My Night With Another Woman

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Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what a night I’ve had. So Claire, that college student around my age who lives two doors down had plumbing problems in her apartment and was told she’d have to leave for the night because the plumber wouldn’t be able to get to her ’til 6am.

Well since she and I had been talking and becoming friends for the past two weeks, Claire asked if it’d be alright to stay over my place for that evening. I said she could and could also use my bed and that I’ll take the couch. Claire felt that wouldn’t be right and offered to sleep on the couch instead. Of course I insisted that wasn’t necessary, Claire came up with the idea she and I share the bed together since my bed is a queen size and could easily fit us both comfortably.

So, I figured why not? Then again I found Claire to be very attractive. She had fair skin, medium length, straight, dark brown hair. And she is a few Inches taller than I am. She also has a set of what looks like a C cup bra size. Which I thought was beautiful.

Of course I didn’t have any sexual thoughts of her; I’ve never even thought about being with another woman. Okay, maybe a couple of times it crossed my mind. But anyway, Claire came over about 10 minutes later with an overnight bag. We ate pizza and watched T.V. just like we’d done a couple of times before. It was already 10pm and we were both ready for bed. We took turns using the bathroom to wash up and by 10:30 we were both in bed.

I wore my cropped top and panties while Claire casino şirketleri wore a tank and also a pair of panties. While lying there I couldn’t help but feel just a bit aroused from being in bed with another woman whom has no relation to me. I guess she felt the same way since the next thing I know, Claire tells me that although she’s never been with another woman sexually, that she couldn’t help but find me attractive. And she apologized. I told her there was no need for an apology, especially since I felt the same way about her.

She then turned on the lamp beside the bed and turned to face me. She looked so gorgeous in the dim light. She then leaned towards me and gave me a kiss on my lips.

At first I was unsure of what to do or how to feel, but when she came in for another I kissed her back. Seconds later we were making out. Our tongues were very much in the moment and as she slipped her tongue in my mouth I slowly and seductively sucked on it. She did the same to my tongue in return. I could feel my crotch become so moist. She then cupped each of my breasts. She also bent her head down, lifted my top and put my hard, tender nubs in her warm wet mouth.

I couldn’t believe how good it was feeling having another woman do this to me. She tilted her head back up and we kissed again. After a minute she decided she wanted me naked.

So she took my top off along with my panties and kissed and caressed the entire front of my body. When she came back up a second time, I reached casino firmaları for her top and pulled it over her head. Her tits were beautiful. I massaged them lovingly and she raised her body a bit higher so her breasts would be near my mouth. I made sure to give her the pleasure she wanted. I took each nipple between my lips and licked and sucked them while gently squeezing each breast.

We kissed some more. She moved herself even lower and then the most incredible feeling I had was between my thighs when she place her mouth over my pussy. She moved up and slowly circled my clit with her tongue while spreading my pussy lips. She licked and flicked and even reached up to tug on my erect nipples with her free hands while her face was buried between my legs. The feeling was so exciting, arousing, and AMAZING. My body went through the most euphoric pleasure I’ve ever had.

After my high, she came back up. She had on a smile that just said “oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just did that.” We kissed some more. I could taste my own sweet juice on her lips and tongue. I then decided to lay her on her back so she can feel the same pleasure I felt. I kissed and licked along her smooth, lovely neck while my right hand felt her beautiful mounds. After, I slowly reached my hand underneath her panties to touch her soaking pussy.

Seeing her so hot and horny and feeling her move in such sensual motions was turning me on all over again. I decided it was time for my tongue to give her the same sexual güvenilir casino love she gave me.

I began by pulling off her undies and kissing her left ankle and worked my way up towards her knee, her thigh, and I kissed her other thigh, and finally gave her slit one long lick starting from the back to the front. I then began to switch from licking her clit to sucking on it while I placed a few of my fingers into her tight pussy that seemed to get tighter as my mouth and fingers were fucking her.

She took a handful of my hair and began thrusting her hips towards my face. “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes!” She kept saying. And finally she let go and released her building orgasm.

I was so turned on again that I place myself on top of her body and began sliding and grinding our pussies together. Within a minute I came again. We fell asleep in the spooning position.

The lamp on the nightstand was still on. When I awoke about 2 hours later I noticed Claire was awake. I felt selfish that I climaxed twice so I decided to kiss Claire on her neck and shoulder while massaging her breasts again to get her aroused. It didn’t take long ’til she began breathing a bit heavier and moaning. So I eased my hand down to her wetness and stimulated her slowly then more quickly until her legs began to quiver, chest rising and her head tilting back, which let me know she had come again.

She turned off the light and we both fell asleep bathed in our wet stickiness. We woke up around 8am, took our showers and I said goodbye to Claire after we shared a long sensual kiss. But something tells me this will be the last time something like that happens again. Even though that’s probably true, I will never forget that most incredible night with Claire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20