Muscle Club

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Tori loved her job at the pet store. It involved a bit more heavy lifting than she realized, but the staff she worked with listened to her, the pay was decent for someone starting out, and she was looking forward to the managerial experience she was acquiring.

She was only twenty-five, but felt as if everything was working out for her. She had a great roommate, a new boyfriend, and she was genuinely happy with how things were turning out for her.

She was getting the dog food off of the pallets right before opening time when she was approached by the district manager, the one who oversaw operations of twenty-three of the store locations in their state.

“Oh, hi Miguel,” said Tori as she got up and took his hand. She liked Miguel being around because he only gave constructive criticism. He prided himself on problem-solving.

“Tori, great to see you again,” he said in his smooth Latin accent. “I need you to talk with the realtor that’s coming out today. I’m sorry to have to drop this on you, but you know the layout of this store better than anyone.”

“Sure, Miguel,” replied Tori. “Corporate approved the lease?”

“Yep,” he said. “We get an extra five hundred square feet of storage space. I just want you to get the keys from her and sign off on the lease agreement. She’ll show you where to sign.”

Miguel left and let Tori get back to her routine. Mark the cashier had to get a few purchases approved before she walked in. Tori turned her attention to the front door when the realtor entered.

The realtor had short black hair and a fine face. She was clearly older, but she definitely looked in great health. She was wearing black-rimmed glasses that made her fine blue eyes seem all that more fierce. She was wearing a lovely dark grey suit with a knee-high skirt, complemented by black stiletto heels. One thing that Tori noticed was the woman’s calves. They were so well-toned and defined. Tori figured she must do a lot of cycling.

Tori approached the woman. “Can I help you?” she asked.

The woman smiled and offered her hand, which Tori accepted. “Oh, how lovely to meet you!” the woman responded. “My name is Jolene Wyman. I’m with Precision Properties.” She laughed. “Please, no comments about my name. I have heard them all.” Tori looked confused. “Oh…it’s an old song, dear.”

Tori laughed. “Oh. Well, if you want to get the papers signed, we can do it in the back office.” Tori led the way to the rear.

Jolene opened the folder she had in her hand. She laid out the contracts and pointed at different parts. “I have placed tabs where to sign.” Tori found them all and signed her initials at each one.

Jolene gathered up the papers. “Thank you so much! I am sorry to bother you with this. The owners insisted on having your signature on here.” She looked Tori over, who appeared a bit nervous. “Is everything okay?”

Tori snapped out of it. “Uh, oh. I’m sorry. I was just looking at your…shoes.”

Jolene’s eyes brightened. She pivoted and lifted one of her shoes up behind her. “Aren’t they just the best?” She put her foot down and looked back at Tori. “You know, I would love to have coffee with you some time.” She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a card, then handed it to Tori. “I hope you give me a call.” She smiled, then left the office.

Tori looked the card over, then put it in her pocket. She could not get the vision of Jolene’s shapely calves out of her mind. She fiddled with a few things in the office before making her way back out to the floor.

She then pulled her phone out of her back pocket and dialed up Keegan. “Let’s meet tonight at my place,” she said, then hung up the phone.

That night, Tori was in a rush to get Keegan into bed. She practically pulled him through the entire apartment before throwing him down on the mattress and pulling her clothes off. She pulled off her shirt and bra, then unzipped his pants and started sucking wildly. Keegan had no time to think or react, and decided to let her have her way.

Tori jerked and sucked with fury, then stood up after a few minutes and did a shimmy with her hips to slip her yoga pants off. Keegan got the rest of his clothes off while Tori climbed on top. She rubbed at her pussy while she leaned in for a passionate kiss. “I want to fuck you so hard, baby,” she whispered into his chest. She grabbed at his member and let it slide into her.

Keegan groaned with a bit of fear. “Uh, babe? No rubber?”

Tori shushed him. “It’s okay, baby. Just pull out in time, okay?”

She guided his hard cock into her, letting it slide in. Keegan had an average sized penis, but Tori loved the way it felt regardless. “Oooh, honey,” she purred. “Oh, I love fucking you. You make me feel so good.”

Tori let herself rock back and forth on the dick while Keegan continued his own moaning. She let Keegan feel up her tits as she allowed him to fuck her.

All of a sudden, those black glasses jumped into her mind. Jolene’s casino şirketleri strong legs were like shining pillars in those sexy fuck-me pumps. That short black hair was so powerful and commanding. The way she just set up to go meet with her made her feel special.

