Me , Kali

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Kali and I have been best friends and roommates since we joined our sorority a few years ago. We are such good friends that we practically share everything, clothes, shoes, make-up and recently, occasionally, a boyfriend or two. Our boyfriends go crazy when they find out we love to have threesomes with each other. I don’t consider myself a lesbian or anything, although, I had kissed a few girls in high school, and I’m sure that Kali had too but I had never completely gone all the way with a girl or had even wanted to until I met her. She is a totally amazing lover.

It had all started one night a few months ago when Kali had a date with her then boyfriend, Paul. She and Paul had gone to a party and the rest of the girls in the house were out doing their own thing. I was stuck at the house working on a paper for my English Lit class. I had fallen asleep lying across my bed, I’m usually a really light sleeper so I instantly heard Kali and Paul coming up the stairs and I was immediately awake but I kept my eyes shut and pretended to still be asleep. I could tell from what I heard that Kali had been drinking and was just a bit tipsy. It’s not to difficult to get her drunk, me either, seeing how we are built the same, a very petite 5’4″ frame; we are so similar that we can totally exchange any part of our wardrobe even down to our bras and panties.

I could hear them breathing hard, kissing each other deeply and when Kali began to beg him to fuck her I almost opened my eyes to let them know that I was awake but the tingle of excitement that had awoken my clit kept me still and quiet.

She didn’t have to do much convincing. I carefully lifted one eyelid just enough to see Kali unzipping Paul’s jeans and pulling out his hard cock. Paul pulled his T-shirt off and discarded it then quickly helped Kali with her clothes. Just as she was about to take him into her mouth I saw her wink at me and a devilish grin came across her face. She knew I wasn’t sleeping and she was going to play with her boyfriend for me.

Kali’s tongue gradually ran around the head of Paul’s cock coating it with a thin glossy finish. My pussy immediately quivered and my nipples hardened. Hearing him moan as her mouth wrapped around him was intoxicating. I watched her lips pull tight against his stiff shaft gliding up and down him mercilessly. She forced his thighs open exceptionally wide to make sure I got a good view as her hot tongue flicked casino şirketleri and sucked his balls and then ran the entire length of his solid cock to the dripping head where she had began.

Paul arched his back and pleaded with her to take all of him in her mouth. He laced his hands in her auburn hair and wrenched her mouth back down his cock, driving it deep into her throat. There she was with her perky nose buried against the coarse dark hair at the base of his cock. He held her head against him with such vigor that I could hear Kali begin to gag. Long dripping strings of drool fell from her gapping mouth over his bulging sack. Just when I thought she wasn’t going to be able to keep it all together he yanked her up allowing a massive rush of air to fill her lungs.

For a few seconds she was overwhelmed and continued to inhale through a sputtering of coughs. Paul without delay got up on his knees behind her pushing her down to her hands and knees. A few quick passes of the fat head of his swollen cock the length of her wet pussy lips and he plunged deep inside of her. The sight of Kali’s wet pink hole and the sound of Paul’s cock pumping inside while his balls slapped against her made my clit ache. I needed to masturbate desperately.

Kali’s titties bounced and swayed as he rammed his cock inside of her, deep and relentlessly. His grip remained firm on her hips, she moaned and whimpered with each stroke. I could tell by the look on his face he was getting close to shoot his load. Kali drove her pussy back onto his cock meeting his strokes pleading with him to fuck her harder. I held my thighs together firmly; my panties were soaking wet. I wanted to rub my pussy fiercely.

I love the sound of guys when they are fucking; they all have a primordial, primitive growl, which is so hot. Paul soon began to bellow he was going to cum and Kali begged Paul to shoot his cum in her mouth. He quickly leapt to the floor next to her bed and seized Kali’s head, jerking her onto his cock. His fingers were entangled tightly in her hair; he thrust his hips and pulled her mouth onto his cock. His body stiffened while he held her tightly on his pulsating cock. The sounds of my best friend gulping down his hot load were just as electrifying as Paul’s roar of ecstasy. I so wanted to be right there with her, having his cum shoot all over both of us. As his rigid body shook I could see cum dripping from Kali’s mouth. I couldn’t casino firmaları hold out much longer my pussy was aching for attention.

I slowly but surely stirred in my bed pretending to be waking up. “Hey…what’s all the noise?” I pushed the blankets back from my face and faked a wide-mouthed yawn.

