The Bag

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The problem with the typical family is typically they have dogs. This isn’t so much a problem until one has to go on vacation, and the question is asked: “what do we do with the dogs?” The answer to that is the new service field of dog/house sitter. And in my case it proved to have a very positive effect on life.

This past Christmas we were planning the 10 day Exodus to the south to escape freezing temps and enjoy some holiday golf. The dog issue came up and my wife suggested that a friend from school (Masters program you know) had a daughter that would be more than willing to look after my beloved Greyhounds. Better still was that they (she was a Senior in High School) lived close enough that she could either drive or snowmobile over and that sleeping over wouldn’t pose a problem, so my hounds would have quality “people time” for the week plus separation.

Now I had never met Megan, but her mother was attractive and pleasant, and always bragged about what a responsible and good kid her daughter was. When she came over to get instructions on how to feed and what to do, I was busy working on the computer in the study. She popped in with my wife to say hello. She looked like your average high school kid, blonde hair, blue eyed and a smile that some orthodontist was very proud of. She only peeked around the corner and having a ski hat and jacket on so I couldn’t make any assessment on her physical attributes.

The day before we left my wife came up to me carrying our “toy bag.” This black leather pouch about the size of an average phone book was the depository for our sex toys. Its contents include several vibes, dildo with suction cup, small butt plug vibe, nipple clamps, leather studded cock ring, and two tubes of KY – one just opened and one brand new.

My wife suggested that with Megan around it would be much easier for her to find this in our bedroom than it would be for our kids, so would I be a good husband and stash the bag downstairs in my bathroom. The logic of my wife is that a girl would use her bathroom upstairs and sleep in the big bed as opposed to showering in the half bath in the basement and sleeping in the guest room.

I made the comment that I thought we’d take the bag with us, but even after nine years if I get so much as a hand job at my in-laws house I consider it a sexual victory.

So I put the little bag on the top shelf of the closet and went on my merry way.

When we returned home it was with mixed feelings, first it was good to be home, second it was just too damn cold out to unpack, and of course the kids had to have their precious Christmas loot! By the time I hauled my near frozen body in the wife had gone through all the mail and messages on the answering machine. The hounds treated me as if I had been gone 100 years; the one good thing about dogs is that they love you no matter what!

My wife called down to me on the landing and said that everything was in order, but Megan had left a message that she might have left her class ring at the house and she thought it might have been in my bathroom downstairs. I thought that was kind of strange, but put it off as nothing really out of the ordinary as I went down the stairwell.

I flipped on the light in the half bath and immediately saw the small class ring in the empty soap dish. I picked it up and to my surprise it was sticky. Not the got soap on my ring sticky, but KY sticky! I immediately went to the bag in the closet and inspected for anything that might give me some clues. The bag was in the same place, but was it in the same position? The toys were all there, but I hadn’t put them in a specific order, damn!, then the tubes of KY, yes there were two, with one never opened, but the other one, well the once “almost new” was now “almost empty.” The thoughts that shot through my mind went from horror to pornographic and back in an instant! The little minx had found the bag, probably used the toys and now either planned or subconsciously left the “calling card” in the ring that she wanted someone to know. I turned to see my Greyhound looking at me with that happy dog smile, I asked him had he seen anything that would put a smile on his face like that while we were gone?

I cleaned up the ring and went upstairs, my wife was on the phone and said to me, “this is Megan on the phone, she wants to know if you found her ring.” I replied that I had indeed found it and had “cleaned it up for her.”

Megan came and got her ring, but I wasn’t there, which was probably a good thing. I didn’t even mention the episode to my wife, she would think I was having my mid-life crisis at 38, or she wouldn’t have believed me. The event did give me plenty of thoughts to fuel my “alone time” and even when I was having sex with my wife.

My next chance to see if it was true what really did happen or was it just me wanting to pen one of those “I never believed your stories” stories was in the spring. We planned a long weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells. My wife called Megan, and she said she’d love to watch the hounds and the house, but casino şirketleri would it be all right if her girl friend spent the night with her? Her mom even called to let us know that nothing “bad” would happen and that both girls could be trusted.

