Imprinted Ch. 10

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In the next couple of weeks our legs often didn’t work. We did a lot of fucking until we couldn’t stand…and, oddly a lot of talking. They taught me so much, about sex, relationships, family and love. We didn’t always fuck, though more often than not our time together ended that way. It was more than sex—it was sharing. We ate together, I read books they gave me, watched movies and we played.

In an odd way it was a relationship. A summer love affair—with them both.

While I enjoyed my time with them, it was Mr. D that I most looked forward to seeing. Mrs. D knew it—looking back I think she both orchestrated and encouraged my crush on him. One evening I arrived at their house to find only Mrs. D home—I tried, and failed, to hide my disappointment.

“Sorry Jacob, he’s working late tonight. I’m heading out to pick him up now. He had a few drinks after their project finished up and he needs a lift home.’

‘Oh—I’ll just go then,” I said, despondent at the thought of a night without them-without him.

“Unless, you want to go and get him for me? I really don’t want to drive all the way into town.”

“I could do that.” I’d have done anything she asked me. I would have driven to Atlanta if she’d needed me too, especially to see him.

“Take my car.” She handed me the keys to her Audi, which sweetened the deal even more. “He’s waiting at his office. I’ll program it into the navigation for you so it’s easy to find.”

I was ecstatic I’d never driven anything so luxurious. The seats were butter soft leather and it drove like a dream. It smelled like her, something I found both comforting and arousing. I drove the whole way with a woody. I followed the clipped instructions of the satellite navigation and after a forty minute drive I was at Mr. D’s office. I parked in the underground lot and used the key Mrs. D had given me to access the elevator. She’d said she’d ring him and tell him I was coming so I knew he’d be expecting me. There was only one light shining on the floor that held his company offices, so I assumed it was his. I walked down the hall towards the light. The door was slightly open and I could see him at his desk. He was leaning back on his chair with his feet up, cradling the phone handset between his shoulder and his ear.

He saw me and I heard him say, “Yes. He’s here now.’

He frowned, shook his head, looked at me and said, “She wants me to put her on speaker.’

He pressed a button and the silky voice of Mrs. D filled the room. “Hi Jacob.”

“Hi,” I said back, starting to feel the build of anticipation that always came with one of Mrs. D’s games.

“You’re the new intern.”

“I am?” It only took me a moment to realize what game she was playing and I said again, with understanding, “I am.”

“You want to succeed. Don’t you?”

“I’ll do anything to casino şirketleri succeed.” I locked my eyes on Mr. D; he had his hand over his mouth, hiding a smile.

“Darling?” she said, obviously directed at her husband.

“Yes my wicked wife?”

“Top drawer. Oh, and enjoy yourself. I want to hear all about it later.”

The loud click of her hang up echoed in the room. Mr. D pressed a button on the phone and ended the call.

“Top drawer?’ I asked, curious.

He opened the first drawer of his desk and took out lube and a strip of three condoms. “Lissy,” he said with a shake of his head.

I started to laugh but stopped, startled by the way he looked at me.

“Have you finished those reports?’

My mouth went dry. I knew logically that this was a game, but my body responded to him as if it were real. Responded to that commanding voice with a mix of arousal, fear and anticipation.

“No sir, not yet.”

“Then what are you doing in my office?”

“Well sir, it’s about my review.”

“What about it?” His hands went to his tie and loosened the knot.

“Sir, I really need this job. I was hoping you’d put in a good word for me.”

“Really?” He stood tall, big and commanding behind his desk—looking so imposing that any fresh young intern would tremble at the sight. “What exactly have you done to warrant this good word you’re asking for?”

“I’ve worked hard sir. Really hard.”

“So have the other interns, what makes you special? What makes you stand out Jacob?”

“I’ll do anything.” And as I said those words I knew they were true. I’d do anything that he asked me—told me.

“Anything?” He moved from behind the desk to stand beside it, jutting a hip against the wood.

“Yes Sir. Anything.” I swallowed hard; my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. My eyes ate him up, devoured the look of him. He wore dark blue suit pants, perfectly tailored to his lean body. They tented out, his erect cock pushing the fabric taut. I watched his fingers at his tie, loosening the knot until he pulled it over his head.

“Will you beg?”

I would and he knew it. He’d made me beg before, but because I wanted to draw out the game I pretended I didn’t understand. “Beg?”

He pushed his hip off the desk and stood tall. He was about two inches taller than me, but when he stood like that, with that commanding look in his eye it seemed as if he towered over me. He was in front of me in two steps, his chest barely an arm length from mine.

“Beg Jacob. Would you get on your knees and beg for this job?”

I went down on my knees, my head now inches from his tenting crotch.

“Good.” He reached down and hooked a finger under my chin tilting my head up to look at him. “What else would you do?”

“Anything,” I whispered, looking up at him, willing casino firmaları him to understand how much he controlled me. How much I wanted him to make me.

