Jenna the Sub Ch. 06

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Brave new World

10:30am… It was still so early; Jenna thought she’d never make it through the day. 5pm seemed like an aeon away, an eternity in time that would never come – how was she going to survive?

Having this job, working as a clerk had seemed to be forever, the job had become boring, mundane and rather unsatisfying for quite some time now and it was only recently that she was beginning to realize how unfulfilling and stale the work had become. But then she thought “What else am I going to do..?” For the time being she didn’t have anything else to fall back on, so for now, if anything she was at least able to keep her head above water and pay the rent.

Day dreaming in her cubicle Jenna let her thoughts drift to that of the night before, which didn’t take much in reminding, what with her ass still red and feeling the lingering effects of the severe spanking she had received while naked and trapped over the knee of this much older, dominant woman.

Every time she moved, stood and sat back down, the sting was always there, toned down considerably from when she had found herself at ‘Ma’am’s’ mercy – however still, the lingering, residual pain was there – there as a testament to what she had willingly subjected herself to at the hands of her Ma’am.

“Ma’am…” She muttered again under her breath, wanting to say the name out loud but also not wanting to draw attention to herself while tucked away in her 6 x 6′ cube of office space.

She was getting used to saying the name, it gave her a thrill each time she would say it either aloud or in her head. “Ma’am…” She repeated quieter still, this time with her eyes closed picturing the tall, Amazon-like goddess that had somehow possessed her mind and body.

Picturing her there in her tight fitting Yoga wear, her large breast pushed forward, looking heavy and ripe, her flat, toned stomach that belonged on a woman half her age, her thick, powerful looking thighs and big, round womanly ass…

Jenna – lost in her trance, licked her lips with a lust that was new, exciting and easily taking over her entire being. She wanted this dominant woman to take her, possess her and to do with her as she pleased.

The only road blocks now were the ones in her head, trying to figure out if she was just curious or if she really had true lesbian leanings. This much she couldn’t figure out just yet, but for some reason, this woman had changed something inside of her, changed her enough to make her think and feel this way – feel different, feel open to new possibilities and willing to follow – wherever that may take her.

Maybe being with her ex-boyfriend Curtis, who was indeed a brute, maybe he had something to do with it. That and along with the timing of having recently split up, it had left her feeling vulnerable and alone. Maybe this is what led her into this situation, what drove her into the clutches of this older, dominant woman – loneliness and wanting.

Whatever it was, she couldn’t figure it out just now, and in not wanting to ruin the excitement that she found in taking this new direction, she resigned herself to not think or worry too much about her sexuality. Time would tell where this was going to take her and Jenna had decided to let go a little and try to enjoy this ride, no matter how frightening it may get along the way, because after all, that was all part of it. Meaning with something like, you don’t go on a rollercoaster or into a haunted house to NOT be scared, given that feeling of losing control while still knowing deeper down that you’ll still be okay, you’re still safe.

12-noon… Jenna picked at her cafeteria-bought salad, her mind still lost in this brave new world she had unwittingly fallen into. Picturing the previous nights activities, seeing herself lying there, being treated like a child – naked as the day she was born, pinned down over the older woman’s knee – being spanked. It was all so fresh in her memory and turning her on now, almost as much as it had then.

She thought about going into a bathroom stall to masturbate, to re-live and to dream but mostly just relieve some of the pressure and tension. However – being who she is, even doing this, even slipping away from her cubicle for 5min of relief behind the door of a bathroom stall – it wasn’t in her. She was too afraid of being discovered and also, she was too afraid that somehow her Ma’am would find out and punish her. This was the kind of power Janice now had over the girl, even without her knowing. Jenna was now acting and moving as if her every decision was dependant on whether or not her Ma’am would approve.

Trying to distract herself Jenna began looking around the lunch room, watching some of the other girls; watching and wondering if maybe too they had similar thoughts as her own. Thoughts about who they are, what their wants and desires might be. Would they do as she has? Would they be able to let go and surrender themselves, bodily and otherwise to an older, older – dominant woman?

2pm… casino şirketleri Will this day ever end..?

