Julie , Amy Ch. 1

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Julie and Amy were in their dorm bedroom talking like they normally did about college and their love lives. They had both been at college for a year now, and been roomies the whole time. They had quite different personalities but had instantly liked each other. Amy was sweet person and Julie seemed to have a bubbly personality that people found hard to resist.

Julie was more attractive than Amy was, or so Amy thought. Julie had always told her she was attractive too though. They were roughly the same height, both with light blond hair. Amy’s hair was shorter than Julie’s, cropped to above her shoulders, whereas Julie’s fell to below her shoulders. Amy didn’t have the patience to grow it longer, and preferred it short and tidy as it was.

It was late at night, and they were both in their pyjamas, curtains closed, sitting on Amy’s bed. After chatting for a while they began talking about sex, and the experiences they had in the past.

“I never really went out with boys when I was younger” Amy confessed, “It’s only been since I’ve come to college that I’ve started dating boys”.

“I’ve had some boyfriends at school. I had sex when I was 14 too.”

“14?! You slut!!” Amy said joking.

“Hey, don’t say that!” Julie began tickling Amy, making her squeal. They both fell back on the bed and after some more tickling and giggling Julie gave up. Slightly out of breath they both sat up and composed themselves.

“Hey Amy I think you’re getting a bit excited!” Julie was looking at Amy’s erect nipples.

“Oh, I guess I am” Amy said, covering her breasts with her arm.

“No need to cover yourself up from me! I’m not embarrassed if you’re not.”

“Oh ok.” Amy moved her arm, and her breasts bounced slightly as she relaxed.”

“Did…” Julie paused “that turn you on?”

“No, of course not” Amy said, blushing slightly.

“It felt nice having a warm body against mine, I’ve got to admit” Julie confessed. “It’s been a while since I broke up casino şirketleri with Rob.”

Amy said nothing and there was a moment of silence.

“Have you ever kissed another girl?” Julie said.

“No. I can tell if a girl’s attractive or not, but I don’t think I’m attracted to women myself.”

“It’s not just about being attracted to women. Some of my friends at school practiced kissing on each other and that kind of thing.”

“Perhaps that’s where I went wrong, I should have practiced more!”

“Well..” Julie paused.

“Well what?” Amy said perfectly normally.

“Well.. I was going to ask if you wanted to practice with me now.”

Both of the girls paused for a moment. Amy had felt a little spark of excitement when Julie was tickling her, but she didn’t want to take advantage of Julie if she was just being nice offering some practice. She even felt a bit guilty about getting excited. Julie had never really thought that she had any feelings towards other women, but seeing Amy excited and blushing had made feel something in herself.

Amy spoke first. “I do worry sometimes that I might be a bad kisser. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No of course not.” Julie said, trying to make herself take things calmly.

Both girls sat up slightly and faced each other. Neither girl really looked at each other, but after a moments hesitation they slowly moved their heads together. A small shiver struck each girl as their lips met. Their dry lips caressed each other’s as they slowly opened their mouths and let the tips of their tongues touch. Julie leaned in slightly and began kissing Amy more deeply. Amy met Julie’s advances with a small sigh. She tried to keep the experience as platonic as possible, but she wasn’t doing very well. Their lips became moist as their tongues caressed each other further.

They soon broke their kiss, both girls feeling slightly flustered by the experience. Amy glanced into Julie’s eyes then looked away.

“I casino firmaları don’t know what you were worrying about” Julie said, in her normal tone “you’re quite a good kisser. It’s just a small thing, but it’s really nice if you put your tongue in my mouth a little more.”

“Oh ok.” Amy replied, trying to resume her normal train of thought.

“Would.. you like to try again?” Julie said unsurely.

Amy’s heart jumped with excitement. She tried to think of a reason for another practice, but soon gave up just saying

“Yes ok.”

They sat up again and reached in towards each other. They both felt more comfortable as their lips touched, but still felt a little excitement. Amy put her tongue out a little further this time and Julie sighed approvingly. After a few moments Julie reached her hand down and placed it on Amy’s waist. Amy jumped slightly and broke off their kiss.

“Sorry”, Julie said quickly.

“That’s ok”, Amy said. She paused for a moment, then reached in to kiss Julie again. Amy reached down for Julie’s hand and placed it back on her waist. She squeezed Julie’s hand, and then moved her own to Julie’s waist. They began kissing more passionately and the girls held each other closely. Their breasts pressed against each other, nipples getting harder as they continued kissing.

They eventually broke off, and looked at each other, their hands still resting on each other’s waists.

“Are you sure you want to be doing this?” Julie said, almost whispering. She felt some kind of responsibility for Amy. She was always the more outgoing of the two, and Amy seemed a little insecure in comparison.

“As long as you are.” Amy whispered back hopefully. “As long as we both know what we’re doing.”

“Ok.” said Julie reaching back in slowly to kiss Amy.

As their lips met Amy squeezed her hands around Julie causing her to rest her body against Amy’s.

After a while Julie’s hands began caressing Amy’s sides. Still kissing, she slowly güvenilir casino reached under Amy’s pyjama top and slowly began tracing lines from her waist up towards her armpits. Amy responded with a shiver and squeezed Julie tightly.

Making sure that Amy knew what she was about to do, Julie reached up her pyjama top and lightly caressed the underside of her breasts with a hand. The feel of another woman’s breasts made Julie both excited and slightly nervous. As she continued to caress her, the warmness and softness of Amy’s breasts made her begin to feel more at ease.

“Would you like to touch mine?” Julie whispered cautiously.

Amy could only manage a small ‘mmm’, as she began lightly brushing her finger tips up Julie’s body to her ample breasts. Amy had always admired Julie’s larger breasts, and the feeling of them as she squeezed them sensitively made her feel warm.

The girls continued caressing and massaging each other as they kissed for a while longer. It was already late at night, and Amy was beginning to feel tired, even despite Julie’s advances.

“I think I should really go to bed Julie, I’ve got to be up by 8 am.” said Amy sensitively. She didn’t want it to sound like she was pushing Julie away, but she was getting very tired.

“Yeah sure, that’s ok” Julie said, trying not to make it sound like a big thing. Julie got up off Amy’s bed and rearranged her pyjamas.

The girls looked at each other with newfound warmth. They smiled lightly at each other. Julie turned almost towards her bed before Amy quickly spoke.

“Would you like to sleep with me in my bed?” Amy said softly.

Amy’s sweet offer held instant appeal, and Julie quickly turned off most of the lights in the room, leaving on only Amy’s bedside light. In the meantime Amy had slid under her bedcovers, and folded back a corner inviting Julie to join her. Amy lay on her side with her head on her hand as Julie slid in beside her.

The girls cuddled their bodies close to one another feeling each other’s warmth. They kissed lightly and then more passionately before eventually turning the light off.

They still cuddled together and held each other’s hand as they drifted happily into sleep.

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