May I Love You

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This story is about Kallie’s and my sonic X Fancharacter, this was a REAL IM between us, though I just made it into a MayXJami story. I also used Bunnie’s proper name, May, for this version only.

This IM was when I pretended to be Shana to tell Kallie that I loved her, cuz I was too shy to tell her “myself.”


MayXJami Stories

Chapter 1: May, I love you

It all started out on a Friday night when “I” decided to tell May I’d fallen in love with her. I got on Shawn’s ship with my friend Shana , she already knew I was deeply in love with May, but wouldn’t admit it. I was just pasting around the ship until Shawn picked up May. As she made her way to her seat I stared at her ass a bit, until Shana elbowed me.

“You want her don’t you?” She giggled smirking at me.

“Well….” I paused uncertainly.

“Just go up to her and say it, I doubt it’ll mess up your friendship!” Shana assured me.

“I’m shy!” I shouted blushing.

I guess I said that too loud because Luna, Razor, Hedgie, Flames, Ember, Noah, Frosty, Nick, Venom, Alli, and some other people were staring at me like I was crazy. I sighed with relief knowing May wasn’t staring at me like the others; she was too busy listening to music. I glared at Shana because she was laughing uncontrollably at my embarrassment.

“Shut it, alright?” I said quietly still blushing.

“I’m sorry.” Shana apologized wiping a tear from her eye.

As we calmed down, we sat there in a bit casino şirketleri of an awkward silence.

I broke the silence “Soo, Shana, buddy, pal, amiga!” I started.

“What do you want?” She said recognizing my tone.

“…Do you always assume I want something…?” I said as I glared…

“Well, when you ask it in that tone, but go on.” She encouraged.

“Can you perhaps…I dunno, maybe tell May I love her? Pretty please?” I asked batting my eyes trying to look all innocent and cute.

“Alright.” Shana sighed.

“Good!” I said smiling.

“I’ll be in Shade’s room next door listening to you, okay?” I asked making sure it was okay that I’ll pretty much be eavesdropping on them.

“Sure.” Shana nodded.

Now onto my next job! I had to ask Shade if it was alright with her if I used her room tonight, but I thought it’d look a bit awkward considering that I hadn’t told her I was bisexual and liked May. I guess I’ll think of something. I told Shana what I was about to do, got up, and sat by Shade.

“Hey, Shade, do you mind if I join you in your room at all?” I asked.

“No, not really. Why do you want to go to my room anyway?” She questioned.

Crap! I have to think of an excuse!

“Well, I wanted you to cook me something, I’m lazy tonight.” I said trying to pass of as lazy. Damn, that was a pathetic excuse!

“Okay.” Shade said shrugging.

I felt kinda lame knowing that that was a terrible excuse, and I hope Shade doesn’t see through my plan. I doubt it, because she can be casino firmaları pretty clueless at times. Well, Shawn’s ship finally stops and we all get off at his hotel. I gotta admit it’s a pretty nice place once you get attached to it. I told Shana what she had to do, and then we went out separate ways.

Shana seemed to sorta stalk May on her way to her room, only when May turned around did she bother to introduce herself.

“‘Ello, the name’s Shana!” Shana said grinning.

“What do you want?!” May Shouted.

“‘Ello, I was just trying to say hi and introduce myself. I’m Shana.” Shana said looking hurt at Mays harsh tone.

“How do you know me?!” May continued shouting, while opening up the door to her room.

“Just chill May, I’m Shana Reed, and someone told me about you…” Shana said still looking a bit hurt but trying to get over it.

“Hummm…” May said like she was thinking deeply about something.

“Are you okay; I seemed to freak you out…” Shana said trying to look positive.

“Yeh, I’m okay, it’s just that I’m a bit of a spaz when people stalk me.” May said looking relieved but still on guard.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Shana apologized.

“It’s okay, and may I ask you who told you about me and why?” May asked.

“Jami. Well, she told me a little something the other week.” Shana started.

“Okay…” May said looking confused.

“It had to do with you.” Shana continued.

“Ookay…What is it?” May asked still looking confused.

“She recently said something about maybe güvenilir casino being bi, and sorta liking you, but she was soo worried about telling you, which I dunno why. If you’re a good friend to her I don’t understand why she wouldn’t wanna tell you. She did say something about thinking you’d be too judgmental. I don’t understand.” Shana explained the best she could.

“Wow, I never thought she’d be like this.” May said surprised.

“Does she know you told me?” May asked.

“No…” Shana said in a tiny voice.

May just stood there in a bit of an awkward silence until she finally decided to move, and invite Shana into her room for more questioning.

“Nice place yu got here.” Shana said in awe admiring Mays’ room.

“Thanks.” May said making herself comfortable on her bed.

“Humm, soo, where do I start off…?” May asked herself.

“Ask me anything you wanna know about Jami.” Shana assured May.

“Does Jami rant about me?” May started off.

“Well, sometimes.” Shana said looking awkward.

“Does she umm, masturbate?” May asked looking awkward.

“Well, no, I don’t exactly know that, but she does hate the word, so I’d have to go with no.” Shana said blushing from embarrassment of the question she just had to answer.

“Good, that’d freak me out.” May said giggling with relief.

“Damn, I would have never known about this if it wasn’t for you.” May said thanking Shana.

“No big deal.” Shana said accepting that as a compliment.

May and Shana talked a bit more afterwards, then Shana leaves Mays’ room for the night.

So ends the first tale of Jami and May…Will Jami finally admit to loving May? Will May be okay with her new-found lover? What will happen in the next adventurous romance tale? Stay tuned! ~~

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