4:50pm… Jenna had long ago finished up the last of her assigned work and now she sat, watching and waiting as the last minutes felt to be hours – ticking down, signalling the week’s end, it was Friday and not too soon enough, she would be free -free to surrender to her wants and desires. Free to surrender to her Ma’am…

Knowing that she had been asked (if not required) to be at Janice’s door as soon as possible after her day had ended – and with a mere 45min window to catch the right bus that would take her to the address on the card she was given, there was no way she would have had time to head home and change her clothing into something she thought more suitable than her smart-casual work clothes.

Choosing to wear an above the knee, black cotton skirt with matching black leggings and low-heeled shoes, with a cute black, button-down short sleeved shirt with lace trim at the sleeve cuffs, collar and hem.


Jenna somehow felt right in choosing to wear black, thinking that it was more in fitting with the dark decor of the older woman’s office and her own attire. So in wanting to please, the only item of colour she was wearing that was other than black, was the teal-green pair of thong panties she had picked out to wear that morning, also hoping that they too would please, if of course they were to somehow come into the older woman’s view.

Arriving at the address some half hour later, Jenna stepped off of the bus in front of a large condominium building the likes of which she could never afford. Double checking the number, she stepped through the doors into the lobby.

“Can I help you Miss..?” A man dressed in uniform asked.

“I-I’m here to see… Ummm…” Jenna stammered.

“Oh I know… You’re her for the interview. Mrs. Golding said you’d be here about now. What was the name again..?” The man asked leaving Jenna feeling unsure if she was the right person he was talking about, she wasn’t here for an interview. Was she..?

“J-Jenna… Jenna…”

“Yeah – Jenna… That’s the name… Its okay you can go on up – just take the elevator to the 10th floor, she has the loft there all to herself… Go on, you’ll see it’s a great apartment, it’s an old warehouse convert, the place it huge, you’ll love it…” The doorman finished as he pointed toward the elevator across the foyer.

Smiling, she thanked the man and made her way over and entered the open and waiting elevator door. Thinking to herself “This isn’t too bad…”

Stepping in she turned and smiled once again at the man behind the counter as the elevator door slid shut.

Looking at the panel and pushing the lit button ’10’ Jenna then waited with as the car began to rise, taking her up and into what, she wasn’t exactly sure, but still she was no longer as naive as she had been a few days back. She knew where this was most likely leading, she just wasn’t sure what to expect as far as her being made an offer, a proposal – or as the doorman had put in ‘here for the interview’.

Everything that had transpired during the past week had been a whirlwind of emotions awakening both new fears and delights that left Jenna feeling more alive and with more sense of purpose than she ever had before. Not even with Curtis had she felt this at peace with who she was and where their relationship had been going. Still in the dark for the most part, Jenna waited with open eyes as the elevator rose higher and ever closer – into this new fate.


“Uh…” She gasped with slight surprise as the elevator suddenly came to a halt. Taking in a quick, deep breath, gathering her courage then exhaling, Jenna watched as the rear door of the elevator slowly opened. Having expected the door to open into a lobby, Jenna’s eyes went wide realizing that in fact, the elevator opened into the apartment itself. There was no outer door with a number and no corridor either, just a small entry that was it, Jenna was looking into the woman’s apartment.

“Do come in Jenna, I’m glad to see that you’re on time… Pity though, now I can’t punish you for being late – can I dear..?” Janice said loudly from across the expansively open loft apartment while Jenna startled at first because she did not see the woman – Ma’am – sitting lounged across a large, dark brown leather sectional couch situated so far across the sizeable room.

Seeing her there and noticing what she was wearing, a long flowing, black evening gown and robe, yet even if it was still before 6pm, oddly, seeing the older woman dressed as such, for some reason – didn’t seem out of place.

Blushing, Jenna said nothing at first, but remembering that the older woman had told her to answer with words; she was at first only able to muster a quiet greeting of “Hello Ma’am…” followed with her adding more in a bit of a stammer…”No…No Ma’am… I came… I came straight here from work as – as you said so that casino firmaları – so that I wouldn’t be late…” She bumbled out trying to answer the awkward question.

