Solo on a Train

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Having just read his account of me bringing myself off with his phone in the bar that night – I just had to tell him about another time when I did something similar. It was almost a year earlier, when I indulged myself for most of a long commuter ride home from the city. It wasn’t the only time either, but I’ll just tell you about this one for now…

Rush-hour got a new meaning for me that day – I had just done my shift, and was huddled bored and alone, sat there ten minutes before departure in the first compartment of the mostly empty train carriage – its engines running and vibrating steadily while it waited at the terminus station, ready to be filled by yet more solemn commuters going home.

Being naturally horny pretty much all the time, and especially so when bored, I was habitually sliding in and out of that happy-place, where my day-dream fantasies lived; and the train’s vibrations were beginning to have a predictable effect, a situation not helped by the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties, or a bra under my habitual skin-tight clothes.

I glanced along the carriage, still seeing only a few others in there with me, but no one close by. Outside, a loose crowd of rushing commuters were flowing past my window seat in a steady mass, heading for the middle and forward carriages, their attention locked ahead with only the occasional one glancing in through the windows when passing – a lonely soul looking for another lonely soul, no doubt.

An idea occurred out of that observation – casino şirketleri the timing before departure felt like it fitted, and my time on the stage had taught me that the scene was now definitely set, and must be acted out – I smiled.

Putting my feet up on the seat opposite, I gave the carriage a last look before lightly brushing a hand over my breasts, letting the thumb linger and concentrate its attentions on each nipple, already growing hard in approval of what my mind had planned – seeing that no one was paying any attention, I openly began stroking them, cupping a breast with each hand and caressing them for a few seconds each, feeling the jolt-thrill fill me from nipples to belly to crotch, and back again. Opening my outstretched legs slightly, I felt the wetness of ready lips sticky against the fabric, and began enhancing the feelings bouncing around inside me, by tracing fingers lightly and slowly along the inside of my thighs. My nipples were now very hard, and clearly visible through the tight fabric of my top – I was ready.

Unfastening my jeans, I slipped one hand inside, trying not to make a sound as my fingers slid over tight-cropped pubes, touching shaven lips sensitive from their day-long contact with smooth-worn denim, knowing that my juices had dampened them to that softness from many occasions before – and that just added to the wetness. I have a very sensitive clit, and so do not touch her directly as much as many women, but slid a finger into the wetness ready and waiting below casino firmaları – down and inside me with one smooth motion. I bit my lip.

Gently sliding the finger in and out, half keeping an eye on the other passengers, my fantasy just wanted one of them to notice – man or woman, it did not matter. I was very wet with the thrill of what I was doing so openly, should someone just happen to look…

The carriage had begun to fill up more now – and although vague glances were cast in my direction, just seeing me sat there in the back, all by myself – still no one came to sit near me. I’m sure my actions were partially masked by the seat back opposite, but my posture and heavy-lidded expression must have given something away.

My fantasy explored that possibility though, having one or two of them choose the seat opposite me, maybe just to watch, or join in, maybe both…and then more… I was incredibly wet by then, with two fingers easily sliding in and out, and providing plenty of accompanying soft, wet noises.

Opening my legs wider, I added a third finger, and angling my hand further forward and down, so my thumb could press against my clit, I started sliding the unholy trio faster in and out, deliciously catching my g-spot with random strokes. My window had become a little steamed up, and was not alone – yet maybe that was for the best, as my pubes were now openly visible for anyone looking directly into the carriage from outside, thumb against my clit and pressed urgently deep upwards güvenilir casino between my lips – they would have seen it all.

But I wasn’t thinking about all that just then, I was close to what was promising to be a wonderful and shattering orgasm, with my fingers shuttling in and out, I clamped my lips together, breath in-held to stop the moans and groans that wanted so badly to escape.

With a jolt, the train pulled forward, and at that same moment, I came with a jolt of my own. Looking finally outside as the world came slowly back to me, I saw a scatter of commuters too late for the train, now stood there bitter and aimless along the platform.

I pulled my hand out, and casually sucked my fingers dry in full view of those that saw me, leaving that image in their minds to distract their attention from the coming wait. Only then did I zip my jeans back up again.

I was so relaxed and very pleased with myself – there is nothing quite like that just-orgasmed feeling whilst sat amongst a crowd, and although satiated I couldn’t stop there. Throughout the hour-long journey I kept on teasing myself whenever the need came back, although less openly than before, especially when others finally did come and fill up the seats next to and opposite mine. I still was able to play with myself with them hid behind their newspapers, or keeping my hand busy under the mask of my coat flaps, just letting the pheromones in the air play their game on them. Hopefully there would be a lot of surprised and satisfied housewives later, along this particular commuter route.

I came eight times that journey, and I wonder still if any of them even knew what had been going on, or why the quiet eighteen year old sat between them, had been so flushed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20