Lindsey’s First Encounter

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Lindsey had never been with another girl before but she dreamed of it. Her boyfriend Mark and her had been together for three years and Lindsey loved him; however, it was more of a friendship love then a romantic love. They hardly ever had sex and Lindsey wasn’t attracted to him anymore. Lindsey was 5ft7, long dark brown hair down to the center of her back and green eyes. She had full lips that made her look exotic even though her skin was quite pale. She had a thin body with A breasts which she was self-conscious about but they fit her nicely.

Mark was fed up with not having sex and he was beginning to become attracted to other women. One night while cuddling, Mark brought up the subject of a threesome with Lindsey. Immediately, the thought excited her, not being with Mark and another girl but being with another girl. She was a bit overly enthusiastic about it but Mark didn’t mind. He would finally get to have sex with two girls at once, his ultimate fantasy.

“Who will be the other girl?” asked Lindsey.

Mark decided that it was fair to let Lindsey choose the girl she would be most comfortable with. Mark told her he had already propositioned a few girls at his job and had one in mind.

“What if she’s not attracted to me?” asked Lindsey.

“I already showed her your picture and she thinks you are wicked cute.”

This made Lindsey giddy with anticipation. It was Wednesday and Mark suggested they try Friday night. While Mark was at work the next day, Lindsey took the opportunity to go shopping. She went into a lingerie store to pick out something sexy for the upcoming night. Lindsey’s eyes immediately trailed to a little green number. It cupped the breasts and had spaghetti straps. It came down just enough to cover the ass. It was soft and silky.

“That would look stunning on you” a woman said from behind Lindsey.

“Really? You think so?” replied Lindsey.

“Yes, why don’t you try it on.”

Lindsey put it on her small size 2 frame. The teddy looked perfect on her, it brought out the green in her eyes and made her breasts look a full size larger. She decided to buy it. That night Lindsey and Mark sat at dinner.

“What does she look like?” asked Lindsey.

“Hot” said Mark.

“I know but like describe her.”

“Well, she’s a little shorter then you, about 5ft6. She has black hair and olive skin. She’s about a size 6 and has killer legs. She’s half Latina, half white.”

“That’s nice,” said Lindsey when really she was thinking holy shit she sounds fucking hot, “What’s her name?”


Lindsey could picture herself screaming her name. The next day Lindsey could barely sit still. While Mark was at work, she cleaned the house, did the dishes, did the laundry, and even vacuumed. She went to the store and bought strawberries and chocolate. She wanted to impress Josephina so she melted casino şirketleri the chocolate, dipped the strawberries in them, and put them in the fridge for later. Mark would get home at 7pm so around 6 she took a long bath.

She shaved every inch of her body leaving herself silky smooth, even her pussy which she didn’t bother shaving for Mark because she knew Mark loved it. She put lavender lotion on and got into her black lace panties and bra she put on her best jeans, they were dark blue and made her ass look incredible. She also put on a tight pink tank top. Her new outfit was for later.

When Mark got home he walked up to her and kissed her.

“Wow you look stunning,” he said. She politely kissed back.

“What time is she coming?” asked Lindsey.

“At 8” replied Mark.

Mark being the slob that he was, didn’t bother to take a shower, he just changed into sweatpants and a tee shirt and turned on the tv. Lindsey was beyond disgusted with him. A beautiful woman was coming over and he didn’t even seem to care. However, she looked over and could see something hard in his pants. “ugh” she thought to herself.

At 7:57 the doorbell rang. Lindsey immediately jumped up, her heart was racing and her breath was heavy.

“Umm I have to go to the bathroom” she said. She ran into the bathroom. Mark went to open the door and Josephina stood their in a floor length peacoat. Her long black hair flowed down her back and her smile lit up the room.

“Hi Mark” she said.

“It’s so wonderful of you to come,” replied Mark.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” she asked.

“She should be here in a minute I think she’s a little nervous.”

“Aww, I’ll try to help her ease up,” said Josephina.

She looked around the apartment, which was quite large compared to hers. She looked on the coffee table where there was a picture of Lindsey.

“She’s beautiful,” said Josephina. A minute later after calming down, Lindsey stepped out to the bathroom, walked right up to Josephina, and shook her hand.

“Hi, I’m Lindsey”

“Yes you are,” said Josephina, “You’re even more beautiful in person.”

Lindsey giggled, “thank you,” she said. Mark was busy in the kitchen getting out champagne.

“Why don’t you two girls get to know each other a little better?” said Mark. Josephina looked into Lindsey’s eyes and said,

“I’m only here because of you.”

“What?” asked Lindsey.

“Well, Mark talks about you a lot at work. He also complains, but you sounded just wonderful and I needed to meet you. I saw your picture on his desk one day and I had to see for myself. You are incredibly gorgeous. When Mark propositioned me I laughed because well, it’s Mark. But then I thought, wow, I would get to please this gorgeous girl. So I accepted.”

Lindsey sat in shock. “To tell you the truth, I have been attracted to casino firmaları women for a while. I haven’t slept with Mark in months, I love him, just in a different way.”

“I understand,” said Josephina. She stroked Lindsey’s hand, which sent her body into shock. Her heart jumped and she felt a tiny bit of wetness in her panties.

“Shit, I need to get some condoms.” Called Mark from the kitchen.