Stepping closer, Jenna noticed how different the older woman looked compared to how she had while in the gym. Her raven-black hair, finely laced with strands of grey was no long bound behind her in a ponytail. Now was different… Now her hair hung long, straight and loose, well past her shoulders. Her makeup was much darker and thicker which was in total contrast to the minimal amount Jenna had ever seen her wearing.

Looking sultry and sexy, Jenna felt herself in awe of how strikingly dominant and beautiful this woman looked while at home and in her own element. Getting closer, and seeing how the dark, burgundy lipstick she was wearing had her lips shimmering in a fullness that the younger woman hadn’t noticed until now. Her eye makeup too, painted on in a deep, red-burgundy to keep in matching with her full pouty, mature lips. Her eyeliner and long looking lashes – thickly coated in mascara and looking as black as the night – and that blackness only enhancing and bringing out the stunning, icy-blue colour of the woman’s incredibly sexy – alluring eyes.

“You-you look beautiful Ma’am…” Jenna felt compelled to say as she drew ever nearer. The magnetism streaming from this woman was inescapable, form the on-set; even with all of her fears, anxieties and insecurities, Jenna knew it would be useless for her to resist.

“Why thank you Jenna… Thank for the compliment and I can tell from how you look this evening that you were a good girl and did come straight here from work as you say… Didn’t you dear..?” Janice queried leaving Jenna feeling like maybe she should have tried to make it home, or had brought a change of clothes with her.

“I-I did… I came straight here from work like you told me to but… But should I have gone home to change first? Am I dressed okay..?” Jenna replied worried that she somehow had it wrong.

“No – no, you’re fine Jenna, you look cute in your little skirt and tights…I like that look, that black on black – as I’m sure you can tell” Janice replied, gesturing to own outfit with a graceful swoop of her hand, her comment and actions putting the girl at ease. Yet at the same time she was smiling to herself thinking that it didn’t really matter because soon enough – she wouldn’t be wearing any clothing at all.

“Come – come Jenna… Come over here to me and we’ll have a little talk…” The woman instructed, Jenna feeling even more at ease now knowing that she hadn’t erred in clothing choice. Stepping closer and about to sit down on at the opposite end of the large, comfortable L-shaped sectional couch, Janice spoke again stopping her.

“No Jenna… I didn’t say you could sit on my sofa, I want you here dear, in your place, here, with me, on your knees, up close, just like the last time we had a chat about things…”

Like a switch being flicked on, Jenna went rigid in obedience when hearing the woman’s tone becoming stern and directive.

“You’ve only just arrived in my home darling, it will be quite some time before you earn yourself a position on my furniture, so come, kneel down here beside me like a good girl, like a good submissive…” Janice directed, pointing to the floor beside her, while Jenna upon hearing the words, the key words she had become used to hearing felt herself slipping into that state of everything becoming an automatic response, a term she would later learn was called ‘Sub-Space’.

Surprised, yet with no hesitation Jenna knelt with her right leg placed flush against the front of the couch, her head at a level with the older woman’s lap leaving her to look up while Janice or Ma’am once again looked down.

“That’s a good girl, now I can look at you while we talk…” Janice began, smiling and reaching out to caress the younger woman’s cheek with her short, yet well manicured finger nails trailing under her chin. The sensation sending shiver of ticklish delight throughout Jenna’s body, the tingle ending as pulse of arousal within her little green panties.

“Now Jenna dear, I’ve had a meal catered for us because God knows I’m no chef but before we get to that I’d like to take a few minutes to get to know you a little better before we dine and then again after; when I’ll make my proposal…” Janice declared, piquing Jenna’s interest but still she knew enough to remain quiet and listen, only to speak when asked.

“So tell me Jenna dear, what is it that you do? How do you spend your days earning your living? Something tells me you work in an office of some kind, doing something boring no doubt..?”

“I-I do work in an office Ma’am… I’m a clerk at a law firm and yes it’s boring but it’s not what I went to school for, it’s not what I have my degree in…” Jenna replied from her perch of lower status, kneeling on the floor.

“You have a degree Jenna..? How interesting… What’s your degree in dear..? What’s güvenilir casino your field of expertise..?” Janice asked, quite intrigued and a little shocked that shy little Jenna here would actually be a brainy nerd in some endeavour or another.