Tori suddenly jumped off of Keegan. “Fuck me from behind,” she ordered. Tori turned around and got on all fours, spreading wide and getting herself low to the bed. Keegan got up in behind her and inserted. Tori was sufficiently lubed up to allow for quick entry.

Keegan grabbed onto her ass cheeks and started to ram it in. “Yeah,” Tori said in a breathy voice. “Yeah, do it. Fuck me harder. Smack my ass!”

Keegan hesitated with an open hand, then gave her a small tap. “Yeah!” shouted Tori.

“Isn’t your roommate going to be home soon?” asked Keegan, almost out of breath.

Tori smiled. “Maybe we can fuck her too, eh?”

Keegan stopped. “What?”

“You want to see that, right?” asked Tori, her boyfriend still inside of her. “I can eat a girl’s pussy while you fuck me. That’s what you guys want, right?”

Keegan pulled out. “Um, you’re starting to weird me out, babe.”

Tori turned around and got up on her knees. “Wait, wait! What? I was just saying things.”

Keegan got up off the bed. “Look, Tori, I think I have to go.” He gathered up his clothes and started to get dressed.

Tori jumped up off the bed and tried to stop him with her hands. “Wait! I’m sorry. I just wanted to make things interesting.”

Keegan finished dressing and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Tori standing there. “I think I’ll call you later,” he said, not sounding enthused. He walked out of the apartment and slammed the door behind him.

Tori stood there completely naked and threw her arms up. “What the fuck was that?!” she said.

A few hours later, Tori’s roommate, Kendra, came home. Tori was on the couch watching TV, not looking terribly happy. Tori had slipped into her booty shorts and a very loose tank top.

Kendra was the more feminine of the two. She was a flirty blonde with larger breasts, although she had probably more weight on her. Tori was the mousy brunette, an athletic body and a pretty face but nothing terribly spectacular about her, at least as much as she could figure.

Kendra saw the look on her roomie’s face and had a feeling something was up. “What did he do now?”

Tori sighed. “I was just trying a little dirty talk, and he freaked out and left.”

Kendra balked. “What, he left during?”

Tori nodded. Kendra sat down next to her in disbelief. “What in God’s name could you possibly have said?”

Tori put her hands over her eyes. “I don’t want to say.”

Kendra stared hard. “Girl, I once saw you shit your pyjamas in the kitchen.”

That managed to put a smile on her face. “Those Jaeger shits sneak up on you.” They both started to laugh.

“Look, fuck Keegan,” encouraged Kendra. “I say kick him to the curb. The guy is dull as anything.”

Tori got her phone. “Hang on,” she said to Kendra. “I’ll give him a chance to explain himself.” She set the phone to speaker mode, then dialed his number. Tori put her index finger to her lips at Kendra.

“‘Lo?” said Keegan.

“Keegan, it’s Tori,” she announced. “Why did you walk out on me?”

“Uh, ’cause you’re saying messed-up shit?” he responded. “You’re mental.”

Tori pursed her lips. “Uh, I’m trying to get some heat going in the bedroom, since you seem to be incapable.” Kendra’s eyes got wide and she tried to suppress her giggles.

Keegan seemed stumped for a clever response. “Um, so listen, I think we should see other people.” Just then there was a strange female voice asking for some cash.

Tori made an outrage face. “You stupid asshole!” she shouted into the phone. “Have fun fucking needle-dick, you bitch.” She hung up and threw her phone into the couch cushion.

Kendra looked on, stunned. “That piece of shit!” Kendra put her hand on Tori’s shoulder. “Oh, hon. I’m sorry.”

Tori waved her hand. “Forget it. I’m glad it’s over. It was only two months.” She shrugged. “What do we do now?”

Kendra laughed. “Drink some Jaeger and shit ourselves?” Tori joined in on the laughing.

After a quiet weekend, Tori remembered the offer that Jolene had made to get together. She got up the courage to call her.

Jolene was excited to hear from her. “Tori, darling! I’m so glad you called. Listen, if you would like to come to my place, that would be great. I had a couple of cancellations.”

Tori scrambled to get a pen and wrote down the address. “Okay, Jolene. Thanks so much!”

She hung up her cell phone and went behind the counter. “Jen, can you mind the store for the rest of the shift? I’m cutting out early.”

Jen was willing to do so, as Tori had looked the other way for her on so many occasions. Tori dashed out of the store and made way to Jolene’s place.

