My First Affair

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I pull up to our meeting spot a few minutes before we had agreed, happy to see that you’ve already been standing there waiting for me. You recognize the vehicle from the description I had given you and begin walking toward my car as I pull into a parking spot. You look through the windshield and there is a moment where I recognize you and you recognize me. Both of our hearts begin to beat a little faster as we know what is about to happen. You grab the door handle to open the passenger side door…and you pause. This is it. A defining moment in your life. I watch you for what seems like hours as you realize that this is a point of no return. I can see the doubts and insecurities reflect in your face and my heart begins to sink. Not now…not this close. I want you so bad that it makes my stomach turn…watching you walk away now would be too much…

I hear the door click and watch it swing open. A wave a relief passes over me…steadily replaced by a sense of excitement and tension. You don’t say anything…you don’t have to, your shy smile tells me everything I need to know. I put the car in gear and begin to drive away. We ride in silence, but the sexual tension is building to the point of boiling. We both can feel passion flowing through our bodies, the anticipation slowly etching away our willpower. The car is filled with your perfume…the scent drives me crazy and it is all I can do to keep my mind on the road.

We finally get to the hotel and we both get out of the car. It is getting harder to breathe and it feels like I’m going to pass out if I can’t have you soon. I slide my hand down your shoulder, along your arm, and eventually take your hand. Your skin is so soft…and I can feel the electricity flowing through your fingertips. I lead you inside and begin the process of booking a room. Your mind has a hard time processing your thoughts and you can feel your emotions becoming much more instinctual, a primal rage begins to rise up inside you. The anticipation casino şirketleri has almost done you in and I can feel that if I don’t get you in a room quick, we might have a scene in the lobby.

We finally get our room number…fourth floor. We get in the elevator and wait… I still have your hand and slowly caress it with my thumb. We don’t dare move, fearing any sudden movements might end up with us fucking right there in the elevator. All we can hear is our own heavy breathing…it almost sounds as if we had climbed the four flights of stairs. Oh my God! This is the longest 23 seconds of our lives. After what seems like an eternity, the door finally opens. We move down to our room. Trying to ease the tension, I look at the electronic key and joke about how I don’t know how to use one of those things.

Big mistake…

Before I know it you have ripped the key out of my hand and unlocked the door. I feel myself jerked into the room and thrown hard against the wall. You press your body into mine and I feel your lips press against mine for the first time. In a instant…all the feelings…all the emotions…the rage, the passion….all the fantasies over the last four weeks can be felt through your lips. I can feel your hot tongue shoot into my mouth and begin to dance with my own. I could kiss you for days. My hands explore your body as I untuck your blouse and begin to feel the softness of your skin. Around your back…and slowly down towards your ass. The taste of your lips begins to push me towards the edge…

I start to move you towards the bed, your lips still locked onto mine. I throw you down onto the bed and can see the look of hunger in your eyes. I fall on top of you and kiss you hard on the lips while I begin unbuttoning your blouse. I move down to your neckline taking in the smell of your hair. As soon as I breathe it in…I lose the little sense of control I felt I had. I wanted to go slow…I wanted you to feel the anticipation…I casino firmaları wanted you to feel the agonizing pleasure…but it’s too late. In a flash…I have you down to your panties. They’re completely soaked. The smell of sex begins to permeate the room.

I attack your breasts…ravishing them knowing that this will be my only opportunity. Your nipples are rock hard and I begin to suck. My tongue has a mind of its own as I explore each breast. Hmmm….you taste so good. I can hear your labored breathing and it only contributes more to my loss of control. I take one of your nipples and bite just hard enough to hurt. You feel the wave of pain and pleasure mixing in your body…electrifying everything inside you.

“Fuck my pussy with y..your mouth baby …. PLEASE …. FUCK … MY ….. my…..”

You’re voice fades and you can’t finish the sentence…you don’t need to. I move my head between your legs and feel your fingers slip through my hair…your hands pulling my head closer to your drenched pussy. I slip your panties aside and dive in like a big cat on the African plains…devouring its first meal in weeks. Your hips buck and your pussy aches with pleasure. My tongue explores every square inch of you, teasing your clit…driving you mad. You taste so good. I can hear you moaning loudly and in seconds I hear you scream and feel the rush of cum as a powerful orgasm fires through your body. I can’t stop as I slide a finger into your hot pussy while my tongue focuses on your clit. Soon I’m sliding both fingers inside you and feel your body shiver as you cum again.

You pull me up to you and kiss me hard, your tongue exploring my mouth so you can taste your own pussy juice. You flip me onto my back and rip off my shirt. You quickly begin unbuttoning my pants and can’t help but notice a big wet spot where my precum has soaked through my jeans. You slide my pants and underwear off in one motion and catch your first glimpse of my cock. It’s standing straight güvenilir casino up…I’ve never been so hard in my entire life. You quickly take the head into your mouth and I can’t hold back a deep moan. You look so fucking sexy on the edge of the bed…sucking on my cock. I can feel your tongue swirling on the head of my cock while you take me in deeper and deeper. You pick up your rythym, but I can take it anymore….

I slide your panties off and I pull you on top of me. You slowly slide your pussy onto my rock hard cock. I can’t hardly breathe…you feel so good. You feel my cock filling you up. You lean forward, like an animal posing for an attack…I can feel your hair fall onto my chest. I look into your eyes and can see nothing but pure lust. It intimadates … invigorates … intoxicates. I slide my hands from your ass up your back and to your shoulders. I pull you close enough so you can hear me barely get out a whisper…

“Fuck me Cindy….I need you to fuck my cock right now!”

You slowly begin to slide your pussy up and down my shaft. Taking all of me into you. My hands guide your hips as you rock back and forth. They slide up the side of you and find your breasts. Slowly massaging them. You’re so fucking sexy on top of me…your eyes are closed and you’re biting your lower lip. I’ve wanted you for so long. You begin to grind harder and you can’t help but let out soft little moans with every thrust. Every moan drives me a little more crazy…

I can’t take it anymore. I pull myself up to you and with me still inside you, flip you onto your back in one motion. I start thrusting harder into you. Your soft moans turn into hard grunts as my cock rams up into your tight pussy. We both reach a point of ecstasy where we share a single thought…we melt into one. Neither one of us can form words anymore as my body slams into yours. I can feel your muscles contract…you pull hard on my ass..your pussy tightens…I feel your cum soak my cock and instantly I release into you…my hot cum filling your pussy….

I fall on top of you…it will take me a few minutes to recover. I could fuck you all day and all night…we have to take advantage of the only time we’ll ever have together….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20