I once again put the bag in its previous location, but this time I made a mental note of how each item was arranged in the bag. Once again there were two “brand new” tubes of KY placed in the bottom of the bag.

The trip was excellent, but I would be lying if I weren’t more excited to see if the bag had been moved. The house was fine and there was a note that she hadn’t finished the laundry, she wanted to wash the guest room sheets, and that she was sorry if this was any problem. My wife and I shrugged it off and then I vaulted down stairs to check my closet.

No guessing with this inspection! I looked like it been ransacked! The big clue was the cock ring still attached around the dildo and the little red butt plug that wasn’t cleaned up so well! One tube of the KY looked liked it had been squeezed to get every last drop out. So now I knew and all of those terrible Lolita fantasies I had been having were validated and verified!!

My next shock was going into the laundry room. The guest bedroom sheets were in a ball in the basket on the floor. I decided to put them on to wash, but when I pulled them apart I felt a cold wet spot on the bottom fitted sheet. Having already confirmed the bag, I didn’t even hesitate to “sniff” the sheet. The sweet smell of sex and pussy was overwhelming! Now my thoughts went from this girl wants me to know she’s having sex, to does this girl want to have sex? It was too terrible to imagine the consequences if ever it was found out, but that night as my wife and I fucked each others brains out, the parka clad blonde that I had only a glimpse of months before was my permanent muse for sex.

The bad thing about summers in Minnesota is the mosquito; the good thing is that it doesn’t get dark till 9:30. My summer had gone well, plenty of time for boating and having fun. My wife had planned a trip back home with the kids for a family reunion, so everyone was looking forward to having a good time. That is except me, with my work schedule there was no way I could be gone for 3 weeks. Hell, three days is too many!!

As luck would have it the Monday that my wife left I got the call that I was needed at another facility that week. Crisis management at it’s best!! I was to fly out on Wednesday and come back Friday evening. I called my wife and asked her if she’d get Megan to look after the place for me. Mind you with the exception of saying “hello” eight months earlier, I have never even spoken to this vixen. My wife called me back that night and said that Megan could do it, and that it would be great since she didn’t have a job due to her pending departure for college. Damn I thought, she’s barely legal!!! But what kind of pervert was I anyway?

That Tuesday evening I spent writing instructions and phone numbers to call. Then I thought, she’s done this before, what the hell am I doing writing all these post-its? Whether it was the right thing to do or not that morning before I left, I put one last post-it in place I knew she’d look – the bag. It had one word on it “Enjoy!”

Lucky for me the crisis wasn’t so terrible and swift problem solving allowed me to come home early. I called the house and left a message for Megan that I would be home Thursday evening instead of Friday, but I would still pay her for the day. My evil thoughts were more wishful thinking than that there’d be one less day of depleted KY and batteries at home.

I pulled into the drive a little after 9:00 pm it was just getting dark, and I could see on the porch a mountain bike that had seen a few Minnesota trails. As I opened the door, the hounds were sleeping at the top of the landing. They were glad to see me, but it was as if they’d been racked all day and it was no big deal (people who have Greyhounds will understand this). Anyway I dropped my overnight bag and peered down the hall. With the exception of the small dining room lamp the only light I could see was coming from my bedroom, and the flicker had to be that of the TV. So here it was, the big confrontation with Megan and me. One part of me wanted her clothed and sleeping on the bed, the other wanted her in some come fuck me French maid outfit. As I looked in the door I got my answer immediately.

With the lights out she had lit two candles and put them on each side of the beds matching nightstands. She was lying on her stomach propped up on her elbows with the remote control in one hand – totally naked.

As if waiting for me to say something she broke the ice, “the Twins are loosing again, and they played so well early in the season, it’s a shame to see them fade.”

I took a couple of steps in the room and turned to look at the TV, “yeah, but with no payroll they’ve held their own against the Indians and Yankee’s.”

She turned the TV off, and in the growing darkness I was able to check out my little casino firmaları fantasy dog watcher. She was lean, tan in the right places and the only thing I could think of is that she was built like a human Greyhound – made for speed!