Jolene lived in a nice duplex, casino firmaları only accented with the BMW in the driveway. Tori assumed that commercial realty must have been paying well. She ran up and knocked on the door.

Jolene opened the door, the sunlight picking up on her sparkling blue eyes. She smiled so wide when she saw her new friend. “Come in! Please!” Jolene extended her hand, and Tori was led inside. Jolene was wearing one of her suits, and the skirt was still just long enough to show off her finely toned calves. Tori was mesmerized as she watched Jolene pump her legs up the stairs, her calf muscles dancing with every step.

The two of them sat at Jolene’s counter and sipped special homemade coffee. Tori was really enjoying Jolene’s company, and she was thrilled to have someone who could show her a few things about business.

Jolene suddenly got silent, staring at Tori and smiling. “I would love to show you something.”

She led Tori into the bedroom. Jolene pulled a few clothes out of her closet while Tori sat on the bed. Tori suddenly noticed there were a lot of trophies on a bookshelf behind her, as well as a few belts with medallions on them.

Jolene emerged, wearing a sleeveless blouse and denim shorts. What caught Tori’s attention right away was just how toned the rest of Jolene’s body was. Her arms were incredibly trim, and her shoulders were perfectly rounded. Her thighs were probably Tori’s favourite, with all of the muscles just tightened and rippling. Her muscles were not especially large, but there was such a sense of strength and dominance coming from her. She was so powerful, and yet so very feminine.

Jolene was also wearing her high heels, which still made her legs look even better. Tori was having a hard time breathing, as she was terribly excited by what she was seeing. Jolene started to flex and pose, doing the full flourish moves with sweeping presentation. She flexed her biceps and gave a smile to Tori. “Do you like it?”

Tori was still gasping. “I mean…you’re so…”

Jolene looked down and touched her own breasts. “I’m sorry to admit that I went for implants. I just had to, though! I lost a bit of my fat when I started my workout routine.” She turned to the side and extended out her thigh, flexing the muscles. “All-natural…except for the boobies.”

Tori was starting to sweat as she watched Jolene flex just about every muscle she had. She slowly rose from the bed and walked over to Jolene, who was still doing her flex routine. “I probably look terrible right now. It’s off-season, and my real training doesn’t start for another three months.”

Tori reached out and started to rub Jolene’s bicep. Jolene held it out to let her friend explore. “Go ahead, dear,” said Jolene. Tori allowed her hands to rub all over Jolene’s arm, making her way up to her shoulder. Tori began to moan while she rubbed, loving the firmness.

“You’re…you’re just so gorgeous,” Tori said in heaving breaths. She looked down at her legs. “Oh, can I please touch your legs? Please?”

Jolene raised her chin as if channeling royalty. “You may.”

Tori squatted down and stared at Jolene’s quadriceps. Her hands were shaking as Tori reached out, then tenderly stroked the muscles. She closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss the leg, while Jolene looked at herself in the standing mirror.

Tori sat down and spread out her legs while she continued to kiss and lick Jolene’s leg. She was moaning and gasping to the point where she was having trouble forming her lips to kiss any more. She leaned her shoulder on the leg and held on as she gasped for air.

Jolene put her hand on Tori’s head. “Darling, you need to relax. Now, I need to know, have you ever had a sexual experience with a woman before?”

Tori calmed her breathing. “No, mistress. I swear.”

Jolene smiled. “Mistress! I like the sound of that. Now, I must insist that you have a sexual experience before we share.”

Tori stood up and put her hands on Jolene’s shoulders. “Wait! Please, I need you.”

Jolene took Tori’s hands in her own. “Oh, and I can’t wait. But I want you to be ready for this. You have to go out and find another woman to make you feel special. Can you do that for me?”

Tori nodded. “Please, mistress, may I kiss you?”

Jolene leaned in and gave Tori a gentle kiss on the lips. “That will do for now,” said Jolene. “I want you to remember that our own relationship will be based on respect. I want you to feel safe. I care about you a great deal.”

Tori was still trembling with anticipation. “Have you ever done this before?”

“Oh, the muscle worship?” asked Jolene. “Certainly. I had a couple of boys before, but I find them terribly aggressive and intimidating. Then I met a young lady, probably about your age, and decided to try something different. So, she became my kitten.”

“A kitten?” asked Tori.

“Yes, it’s an affectionate name for the muscle worshipper. I just find it so cute.” güvenilir casino Jolene stroked Tori’s face with the back of her hand. “I’ll give you a bit more of a show to hold you over, okay?”

