The Trip Home

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It had been just over a year since they had first met online and now their 3rd weekend together was coming to a close. Each weekend had been more intense than the previous, both of them knowing that part of its intensity was the limited nature of their ability to be together. They had just finished taking a particularly invigorating shower together and were packing up so they could each head back to their respective worlds.

“Hey, come over here for moment my sexy slut.”

Rebecca looked up from her packing to see Andrew beckoning her over with his finger, a mischievous glint in his eye that she had come to learn to expect a bit of delicious trouble from. She raised her eyebrows, returning his look with one of her own. Maintaining eye contact, she turned towards him as she slowly walked towards him, dropping deliberately to her knees in front of him. Looking up at him through her lashes, trying to look as innocent as possible, she asked “Yes Sir, you wanted to see me?”

He couldn’t help but laugh quietly at her antics. While other doms might discipline her for such antics, he loved her wit and the ability she had to make him laugh, to keep him from getting too serious. “I have a little something to remind you of the weekend.” He pulled out a couple of packages from his luggage. “First, a little reminder that you are my personal fucktoy and no one else’s,” he explained as he showed her a necklace with a heart pendant which doubled as a locking clasp. “The key to this is already waiting for you at home, ok?” She nodded as he locked it around her neck. It settled with just enough weight to remind her of its presence.

“Thank you Sir”

“You’re welcome my toy. Now I need you to lean forward on all fours, I have something to keep you occupied on your way home.” She obediently leaned forward as he grabbed the other box and went around behind her. “Relax, you should enjoy this little toy,” he teased as he used his finger to add some lube to her tight rosebud before sliding in the new butt plug he had purchased.

She still was getting used to the sensation of ass play and knew that having something in there until she got home would be the longest period of time she had gone yet. It made her a bit nervous but as she trusted him, she took a breath and willed herself to relax and allow for easier access to her rear passage. It was something new he was sliding in. Smaller than the butt plug they had used previously but also more substantial than the beads they normally used causing her to gasp slightly as the widest part pushed past her spinter muscles. Her ass then naturally pulled it the rest of the way in, causing the base to settle firmly and deeply between her cheeks.

“Now, if this gets to be too much for you, you can take it out but I want you to try and leave it in until your plane has landed. No peaking at it either. If you need to take it out, then it stays out and you’ll receive the proper consequences. But if it stays in, there just might be a bit of treat for you. When you can, text me for further instructions, OK my toy?”

Rebecca nodded as she replied, “Yes Sir.” She was already squirming trying to adjust to the invader as it wasn’t quite like anything else she had experienced before.

“That’s my good girl. Let’s finished getting you dressed so you don’t miss your flight.” Andrew pulled her to her feet once again and lead her over to the suitcase she was re-packing after their time together. He looked at the outfit she had picked out for her travels home: a sensible knee length skirt, a red button down shirt with a black fitted jacket, matching undergarments including stockings with a garter belt, panties and a bra. “Very nice, but I don’t think you’ll be needing these, now will you?” He held up the panties for her to see before tucking them into her suitcase. He knew sending her without panties would make her extremely self-conscious in general, wanting to stay seated as much as possible during her travels, which would now remind her of the plug in her ass. If she wanted to get some relief from the pressure, she was going to have to get up and walk around which cause it to shift and move within her, adding to the sensations.

Rebecca was nervous but accepted Sir’s modification to her attire as she finished getting dressed and packing up the last of the things she had brought with her. As her luggage contained more toys than clothes, she was ever so thankful to have access to her family’s private jet which would allow her to skip the conventional airport security since she was on the pre-approved passenger list for the small plane. It was the only way she would consent to bring such items with her on the plane to meet up with Andrew.

He dropped her off at the small private airport about an hour later, kissing her goodbye as she got out of the car and retrieved her bag. She promised to text with an update when she was back on the ground and waved as he pulled away from the curb to begin his 4-hour bahis firmaları drive home. They never met in the same place twice and never close to either of their homes, for they both had a lot to lose should the exact nature of their relationship ever be exposed.

