Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 01

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This Hot Wife Series is designed to be fantasy. Not to say we won’t try to act them out. So, here goes.

I’m Hugh and my wife is Diane. Your average late 30s couple with young kids. A few years ago we decided to try a local swing club. It was the first time we had done anything so bold with each other. Not even strip clubs. Well, turns out it was kind of fun and totally erotic. But, that’s a story (or stories) for a different time. This story begins a couple years after our first experience with the lifestyle. If you know me, then you know what turns me on. My wife. So, long as she is completely in ecstasy, then so am I. I’m visual, to watch her suck cock while I fuck her is beyond amazing for me.

She is more demure about her fantasies. She tells me that whatever turns me on, does it for her. She says she likes watching me turned on. What got us on this path were a couple of stories she shared when she was single. The first one, she joined one of her friends and the friend’s boyfriend. Just sucking and licking and kissing at first. He did end up fucking the girl that is now my wife. Those two are now married. And another one where she had sex with a boyfriend of hers while his buddy jacked off in the corner. The buddy wanted to help, but she said no.

About my Diane. She is by far the hottest woman I have ever met. 5’9″, slim. Legs that climb to the sky. Nice D cup breasts with nipples that cover about half her gorgeous tits. They are like large erasers when they stand at attention, too. Blue eyes, I mean clear blue. Hot, this is a HOT woman. Men and women alike want to fuck this hot MILF when we go out. Now, she is very visual, too. She’ll watch other things and get so hot by them that she looses control just watching them. About me, well, I’m a man so who cares. Six foot, dollar bill cock. Take a dollar and that’s how long. Wrap the dollar around so the sides barely touch and that’s how thick.

Like I said we have 3 kids. Getting time to ourselves is nearly impossible. So, we try to take adult vacations every year. By adult, I mean vanilla vacations with our good friends that also have small kids. These friends are straight laced (as far as we know). And as far as they know we are too. Now, the 4 of us get along great. We all love an all-inclusive resort where we don’t need to pay extra for ANYTHING. Well, we found one in Puerto Vallarta, and booked it for 8 days starting just after the 4th of July. The two months leading up to it were filled with anticipation of drinking and relaxing. That’s how I got the idea for this series. Now, we’ll start our story.


So we get to LAX ready for our vacation all giddy, the four of us. Fairly uneventful other than me whispering into Diane’s ear about what a great time we’re going to have. She kind of looks at the devilish grin and wonders if she’s thinking about the same great time. Doubtful. Plane, fly, arrive, car ride.

During the car ride, I’m making snide comments about nothing in particular, but Diane thinks I’m funny and that’s one of the reasons I married her. There are 2 other couples in our “bus” that are going to our resort. The other couples know each other as well; they are younger than us, about mid- to late- twenties. The guys couldn’t be more different. Pete was tall, about 6’2″ blond and pretty strong from what we could tell. Michael, though, had jet-black hair, kind of slicked back green eyes and not as built up as Pete. Our girls enjoyed looking at them, I’ll tell you. Their wives were hot, though. Cut from similar molds, they each had that blonde hair with dark streaks, no roots showing. Kerry, Pete’s wife was about 5’5″ with, I could only guess, D cup breasts. She had changed into a sarong on the plane and her legs were very well worked out. Both their wives wore sunglasses, so we couldn’t tell their eye colors. The other wife, Lainy, was a little smaller 5’3″, with nicely proportioned B cup breasts. But, her calves were cut, you could almost lick them they were so nice. I’m a leg guy, so these were magical.

Anyway, I digress. Too much detail on the car ride. BUT, at a couple points, I leaned into Diane and whispered, “I bet Pete has a huge cock. That fucker would stretch you something terrible. You wouldn’t want to fuck him. Would you?” Then she’d proceed to give me that “NOT IN PUBLIC” look. She is so magnificent. I love to fondle and try to give everyone a sneak peak every so often, but she will have none of it. No PDAs. So, again, I tried to get her excited beyond all control. I could tell I was getting to her, because she kept shifting in her seat on the ride. We said our goodbyes at the end of the ride and went to check-in.

