Kelley , I “Pump” Up Ch. 02

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(For those of you who are reading one of my stories for the first time, you may want to read the prequel to this story first “Kelley and I ‘Pump up’ first. It will allow you to set the entire scenario for the weekend.)


Kelley and I decided to go out to the hot tub and let Carl go to bed. As we sat there soaking, my mind kept racing with the excitement of the evening’s activities. I knew I was not going to be able to go to sleep.

“Want to go fuck?” she asked, reading my mind.

I didn’t answer, but got out, grabbed my towel and began drying off.

“I’m going to take that for a yes!” Kelley stated as she got out.

We walked back into the bedroom, and found Carl sound asleep. We were careful not to make any noise as we left the bedroom and went through the house to the living room. I put on a nasty DVD and lay down on the floor to watch it. Kelley stood over me drying herself off as she watched the screen. Her hand went to her crotch and she began slowly rubbing her mound, pressing it back against her palm. She spread her lips apart and I could see just how wet she was. The juices glistened and slowly began to seep their way toward the entrance of her swollen vagina.

I gently grabbed her thighs and pulled her down to her knees. Her swollen pussy was now inches from my mouth. She sat back a little and I stuck my tongue out, just barely entering her wet vagina. As soon as my tongue touched her, she began gently rocking back and for, gradually lowering herself so that my tongue could access the deeper reaches of her sex. Her lubrication was seeping from deep within as I swabbed every drop from her. I could hear her moaning softly as she continued to rock at a slow pace, not seeming to be in a hurry to get where she wanted to go.

I covered her lips with my mouth and gently began sucking her, causing her clit to swell even more. I reached up with my hands and began to squeeze her breasts, tweaking her nipples and circling her areola, pinching them and then squeezing her entire breast with each hand. She began to rock a little faster and forced herself down a little harder on my sucking mouth. I rapidly flicked my tongue across her swollen clit, alternately plunging my tongue to the depths of her sex. Her moans became louder and more forceful, uttering garbled words and groaning with each probe of my tongue.

Without waring, she pressed down hard on my mouth, and I felt a squirt of warmth hit the back of my tongue. The squirt became a steady stream as she began emptying her bladder while I continued sucking her wet sex. She seemed to know how fast I was capable of swallowing, because she would slow her stream down to a trickle casino şirketleri and then forcefully pee, making me open my throat and swallow quickly to contain it. This went on for what seemed like minutes, though I knew it was probably thirty seconds or so, until she shuddered and I felt her vagina began contracting violently as she orgasmed in my mouth. Copious amounts sticky secretions oozed from the walls of her vagina with each contraction, and I continued sucking her until the contractions stopped.

She slowly removed herself from my face and knelt beside me. “I hate it when I do that,” she giggled quietly, “but I really needed to pee! Hope you didn’t mind!”

“Not at all! I’ll pay you back shortly!” I laughed.

“How about right now?” she asked.

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I pushed her to the floor and knelt over her face. My pussy was inches from her outstretched tongue as I teased her, keeping just out of reach. I reached down and inserted two fingers in my sex. The hot sticky wetness coated my fingers immediately and I pulled them back out and stuck them in my mouth.

“Mmmm!” I moaned.

“I want some!” Kelley pleaded.

“Not yet! You have work to do first! Now, open wide!” I demanded.

She opened her mouth wide as I held my lips apart for her to see my wet pinkness inside.

“Pee for me! Pee in my mouth!” she begged.

I really did need to pee after all that champagne so I strained a little and a stream of urine shot from my hole into her open mouth. I then sat down on her face, forcing my open hole onto her mouth and began a slow and very horny process of emptying my bladder down her throat. I started and stopped many times, teasing her with a trickle, then a forceful stream. I could hear her fingers sloshing around in her sex as she sucked and swallowed over and over. When I finally finished peeing down her throat, I began grinding my pelvis against her face and started rubbing my clit furiously as I approached orgasm. Unlike most orgasms I have, this one seemed very quiet, but totally exhausting. I could almost feel my juices weeping from my vaginal walls as Kelley continued to suck my hole with a wild abandon. Kelley orgasmed at the same instant I did as I felt her hot breath against my gaping hole as she moaned into me. When I stopped spasming, I pulled myself off her face and just sat down beside her.

“That was incredible!” she exclaimed. “Makes me want more!”

“Me too!” I said “Any ideas!”

“Let’s pump up and trib!”