Jolene removed her shirt, wearing a sparkly bikini top likely used for Jolene’s competitions. She flexed her biceps while she stiffened her abs. Tori looked as if her head would explode. She started to press down on her crotch. “I have to! I have to!”

Jolene held out her hand. “No. You have to stop.” Tori obliged. Jolene put her hands on her hips. “Now please, take a look. Think of me when you’re having sex with that special woman. I want you to enjoy yourself, but you will come back to me. Do you understand?”

Tori nodded. “I want you so badly, mistress. I will do as you ask.”

Jolene put her shirt back on, then walked Tori to the door. She gave Tori one more kiss before taking her outside. “Go and enjoy yourself first.”

Tori went home and contemplated her options. She pulled out her phone and looked for a dating app. She found one called Bumpr, a lesbian dating service. She figured it was worth it to at least find out what was out there. She was determined to follow through with Jolene’s request.

Tori found a nice beach shot that Kendra took last summer and used it as her profile picture. She entered in a short profile and uploaded. She then decided to wait for a bit before trying to find any new matches.

Tori went into her bedroom and lay down on the bed. She was so excited from watching Jolene that she had to release. She stripped down naked and began to rub at herself. “Oh, I’m so fat,” Tori whispered to herself. She was masturbating with such fury at this point. “God, I want to fuck you, mistress! Unnhhh!”

Tori finished within a matter of a few minutes. She lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. After fifteen minutes, Kendra came in the front door. “Tor? You home?” she called out from the living room.

“Yeah!” yelled Tori, still lying there.

Kendra opened the door to Tori’s bedroom. “Hey, I was thinking we should—OH!” Kendra slammed the door shut with her on the other side. “I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Tori replied. “I need to fuck a girl.”

“Ummm…okay,” Kendra said, sounding uncomfortable. “I can’t help you there. So…why?”

“I just need to is all,” Tori said.

“Um…okay, Tor,” said Kendra. “I’ll just be in my room, all right?”

Tori got herself dressed. She wanted to apologize to Kendra, but decided to let her chill out first. She went out into the living room to retrieve her phone. She looked at it and saw that the app was still running. Tori then noticed that she had a rose sent to her. She clicked on it and it opened a new profile.

There was a cute, cherub-faced girl there with a link to her profile. Tori opened it and found the username CarrotCake26. The girls sounded as if she would be fun to be around, and had a clever joke about science fiction.

Tori decided to send her back a response. CarrotCake 26 was only six miles from her apartment. She gave a suggestion for a tapas restaurant they could try, and said to meet there tomorrow at seven.

Tori had made it in first, and wore her green sleeveless dress. After a few minutes of waiting at an extra-high table, in walked CarrotCake26. She had a lovely form-fitting rainbow stripe dress. CarrotCake26 was curvy in all the right places, and she had a lovely chubby face that glowed with excitement. She did a shuffling dance over to Tori and squealed as she led them into a hug.

They both sat down and instantly started to talk. CarrotCake was actually Sammy, an excitable bundle of nervous gestures. Tori did her best to keep up with her. Sammy’s eyes lit up as several plates of food were brought to the table.

“Oh, you’re so lucky!” cooed Sammy. “You get to work with animals all day.”

Tori took a drink from her wine glass. “Mmm. At least the fish are quiet.”

“Oh, it has to be better than a hardware store!” Sammy started to laugh. “I mix paint all day. Some people say the fumes are making me goofy!”

They talked for another ninety minutes, then decided to head to the fountain park. Tori and Sammy tried to race through the dancing water fountain in their bare feet, screaming with joy.

Tori took Sammy to her place, and they sat on the couch. Kendra was out of the apartment for several hours.

“So,” said Sammy, unsure of where to take the conversation. “What made you want to get on Bumpr?”

Tori smiled as she sighed. “I was just ready to try something different.” She dared not tell Sammy about the requirement that Jolene had put on her.

Sammy reached out and patted Tori on her thigh. “Look, if you’re just looking for a few laughs with no pressure, this is your lucky day.”

Tori looked at her curiously. “What? You…you don’t want a relationship?”

Sammy shrugged and grinned. “Oh, I just found your profile on a whim. Look, I’ve had my heart broken by someone very recently. I just wanted to have a little fun for once, y’know?”

Tori nodded. “I just…never did this before. With a girl.”

Sammy’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow! Well, this must be pretty exciting for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20