“Oh my gosh!” With a heavy whisper Kali acted surprised to see me awake. “Hurry Paul! You have to go!!”

He scrambled for his clothes as Kali thrust him out of our room. She quickly slammed the door behind him, through the door we heard Paul’s heavy footsteps running down the house stairs and finally the front door slamming. Kali flopped on my bed next to me the both of us rolling with laughter. “Wonder if he stopped to put his pants on?” We laughed until we practically were crying.

I glanced up at Kali’s face; she still had some of Paul’s cum clinging to her chin. Without hesitating I held her face in my hands and licked his cum from her. It was warm and creamy against her face and my tongue scooped every bit as I pulled her closer to me. Gently, affectionately I kissed her. Kali’s lips were delicate and plump they felt so satisfying pressed to mine. Her lips parted welcoming my cum-covered tongue to mingle with her own. We kissed even deeper sharing Paul’s cum between our hungry mouths.

Kali’s fingers without delay found their way to my moist panties. My clit was throbbing, aching to be touched. My thighs opened wider imploring her to touch me. Kali slid her fingers over my taunt belly, working them over then under my panties. Her soft fingertips pressed against my swollen pussy. A euphoric sigh escaped my lips as I arched my back and began to grind my pussy against her hand.

“Mmmm … a nice plump pussy … just the way I like it.” Kali rubbed my pussy as she kissed my neck, “show me those beautiful titties Kelly.” Her breath was so warm against my flesh she sent chills over my entire body. I pulled my nightie over my head and our robust breasts pressed against each other, her pink nipples encircling mine. When I experienced her rigid nipples against mine my body shuddered, I could feel my orgasms building within me.

Kali’s tongue and fingers began working my body. Her fiery tongue surrounded my nipple while her fingers caressed my tender clit. Her lips felt indescribable on my breasts as she kissed and tugged at my nipples, every move she made was pleasure-filled. Her fingers plunged güvenilir casino deep within my sopping wet hole vigorously yet delicately. My hips and my pussy drew her fingers deeper; I held them tight surrounding them with my snug muscles. Kissing her harder I heard myself moaning around her tongue.

“I need to taste you.” Kali knelt next to me and pulled away my soaked panties. Her soft hands pet my inner thighs, gently pushing them apart. She hovered above me, kissing my mouth, my neck, over and between my breasts. Her lips and tongue overwhelmed me.

“Oh God!” I heaved a sigh, her lips felt so warm and tender as she pressed them against my belly.

Her tongue made tight circles over my mound her eyes fixed on mine. Tenderly she guided my legs back, exposing every ripe morsel of my fiery pink pussy. Kali pressed her mouth to my swollen pussy lips, sucking them into her mouth and licking every plump crimson fold. There wasn’t one spot on my pussy that Kali’s tongue didn’t explore, with the exception of my pulsating clit. I was in agony; I needed her to suck my clit, to bite it. She was enjoying teasing me, flicking the tip of her tongue at the base of my clit.

“Ohhhh Kali please! please!” I begged her, “Suck it! I need you.”

Gradually, soothingly she positioned her lips over my hard agonizing clit. Her fingers thrusting within me deeper, her lips enveloped my clit, drawing my hard button into her mouth. “OHHHHH GODDDD YESSSSS!!!!” Enthusiastically, uncontrollably my body writhed under her experience. A massive orgasm began to rise within me.

Kali instantly lapped up all the sweet juices, which flowed from my pussy. The burning deep in my belly was close to erupting. “Kali … please … kiss me.”

Kali covered my body with hers. She hurled her toned thigh between mine, pressing hard against my quivering pussy. Our bodies locked in sync, grinding, gyrating, and her firm breasts hard-pressed against mine. Our tongues danced and encircled each other, as we shared the tangy oils of my own pussy. “Cum with me baby.” Kali pleaded with me, her body seizing against mine.

Sudden ferocious explosions swept me as our body spasms propelled me to the most intense explosive orgasm I’ve ever felt. Kali and I were intertwined as one, shuddering hysterically against each other. Our lips pressed firmly at one fell swoop kissing each other passionately.

We lay together, exhausted, drenched, and captivated until sleep overtook us. Our bodies remained interweaved together that night. It was the first night we made love together, but it defiantly hasn’t been the last. Kali is my best friend and like I said we share everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20