As she rolled over to her side I now saw that this was no girl but a very beautiful young woman. Her breasts were gorgeous (C-cup) and very firm, the nipples just the right size and very erect. Her stomach was nice and flat, with the added touch of a belly button ring. Her mound was trimmed in straight line and oh yes-natural blonde. Her legs were strong and tan, no doubt from the biking. Her ass complimented her legs, not very big, but each globe was like steel. The contrast from the white triangles of her breasts and ass to the tan enhanced the visual overload I was experiencing.

After taking all of her in she said, “so do you think I’m a bad girl?”

Let’s see, naked 18-year-old beauty in my bed that has been the sole fantasy for me for over 6 months asks that question? My one and only response was, “no, the word bad doesn’t really come to mind.” I guess my still shell shocked look prompted her to say.

“Well, my mom had told me how funny you are, and after meeting you, plus all the photo’s in the house, I thought you were cute. Then when I found the bag, I knew you had to be sexy as well.”

As I stood by the bed I confessed that I had hoped what she had done was to get me off. I then told her she had been the key thought in my sexual fantasies both alone and with my wife. I threw the wife line in maybe to bring all of this back to a logical perspective. The fact that I was 20 years older, married. It didn’t seem to faze her in the least, so the last shred of hope for me to get out of this without getting deeper was lost. I started to get undressed. Lets face it, when you come home and find a naked 18 year old girl on your bed ones first thought is not for her to get dressed and go home!

She seemed to be pleased that I was getting undressed, pushed herself up to her knees and a simple smile came to her face. She said, “Ever since that first time last winter I’ve thought about being with you. Your wife is so beautiful, she’s so lucky to have you, I just wanted to maybe have a chance.”

“Chance for what?” I asked.

“The chance to be with you, make love to you, fuck you.” Well I was okay (if there was such thing as a “okay” stage) until the way she said, “fuck.” The way it rolled out of her mouth, it wasn’t “dirty” or “vulgar,” it just had the ring of someone who knew what she wanted.

As I got undressed, I thought how in the hell did I get where I was, or was going? So as I stood there in my tented Old Navy boxers, I said “and you think that I will be good? And what if I said, “No, Megan, I’m happily married.”

She smiled, and began “Jake, look at us right now? It’s like we’ve known each other for years. You knew I’d be here tonight, we’ve been giving each other signals for months, you WANTED me here tonight just the way I am.”

Damn! First she used my first name like we were at old home week, and secondly she was right. Game, set, match, I was done, and deep down I didn’t care!

My smile was the look she had wanted to see. She knew she had “won,” even though she knew the outcome before this episode ever began.

I said, “So, you liked the toys did you? Which one was your favorite?” While still sitting on her knees she reached under one of the overstuffed pillows on the bed and produced the little black bag.

“Well, first I think it’s very hot that you even have and use toys.” She unzipped the bag and pulled out the little red butt plug vibe and the leather studded cock ring. “These” she said “are my two favorites, because I bet Christine (my wife) loves to use this (she held up the butt plug) and this because this will make your cock look so much sexier.”

I then said, “Speaking of which you’ve never seen my cock.” The outline of my cock along with my pre-cum was staining the gray cotton briefs. She leaned over and very slowly peeled them down to expose my now very hard penis. She gently ran her hand down its length and bent over and kissed it lightly on the head with just a flick of her tongue. She looked up with those blue eyes and I could have cum right there!

“Oh, it’s better than I could have imagined” she said as she looped the leather strap under my balls and over the top of my cock. With an expertise that I found amusing and alarming at the same time she had the strap on (without pinching any skin, something I or my wife can rarely accomplish). She leaned back again and looked down at me admiring her handy work. “Oh, that looks so good on you, your cock is beautiful Jake.” I finally moved towards her and grabbed her in an embrace. I wrapped my arms around her and the feeling of our skin touching was electric. I looked at her before we kissed; this was my moment of truth. The kiss was pretty damn good. Like she had said before, it was like we had known each other for years. There wasn’t that awkward point that the way we kissed güvenilir casino just didn’t work. The fact of the matter it did work, the way our tongue’s played in each others mouth was soft and gentle, not wild in any way.

