Navy Wife Pt. 02

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Note to the reader: This is a continuation of Navy Wife Part I. You can read it from the link on my profile page.

The story is completely true. I am actually the husband, but I wanted to write from my wife’s perspective. This happened while I was deployed with the Navy and my wife felt guilty about the whole thing and told me when I got home. Her details were a little sparse, so I filled in some blanks, but, as I said before, this is 100% true. Hope you enjoy!


The days following my “encounter” with Sarah were different. I didn’t see much of her, and at first it was a relief. I didn’t want any awkward reminders of how things ended last time. Then I started to get the feeling that she was avoiding me and I began to worry that our friendship might be over. In moments that I was completely honest with myself I knew that losing her friendship was much worse than any perceived embarrassment I might have. But everything was still so fresh and I wasn’t sure how to move forward or if I even wanted to.

It was a very confusing couple of weeks for me. I felt like I had ruined a friendship, I was missing Colton a lot, and I had an awakened sex drive that I had been carefully supressing for months. Not to mention I had been felt up by another girl and had really liked it. Yes, I was starting to come to terms with that. At first I kept trying to dismiss it, repeatedly telling myself, “I am not a lesbian. I am married to a man.” But I couldn’t deny how good it felt to be touched, and how soft Sarah’s hands had felt. It was very different than the way Colton touched me, but in a good way that left me longing for more.

After Sarah had left that day, I masturbated in the hope that it would put an end to all those feelings. Quite the opposite happened though. I found myself thinking more and more about those moments with Sarah. At first I tried not to, but eventually I gave in and began indulging those thoughts. Of course the more I thought about it, the more I got turned on. Looking back on it I was a hot, horny mess.

Eventually it became impossible to keep avoiding Sarah. I had a medical appointment coming up and I needed someone to babysit. Plus I didn’t want things to continue the way they had been, so I took the opportunity to break the ice. With Serena in tow I headed over to Sarah’s house. As we rounded the corner, I could see her in the driveway loading Lisa into their car. I ran over to catch them in time.

“Hey Sarah!” I shouted to get her attention. She looked up surprised, and seemed happy to see me.

“Hey Megan I wasn’t expecting you. We are heading out right now. What’s up?”

I was a little short of breath and my words tumbled out. “Would you mind watching Serena for me next week? I have an appointment and it would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to take her.”

“Sure no problem. You know you didn’t have to walk over here – you could have called”

I felt a hard pang in my chest. “I guess she really doesn’t want to see me after all” I thought. My face must have shown it too.

“Oh God that sounded pretty rude” Sarah quickly said. “I just meant you didn’t have to go to the trouble.”

We sat there for a moment, not knowing what to say. “Well I should probably let you get out of here” I finally said and turned to go.

“Wait, Megan” she said catching my arm. “About the other day – I just, well, I – I’m sorry.” She stammered. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I’ve missed seeing you the last few weeks.”

My heart and mind were racing now. What exactly was she trying to say? Did she just want to be friends or was she trying to open things up for more? I chose my words carefully.

“I’ve missed seeing you too. And I wouldn’t let our friendship go that easily” I said.

It was subtle, but I could tell that she was relieved inwardly. Another moment passed. I didn’t dare to say more, but I hoped she would. Sarah opened her mouth to say something, hesitated, and then said “Do you guys want to come over tomorrow? I’m sure Lisa and Serena would love the chance to play together.”

Not exactly what I was hoping she would say, but at least I knew we were back to being friends.

“Yeah we’d love to” I replied.

“OK see you around ten?”

“Sure. Well I’d better let you go for real this time”

Sarah laughed and opened the door to her car. “See you tomorrow” she said with a smile.

The walk back home seemed longer. True, I felt better about the whole situation. I was relieved to still have Sarah as a friend. But I had no idea what she was thinking. She had made the move on me in the first place, but what did she want now? What did I want now? I wasn’t even sure myself. With regret I realized that Sarah probably wouldn’t try anything again. “Oh well” I thought, “It’s probably for the better.” I knew myself, and I sure wasn’t going to try anything, much as I wanted to.

I found myself smiling as I thought about Sarah stammering. She was always so calm and confident, and it was the first time I had ever seen her at a loss for words. She was undeniably cute when she was flustered. I wasn’t sure how the next day would go, but I was looking forward to it.