After wondering to our rooms, we unpacked and quickly got into our suits to head for the pool bar. It was about 4pm when we arrived and I didn’t want the free alcohol to go to waste since we paid for the whole day. We got down to the pool and Diane ordered a 7 & 7. Oh Man, that drink makes her horny. Vodka, casino şirketleri though, makes her “nasty”. Her words, not mine. After our second drinks, we were making plans to go change and meet back up with our friends for dinner. So, we took one to go. I didn’t really have a chance to ask D how she felt about the car ride before we got to the pool. Once in the room, I started in. “So, That Pete kept looking at your hot little nipples showing through your shirt. Did you notice?”

“Well, if you hadn’t kept on about him having a big dick, he wouldn’t have had the chance.” She said.

“Oh, so you did notice? I saw you licking your lips that one time he peaked over. You want to fuck him don’t you?”

She looks at me, kind of smirks and says, “Tell me you didn’t think Kerry was hot? I might want to fuck both of them.”

“WHAT?!?!? You never talk like this; I’m getting hot… Yeah, they were hot, but what about their friends? I thought Lainy was the hottest of the two. God, you’re making me so hot.”

“Really, well yeah, I thought Lainy was hotter, but Kerry aint no chopped liver. Anyway we’re here with our friends, there is NO WAY they are going to find out that we ‘dabble’, so that is enough, Hugh. Do you hear me?”

“Right, but what am I going to do with this hard on you’ve given me?” I said, complaining furiously.

“Hold onto it until after dinner. You shall be rewarded for your patience.” She said, promising.

So, upset as I was, I got ready. We went to the Asian themed restaurant, which was more of a low-light affair. I had some more drinks, and D had 2 more 7 & 7s. I knew by now she was well on her way to horny city. Now, I should mention, this isn’t an adult resort, nor couples only. There were plenty of kids, single men and single women. But, for the most part, everyone kind of settled into their own spaces. After dinner, we decided to hang out by the bar on the beach. They were playing disco and Diane loves to dance. So, my buddy, Joe (we call him “Crush”, though I don’t know why), and I stayed at the bar while the girls danced and sometimes came back for air (and a drink). Well on one of the trips back I see Diane look over at the other end of the bar away from us. She’s kind of walking sideways she’s staring so hard.

Believe it. At the end of the bar there are two guys; only two guys. One guy is Black and I’d guess 6’4″, shaved head, good looking if I had to judge. The other guy is Hispanic, Cuban looking with the shirt, and the whole nine. Now, Diane loves both types. So, I’m like looking at her looking at these guys and then she looks back like “What?!?”. I look at her like “What are you doing?” See you should know at this point we have only played with couples, so I can have fun while she is having fun, a kind of tit-for-tat thing. So, single guys (although it has been a fantasy of mine to have her gang-banged) are off limits. So, she kind of cuddles up on me and grazes her hand against my cock. Well, my buddy kind of sees this exchange. So, he laughs as he sucks down the rest of his beer. The girls go back to the dance floor (in the sand), but as they do, they walk around the other end of the bar. And that’s when I saw the guys check our girls out. Now, Cruch didn’t see, but I did. Then the guys started getting really animated about the girls. Talking to each other and laughing, then looking away, talking some more, then laughing. You know the deal.

After another song, these guys get up and head toward our girls. They kind of dance by them in the sand and nothing is really happening. They lean in to talk to the girls and the girls point our way. We wave, they wave, the girls wave. Crush and I kind of look at each other and toast our drinks before taking another drink. “No biggie, just means I don’t have to dance now.” I tell him.

After a couple more songs, they all head toward us. The girls introduce us. Their names are Carlos and would you believe Carlos. They are buddies from college and they usually try to vacation together because they are still single. Most of their college buddies have gotten married, or they’ve lost touch. They thank us for letting them dance with our beautiful women and head back to their side of the bar. At this point Diane whispers in my ear that the Black Carlos was rubbing her pretty close while they were dancing and she could feel his cock on her belly and back, depending on how they danced. She was pretty sure Misty, Crush’s wife, got a similar treatment from Cuban Carlos.

She proceeds with, “It was hanging down and it was at least 9 inches. Semi-erect. I don’t know about Pete, but, THAT guy has a monster, I promise you.”

Her eyes are all wide and stuff, so I said, “I love you, you are so funny, but where’s the girl for me?”

That ended it. She didn’t really talk about it after that. We kind of stayed and swayed to the music for a while when Misty says her and Crush are heading to the hot tub for a while. We had just gotten refills, and said that we’d meet them there after casino firmaları we finish ours. They headed off to change and Diane and I started kissing really deep. I reminded her of my blue balls and how after dinner she said she’d take care of them. We were so close to each other that I didn’t realize the Carloses had moved to where Crush and Misty were.

