Home For The Holidays Ch. 07

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In order to better acquaint yourself with the characters and storyline, it is recommended that you check out chapters one through six before indulging in this one.

Chapter 7 – Brenda’s Story

Although Danny was working a job for the summer, before his senior year in college began, he’d gotten time off to drive home to be with his family for the July 4th holiday. He sat in a comfortable folding chair, in the grassy area, just past the concrete surrounding the pool in his parents’ backyard. He sipped a cold Bass Ale and listened to some music on the portable CD player by his side.

Standing near the pool was his mom, her large belly bulging out of her maternity swimsuit, the result of Danny accidently knocking her up on a dark and stormy night when he really thought he was banging his sister. Next to her was Danny’s Aunt Joan, also eight month’s pregnant, although he wasn’t sure he was the father since his aunt had sex with several different guys at about the same time Danny happened to get into her snatch.

Completing the scene was Danny’s sister, Chrissy, who was most certainly carrying Danny’s child for the past eight months, since he had dumped copious amounts of sperm into her vagina–as well as her throat and butt–while they were both home for the Thanksgiving holidays. After their wild, extended weekend together, Danny had asked Chrissy why she lied and told him she was on the pill.

She confessed, “I never planned on having sex with you but, on that first night together when we shared the bed, all the vibes were just so fantastic, I knew at that moment I wanted to have your baby. As much as I fooled around with Daddy and Uncle Joe after that, I only let YOU cum inside me–as often as possible–with the express intent of having your child.”

As he pondered the events leading up to this predicament, Danny took another slug of his cold drink. Movement out the corner of his eye suddenly caught his attention; coming into the yard through the gate off the driveway was his old girlfriend, Laura. He had also met up with her again while he was home for the Thanksgiving holidays and–during another wild afternoon–cum deep inside her pussy. As Laura closed the gate behind her and turned toward Danny, he could see HER protruding stomach also.

He thought to himself, “Hummm… I know she told me SHE was on the pill, TOO! What IS IT with these women?”

So, as Danny contemplated being a father three–and possibly four–times over, Laura approached his chair, bent over and planted a big, wet kiss on his mouth. He closed his eyes and savored the warm, moist lips against his, as Laura’s mouth opened just enough for her tongue to seek his own.

A chill traveled down his spine and his dick began to stiffen. He felt a hand on his cock, rubbing it through his shorts, and he began to panic, thinking his entire family or the neighbors could be watching as Laura proceeded to arouse him in the back yard. The hand pulled his boner out into the open and rubbed the foreskin up and down, bringing his erection to full mast. His big, crimson cockhead was oozing sticky pre-cum as the hand glided over his stiff shaft, bringing him closer to a massive ejaculation.

It was then that Danny woke up. At first, he was startled and propped himself up with his elbows, thinking that the dream had been real. When he realized that he was not in his parents’ yard and it was still winter time, he shook his head and sighed. He was still in his room at the apartment he shared with two friends at school. But, the hand on his cock was real. Sitting on the edge of his bed was… me!

My name is Brenda.

Danny first met me and my husband Phil at his Uncle Joe and Aunt Joan’s house on the night of the big storm this past Thanksgiving weekend. During the power outage that took place, I treated Danny to a sexual experience he’d never forget. But, that was only a couple of weeks ago and Danny wondered what I was doing in his room, waking him with a kiss and playing with his dick.

I gazed into Danny’s eyes, smiled and continued to stroke his stiff boner as I said, “Hi, Danny… Phil was away this weekend, and your Aunt Joan told me where you were living, so I decided to drive up to see you here at school. I hope you’re not angry with me for barging into your place and waking you up… one of your room mates let me in.”

Danny looked around and, through the doorway, saw his friend Brad watching us from the living room. Danny glanced back at me as I winked and lowered my head toward his young prick; after watching a clear drop rise out the tip of his slit, I opened my mouth and began sucking on his member. After bobbing my head up and down for a minute or so, I got up from the edge of the bed and pulled the covers completely off the boy. Then, I crawled onto the bed, parted his legs, and kneeled between them as I continued my assault on his throbbing cock.

When I first entered the room, I had taken off my coat; I was wearing a skirt and sweater casino şirketleri underneath. As I proceeded to suck on Danny’s dick, I was getting pretty hot and felt my own juices starting to flow. Holding onto his rigid pole with my left hand, I easily reached under my body and up to my pussy since my skirt fell away from me in front. After rubbing myself through my moist panties for several minutes, I paused from sucking on Danny’s cock and turned my head to see Brad standing by the doorway, pants down to his knees, stroking his own stiff prick.

I jerked Danny off with one hand–while holding myself up with the other–and turned to Brad, saying, “How about putting that thing where it will do me some good, young man?”

Brad needed no further encouragement and quickly stepped out of his pants and shorts, crawled up onto the bed behind me and lifted my skirt so that it was bunched up on the flat of my back. He pulled my panties down and off my legs, as I lifted first one knee and then the other, exposing my bare ass and pussy. Brad rubbed my wet cunt and stuck his middle finger inside, allowing more of my juice to ooze from my slit.