The casino şirketleri next morning was a blur, getting kids up and to school. After I dropped Cameron off I came home and took a shower to relax. I stood in the steam, wondering how things would be with Sarah. I washed myself absentmindedly and started shaving my legs more out of habit than anything. I hardly have any hair on my body, and can get away without shaving for days. I noticed the tangle of hair between my legs, realizing I hadn’t shaved there since Colton left. Impulsively I shaved it off, enjoying the bare feeling after I was done. I took a little extra time with my makeup and outfit too, wanting everything to look just right. I admired myself in the mirror afterward. The sun dress I had chosen hugged my body, accentuating the curves around my hips. I have smallish breasts, which I have always hated, but even they looked good in that dress. I had to admit I did look sexy.

I headed over to Sarah’s and when she opened the door we both stood for a moment before we burst out laughing. “Oh my God!” I said. “Did we both buy the same dress at the Exchange?”

“Well, their selection is soooo extensive that two girls with excellent taste are bound to end up with the same outfit” Sarah smirked. And just like that everything was back to normal. We spent the next hour out back watching the kids play, complaining about the lack of cute clothes on the island, talking about things back in the States, and everything in between.

At one point, Sarah got up to help Lisa. From across the yard I was free to admire the way she looked. It was obvious she had put extra effort into her appearance, and I was enjoying it. I was slightly jealous at how she filled out her dress. She had a sexy but tasteful amount of cleavage showing, and I found myself staring at her breasts as she bent over to pick Lisa up. Sarah looked back at me and I quickly shifted my gaze, trying not to be obvious about it.

“Hey do you want to put a movie on for the kids?” Sarah asked as she walked back toward me. ” Lisa is starting to lose it and I think she could use a distraction.”

“Sure” I replied. “I could use a little bit of a break too.”

Sarah smiled and took the kids in the house. She returned, announcing that we would have peace and quiet for the next hour and a half.

“What’d you put on for them?” I asked.

“The Little Mermaid” She said.

“Oh that’s my favourite Disney movie”

“Yeah me too. Ariel is definitely the hottest Disney Princess” She said with a sly smile.

I laughed, not caring if she was serious or joking.

Sarah looked at me straight in the eyes. “You would make a gorgeous Disney Princess yourself.”

“Ehhh, I’ve never really been the princess type” I shot back. “I do like a cute outfit, but I’m not the frilly type”

“Yeah I guess I could see that” she replied. “I, on the other hand…” she trailed off with a joking smile.

“Really? I never would have guessed.” I said.

“You don’t believe me? Come see” She said, taking me by the arm and leading me back into her bedroom. She guided me into her closet and switched on the light. “Wow” I said. “That is impressive” A full array of gowns hung along the wall, from laughably ornate to simple elegance.

“I bought most of these when I was single” Sarah said. “It was kind of an unhealthy obsession for a while. I still like them, but I don’t get much of a chance to wear them anymore.”

“They’re gorgeous” I said, running my fingers along the silky fabric. I turned around, an idea popping into my head. “You should model them for me. I bet you would look fantastic”

“I’m not even sure I would fit into them anymore” Sarah said reluctantly, but her face showed otherwise.

“I insist. Start here” I said, pulling out a long black dress with straps. I didn’t have any reason for picking that one other than it looked low cut in the front.

“Mmm nice choice. I like that one too” said Sarah. “Alright I give in. But you have to try some on too”

“Ok fair’s fair” I said, “but you know we aren’t the same size…”

“Yeah we are. We’re exactly the same height” Sarah said, slipping her dress over her head. I tried not to stare but it was the first real glimpse of her body I’d had. It was even better than I had imagined, and I definitely had imagined.

“That’s not exactly what I was referring to” I said, blushing a little as I thought about our breasts.

“Oh, you mean here” Sarah said, cupping herself and leaning forward flirtatiously. She was definitely confident with her body. “Don’t worry, you felt very adequate” she said with a wink. I blushed again.

I was definitely not expecting her to speak so frankly of what happened last time. But I was glad she brought it up. I felt like we had never really resolved things.

“Yeah, about that…” I started. Sarah was pulling on the black dress by this point. She turned toward me with a more serious expression on her face and said “look, I’m sorry about how forward I was. I’ve been really lonely without Tim, and it felt good to touch you. casino firmaları If I’d known what was going to happen I never would have.”

“What do you mean, what was going to happen?” I asked slowly, wanting her to elaborate.

“You know. You not liking it and it almost ruining our friendship.” She replied.