After a few minutes we parted and she turned around as if to show me her ass. As I was still standing at the edge of the bed, she grabbed the little toy and asked me to put it in her ass. As she reached in the bag looking for the KY, I told her that I would help her along.

I reached for her ass and very softly began to massage each cheek. She let out a low shudder and told me that she had dreamed of this moment (I didn’t tell her that I had had the same dream in about 15 different versions). As I massaged her ass I leaned down and began to kiss each ass check. She began to rotate her ass and hips in the direction that I was kissing. I then worked my way to the top of the crack in her ass and started to kiss down as I moved my hands to spread her cheeks. By the time my lips got to her little puckered pink hole, she had pushed her ass as far up as possible and her face and chest was pressed into the bed. Then I waited just a second before I put my tongue on her ass, when it touched she shook all over, I asked if she liked that, and all she could muster was that if I kept doing that she was going to cum. I then told her get ready, and with that I pushed my tongue into her. At first there was resistance, but after a few attempts her ring opened like a door and I was able to go deep inside her. Without so much as touching her pussy I began to tongue fuck her ass, each time I would go deeper and faster. I felt her body tense and then she shook again, her orgasm was like a wave that passed through her.

I then took the little plug and applied a little KY to it. She pushed herself back up and turned to look at me. The look on her face was priceless, “Oh my god, that was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had.” Getting cocky, I told her, “Well lets just say that will be the first of many.” I smiled my best devilish grin as I pressed the plug to her ass. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back and as if commanding her body to open, her asshole opened up wide. I made the comment that she was very good and that to open up more as I pushed the tapered plug into her. Her ass seemed to flex and pull the plug into her. It was like she had practiced doing this until it was routine. It looked very hot to see the plug base up against her hole. I then proceeded to pick up the control to turn it on. Before I could, she told me no not yet, she’d let me know when to turn it on.

Then Megan turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. Her legs pulled into her thighs and her ass moved forward so I had a clear view of her now swollen pussy lips and the plug deep inside her.

I looked at her and told her she was very beautiful and that I was a very lucky man. She looked at me and said that no, it was she that was lucky to be in the company of a man such as me. Damn, only 18 and she knew what buttons of mine to push!! As I regarded her sitting there, I didn’t feel the least bit nervous, anxious, or wondering if I was going to “be good enough” for her. There was just the deep desire to satisfy her needs, hell mine were taken care of and she had barely touched me!!

I leaned forward and once again our lips met, she pulled me towards her, and because of the angle I was standing my aching strapped cock touched her very moist pussy. She flinched just a little, but figured out I was not trying to enter her. We stopped kissing for a second and she said, “I just want this to last, guys I have been with before just want to put it in me, bang away for eight seconds and they’re done.” I told her she was going to get the royal treatment, but now I was beginning to worry about the “8 second” comment!! Hell I’m only human!

I then kissed my way down to her neck and shoulders; she massaged my head and back as I just followed the natural line of her body to her breasts. I held her tight as I kissed her breasts I told her I liked the tan lines, and she told me she thought the pale white skin was sexy, I agreed. As I took each nipple into my mouth I paid special attention to roll and kiss them, when I lightly bit down, she moaned and grabbed my shoulders and told me to bite harder. I did and she shuddered once again. I repeated this on both and she had look of total bliss. I asked her if she had ever used the clamps? She said no, but she’d try them if I wanted to. I quickly retrieved the latex covered alligator clamps attached by a small chain. I placed a clamp on each nipple, taking care to ease them into place. The pleasure they gave her outweighed the pain. She was a sight to behold with the black and silver clamps on her tender nipples. The chain dangling between her breast made the sight even better.

I moved now down to her stomach and her belly button ring. I was a simple silver stud, I kissed her navel and took the ring in my teeth and gave it a gentle tug, this time the moan was louder, and for a instant I thought I had hurt her, but the smile on her face when I looked up told me otherwise. She looked down, and said “Oh, I liked that a lot, no one has ever done that.” I told her that would be “our” little secret thing, me pulling on her ring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20