Never Trust your Wife PT3 Blacken

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Never Trust your Wife PT3 Blacken
When Kate’s boss, Mike (he’s black) , came over for dinner one night, her husband, Jeff, had to sit idly by as they flirted and fooled around. It was obvious the pair had been building up sexual tension for some time. Jeff was sure they had been up to some office shenanigans by the way Mike’s large black hands were already overly familiar with his wife’s body as soon as they sat down to eat.

Jeff really wouldn’t have been surprised if Kate was on her knees that very morning with her mouth around her boss’ black cock, draining his balls during her mid-morning break. Jeff knew the way she dressed at work was anything but modest; short skirts, low necklines, sheer blouses and tight yoga pants revealing lacy thongs and lingerie.

At dinner, Kate wore a tight-fitting, short black dress and Mike had his hand up it for most of the meal, slowly manipulating her sex beneath the table. He had Kate worked up enough that when he brought his hand away from her sopping pussy to cut his steak, Kate’s husband could smell her familiar sweet scent on Mike’s hand. Jeff was jealous, but resigned and also turned on by her untempered need to explore her sexuality with different men.

After dinner the trio drank wine. Kate and Mike occupied the loveseat while Jeff sat in his recliner across the room. Mike had quickly figured out that Jeff wouldn’t stop him from fooling around and openly pawing at his wife, and practically had one of her tits out as she half-sat in his lap.

Mike playfully rubbed her smooth, bare leg, inching up the hem of her short dress, as she ran her knee up his inner thigh and toward his hot crotch. Jeff saw her bedroom eyes and made a mild protest when she said she wanted to show Mike the new painting they had purchased, hanging upstairs in their room.

They ignored Jeff and went upstairs, and it only took a few minutes before Kate’s husband could make out the tell-tale sounds of lips bursa escort smacking and then the slurping sounds of Kate’s expert cock sucking. It turned him on to hear the creaking of the bed and the escalating action overhead in the loft bedroom.

Jeff sat downstairs, pathetically jerking his cock as he listened to his wife enjoying what sounded like rough sex with her boss, not twenty feet away; Kate having left the bedroom door ajar. When he stood in the corner of the living room he could practically see her through the loft slats, getting her shaved cunt plowed doggy, Mike holding her hair in his hand, spanking her ass hard to make her yelp. Jeff was still shocked at how roughly she seemed to like to be treated when she fucked other men.

Soon he could see that Mike had gotten underneath her, and Kate’s husband watched her place her hands behind her head and show off her glorious, fake tits. Mike groped, massaged, then suckled and nipped at her swollen nipples. All the while he slid her up and down his shaft.

Ten minutes of hot sex later, Kate’s husband couldn’t believe how hard his wife came or how long Mike was lasting, as he spied his wife’s legs, now high in the air, the headboard thumping in rhythm against the wall as Mike fucked her missionary.

Mike finally came inside her unprotected cunt, and there was a pause in the action before he heard Kate begin sucking his cock again. She likely hadn’t come yet and she always made sure to get hers. They were in a different part of the bed, now hidden from Jeff’s prying eye.

She sucked her boss’ black dick in their marital bed for some time before Jeff could make out the unmistakable sound of flesh smacking flesh again. He tiptoed over to a chair and stood on it, and could now see her lying flat on her stomach with her ass gently raised, while Mike lay on top of her. It was one of her favorite positions. Mike was driving into her, smacking against her sexy ass with görükle escort bayan his pubic bone, while buried inside her hot tunnel. It was one of Jeff’s favorite positions too, but he hadn’t gotten a chance with his wife since she started going on regular dates with men.

Mike was really driving into Kate, she was moaning loudly, chasing her orgasm, and the headboard was knocking hard against the wall. Mike pummeled her pussy for twenty more minutes before he was able to cum inside her again.

Kate came down a little while later in her bikini, saying she was gonna turn on the hot tub. She had love bites on her neck and the sides of her generous breasts. Mike came down and followed her outside not long after. Kate’s husband stayed inside spying on them through the curtains for the next hour as they played in the hot tub.

Mike had yanked Kate’s top off within minutes and was pawing at her breasts in the bubbling water while she straddled him, seductively. They tongue-kissed for the next twenty minutes before Kate stood, bent over the tub and removed her bikini bottoms. Mike almost instantly buried his face in her sweet ass and ate her pussy while she wiggled around. Soon he was standing and holding her hips, burying his thick rod in her wet pussy.

They paused in their action and dried off to come inside. Kate’s husband had scurried into the kitchen as Mike grabbed Kate and bent her over the living room furniture, taking her hot pussy out in the open, flaunting his possession of another man’s wife.

“You’re one hot bitch, Kate. I might just bust another nut for you.”

Kate moaned, her husband could hear and see Mike’s black cock sluicing in and out of her hot cunt fifteen feet away.

“Let’s go back upstairs and use some of that lube,” said Mike, pulling his long cock out of her pussy.

Kate’s husband watched his wife get chased back up to the bedroom, her boss’ hard, bobbing dick following. He wondered what bursa escort bayan they were going to use the lube for. The door ajar, minutes later he found out.

“Go slow; God, Mike!”

Mike had lubed his cock and was stretching her asshole. Kate was in position at the end of the bed, head down, ass up, as Mike pushed firmly against her asshole.


He finally had his cock in her ass. She whined and moaned as he began humping her. Kate’s husband was fascinated at his wife’s willingness to take large dick in her asshole. Mike pumped away for ten minutes and hadn’t come.

“Okay, enough of that,” stated Kate as she flipped around and took him into her mouth. She gave him great head straight from her ass, bobbing up and down until he pulled out trying not to come yet.

“I’ve already had your mouth enough today,” stated Mike, chuckling.

Jeff watched them disappear and heard them go into their master bathroom and the shower turned on. He crept upstairs to the loft door and leaned in, listening to the sounds of hot sex coming from the shower. Mike must’ve finally come again with Jeff’s wife pinned up against the shower tiles, because it soon turned into the general sounds of bathing, then the shower turned off. They chatted while Kate’s husband hurried back downstairs to play with his cock.

“Kate, I’m gonna need this pussy once every morning and then during lunch from now on.”

“God, I don’t know if I can handle that big black dick twice a day,” replied Kate. “But I’m willing to try.” They both laughed and seemed to be kissing in the bathroom.

“No fucking way, dude!” laughed Kate.

Apparently, Mike was hard again and pounding away at Kate’s clean pussy as she bent over the sink. They fucked from the bathroom and back into the stanky sheets of the bed. Jeff stood in awe from his corner of the living room, spying on his wife and her lover. Kate and Mike’s orgasms eventually reached a crescendo, with Mike jack hammering away into her pussy until they both exploded simultaneously.

Mike went home not long after. Kate broke the news when her husband went upstairs to take in her drained body, that she and Mike were going to Miami later that month for a long work trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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