I was unsure how to respond. I had liked it, that much I had become certain of in the last two weeks. Sarah must have sensed my hesitation and changed the subject. “Well, what do you think?” she asked, twirling dramatically.

I laughed in spite of myself. “You look beautiful” I said sincerely. The dress was a perfect fit for her. It hugged her body down to her waist and flowed out around her legs. A mid-thigh slit showed a good amount of leg, hinting at what was beneath further up. Her breasts swelled perfectly above the low cut front, inviting a second glance but not demanding too much attention. I have always felt that there is a fine line between sexy and slutty, and Sarah was nailing it with this dress.

Now it was Sarah’s turn to blush a little. “I’m glad you think so” she said.

I sat there, admiring her. I knew I wanted to tell her how I felt but I was unsure what it would mean.

“Sarah” I said unsurely “I didn’t mind what happened last week. In fact, it felt really good to be touched. I guess I’m missing Colton…” I trailed off when I saw Sarah’s open mouthed expression, feeling like I had blown it.

Sarah realized what she was doing. “Sorry” she said. “Please keep going.”

I continued feeling encouraged. “I don’t know, I just have been missing being touched. You really felt good. I’ve just never been touched like that by a girl and it was confusing at first.”

“You weren’t mad at me?” Sarah asked.

“What? No, not at all. Why would you think that?”

“Well, you did just spend the last two weeks avoiding me.” She replied.

“I thought you were avoiding me” I said, gaining confidence.

“Not intentionally” she told me. “I just thought you wouldn’t want to see me again.”

“No not at all” I said hurriedly. “I did need some time to sort things out, but I have gotten used to the idea…” I trailed off again, not wanting to admit it out loud.

“Gotten used to the idea of what?” Sarah said with a coy smile, edging closer to me. I was sure she could see my heartbeat it was pounding so hard. I looked down feeling foolish. I wanted this, so why was it so hard to say it? I could tell Sarah wanted it too, but she wasn’t going to cut me any slack.

“You know”, I mumbled, “trying something with another girl”. We were close enough by now that I could almost feel Sarah’s warmth. “You mean like touching?” she whispered in my ear. “Kissing?” her voice was lower now. She paused, then huskily added “Fucking?” A thrill ran through me as I felt her words against my cheek. I desperately wanted to lean forward and press my body against hers but I was frozen by her forwardness.

“Megan” her voice sounded in my ear. “I won’t do anything this time until you ask for it.” I knew she was trying to avoid a repeat of last time. The tension between us was almost palpable.

“Yes” I managed to say. “Please.” I was starting to shake a little from anticipation. Then Sarah slowly moved in the rest of the way. Her hands went to the small of my back, pulling me close in a wave from the knees up until our breasts were touching. Her cheek was against mine and we sat there for a moment, just enjoying the close contact. The softness of her lips pressed against my neck just under my jawline, slowly kissing me. I exhaled loudly and my head tilted back, presenting the rest of my neck to her. As Sarah worked her way down I reached up behind her head, twining my fingers in her hair. She lingered at my collarbone for a moment before moving purposefully upward. I could feel where she was heading and wet my lips with anticipation. Her kisses rounded my chin toward the corner of my mouth. We both instinctually paused, our mouths nearly touching. I tentatively brushed my lips against Sarah’s and she responded with a lingering peck. She pressed her head in more firmly and I moaned as our mouths slowly melted together. The sensation was incredible. I had never felt anything as sensual as her velvet lips. The pace was agonizingly and beautifully slow – a far cry from what I was used to with Colton. I wanted it to last forever, but eventually we had to surface for air.

I pulled back as we both exhaled, looking into the blueness of Sarah’s eyes. She had a half-cocked smile on her face. I smiled back and looked down, unable to meet her gaze for long. Then her hand was on my cheek, guiding my face back up toward her open lips. The wetness of her tongue slid between my lips, probing gently, searching for its counterpart. I reciprocated, slowly dancing my tongue forward and on to hers.

Sarah pulled me in tighter against her body, sliding both hands down past my waist and thrusting me forward into her. Our legs were slightly offset, and she began gently grinding herself against my thigh, all while her tongue was exploring my mouth.

I suddenly felt very warm. The pleasure was amazing, but I began to güvenilir casino feel lightheaded and weak in the knees. I reluctantly broke off the kiss. “Sarah” I said, “I have to stop.”

Sarah looked confused and heartbroken at the same time.

“No that’s not what I meant” I said giving her a quick kiss. “You are going to make me pass out if we keep standing.”

