My PE Teacher Ch. 02

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My PE teacher had just given me the most enjoyable spanking and I lay across her lap, recovering from the experience

Some time later I felt fingers withdraw from my very satisfied pussy and mine had dropped back to the floor. A smack on my bum brought me back to reality.

“Jane, stand up and look at me.”

I stood, towel dropping to the floor; by the time I realised I was totally naked in front of my PE teacher it was too late. She stopped me from bending over to recover what little was left of my modesty.

As her eyes swept over my firm young boobs and waxed pussy she said, somewhat sternly, “Did anybody tell you it was all right to touch me like you did?”

As I started to stammer a reply she smiled and reached for my hand, the one that, a few minutes before, had been furiously thrusting into her pussy. At the same time she raised her other hand and extended the two fingers she had used to give me that beautiful orgasm; as I watched she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked my juices off them. Immediately afterward, she did the same to my still-wet fingers.

I must have been moving automatically, not really thinking, as I bent over slightly and reached for her pussy.

“May I touch you, Miss?” I asked. Not waiting for her reply, I put my fingers into her pussy for a brief moment and withdrew them, raising them to my mouth and tasting her fresh moisture.

I could feel myself getting wet as she put an arm around my waist and pulled me down to sit on her lap.

“Kiss me,” she softly whispered.

As our lips met and our tongues started casino şirketleri to dance together I could feel her free hand on my breasts, squeezing, stroking, and gently pinching my nipples.

I slid one hand under her top and felt her older, but very firm, boobs with their long, hard nipples growing even bigger with my attention. My juices were flowing out of control, and I knew her skirt would be soaked in a very few minutes.

“Jane,” she broke our kiss. “I think we both need a shower.”

Still a bit shy, I wrapped my towel around me and followed her to the shower room, my eyes locked onto her swaying bum and my juices starting to flow again. It was almost as if I was living a dream, a beautiful erotic dream. My fantasy about just touching and kissing my PE teacher had become reality, and there was more to come.

After locking the shower room door she led me to one of the cubicles, turned and faced me. With one hand she stroked the side of my face while her other hand removed my towel. For a moment her eyes caressed my entire body, and I watched the expression on her face become almost lustful. I shivered with anticipation.

I’m proud of my body – my firm round breasts and perky nipples; my waxed pussy; my curves that have no extra weight.

“Jane,” she broke into my thoughts, “Undress me.”

With a slight smile, I stepped closer and lifted her teeshirt; as she raised her arms to help me ease it over her head I had my first look at her beautiful boobs. They were bigger than mine, and hardly sagged at all. Her nipples stood up like little firm cherries and casino firmaları I had to resist the urge to bend down and suck them into full hardness. She looked me straight in the eye as I squatted slightly to slide her shorts over her hips and down to the floor. My face was level with her pussy and I paused for a brief moment to breathe in her aroused aroma. I could feel my juices flowing freely.

For the first time my fantasy of seeing her nude was realised. I guessed she was about 30 and there was no fat at all on her slim body.

She put her arms around me and we kissed again, deeper this time, pressing our breasts together. I could feel her nipples grow harder and I’m sure she could feel mine as well.

Reluctantly, we relaxed our embrace and stepped into the shower, still touching each other with little caresses. Her bum felt so smooth and firm as I squeezed her cheeks.

“Turn around, Jane. I want to wash you – all of you”

As I turned I could feel her nipples press into my back and her hands slide around to cup my breasts.

Her soft sensuous touch was almost enough to make me cum again and I pushed my bum back until I felt her pussy against me. I ground my cheeks into her pussy as she squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples into full hardness. As her hands left my nipples I felt a brief tinge of loss, but only momentarily, as her fingers slid past my waist and reached the top of my slit.

I felt my knees grow weak as her probing hand slid down the full length of my pussy, stroking so gently. Then, her touch grew a little firmer as her fingers slid upward, güvenilir casino found my sopping honeypot and she put one of them inside me. At the same time the palm of her hand was grinding against my clit, driving me almost insane with the need to cum.

She moved back just a little, leaving my bum wanting to feel her pussy against me, and I felt her other hand stroke my neck and caress my back, from my neck to the swell of my cheeks. Her hand never stopped as she slowly slid her fingers down the full length of my bum crack, past my hole until both her hands met between my legs. The most exquisite sensation enveloped me as she now slid another finger inside me. I now had one finger from each hand inside my sopping wet pussy, and they were moving inside me like nothing I could ever imagine. It was almost as if I were being fucked by two little cocks, only so much nicer.

She removed one of her fingers and slid it up to my rosette, probing gently until she was as far into my bum as she could be. I could feel her fingers playing with each other inside me, through my thin wall of pleasure.

My breath became shallow and very rapid; my body tensed and shook; I think I screamed as I came. She paused for a few seconds to let me recover, then started again, moving her fingers even faster, in and out, grinding her hand against my clit, kissing my neck, until I came again.

I almost collapsed with pleasure as she turned me around and held me close, our breasts pressed together.

After a time, my breathing returned to normal. I stepped back just far enough that I could look into her eyes.

“Miss, that was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. Thank you for making my fantasy into reality.”

She smiled sweetly, “Jane, we are only starting. It’s your turn now; show me what you learned after class today.”

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