His fingers left my chin and went to his zip. I shuddered at the sound of metal teeth zipping down and the clink of his belt buckle. My eyes closed I could smell him, the musky man smell of his cock. And then it was at my lips.

“Suck it.”

I opened wide to take him. He’d shown me over the weeks how he liked this done and I concentrated on doing exactly what he wanted. I ran my tongue around the glans and then flickered it at the sensitive slit. Hearing him groan spurred me on. I took him deep, into my throat the way that Mrs. D had taught me. I yanked down his suit pants and briefs so I could feel his skin.

I wanted it. Wanted his cum. With one hand I gripped the end of his dick, and fisted it in time with my sucking mouth.

“Jacob. Jacob. You’re going to make me come.”

I sucked harder. Wanting it. Needing it.


He tried to push me away but I dug my fingers into his ass and kept him in my mouth.

“No! Jacob!”

He finally pushed me away. His spit slick cock bobbing in front of me as he stepped away. I looked up at him. He was angry. I wasn’t sure if we were still playing the game or if he was truly mad.

“Sorry. Sorry,” I sputtered.

“Get up.”

“Sorry,” I said again. My heart thumping, terrified he was gong to send me away. “Do as you are told.” His voice was cold and he didn’t make eye contact.

I stood up and waited for him to instruct me.

“Over the desk.”

I moved over to the guest chair and went to sit down but he pushed me. I fell forward, landing palms out on his desk scattering papers to the ground.

“What? What?” I was face down on the wood, my shoulders pressed flat by his hand. “Mr. D, what are you doing? What are you going to do?”

He kept one hand on my back as the other went down to the waistband of my sweat pants and pulled them and my briefs down to my knees. I tried to struggle, push myself up off the desk but he was stronger. I kept fighting, reaching back to shove his hand away, but I couldn’t. Coming from behind he used his whole weight to hold me down. He took one wrist and then the other pulling them behind my back—I was powerless to stop him as he bound my hands with his tie.

“Please. Please,” I begged. For what I didn’t know. For him to stop? To know what was happening? For more?

He didn’t speak. Didn’t answer me. He had lifted his weight off my back but he still had me trapped between his thighs and the desk. The blood pounding in my ears from the struggles meant I didn’t hear him, I didn’t know until the leather hit me. I jerked in pain and shock.

Now I knew what was coming, I heard it—the swish of the strap that came güvenilir casino before the crack of leather on my flesh.


His belt connected with the soft flesh lighting stripes of white hot pain across my ass. With each hit I arched, thrusting my rigid cock against the desk.


I moaned inarticulate groans of pain filled pleasure. Again and again the belt connected until I found myself crying. The flesh throbbed when he finally stopped, the stripes of pain pulsing in time with my heartbeat.

He pulled off my sweats, over the top of my sneakers—leaving me bare assed, shoes still on.


“Anything, you said Jacob. Anything. I’ll do anything I want to you.” His voice was harsh, rasping like sandpaper.

He kicked apart my feet. Rough. Rougher than he’d ever been with me before. My ass spread to him, he lubed me with probing hard fingers. I struggled. Not to stop him, but because I couldn’t help myself.

“No,” I said in a whimper.

He leaned over me; I shuddered as he came into contact with my whipped ass. “Anything.” He rasped in my ear. “Say it.” He bit down on the lobe.


“Say it!” He bit down harder and brought pinching fingertips down to press hard into the painful whip marks.

It hurt. Hurt so good.

“Anything,’ I sobbed the word, with rough hands he pulled apart my ass and positioned his cock at my hole. Not gentle this time, he breached the ring in one thrust. He unbound my hands and I put my palms flat on the desk so I could lever back against him. Match his thrusts.

Sweat poured off me, making the desk slippery. The wood bit into my thighs as I pushed back. It hurt. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything other than the pounding thrust of his cock in me.

His fingers bit into my hips pushing me forward. My hands slipped on the desk and I found myself arms spread and flattened to the wood. I lay silent and still, listening to the slap of his flesh hitting mine and the grunt he made each time lodged his full length inside me. With each butt of his hips he pushed my cock against the sweat slick wood, making it burn. It was too much—the brutality of his thrusts, the feeling of being pinned. Trapped between him and the wood I came—a hot gush of cum that spread across my stomach.

My ass contracted around him; over and over and he let a guttural moan.

“Coming. Coming!” he cried out and then collapsed upon my back. His business shirt stuck to my skin, wet with sweat.

His brought his lips to my ear, kissing the spot he had so cruelly bitten. I turned my head and my lips found his mouth. “Anything,” I murmured before opening up to let his tongue meet mine.

Moving off me he sat back on the guest chair and pulled me into his lap. He kissed me running his hands across my chest and then up through my hair. His mouth moved on mine until I was light headed—drunk with his kisses.

I lay my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my back in a gentle caress.

“Shall we go home now?”

“Yes,” I said. “She’ll want to hear the story.”

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