I said, “Hey guys. What’s up?”

So, the black Carlos says, “Nothing, we just wanted to know if we could dance with Diane again?”

“I don’t know, ask her? She tells me over and over that I’m not the boss of her.”

“Diane, would you dance with me?” He says with his giant hand outstretched.

“Absolutely!” And away she goes. This guy is at least 6’4″. And I tried to get a look at his cock, but he had hidden it well, by this time.

I was going to pay attention as she danced with him this time, when the other Carlos starts talking. He says, “your wife and her friend are very beautiful, you are lucky men.”

“You don’t even know, Brother.”

“Well, my buddy told me that he thinks your wife is flirting with him.” I could see he was trying not to be insulting, but testing the waters, too.

“Yeah, well, possibly, she said he had a huge cock.” At that his face was full of surprise. “Yeah, she said it was rubbing up on her and it was at least 9 inches, semi-erect. She said you probably gave my buddy’s wife the same treatment, but they are pretty straight, so I don’t know how you’ll do with that.”

At that statement, he kind of smiles. Then he said, “Wow, dude. That’s amazing. So, you’d let Carlos fuck that beautiful wife of yours?”

“Like I said before, I’m not the boss of her. But, your buddy Carlos, there, would need to find me a girl…”

“I’ll be right back.” And with that, he practically sprinted to the sand to talk to Big Carlos.

I looked toward Diane, smiling knowing she was about to make some decisions about our vacation and our swinging life. But, I realized it was a slow song, and she had her arms around Carlos. Not slutty, but like he was her boyfriend. So, I keep watching and as his buddy taps him on the shoulder, big Carlos turns and Diane kind of sneaks a rub on his cock. She did it smoothly, when she dropped her arm so nobody would see. I knew our fate right then.

So big Carlos kind of says something to Diane and she starts nodding. Well, the other Carlos starts dancing behind her. She was the meat in a Carlos sandwich. I can’t have her getting a bad rep. We just got to this resort for Christ sake. Nor can I have our long time friend see this. So, I head out to get my wife out of here.

On my way to her, little Carlos backs off a little, realizing he probably got too close. As I broke up D and black Carlos, I got a glimpse of it. WOW. Diane complains about me getting too deep in her if I try to pound her really hard. There is no way she’ll take that thing. Well, that’s what I think, anyway.

“Come on, its time to go.” I say in my best ‘upset husband’ voice.

She kind of puts on this little pouty face and reluctantly comes with me. As we start to walk away, hand in hand, I look back at the Carloses. They are just standing there in shock. So, I ask her, “How many Carloses do you think you can handle tonight?”

“What?!?! All of them!!!” And she kind of jumps. I don’t know that I’ve seen her this excited.

I look back once again and say, “Well? Are you guys going to help us find our room or not?”

We just needed to make sure our friends didn’t see us get back to our room. Not with these 2 strangers, at least. But, as we passed the hot tub, our friends were in there talking to some other people.

Once I shut the door, everyone kind of looks at me. So, I decided to be the boss. “Here are the ground rules. Once we leave this room, you guys only know us from the bar and trying to rub your cocks on my wife. Condoms at all times, we brought a dozen. Diane is completely in charge as soon as I finish talking. AND you fuckers didn’t bring anyone for me, so I will come to each of you this week and ask you for a favor, no matter how unpleasant, you must do this favor for me. Godfather style. Cool?”




Diane immediately grabs big Carlos and starts making out with him, while she is trying to undo his shorts. Little Carlos and I begin to strip. After a while, D changes up and starts kissing Cuban Carlos, while she grabs his cock and starts jerking him off.

His cock is longer and thinner than mine, probably 7 1/2 inches long and 4 inches around. Well, she drops to her knees and starts sucking this guy’s cock. He seems to like it and his buddy has his ready, now. So, then big Carlos comes up by her and she puts her hand on it and it looked like she was resting her arm on a shelf. I’d only seen dicks that big in movies. 12 inches for sure and about 8 inches thick. As soon as she put her hand on it, she kind of had the same expression little Carlos did when güvenilir casino I hinted that his buddy might be able to fuck my wife. She never stopped engulfing his cock in her mouth, though. However bad she wanted to start on that monster, she stuck to the one in her mouth; and jerked the monster off.