Everything went smoothly for Rebecca until her pilot was running through the last of the pre-flight check list. First it was a warning light which came on and needed to be investigated. Then a minor repair need was discovered. And in doing that repair, a larger repair need was discovered. And in attempting that repair, it was discovered that the part would not be available for a couple of days. The pilot and on site mechanic apologized profusely but by the time it was all figured out, the only option left to Rebecca was to call some commercial airlines and see about getting a seat on one of their flights back home.

After a three-hour delay, Rebecca had been able to locate a seat on a commercial airline flying a small charter plane out of the private airport she was already located at. However, in flying commercial, she would need to go through the official security line. By this point she was just so frustrated with the delays in general, she didn’t think twice about her “accessories” being a potential issue. She did, however, think about her bag and so was sure retrieve her alternative ID from it before heading towards the small official terminal on the airfield. It was something all the members of her family always had with them for security reasons should the unexpected hotel stay, or commercial flight, need to happen.

Because the security check point was so rarely used for this little airport, most of the flights being manned by private owners who completed a standard security check on a regular basis to avoid going through the hassle of an official TSA security check point, it was mercifully empty with just two guys manning the station. Rebecca was now anxious to get home due not only to the late hour but also due to the effects from so much walking and moving around with whatever it was that was in her ass. She had already excused herself a couple of times to clean the wetness which was leaking from her pussy to prevent a wet spot from developing on her skirt.

She tossed her bag up on the conveyor belt to go through the X-ray machine along with her purse, leaving her alternative documents on top of it all. “You can leave your shoes on if you would like. We only require tennis shoes and boots to be removed.”

“Oh, thanks.” Rebecca moved forward through the metal detector. As it beeped, she suddenly realized that she would not be able to remove the metal necklace.

“Ma’am, we need you to remove the necklace and try again please.”

“Um, I can’t.”

“You can’t? And why not ma’am?”

“It’s a locking necklace and I don’t have the key with me. I wasn’t planning on flying commercial today…” Rebecca let her voice trail off as the security guard held up his hand, indicating she should stop talking.

“That seems rather foolish regardless of your plans.”

“Yes sir, I know.” Rebecca lowered her eyes, a blush creeping up from her humiliation at having been caught.

“So why did you make such a foolish choice if you knew you were going to be flying today?”

Just tell them it is a favorite gift from your dad, a heritage piece you’re wearing in honor of your grandmother, anything BUT the truth! Her brain was screaming at her. But for some reason, she couldn’t stop herself. “This is the collar I wear to show the I belong to Sir, serving and submitting to him as he pleases. He has one key but is not from here and the other key is waiting for me at home. I do not have it with me because I have just accepted his collar earlier today.” SHUT UP! Her brain continued to scream at her from within her head. But with each humiliatingly honest word confessed to these two strangers, she felt her arousal grow deep within her core.

The two guards exchanged a look, the one behind the machine motioning his partner over. “Stay here. Do not move.” Rebecca’s submissive nature had her unquestioningly obeying his command as he went over to his partner. What was only a couple of minutes felt like an eternity to Rebecca as she waited for them to finish their whispered conversation. The main guard returned to standing in front of her.

“Look at me,” he demanded firmly. Rebecca’s eyes instantly flew up to meet his gaze. He was holding her ID documents in his hand. “Miss Rachel Johnson,” he read off of her alternative passport, “you have some interesting things in your bag with you today. Some of it is questionable in nature for carry-on luggage. However, if you will allow it to be checked, we can allow it through. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Yes sir”

“Alright then, we will be sure that is taken care of for you right away as we have already requested it be picked up by an official from the airline. However, we are still going to kaçak iddaa have to wand you and pat you down to be sure you are clear to board the plane. Please step off to the screen in area on your right.” The main guard motioned to a relatively discrete area with high partitions on her right. Rebecca compliantly made her way to the enclosed area.