(For those of you who might not know what that is, it’s tribadism, or rubbing the genitals together for sexual pleasure. If you’ve never casino firmaları tried it, you’re missing one of the sexiest forms of what I consider mutual masturbation. There is nothing more erotic than two pairs of wet lips rubbing together, and no matter what position you do it in, it is fantastic. It is really killer when both parties are completely hairless. It also works well wearing panties, especially silk. Enough about that, back to our ‘Tribbing’.”)

Kelly got out her pump and attached it firmly to her pussy and began squeezing the bulb. When she had pumped it about twenty times she stopped and tightened the valve.

“I’ll let it sit there for about ten minutes. That should do the trick!”

I got my two breasts pumps out and cupped one over each of her titties and squeezed the bulb fully, then releasing it, causing her nipples and areola to enter the cup.

“O ooh, that feels tingly!” she giggled.

I looked down at the cup on her vagina and could see it was doing it’s job. Her lips were very swollen and deep pink and her clit was peeking out from between the lips, looking like it just needed to be sucked.

After ten minutes had passed she released the pressure on the pump and removed it. I quickly placed it over my vagina and pumped it up hurriedly in anticipation of grinding into her. By the time I had twenty squeezes on the bulb, I could feel my already swollen lips engorge even further. Kelley placed the breast pumps over my titties and gave the bulbs a squeeze. Instant tingle!

I looked over at her breasts and saw how swollen her areola and nipples were.

“Like them?” she asked as she caught me looking.

“Uh Huh!” was all I could say. She stood up and gave me a close-up view of her swollen pussy. Her lips were three or four times their normal aroused size and her clit still managed to poke from between them. A trickle of viscous fluid was leaving a trail down her inner thigh as she stood there.

I pointed to it, and then to my mouth.

“Want some?” she asked.

“I just nodded as she ran her finger up the sticky trail and offered it to me. It was very sticky sweet and I relished the flavor as she wiped it over my tongue. I’ll have to give extra credit to that pump. It certainly sucks the juice right out of you!

“Time’s up!” she said, releasing the pumps from my breasts.

I released the pressure on the pussy pump and slowly removed the cup. My lips were as swollen as hers.

” Trib me!” she squealed and got into a scissor with me, grinding her naked swollen twat against mine. With all the lubrication, arousal, and two bare pussies, we were sliding against each other güvenilir casino with wild abandon. I could feel her clit bumping mine and our lips slid between one another’s as we ground faster and faster toward a common goal. We humped each other for nearly ten minutes like that, our pussies getting wetter and wetter, making slurping sounds with each forceful thrust.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! I’m gonna cummm!” Kelley shrieked.

That did it for me.

We held our sexes tightly together as we orgasmed simultaneously. I could feel her vagina and mine contracting in unison, over and over. We held each other’s hand to keep us locked as we shuddered, feeling that our worlds exploded together in that final spasm. We both went limp and fell back to the floor in opposite directions, totally and undeniably spent

For minutes, neither of us spoke.

When I finally could speak, I looked at our vaginas, still only inches apart, and very swollen and said. “That was the best cum I’ve ever had! I kid you not!”

“You’re not alone! She giggled and once again said, “You’re not alone!”

We just lay there for a long while, not speaking, just contemplating what to do next. Finally Kelley spoke. “Want to Sixty-nine while we’re pumped?”

I didn’t answer, but rolled over on top of her and got on my knees. I flipped around and planted my still very swollen and sticky pussy over her face.

“My, you’re wet!” She said, sticking two fingers inside me.

“You’re one to talk!” I replied, duplicating her move. Her vagina was sopping, and her lips and clit were still swollen and nearly purple.

I lowered my face to her lips and sucked her clit into my mouth. She responded by pulling me down to her face and was soon tongue-fucking me with a nastiness only another woman can perform. We became lost in each other and I was soon fucking her face with my entire mound, and sucking her clit with a ferocity like never before. Her enormous button seemed to throb as I wrapped my lips around it, demanding that I suck harder. We stayed locked in our favorite number until I thought I was going to pass out. My face was totally covered with her lubrication, and I knew her face had to be a mess, too. We seemed to sense that the other was about to cum and quickened our pace at the same time. There was nothing but two garbled groans as we both orgasmed in each other’s mouth. I could feel my juices being drained from my throbbing hole as I filled her mouth with mine. It was another truly amazing climax. As we stopped spasming, we began to gently clean each other up. Long,slow licks covering our gaping holes from top to bottom.

I finally swung off from her and sat on the floor. I was totally satisfied.

“Can you sleep now?” I asked.



(My thanks to CosetLvr for her work in editing this story and her suggestions. Please read her submissions. They are guaranteed to give pleasure.)

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