Home from Work

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You have had a long difficult day at work. I can see fatigue creeping at the edges of your eyes as I welcome you home. You look beautiful, but then you always look beautiful to me. We embrace hugging each other against the trials of the world, loving the closeness of being in each other’s arms.

“Darling, I need to have a shower and wash the day off” you mention as you pull away. I lean in and steal a quick kiss before reluctantly letting you go. “Go relax darling, I’ll fix you something” I reply. Fussing around in the kitchen I don’t hear you return and I am startled to see you lying on the couch in front of the TV. Wrapped in an oversized towel, water beads cling to your pale white skin, long jet black hair thrown over your shoulder. Just looking at you takes my breath away.

I present you with a plate of cheese and a cocktail, earning myself another kiss and the briefest of glimpses at your cleavage. I settle back into my spot with a strong cocktail as we settle in for the night. True to my nature, I finish two drinks to your one in short order. Ducking away I prepare another in the kitchen. Looking at you from here I love the way the soft light reflects off your skin giving you a magical glow that merely hints at inner strength that you possess.

I return to my seat and take a long sip of my drink, turning to talk to you however, reveals that exhaustion has claimed you. Your head lying on the arm of the couch, slow breathing relaxed. Happy and content I let my eyes wander over your sleeping form. Love filling my heart as I look at you, so thankful to have you in my life. I return to watching the TV, happy to let you rest.

A cute snore catches my attention as you shift in your sleep. I look across, lying on your side, your dark hair has fallen across your face, your towel has fallen open. I can’t help myself. My eyes hungrily trace over your body captivated with your image. To my annoyance the towel is still clinched closed with a knot above your ample breasts, restricting my view. The glorious curves of your breasts are only partially revealed to me, framed with water droplets that the towel could not catch. Pulse quickening, I feel the monster between my legs wakes and stretchs.

Getting up I gather the glasses and plates, distracting myself from the vision of desire that lies tempting before me. That job complete and the beast distracted, I flop back into my seat. I try to resist, however a stolen glance across at you, begins to undo the distraction. It can’t be comfortable, having shifted to lying on your back, your leg has casino oyna slid down off the couch. My eyes run up your calf, past your knee, along your thigh. Still slightly moist from the shower, my eyes rest on your crotch. It is completely free of hair!

My heart thumps in my chest and my monster surges to life. I fight a battle to stay where I am, however it is a battle that I can not hope to win. Pulsing with life, the beast between my legs roars at me to approach you. I try to resist temptation, I fail. Standing in front of you my hands are gently untying the towel before I truly realise what I am doing. Pulling back the edges I am finally permitted to view your body uncovered. The glorious globes of your bust sitting so perfectly against your body.

Fingernails gently trace circles around your breasts, ever diminishing until they graze across your nipples. The process repeats again and again as I watch your nipples harden under my touch. Salivating, I am drawn to your nude form like a moth to the flame. Bending down I capture one nipple in my mouth, drawing my tongue across it. The scent of your fresh skin, the taste, the ecstasy of having you under my tongue. Hands moving independent of thought, cup your full breasts allowing my mouth to caress and tease each nipple in turn.

My clothes are on the floor; I don’t even remember taking them off. Finally free my monster throbs, jumping slightly in the air with each heartbeat as though dancing to a primal rhythm. Standing at your head, one hand on the back of the couch, I lean across your body. Holding myself over you, my face hovers above your crotch and the honeyed lips that I yearn to taste. “Patience” I tell myself as my engorged beast tries to break my resolve. Fingers glide across your silky smooth pale lips, slowly parting them, searching for the nectar that I crave. They discover it hidden in your contrasting pink entrance, warm and moist, they tentatively dip into the pool that awaits them.

Standing up again, my eyes closed, I sample the glistening liquid coating my fingers and savouring its taste. Lust grips my being causing my heart to race. Looking down I can see that my beast is consumed with desire for you. Huge and swollen, it demands to enter you. Glistening in the muted light, pre-cum is seeping along its shaft, pooling at the head. As if in slow motion, I watch as fat drops swell and form at the head. Captivated I watch them grow and merge together. A swollen bead of my love juice, rolls down the head and drops.