“Please raise your arms and spread your legs to be shoulder width apart.” With her business skirt being a bit more restrictive than pants would have been, Rebecca found that it rode up a couple of inches in order to spread her legs the requested distance. The guard pulled on rubber gloves and began to take his time patting her down. He started from the top and worked his way down, taking extra time and care with her tits, her ass, her hips. As he knelt down to feel his way up and down her legs, taking the liberty to go up under her skirt a fair distance, Rebecca prayed he wouldn’t smell her arousal as she was exquisitely aware of her how hot her cunt had become with the treatment she was receiving. Not to mention the fact that Sir had stashed her panties away in her luggage leaving her open pussy to be discovered should his fingers wander too far north.

“Well, everything seems to be order so far. Let’s just double check with the wand, shall we?” He took his time waving the wand around her entire body, seemingly to leave her ass for the last section to wave it over. As it beeped, Rebecca’s eyes widened in horror realizing the gift in her ass from Sir had to be metal instead of silicon. Again, not a problem had her original plans not fallen through.

“Do you have anything in your ass you would like to tell me about?”

“My master inserted a toy this morning which I was not to look at or play with until I returned home so I do not know exactly what it is.” Rebecca figured that since he already knew the truth about her collar, she might as well not hold anything back at this point.

The guard gave her a stern look of disapproval. “I’m going to need to inspect that to be sure it is allowable onto the plane. Turn around and bend over and hold the armrests of the chair with your hands.”

Rebecca complied, humiliated at the thought that this stranger was about to see her exposed ass, aroused at the loss of control she had in the situation. She felt his presence behind her before he even touched her. As he leaned in close, he whispered in her ear, “Clearly, Miss Johnson, you are a wanton slut who desperately wants to be used. It’s such a shame that I have to clock out in the next 10 minutes or risk being reported for overtime. But I’m sure your master won’t mind if I have just a little fun with his toy before I have to go, will he?”

His words sent shivers of fear and arousal down her spine. She had to remind herself that nothing serious could happen to her because she was in a public place. She had to remind herself to breath and not let this man know just how turned on she was by his treatment. She had to maintain her composure so there was no reason to discover who she really was and she could get home.

“And now, slut,” his voice took on a more threatening tone, “you will stay absolutely silent, you will not cum, or I will ensure that you miss your flight and risk the overtime. Do you understand?”

Rebecca nodded in mute terror and humiliation.

“Good, now let’s see what your master has provided for me to play with.” He slowly inched her skirt up and over her ass, revealing her lack of panties. “Nice, plugged and ready to play with. Your master knows how to send his sluts out into the world.”

Rebecca willed herself to remain still and quiet as she fought both tears and arousal from her situation in equal parts. She tightened her grip on the armrests of the chair as the guard grabbed hold of the plug in her ass and roughly pulled it out, hearing it drop in some container behind her. She stifled her desire to gasp in pain as he roughly thrust first two, then three, and then four of his fingers into her hole without any lube. Knowing it would be less painful if she relaxed, she tried her best to fight against every natural instinct in her body fighting the degrading treatment.

“Hmmm…well, it doesn’t appear that you have anything illegal stored in your ass. I feel I should make sure I leave your ass as I found it as a thanks to your master. Don’t move and I’ll be back in just a second.”

Rebecca held perfectly still, willing him to return quickly from whatever errand he had deemed so damned important.

“Now, since I know I stretched it out a bit, it seems only fair that I help prevent some of the inevitable soreness in your muscles.” Rebecca was sure she would rather he just leave her ass alone at this point but he seemed intent on playing with her as much as possible. Just as he was once again exposing her now much more tender hole, she caught a whiff of the icy hot. Before she could react, he rammed the plug, now covered in icy hot, back into her kaçak bahis hole. As she began to feel the effects, she started to silently cry from the pain.