Sarah gave me a wordless smile, took my hand and led me out of her closet and toward her bed. As I walked, I became keenly aware of the wetness between my legs. I was so aroused I couldn’t think straight. And I didn’t want to. My desire was focused on Sarah and there was no room for anything else.

Sarah slid onto her bed and rolled so she was facing me. She gave me a gentle tug, pulling me on top of her. The kissing resumed in earnest now that I was horizontal. Soon Sarah’s hands began to rove, stroking up and down my back. More than anything I wanted to feel her hands on my skin. I pushed myself upright into a straddling position and pulled my dress over my head. Sarah looked up at me with approving eyes.

“Megan, you are absolutely gorgeous!” she said. “Thanks” I replied with a smile, leaning forward for another kiss. “Wait” she stopped me. “Don’t stop there…”

I smiled again, reaching back to unclasp my bra. It sprung loose and I slid it off, exposing my breasts. Now Sara’s look was positively hungry. “Get over here” she commanded playfully. I willingly leaned back down, but instead of kissing me, she slid me higher on her body so my chest was level with her face. One hand gently rose to cup my breast, guiding my nipple toward her waiting mouth. Her tongue circled, lightly at first, then more firmly. The feeling was electric. A jolt of pleasure shot down between my legs as I gasped out loud. I could feel myself soaking through my panties and onto Sarah’ s stomach.

Sarah broke away and pulled at the elastic around my waist. “Mmmm looks like you need some attention down there too” she said. I rolled off her and onto my back, quickly sliding my panties off. To this day I can’t recall wanting an orgasm more than that moment. Sarah moved with a leisurely, deliberate confidence that only heightened my desire. Her tongue left a trail from my breasts and over my stomach. I spread my legs, inviting her toward my aching crotch.

Colton would have dived right in for the kill. Not Sarah. Instead she repositioned herself and began kissing my inner thigh. She teased her way up, but broke off just before the apex and began kissing my other thigh. The tension was almost unbearable as she worked her way back up. This time she paused right over my labia. I could feel her warm breath against me and mentally willed her to take the plunge. Finally her tongue extended and she lazily traced a line up my folds. A loud groan involuntarily escaped from me. Sarah continued to explore, sliding her tongue up and around my throbbing clit. A pulse of pleasure shot through me and I knew it wouldn’t take long to make me climax. Both of my hands reached down to the back of Sarah’s head, pulling her in tighter. She responded, sucking my clit into her mouth and outlining it with the tip of her tongue. The muscles in my body were starting to tense up and my breaths were coming in shallow gasps. Sarah reached up with both hands, searching for my nipples. A quick pinch and roll through her fingers was all it took to send me over the edge. Waves of pleasure coursed through me as I bucked my hips into Sarah’s face, pulling her in even tighter. Somehow with all that movement her tongue stayed right where it needed to be. Moments later the intensity became too much and I regretfully pushed her away. Sarah slid back up me with a grin on her face. “God Megan you were SO loud!”

“Really?” I said between breaths. “I thought I was quiet.” “Don’t worry” Sarah said, “It was super sexy. Besides, the kids are so glued to their movie I’m sure they didn’t even notice.”

“Oh shit – the kids! I totally forgot.” I strained to hear the movie to see how much time we had before it ended.

Sarah could tell what I was doing. “Don’t worry – we have plenty of time. I won’t take long” she added, flashing me a smile.

Without missing a beat she was up and stripping off her dress, bra and panties. She was naked so suddenly I didn’t know how to respond. Sarah saw the look on my face and grinned again. “You like?” she asked with a pretend pouty face. I dumbly nodded, not sure what to do next. Not that I needed to worry. Sarah was a woman on a mission and totally took charge. I made a move toward her, but she pushed me back down and straddled me. I eyed her smooth, glistening crotch with curiosity. I was no stranger to oral sex and gave Colton the occasional blowjob, but I had never tasted another woman. Sarah wormed her way up toward my head and her scent flooded my nose. I opened my mouth with anticipation as she lowered herself on my face. Her sweetness was pleasantly different, and I could hear her moan as I began lapping it up. My tongue found its way to her clit and she slid herself over it. As she slid back down, I darted my tongue as deep as I could into her and she moaned again. We started to speed up, with Sarah dictating the pace. She leaned forward, propping herself against the wall with one hand and clutching a breast with the other. I struggled to keep my tongue where I thought she would want it. “Damn” I thought “she made it seem so easy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20