“Okay sweetie” said Lindsey. Josephina leaned over and softly kissed Lindsey on the cheek.

“Do you want to go to my place? Just me and you.” Asked Josephina.

“I would love that” said Lindsey, “Just let me get something.” Overly excited, she ran into her room and grabbed her teddy. Before Mark got back, they managed to sneak out the house, into Josephina’s car and to her house.

Josephina’s apartment was small but cozy. It was a studio with a kitchen, bathroom, and her bedroom/living room. Her bed looking really comfortable with a satin down comforter and Egyptian cotton pillows.

“Make yourself at home.” Said Josephina as she slipped into the bathroom.

While she was in the bathroom Lindsey took the opportunity to slip out of her clothes and undies and into her teddy. She smiled at herself and what she was doing. When Josephina came out of the bathroom, Lindsey nearly dropped to her knees. Josephina was in a tight red thong and a see-through bra, which made her beautiful C breasts look amazing. All she could think of was how she wanted those breasts in her mouth. Josephina was equally impressed with Lindsey.

“You are so beautiful sweetheart,” Lindsey blushed.

Josephina giggled and walked right up to Lindsey and put her arms around her waist gliding her thumbs softly around her. Lindsey closed her eyes and Josephina brushed her lips against Lindsey’s. Lindsey returned the gesture by running her tongue across Josephina’s lips. She moaned loudly. Josephina rubbed Lindsey’s back as they ran their tongues together and kissed passionately.

“Why don’t we move on to my bed, I have something to give you.” Lindsey smiled and climbed onto the bed and lay back.

“Relax,” said Josephina, “trust me.” She reached under her bed into a box and pulled out some handcuffs. “I want to make you go crazy with pleasure.”

Lindsey could not speak, she just moaned. Josephina kissed up Lindsey’s leg softly and slowly cuffed her to the bed making sure it was tight enough so she couldn’t escape. She then reached back under the bed and got out some bondage tape.

“What’s that for?” asked Lindsey.

“Your legs baby.” Josephina tied Lindsey’s legs to the end two bed poles so that they were spread eagle. Lindsey moaned in anticipation. “Watch me,” said Josephina. Lindsey’s eyes were on her already. Josephina slowly started to strip. She undid her bra letting it fall to the floor revealing her gorgeous breasts. She then slowly güvenilir casino bent over in front of Lindsey and slipped off her thong. She then strattled Lindsey and rocked her pelvis against her while they moaned in unison.

Lindsey wanted to grab Josephina but she couldn’t. Josephina smiled and began to kiss Lindsey’s neck. She rolled her tongue over Lindsey’s neck and nibbled it. Having a gorgeous naked woman on top of her made Lindsey wetter then she had ever been. She was dripping on to the bed. Josephina began to massage Lindsey’s nipples until she couldn’t take it, she had to have them in her mouth. She sucked and licked her nipples and grabbed her perfect ass.

Lindsey was moaning, she wanted to so badly to feel Josephina in her mouth but Josephina wouldn’t have it yet. She teased Lindsey, licking down from her breasts to her stomach. When Lindsey was least expecting it, Josephina plunged 3 fingers deep inside of Lindsey’s pussy. “mmmm” said Lindsey.

Josephina moved her fingers in and out of Lindsey, slow but hard. “Oh, fuck me” cried Lindsey “fuck me harder.” Josephina continued to fuck Lindsey faster. She got wet listening to Lindsey’s cries of pleasure. Lindsey’s wetness was all over Josephina’s fingers and she wanted to taste her.

She smiled slyly at Lindsey and slowly moved her head down and ran her tongue once over Lindsey’s clit, tasting her. “Oh god baby you taste so good.” She said. Josephina moaned. Josephina slowly ran her tongue over and around Lindsey’s clit while thrusting her fingers in and out of her.

She moved her tongue faster and Lindsey moaned louder. “Oh baby, ohhh fuck me… mmmm” Lindsey’s hands were trying to break through the cuffs but she couldn’t. “Oh baby let me taste you, I need to taste you now.” “I’m not done yet” said Josephina. Josephina removed her fingers and started playing with Lindsey’s nipples getting them wet.

She then licked Lindsey’s sweetness off her nipples and started to slowly suck and nipple on her clit. Lindsey was so close to cumming and was moaning loudly. Josephina licked and sucked and then put 4 fingers inside of her. Lindsey began to scream. “Oh my god, ohhhh fuck me… don’t stop… ahhhh…. Mmm… ohhhh”

With that, Josephina began sucking and licking her clit harder and fucking her faster. Finally, Lindsey’s body exploded in orgasm screaming and her wetness covered Josephina’s hand. Lindsey relaxed her muscles and lay on the bed sweating and smiling. Josephina licked Lindsey’s wetness off her fingers and grinned. She then went over to her feet and untied them. She then went up to the head of the bed and uncuffed Lindsey’s hands.

Lindsey reached over and pulled Josephina in kissing her lips and tasting her tongue. As they kissed, there was a knock at the door. “Shit, said Josephina ummm… you have to hide quickly.”

“Why?” asked Lindsey.

“No time for explaining. Just umm… go in my shower and lay down.” Lindsey confused and still weak from orgasm stumbled into the shower and lay on the floor feeling confused. Josephina put the covers on the bed, grabbed a bathrobe, and went to get the door.

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