I Thought We Were Friends

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An oil rig is the last place you’d expect to find a gay guy but sure enough my best friend Sean was gay and he worked as an engineer. The guys suspected he was gay but since he wasn’t flamboyant and outworked all of them no one ever gave him a hard time about it. It didn’t hurt that Sean was a monster of a human being. At 6’4″ with zero body fat he didn’t just look like an ox he could lift valves and pipes that others needed a crane for.

I was happy to have him as a friend. I was hired straight out of college as a hydraulic mechanic even though my degree was in engineering. Coming from college doesn’t put you in the good graces of a bunch of roughnecks who see working your way up as the only way a man should work and the fact that most of my work was inside didn’t improve my “college boy” image. I try to stay in shape but at 5’8″ and 146lbs I felt intimidated by some of the larger personalities surrounding me. So when Sean was kind and nonjudgmental it made an impression on me. He was the one to show me around when I first got there, and before you start thinking he was hitting on me let me assure you he wasn’t, I watched him help everyone who needed it.

A deep water rig is a maze. The accommodation section is built like a hotel and the drill floor looks similar to what you’d see in the movies but the rest of a rig is difficult to picture. There are 2 engine rooms to run our generators located on either side of the stern, a mud put room to house all the drill fluids that will be sent down hole, a sack room for mixing the chemicals that go in the mud, and a ton of deck space for all our drill pipe and casing. I know I have just made things more confusing but believe me that’s how I felt when I first got on board. Several times I had to stop people and ask them where I was and how to get out.

Most of the large equipment is run by hydraulics and while there’s plenty I need to do on deck no one ever talks about the mountain of paperwork rigs produce, so my life became confined to a 15×20 office located between the moonpool and the first floor of the accommodations. When I say office you shouldn’t think about someplace with commercial carpeting and cubical. My office had a single computer facing a gray painted steel bulkhead and keys permanently stained with grease. The deck was cheap linoleum tile with an embedded trail of dirt running from one end to the other. Behind my crooked metal desk was a control panel that ran the 20′ length of the wall.

Most of us had a noon to midnight schedule or vice versa, but Sean’s schedule was 6-6 days all the time, and since he had to walk through my office to get to the accommodation section he would always stop by and bullshit.

When I first started offshore Sean wasn’t out and most of our conversations were about work and family. However, when he did talk about a significant other he never used an identifying pronoun, and there were a lot of people that would warn me that they thought Sean was gay. I’m not gay but always found it funny that people would warn you that someone was gay like they were gonna jump out from around the corner and rape you, but Sean never made a pass at me so it was nice to just have someone to visit with.

It took about a year but I finally fell into a rhythm of work and the guys started accepting me as more than just the college boy and several of the guys ended up being pretty close friends. Sean still stopped by time to time to bullshit and guys still gave me shit about it but now the jokes were in jest only.

It was a hot summer, one where you take a change of clothes with you on watch because if you spent anytime at all outside you were going to get soaked through with sweat. Most of us were used to the heat but that in no way makes it comfortable. It had been a long day and I was freezing in the air conditioner after having been outside and no time to change. Sean came in as I was trying to close out my last permits.

“What the hell are you doing up so late?” I asked. It was almost 10 o’clock an I’d never seen him up past 9.

“Had to switch watches for Tommy. His wife’s in the hospital and he had to go in today.” We talked a little while longer and complaining about too much paper work and too little pay then Sean got up to leave.

“Hey before I go, me, Ryan and Mike were gonna watch that movie Shooter in my room tonight if you wanna watch.”

Sean had invited my to watch movies with him before and it always felt weird, especially with the rumors about his sexuality and my strong suspicions about it. I know it was wrong to think that way and contrary to what I said earlier but that doesn’t change the way it felt. However, Ryan and Mike were definitely straight so I felt more comfortable and told him I’d be there after I got a shower.

Like I said the accommodations were set up like a hotel, the mess hall and conference room were on the first floor, and the higher up you went the higher the position on the rig. My room was on the 3rd floor and it felt wonderful to finally be clean and out of my work casino şirketleri coveralls and into some clean gym shorts and a t-shirt.

