in this darkness.”

“Lend me your lamp and I’ll try and fix that,” said Ruth who took the lamp out into the kitchen. She returned with some candles and a box of matches. With difficulty she set a lighted candle in each of their kaçak bahis empty drink glasses.

Eric could now see clear outlines of Ruth’s small but perky breasts. And the nipples were protruding beautifully. He gave her another kiss and a cuddle. But Ruth was not so easily satisfied. She had often dreamed of this moment and wasn’t going to let it slip away.

“So what else do you have to show me?” she asked.

“It depends on what interests you.”

“As I said I’ve never seen a live naked man, and I used to admire what I could see when you were working in your garden just wearing shorts. I would like to see the rest, if that’s OK.”

So Eric took a few steps away, loosened his belt and dropped his jeans.

“More, more!” cried Ruth. “I’ve seen that bit!”

So Eric pulled down his underpants and stepped out of them.

“That’s better,” said Ruth. “A cute bottom, and not too hairy.”

“This is getting embarrassing,” complained Eric. “Getting undressed in front of another person is not easy. It’s better if two people do it together.”

“My friends tell me that if they show their breasts to a boy, he will usually show them anything they ask. The university girls sit around comparing notes of what they have seen, and how often.”

Eric turned around and let Ruth see his half erection in the flickering light.

“Come here, I want a feel,” ordered Ruth.

Ruth fondled Eric’s penis and his balls. His erection increased to near full size.

“I like the way it grows,” was her comment. “Did Amy enjoy this?”

“Amy used to play with it and make it grow. And then we’d end up having sex after which it shrank!”

“Would you do that with me?” asked Ruth.

“But what about precautions?” replied Eric.

“Don’t worry, I am on contraceptive pills to regulate my periods and reduce period pain,” was the reply.

So, like a religious procession, Ruth and Eric set off to the bedroom carrying a candle each. When the got there, Ruth unceremoniously removed her jeans and panties and gave Eric a hug.

“Now climb in big boy and show me what to do. And don’t take too long about it I am rearing to go.”

So with a few simple kisses to mouth and breasts, Eric felt for Ruth’s vagina. He noted that there was plenty of lubrication – she certainly was a girl in a hurry. So he climbed on top of her and gently introduced his penis.

“Don’t stop there,” ordered Ruth as she arched her back towards him. With a quick “Ah” from Ruth, he was in more deeply.

“Give it another push,” was Ruth’s further order. “I might be a small girl, but I’m sure I can take a full-sized penis.”

Eric pushed hard and started to pump her. If anything her smallness had produced a tighter vagina and so was more enjoyable. “Something to remember for the future,” he noted to himself.

It wasn’t long before Ruth started to breathe more heavily and utter some oohs and aahs. These increased until she called out “Oh, Eric, you’ve done it!” as she dug her nails into Eric’s buttocks.

Eric came soon after and felt that warm glow of success. He lay back and put an arm around Ruth.

“We did it. And now you know what it’s all about. It’s no longer just scientific knowledge for you.”

“I’m very pleased,” replied Ruth, “It’s been a long time coming, if I can say that. And now I hear the rain teaming down on the roof. How about you stay here the night and we’ll look at the electrics in the morning?”

“Yes, indeed, a good idea. And who knows what might pop up during the night?” was Eric’s sleepy reply.

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