Invitation for the Weekend

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I visited Mr B a couple more times in the following weeks; once for another overnight visit, which involved a quite severe and prolonged caning from Mrs Walsh, whilst the second time was a summons at short notice just to “drain his balls”, as Mr B put it. This lasted no more than a few minutes and simply involved me getting on my knees just inside his front door as Mr B unzipped himself and fed his soft cock into my mouth. Within a minute he was hard and two minutes later he groaned and exploded into my willing mouth. He zipped up and went on his way, whilst I swallowed and let myself out.

It was a couple of days later that I received a message in my inbox that I realised could signify things moving to a whole new level. It read: –

“My dear boy. You have proved a compliant companion over recent weeks and you have demonstrated a loyalty and willingness to please that impresses me. You have taken the cane well and have earned your place in my bed. As you know, there is another boy that serves me in a similar manner. As he has been with me longer, I offered him the following opportunity casino şirketleri first, but he has declined, which has disappointed me, but I do understand; everyone has their limits.

The task is this. I am having some friends coming to stay next weekend. There will be a married couple and two single gentlemen, all very good friends, and all sharing my interest in the lifestyle that you have experienced in recent weeks. It is customary when we visit each other’s houses for there to be a houseboy on call to serve everyone’s needs, in addition to Mrs Walsh who will be serving food and drinks. I do not expect a reply straight away; you have 24 hours to consider the proposal. There is no flexibility in the ground rules for the weekend, you either accept or refuse. The rules are as follows: –

1. You will be naked at all times.

2. One or two of my friends are nor keen on body hair, so you will be denuded of all hair from the neck down. Mrs Walsh’s daughter has a salon that does waxing, so you will arrange to visit her.

3. Your smooth skin will be covered in marks casino firmaları from the cane and the whip. To impress my friends, I want these marks fresh when they arrive on Friday evening, so you will come here at 5 p.m. to give Mrs Walsh enough time to administer the whip and the cane. An hour should suffice.

4. You will make yourself available to any or all of my guests at all times, day or night during the weekend, for any purpose they wish. Some may wish to whip you more, or to watch Mrs Walsh cane you; others will no doubt be keen to use your willing bottom for other purposes.

5. You will show my guests the same respect, compliance and desire to please that you have demonstrated with me.

6. You may return home after breakfast on Monday morning.

I expect your reply in the form of a one word answer, either “accept” or “refuse”, by this time tomorrow. One of these words will please me greatly and make me very proud.

The alternative word would not terminate our arrangement, merely disappoint me.

Mr B.”

I re-read the message three or four güvenilir casino times and imagined the pain and humiliation involved, not least with the waxing, then a thorough whipping from the sadistic Mrs Walsh, all over my body. Then the humiliation of being paraded in front of total strangers in my naked, hairless and freshly whipped condition, like an exhibit in a freak show, with them at liberty to inflict further cruelty upon me for a whole weekend.

I took myself to bed, but could not sleep. I lay awake trembling, thinking of whether I could put myself through such an ordeal. I remembered the stinging pain from the canings from Mrs Walsh; could I physically take that for an hour whilst she marked all areas my body with the whip and the cane? Turning me into a living work of art, of red and purple welts on smooth white skin? Strangely, I found myself becoming erect as I lay naked in bed. My stiffness was enhanced when I thought of Mr B and his tenderness with me after my beatings, the way he kissed me so softly as his engorged cock lay deep in my arse, the way he honoured me by using me for his orgasms, gifting me his hot cum, then hugging me close to his broad hairy chest long into the night.

At about 2 a.m. I rose from my bed, opened up my laptop logged on to the site and sent my reply to Mr B.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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