Sean’s room was on the 5th floor. His room was about twice the size as mine and he didn’t share it with anyone else. The room had a single bed on the right wall and a settee facing the center of the room against the left wall, between the bed and settee was a large flat screen and on the opposite wall was a single regular chair. Ryan and Mike were already there and the movie had just started. The only spot left to sit was in the center of the settee so I settled in between Sean and Mike.

The couch wasn’t quite wide enough for the three of us so I was a little cramped. As a guy I like to lounge when I sit which usually translates to partially reclined legs spread but sitting like I was I could do neither. The one thing that did make it better was that Mike was wearing blue jeans and Sean pajama pants so nobody’s legs were really touching.

Mike was about average as roughnecks go; average height, powerful frame, full short beard and hairy arms. He was rough in both appearance and personality, but all in a ll a good person once you got to know him.

Ryan on the other hand was non-typical of most guys out there. He was our rig clerk, so spent almost all day inside answering the phone, creating room assignments and crew changes. I think he was closer to my age and while lean he was tall, probably about 6’2″. Ryan always had a clean appearance with his perfectly fixed blonde hair, collared shirt and clean shaven face. Tonight was not much different, he still had on his red office shirt but was wearing a pair of shorts instead of blue jeans. He had also manage to take up more of the side chair than seemed possible with his sprawled out way of sitting.

“You want a coke or something?” Sean asked me gesturing to the mini fridge in the corner.

“Some water if you have it.” I told him, getting up to grab a bottle.

“Yeah, I think there’s one left in the bottom, you’re welcome to have it.” Sean said.

In the movie the guy was sighting in a rifle and Mike asked Sean what kinda rifle he thought that was.

“I’d have to guess a 50 cal. something or other, seems to be what all snipers are using these days.” Sean told him.

“Never shot a 50, you?” Mike asked

“No, but I hear the recoil isn’t too bad. I’d love to give it a try one time.” Sean said.

“Fuck all that. I’ve got a 30-06 that does anything I need it to.” I said chiming in.

“Well that’s a good point.” Mike said.

This started a whole discussion about Carlos Hathcock a what he used in Vietnam and how the modern day sniper would fair against him.

As the movie continued so did the discussion of things we’d done that were like what Mark Wahlberg’s character were doing. Mike claimed to have made a 400 yard shot once and Sean talked about having to fight his way out of a bar one time. Even Ryan had a story about getting chased by the cops for tearing up a construction site one night. However, when I tried told the story about ripping a 3 wheeler in half by catching the back tire on a telephone phone no one believed me. Well, to be honest they believed that I wrecked the 3 wheeler but not that I had a branch from a pine tree wedge into my side.

“Ahh, bullshit.” Mike said.

“No, I swear to God it happened.” I told him.

“I don’t mean to doubt you little buddy, but that would have left one heck of a scar.” Sean said staring at my side.

“It did.” I said, lifting the right side of my shirt to show him.

Sean sitting on my right lifted my elbow higher so he could see.

“Well, I’ll be damned, I’m sorry I doubted you.” He said, but didn’t let go of my elbow. Instead he twisted me around a little to show Mike on the other side of me.

Mike put his hand on my waist and twisted me further around almost completely facing him.

“Huh.” Mike said, “Well okay, I guess I’ll believe you.”

I was starting to get a little uncomfortable and feeling a little like I was on display so I let go of my shirt and let it fall back down by my side. Before I could turn back around Ryan started to sit up claiming that he didn’t get a chance to see it.

“No, that’s enough. I’m not going to go all over the rig showing everyone.” I argued but Sean still had a hold of my elbow and wasn’t letting go.

“Aww, come on Sam. Let the boy see.” Sean said grabbing my elbow with his right hand so he could turn me further to Ryan.

As Ryan got up out of the chair Mike reached over and pulled my shirt up so Ryan could see the scar.

“What the fuck is the matter with you?” I said trying to pull my shirt back down.

“He just wants to see.” Sean said, now gripping my arm a little harder.

Ryan started walking over eventually kneeling on the floor to my right, but by now I had pulled my shirt back down and was trying desperately to get my elbow out of Sean’s hand, but he wasn’t letting go.

“Jesus Christ Sam, stop casino firmaları being a little bitch about it and just let Ryan see.” Sean said jerking me towards him and switching his grip to move his arms under both of mine and locking them behind my head. I began to struggle, lifting myself against the hold Sean had and trying to kick my feet. Suddenly Mike shoved me from the side landing me squarely on Sean’s lap.