After a few more sucks, she stopped and told little Carlos to get a condom on, she wanted him to fuck her before big Carlos stretched her out too much for his cock.

“Hey, what about me?” I whined.

“Oh, Baby, I know I promised, but these are special circumstances.”

Then she started sucking that giant cock. She kind of waved, too. Meaning the other Carlos needed to start fucking her. NOW! So, I motioned to the rubbers we brought and he started rolling one on.

Right now, Diane is kind of in a doggie position on the floor, so as little Carlos gets behind and starts to push into her, she kind of moves forward and takes about 3/4 of that monster in her mouth. The site alone of that beautiful mouth wrapped around that big dick almost made me cum. Her head moving back and forth to the rhythm of the cock fucking her pussy.

Then, like magic, she kind of said, “I’m cughnee”. I knew that only could mean she was cuming. And my God did she. She starts wriggling her hips up and down really fast, while plowing herself into his cock, all the while, her body is betraying her and she is actually deep throating big Carlos. Both guys throw their heads back. Little Carlos is obviously sent over the edge by the treatment Diane’s hips just gave him. So, I expect an eruption from her tight little mouth, too. But, big Carlos says, “I want to cum so bad, but I gotta get my turn at that hot pussy, like you promised.”

Wait, like you promised? That little minx promised him he could fuck her while they were dancing; I bet. She is so devilish sometimes. Well, she came down from her orgasm, and climbs into the bed. I know he can’t push that whole thing into her, so I tell him she needs to work it in. We can’t hurt her. He lies down, and his buddy collapses in a chair. I’ve been stroking myself for at least a half hour while these guys made finger cuffs out of my wife. But, I knew I was going to get my chance to cum inside her, and soon.

She climbed above big Carlos and it looked like there was no way her sweet hole would open for it. But, again like the theme of this night I was wrong. Slowly, inch-by-inch, it started to disappear in her love box, until only a couple inches remained. Then she starts lifting herself up and down ever so slowly. I can tell by her face that she loves this cock in her. She is looking at him like I’ve seen her look at me when whe is really turned on. I mean beyond hot.

All of a sudden, she opens her eyes and looks right at me and says, “Bring your cock over here, I need your big dick.”

So, I stroll over and put it in front of her. She kisses the head, then looks up and said, “Put that cock in my ass. Yeah, I said it. Fuck my ass while Carlos stretches my pussy.”

We’ve tried anal sex once and it was erotic, but Diane has never wanted to since, she always tells me I’m too thick. I can only imagine how thick I would feel with that monster in her pussy. But, hey, I’m not the boss. I put a finger in my mouth and get it nice and wet, then start working it around her tight little puckered hole.

“Put your cock in there! I don’t need you to stretch it out, first. Don’t warm it up, just fuck it. Fuck my ASS like you’ve always wanted. Hard and fast. Please.. God, fuck my ass.”

“What?!? OK.”

So I spit on my dick get right up behind her sexy ass, which has stopped gyrating on the giant below her, and push the thick head into her ass. It squeezed my cock so tight, I had to concentrate so I didn’t blow my load right then. I started fucking that ass with just the head and Carlos started moving his hips up and down, which made his cock rub mine, through my hot wife’s pussy cavity.

“Ok boys, really fuck me, now. Fuck the shit out of me! I need your cocks to .. FUCK ME!!!” And with that, we started pounding this sexy MILF. I know I haven’t fucked someone that good, ever. And Carlos was certainly doing well, too. All of a sudden she looks over to little Carlos, who had been stroking his cock to hardness again and motions him over. She starts sucking him off while we are fucking the shit out of her. Amazing. Diane was airtight. All holes filled. What a fantasy. The sight of my wife and all this cock was unbearable.

Well, pretty soon after that, Diane kind of stiffens up and then starts her shaking again. Carlos grabs her hips to hold her tight and push his full length into her. Oh, shit, he’s going to cum. With that, little Carlos threw his head back again. I full expected her to spit his cum out. Diane doesn’t like cum in her mouth, so she’ll spit it out, right? Nope. She starts bucking again, swallowing while she and both Carloses are cuming. She’s deep throating little Carlos, too. No cum leaked out, so I’m sure it went right to her belly. Meanwhile, big Carlos starts cuming, I can feel his cock twitching and jamming itself into Diane. Then she kind of goes limp. Right there, I think she kind of passed out. Too much for me, and I start to cum. Hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20