Below me, the manly juice splashes against the closed lips of canlı casino your upturned mouth. I watch a pink tongue involuntarily edges out to lick your lips, moments later your throat moves as you swallow this accidental present. Both I and my monster are spellbound. Using the backrest of the couch for support, I lean forward over you again as I guide my tongue between the folds of your pussy. My mouth parts your lower lips and delve in. The tip of my tongue seeks out the button of your clit. I hear a gasp escape you and look down to see your mouth cracked open, breathing becoming heavier. My monstrous cock, suspended above, throbs in time with my heart. Aroused, another bead of pre-cum falls, splashing against your lips as it runs into your mouth.

Heat radiates against my face as suction draws your lower lips into my mouth. Darting back and forth, my tongue explores each delicate fold, teasing the addictive juices that lie within free. The scent of you sex, pressed firmly against my face, only further drives my desire for you. My eager tongue pushes its way into your entrance, wriggling, exploring, trying to delve deeper. Reluctantly pulling my mouth away from its prize, I look back down at your face, checking to see if you still slumber.

Eyes flutter behind closed lids, ragged aroused breathing escapes a mouth partially open. Your lips glisten, wet, in the shadowy light. My heightened arousal causing a slow but steady stream of pre-cum drops to fall from my member against your mouth. My movement loosens the hold on two of the drops. The fall, unerringly between your lips, straight into your mouth. You do not respond.

Driven by lust, some evil plan formes in my mind. Once again the tip of my tongue seeks out your clit. Circling around it like a shark, it teases your flesh, causing your clit to harden, your breathing to become heavier. My mouth descends and captures your erect clit in a warm embrace, as I feast on the juices that have begun to flow. I hear a sharp intake of breath as my mouth fires jolts of pleasure into your slumbering mind. With a primal drive of its own, my monstrous cock seizes the chance, lowering towards your open mouth and pushing its way inside.

Inside, it presses firmly against a warm tongue as the head begins to glide in. I feel fingers dig into my buttocks, pulling me down. The tongue that my beast lies against, swirls around his head, capturing each drop as they leaked out. Stunning feelings play behind my eyes as my huge cock is drawn down along your tongue, passing deep into your mouth and through into your throat. kaçak casino Overwhelming pleasure plays all over my member as I feel you tongue massaging is full length. I can feel myself leaking deep down in your throat and the sensations as you greedily swallow samples of my manly juice can only be hinted at.

You gently push me off you, face flushed, I see lust in your eyes. “I thought that you were never going to play with me” you whisper, hand tracing down my stomach to rest on the Raging Beast that is my cock. Sitting up, you grasp my shaft and pull me closer. Dancing inches from your mouth, you look up at me.

“I don’t know why or what it is about this cock but I love it” you tell me with a voice heavy with desire. Pulling my cock into your mouth I feel your tongue press hard against the underside of my shaft massaging, driving me wild. You pull your head back off my hot pole and look at it, talking to us both.

“God you taste so good tonight!” I gasp as you push the beast back into your mouth. More of my juices leak, as your mouth works over me with hungry desire, driving me to the edge.

“You need to stop or I am going to cum” I gasp, trying to hold back the pressure rising in my balls.

You release me from your mouth, hand still grasped firmly around my shaft. Extremely hard and full, it looks enormous in your hand. “You just taste so good, I want to drink every drop of you, but I have to have this inside me.”

I have never heard you talk like this, it is amazing, arousing me on so many levels. I kneel down in front of you, placing myself between your legs. My throbbing member vibrates with each thunderous beat of my heart, pressing against your opening, causing vibrations that play over your pussy. I feel your legs wrap around me and you pull my beast into your welcoming embrace. The immense pleasure as my huge member penetrates you driving deep inside, connects us both. We both gasp as the head of my cock grinds against your womb.

I pull out and feel you firm clit running against my shaft due to the angle of my thrusts. I push forward while you use your legs to pull me in, plunging my enlarged member into you. Faster and faster, both of us driven by unquenchable desire, we move together. Without warning your pussy grips me excruciatingly tight as you orgasm. The sensation is too much, with my raging cock deep inside, searing hot cum explodes out of me. Pulse after pulse filling you, my arms clinging to you ensuring that your body takes every drop of my seed.

This drives you over the edge again and I feel your womb shudder as muscles spasm. The effect massages my enormous shaft, milking my cock dry. Panting we look at each other sharing in the moment.

“Fuck that was good” we both say and them laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20