No sooner had I landed than Ryan, still on my right side put a hand on my waist and lifted my shirt. I tried to fight away but Mike grabbed my waist on the other side and pressed me down onto Sean.

I swear I could feel Sean lift his hips into the small of my back and I started to panic.

My heart started hammering in my chest. Sean had never been anything but kind to me and him calling me a little bitch shocked me almost as much as the 3 of them pinning me down.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Fucking let me GO!!” I shouted, my voice nearly cracking.

“Shhh, be quiet Sam.” Sean said. “You wouldn’t want someone to walk in right now would you? That’d look a little weird don’t you think?”

Sean’s words struck me. It would look weird and no body would ever believe I wasn’t gay after that.

“Fine.” I said a little quieter, “but fucking let me go.”

By now Ryan wasn’t just looking at scar on my rib cage he was tracing it with his finger. I continued to struggle and fight but it was no use. Sean’s hold kept me from lowering my arms, let alone use my hands and Mike and Ryan both had their weight on my hips preventing me from moving.

“God, that must have hurt.” Ryan said opening his hand and holing it over the scar. “You didn’t happen to get hurt anywhere else did you?” He asked starting to run his hand over my belly.

“I didn’t think about that.” Mike said starting to lift my shirt higher until he had exposed my entire chest.

“Goddamit, Stop!” I said a loud as I dared.

Flush from trying to struggle free and with my heart pounding the the cold air of the room exaggerated the feeling of nakedness. I became acutely aware of Ryan’s hand as it explored my stomach moving across to my left then pulling back to my right side.

Mike started feeling for more scars too but his hands were rough as they slide from my waist up my left side.

“I’m sorry you got hurt.” Ryan said leaning over and kissing the large scar.

“What the fuck?” I said jerking to the side now further invigorated I started to fight harder.

“Calm down, no body’s gonna hurt you.” Mike said sliding a calloused hand up my chest.

When his hand slid over my nipple I felt a shock run through me trickling down my spine. The sudden jolt of it caused me to sharply inhale.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Mike said, ” If I didn’t know any better I’d say that you liked that.”

“Oh really?” Ryan said with a spreading smile.

With that Ryan began to move his hand over my right nipple causing me to react the same way. The charge was as shameful as it was incredible. Panic began to rise in me again but this time at the fear that I might be enjoying this.

“No, no, no, no. You have to STOP!” I said the last through gritted teeth as they continued gripping my chest and running their hands across my belly.

Mike leaned down, his beard scratched and pricked my chest making me overly sensitive to his soft warm tongue as it flicked over my nipple forcing it to become hard. The pinch of his teeth was almost too much to bear and I felt my dick starting to stir.

Scared that one of them would discover my erection I started to struggle again but this time as I did I could feel Sean starting to get erect beneath me, and that scared me even more. I tried to fight against him without wriggling my hips and found his grip impossible to break. My arms hurt from the strain of pulling against him and his steel grip showed no signs of loosening. In fact the lock he had me in was starting to hurt my neck too as I pushed against it.

When I slowed my struggle Mike let his hand slide up my chest until my nipple was between his thumb and forefinger and pinch hard, twisting as he did. I arched my back and groaned in pain trying to pull away from him. Before he let up Ryan leaned down kissing me just below my right nipple. Ryan kissed my chest several more times before finally brushing his tongue across my nipple sending another shock of pleasure through my body.

“Ahhhh” I moaned unable to control myself. This time lifting hoping the Ryan would do it again.

Shame began to flood into me turning my stomach in knots. The touch from Ryan felt amazing and even the rough affection from Mike was arousing. I couldn’t help it I was rock hard.

With both Mike and Ryan kissing and biting my nipples it was all I could do not to moan. The helplessness heighten the pleasure and as their hands snaked across my naked stomach I secretly wished they’d move lower.

When Ryan began to move his hand down my stomach the knot there grew as I knew he’d güvenilir casino soon find that I was fully aroused. Ryan slid his hand under the elastic band of my shorts and down to the shaft of my dick. He must have been expecting me to be hard because he didn’t seem surprised or comment on it, just let his hand slowing come around the shaft and move up to the head. Each time he’d lower his hand he’d let his fingers slide down around my balls, cupping them gently before pulling his hand back up.