“M-Marketing and business management Ma’am…” the girl answered, and then went on… “I graduated two years ago but I can’t find any work in the field right now, so I had to take the clerk job and hope that something comes up at one of the bigger ad-houses.”

“Wow..!” Janice stated in honest surprise. “You have no idea how glad I am to hear this Jenna… You having this degree fits in perfect with my offer but before we get to that – I’d like to know more…” Janice said but was then suddenly interrupted by the shrill sounding buzzing of the buildings intercom.


“That will be our dinner…” Janice began, looking up towards the entry way.

“Why don’t you go buzz the delivery person up, it’s all paid for so just buzz them in and wait. I’m going freshen up a little. Oh and once the food gets here, you’ll find everything you need to serve us or meal in the kitchen and we’ll eat at the dining room table… There’s a good girl, go on now… Buzz them in… We can finish our chat while we have our meal…”

Looking up to the woman from her place on the floor beside her, Jenna quickly found her feet and did as she was being asked, scurrying her way back towards the entry hall where the elevator door opens into the loft.

Confused though, she wondered where the kitchen could be in this large, open space. Even still, where was the dining room table..?

While waiting, Jenna was afforded the opportunity to look back into the huge cavernous loft with its double high-two story ceiling, the long, tall walls draped with huge, thick and very expensive looking tapestries, the upper structures exposed but all painted black giving the room a dark and mysterious look, not unlike how her office at the gym had be decorated.

Looking to the back left of the room, she could see a wall that partially divided that area, and if her eyes didn’t deceive her, there was what looked like a second elevator door on the far back wall – and to the right was a set of industrial looking double doors that led to where, she could only imagine… Hopefully it was the kitchen.

With a ‘Ding’ the elevator door opened to reveal a young man holding up a large, brown paper bag in his one hand while supporting its bottom with the other.

“Here is your order Miss…” the young man said as he handed the bag over to Jenna, who upon feeling its weight, she too held the bag the same way the delivery boy had.

“I-I don’t having anything to tip you with…” She said, thinking the woman had said nothing about how to tip the young delivery man.

“That’s okay, Miss… The tip has been well taken care of don’t worry, it’s all good… Have a nice evening Miss…” The young man said as he stepped back into the elevator, pushed the button, smiled as the door slowly closed and he disappeared as fast as he had arrived, leaving Jenna alone and thinking she had better find this kitchen and get busy serving their meal before the older woman – Ma’am – before she made her return.

After some looking around and daring to step through the large, steel double doors, Jenna was pleasantly surprised to find herself standing in the kitchen area, where as promised, was everything she would need to serve them their meal.

She had even spotted the dining room table off to the right of the main room while on her way to find the kitchen. Feeling relieved, she busied herself plating their meal of a light Italian salad with the main course being a delicious looking homemade lasagne, complete with ‘to-die-for’ looking garlic – cheese bread, the aroma alone was enough to remind the girl of just how hungry she was, however her excitement had suppressed her appetite throughout most of the day.

Having not expected anything like this, Jenna still wasn’t put out in the least, she was well suited for this position after Curtis had more or less tasked the girl into as being more his servant than his girlfriend.

Believing she had everything ready, the two plates of food, Ma’am at the head of the table, Jenna’s own plate set to the woman’s left… Utensils in order, napkins, and the wine opened and breathing, glasses at the ready – and lastly, she was lighting the candles – when out of at the back of the room she heard a similar ‘Ding’ of an elevators arrival.

Looking up, Jenna was surprised to see Janice – Ma’am emerging from what must be a second elevator that takes the woman up to where Jenna could only guess would possibly be her bedroom. It wouldn’t be until later that she would discover that indeed her assertion was correct; the loft Janice owned was a two story dwelling, a converted warehouse that the designer had left intact – with the two functioning elevators.

Still dressed as she was earlier, in a flowing, black satin evening gown covered and tied over with a matching robe, Janice swept back into the room, smiling and quite impressed with how well Jenna had found everything and was now even lighting candles on the table elegantly set for two.

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