“Now, let’s make sure you don’t play with your toy until you get back to your master, shall we?” He quickly tied a crotch rope around her, pulling it tight to be sure the plug was held securely in her ass and making sure the knots he tied in it rest firmly against her clit and the entrance to her pussy. He secured it all behind her with a small luggage lock. “The key to this lock is somewhere in that bag we have so kindly checked for you,” he explained, “and as things such as scissors and knives are not allowed on board commercial aircraft, you should be able to appreciate the care I have shown your sweet ass to the fullest extent on your flight home. Now thank me for the lesson you have learned here today.”

“Yes sir. Thank you for teaching me how inappropriate it is to be an ill-prepared slut when I am flying. I should always take care to consider the security procedures when choosing accessories and ensure I leave adequate time for security to inspect them thoroughly upon arrival at the airport.”

He pulled her skirt back down over her ass and told that she could stand back up and face him. She tried to stand as still as possible before him, tears from the pain leaking out of her eyes, causing her mascara to run. He handed her a tissue, telling her to clean herself up and get herself under control as he escorted her back out to the main security area where the other guard handed her purse, identification, and ticket back to her. Seeing that she would have to now run to make her flight, she thanked them both and dashed off.

The flight home was mercifully short and on time. As soon as they touched down, she turned her phone on to see several missed texts from a worried Andrew as she was now 3 hours late in contacting him due to her change in flight plans. She quickly sent him a text back, assuring him that she was OK and alerting him to the unexpected flight delays. She also let him know that a complication had arisen and that she would call as soon as she was home.

Because it was a small plane, and hers was one of only two checked bags, her luggage was available for her at the gate. The burning from the icy hot in her ass had kept her squirming for most of the 90-minute flight which had caused the knot in the rope to rub against her already sensitive parts, driving her arousal to the level of desperation. She quickly made her way to the waiting car service which she had, thankfully, remembered to message just before she had to turn off her cell phone as the flight had boarded, and informed the driver that she needed to be taken home as quickly as possible. She was desperate to dig into her luggage and find the key but she didn’t dare rummage through the items with the driver able to catch a glimpse in the rearview mirror.

As soon as the driver dropped her off, she hit dial to call Andrew. “Rebecca, what happened, are you OK?”

“I can explain it all but first I need to know I have your permission to take out the plug and to cum. Please Sir. I promise, you’ll understand as soon as I can explain but please just allow me this relief.”

“Hmmm, I’m impressed with the delays you still have the plug in. Please go and present your ass to an open window, facing any direction you please, and then you may remove the plug and cum as many times as you are able to so long as you put this call on speaker so I may hear you.”

“Oh, thank you sir!” Rebecca had successfully found the key to the crotch rope, a good thing as she didn’t relish the idea of trying to find a scissors or control a knife in her current condition. She released the rope and with both a gasp of pain and a sigh of relief, pulled the plug from her ass. Not caring that her ass was on display to her back yard, she barely had to touch her now overly sensitive clit before she came, her screams releasing both her passion and her pent up humiliation and pain.

“Yes, that’s my good girl. Let me hear my slut as you cum again. Keep working that engorged, needy, greedy little clit of yours until I tell you stop. Be the whore I know you are and cum until you are utterly spent.”

Between Sir’s voice on the phone and everything which had happened during the day, Rebecca could only grunt and moan and scream as several orgasms rocked her body, each only given her the slightest of breaks to rest and try to catch her breath until finally Sir allowed her to stop.

As she lay on the floor, her skirt up around her waist, one shoe lost in the desperate scramble to position herself as Sir had commanded, trying to catch her breath, she heard Andrew trying to get her attention back onto their phone call. She winced as she reached for the phone. “Yeah, I’m still here.”

“Ah Rebecca, such a good girl you have been. I want you to go and take a shower, for I’m sure it will feel good after a long day of travel and cumming so beautifully for me just now. Then, when you are clean and dry, I want you to snuggle into bed and call me back on Skype. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

“Yes sir, I will call you as soon as I can.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20