“Uhhhhh” I heard myself moan again. I couldn’t help it anymore, I loved what they were doing to me, ashamed or not, it felt incredible.

Now moving my hips hoping for more I could feel Sean’s erection coming to life. He was impossibly huge, a roman column. I could feel the head of his cock just below my shoulder blades and it made leaning against him uncomfortable.

Ryan eventually began kissing his way down my chest, following down to my belly button where he slowed reached up and pulling my shorts down to my ankles. Ryan gabbed the base of my dick lifting it slightly before putting it in his mouth. I could feel his warmth surround me as his tongue pressed against the bottom of my shaft working its way up as he pulled his head back before lowering it again.

Mike stopped biting my nipple and stood up stepping over me until his crotch was in front of my face. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a large erect cock. Mike didn’t shave and it was obvious what he wanted me to do but nothing about him shoving his dick in my face made me want to suck it. I turned my head trying to keep him from pressing his cock in my mouth.

“You know Sam they did a lot for you. The least you could do is a little for poor Mike here.” Sean said pushing my head toward Mike’s cock. I didn’t say anything, just kept my mouth shut and my head turned.

Ryan took my cock out his mouth and began kissing down its shaft. Eventually he put my balls in his mouth and rubbed his tongue across them before finally moving farther down. He lifted my balls with one hand and began pressing his tongue hard across my perineum. The sensation was incredible, no one had ever down that to me and I arched my back in involuntarily pleasure. Ryan’s began rubbing his other hand around the opening of my ass, and I swear his hand suddenly felt wet, like he had lube on his fingers. Lube. Oh my God Lube. Where did he get; NO NO NO! This was going to far.

It didn’t matter how good everything felt this was going too far, I had to get out of there. I began fighting again. This time throwing myself hard against Sean, ignoring the strange sensation of his cock pressed into my back and tried to lift myself out of the reach of Ryan’s fingers. I pressed my legs hard together hoping to force Ryan out from between them and clenching my ass as tight as possible to prevent him from penetrating me, but it was no use. Ryan shoved 2 fingers inside me and a surge of pleasure flooded into my body.

Again I arched and moaned loudly. “Ahhhhhhh.”

When my mouth opened Mike took the opportunity and shoved his cock in. I gagged when his cock touched the back of my throat but he didn’t pull back instead Mike grabbed the back of my head and forced me down farther on it pushing it down the back of my throat. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t move my arms and I was afraid to do anything with my mouth fearing if I bit down Mike would become even more aggressive.

Holding my head still Mike began thrusting, fucking my mouth and with my head now in Mike’s hands Sean released the lock he had on me. I had been fighting for so long and Sean’s grip was so tight that when he let go it was actually painful and all I could go was go limp as Mike and Ryan continued to use me.

Sean allowed his hands to drop to my still exposed chest and start rubbing. His hands weren’t as rough as Mike’s but they were much larger and almost covered me. Ryan never took his fingers out of me and was now thrusting them in and out of my ass as his mouth went back over my dick surrounding it again in warmth.

Limp and with arms still sore Ryan pulled his fingers out of me and took his mouth off my dick.

Without Ryan’s affections I was left with Mike roughly pushing himself into me and while Sean’s hands did feel good on my chest I didn’t care to choke on someone’s cock but Mike didn’t seem to care about me and kept punishing me until I was gagging with every thrust. Praying that he’d finish soon I started moving my tongue pressing it into the bottom of Mike’s cock each time he pressed it into my mouth and tightening my lips around him trying to make my mouth a tight hole.

Soon I felt Ryan’s hips pressed between my legs as he lined his cock up with the opening of my ass. Scared about the pain I still wanted Ryan inside me but the fear caused me to clinch up just as I felt him press his head against me. I tightened harder but Ryan kept increasing the pressure until the swollen head forced its way into my ass. The pain came quickly as Ryan pressed his cock past the wall of my asshole and deeper inside. I tried to relax but it was impossible and Ryan eventually moved both his hands onto my hips. When he finally yanked my hips down and shoved himself deep inside I tried to scream but I was muffled by Mike pressing down on my mouth.

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