Kristen and Kelly Ch. 01

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It was a long workday, and for the last hour, all Kristen wanted to do when she got home was take a long, hot bath. The door hadn’t latched behind her, and she was already dropping her bag, kicking off her shoes, and unbuttoning her blouse. By the time she made it to the bathroom, she was down to her bra and panties, and the only reason they were still on was she started to run the bath.

The water was almost too hot to stand as she sank in, and she could feel her muscles relax. She lay her head back on a washcloth, closed her eyes, and let out a sigh of relief. After a while, she started dozing off as she idly ran her hands along her slender body.

A while later, the water cooled to the point where it woke her up. She sat up, and pulled the drain, letting some water out – enough to add more. She turned on the faucet, and with a brief smile, moved forward until her clitoris was directly in line of the falling water. When it wasn’t enough to get her off. She turned off the tap, and laid back down.

With one hand, she pinched her nipples, pulling on the small steel rings. With the other, she placed her fingers over the small bead connecting the ring through her clit hood, working it in small, fast circles. In no time at all, she came, releasing the last tension of the day.

After a while, she reached for the shaving cream and razor. With practiced ease, she removed every bit of body hair.

When she was done, she drained the tub, and took a quick shower, rinsing off any remaining shaving cream, and washing her hair. She finished, and wrapped a towel around her head.

She decided she was thirsty and headed to the kitchen.

She didn’t normally walk around nude, but hell, her roommate wasn’t home, and she just felt good after her bath.

She casino şirketleri made a cup of coffee, and was leaning against the counter when the front door opened and her roommate walked in. Kelly looked up from putting down her bag, and saw Kristen standing in the kitchen, rigidly holding a coffee cup. Stark naked.

“Oh my god! Am I interrupting something?” Kelly exclaimed.

Kristen broke from her paralysis, set the coffee cup down, and ducked behind the island. As Kelly came into the kitchen, she pulled the small towel from her head, and desperately tried to cover herself.

“What are you doing home so early?” Kristen asked in a shaky voice.

“I’m not early. Don’t you know what time it is?” Kelly said, grinning as she took in her roommate’s barely covered body.

Kristen glanced at the clock on the microwave and winced. That bath took a lot longer than she expected.

“You look pretty hot.” Kelly said, with a wicked smile on her face.

Kristen simply blushed and gave a weak smile in return.

Kelly abruptly turned and headed to her room, calling over her shoulder “I think I’ll grab a quick shower, if you haven’t used up all the hot water.”

Kristen sheepishly went to her own bedroom, and pulled on a bathrobe. As she turned to the door, she noticed that Kelly’s was open, and her roommate was quickly shedding her clothes, in full sight of the door. Kristen sat at her table, and began dealing with her long wet hair.

As she brushed her hair, she started dwelling on what had just happened. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life…” She thought, blushing again. She body betrayed her though, as her nipples hardened, and her breath caught. It was also exciting.

When she finished with her hair, she grabbed casino firmaları her coffee cup, sat on the couch, and turned on the TV.

A short while later, she heard Kelly coming into the room. She turned to see Kelly finish drying her hair with a towel. Stark naked.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad before. I was as startled as you were. Figured I’d return the favor. After all, Fair’s fair.” Kelly said.

Kelly dropped the towel over a chair, went to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee. She put her cup down on the table, and sat down on the other end of the couch, facing Kristen.

“Piercings, huh? I don’t know why, but I never expected that from you.” She said.

“It was an old boyfriend’s idea. I kept the piercings, got rid of the boyfriend.” She replied with a smile.

“Can I see them? I didn’t get a good look before.” Kelly asked.

Kristen’s heart was pounding. What was she getting herself into here? She hesitated, then untied the belt to her bathrobe. She could feel the blood rushing to her head as she drew the bathrobe off her shoulders and let it fall open.

She’d obviously been naked in front of others before. You don’t get through private school (or gym class for that matter), without showering with others. She wasn’t a virgin, and the ex-boyfriend and her had gotten up to some pretty wild stuff, by her standards at least. This was different somehow.

Kelly leaned forward and examined her nipples. “Did it hurt?” she asked.

“Yes, but not as bad as you’d think.”

“Can I see… the other ring?” Kelly gently prompted.

Kristen mentally changed gears, deciding to see where this went. She leaned back on the armrest, and slowly parted her legs.

“Can I… touch it?” Kelly asked softly.

“Yes. güvenilir casino Please.” Kristen whispered.

Kelly moved closer, leaning onto her elbows, and moved her head inches from Kristen’s now moistening pussy. Her lips were still swollen from her earlier attentions, and still quite sensitive. Kelly took two fingers and gently lifted the small steel ring, exposing Kristen’s growing clitoris.

Kristen moaned a little, as Kelly used her fingers to spread her labia. Kelly looked up, her face inches away, as if to ask permission. With a nod from Kristen, she began licking and sucking. She took the ring between her teeth, pulling a little, as she entered Kristen with two fingers.

Kristen starting pressing her hips forward, as waves of pleasure coursed over her. This was a first for her, and it was amazing. She’d never been with a woman, and couldn’t believe how much pleasure she was getting from it. Within a short time, she began bucking as her orgasm overcame her.

Kristen stroked Kelly’s hair. “That was amazing.” She said quietly.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since you moved in.” Kelly replied. “I guess I thought you were more straight-laced than you are.”

Kristen laughed ruefully. The last few years were very straight-laced. The fact was, with rare exception, she’d never really let loose. The only real exception was her piercings, which took months of badgering from her boyfriend, before giving in one wine-filled evening. As it happened, the relationship didn’t last much longer, and left her feeling less interested in her own pleasure than before.

“I think it’s time to break out of my rut.” She said decisively, though more to herself, than to Kristen.

“Good plan!” Kelly said. “I’ll make a wild child out of you yet!”

“Well for now, it’s time I returned the favor” Kristen said as she rolled on top of Kelly. “After all, as you reminded me, Fair’s fair.”

Kelly held her breath as Kristen began sucking on her clitoris…

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