I took Danny’s meat back into my mouth and tilted my bottom up higher to make it easier for brad to penetrate me. He nudged at the inside of my thighs until I spread my legs a bit and then I felt his cock head pushing between my pussy lips. He and I were both so wet by now that, in one swift and continuous motion, he shoved his thick nine-inch boner all the way into my vagina. My labia clung to his hard, thick shaft as Brad began fucking me and stretching my cunt with his huge cock.

Brad humped me with rapid strokes while he held onto my waist with one hand and played with my bung hole with the other. I could smell the sexual aromas drifting around us as our combined juices seeped from my pussy and coated his throbbing prick. My long blonde hair fell down the sides of my face and brushed against Danny’s skin as I groaned with pleasure, feeling my orgasm building; the vibrations from my throat must have added to Danny’s sensations because he soon told me, “Ohhhhhh… Brenda, I’m gonna shoot my load pretty soon.”

I didn’t interrupt my blow job to talk since I was sure he already knew I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I redoubled my efforts and sucked him deeper into my throat while massaging his balls with one hand and tweaking my nipples with the other. Danny’s dick was rock hard and so long; I raised my head until I just had the glans between my lips and then lowered it to swallow every inch of his cock until I felt it bottoming out. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I tasted that salty semen, draining from Danny’s balls. Just as I felt the first jets of cream erupting from his cock, Brad called out, “Oh my god… you’re cunt is so fucking tight… I’m gonna cum… inside your pussy…”

Brad slammed his huge shaft in and out of my snatch so hard and fast I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. Jets of his hot cum began mixing with my own pussy juice while Danny’s sperm was sliding down my throat. Feeling the two young boys both cumming inside me at the same time finally sent me over the edge as the spasms of my climax rippled throughout my body. I felt the tingling from my head to my toes and, for a moment, nearly passed out from dizziness.

When, at last, we all were drained, I let Danny’s softening prick slip from my mouth and Brad leaned back on his heels causing his wet cock to fall from my cunt with a “plop.” As soon as Brad and I climbed off the bed, I crouched down in front of him and took his slimy dick into my mouth, cleaning off our combined juices.

As Danny watched me licking off his friend, he laughed and asked, “So, Brenda, do you make a regular habit of visiting college students in their rooms to suck and fuck them?”

As Brad began pulling his shorts and jeans back on, I replied, “No, Danny, but I’ll try anything once.”

Brad went into the other room while I cleaned up and put my own clothes back in order. As Danny showered and got dressed, I explored the apartment and found some eggs and ham in the refrigerator. By the time Danny met me in the kitchen, I had whipped up some breakfast for us all, and we chatted while we ate.

Danny said, “Brenda, you and your husband are swingers and you love sex so much… you must have been a pretty wild girl in your younger days.”

I thought for a moment before replying… “Actually, Danny, it’s quite the opposite. When I was a kid, my mother always told me to stay away from boys because they only wanted one thing. I grew up thinking that every guy in my class was going to attack and rape me… I was terrified. As a result, I became the proverbial bookworm; my schoolwork and grades became an obsession and I never dated, even into high school.”

“You mean, you never went out with boys at all?” Danny asked.

“Oh, in grade school, I went to a few school dances–and I was a very pretty girl so casino firmaları lots of boys wanted to be with me. But I was always so nervous to be with a boy and, once, after a dance, a boy asked to walk me home.”

“Oh… and how did that turn out?”

“Well, we were halfway home–and his sweet talking had put me at ease–so when he asked to kiss me, I said, ‘okay’. But, after a few kisses, he started feeling my tits and put his hand up my dress, trying to touch my pussy… I got so scared, thinking my mother had been right, that I broke away from him and ran home.”

Danny began to say, “So, what happened to make you change your mind about men and turn you into…”

“A slut? No, don’t feel uncomfortable about saying it; I’ll admit I love being a slut. But it happened quite unexpectedly. You see,” I continued, “by the time I was eighteen, I had withdrawn into my academic studies and still not dated anyone. The guys at school thought I was stuck-up, or a lesbian, and the girls all figured I was just a loner. I excelled at every subject, had the highest grade-point average in the school but was too scared to date or even explore masturbation.”

“You mean you still hadn’t even brought yourself off?” Brad asked in amazement.

“That’s right,” I said. “But, one night, I was in my room lying on the bed studying, and it was really hot and humid. We had no air conditioning in our house when I was growing up, so I decided to take a cool shower. Afterward, I had dried off but left my clothes off since my parents were away for a couple of days and I wasn’t expecting anyone to come over.

I sat cross-legged on my bed facing the open window, where a breeze was coming in as I brushed my long hair with one hand, holding a mirror in the other. The mirror suddenly slipped out of my hand and fell between my legs. I looked down to get it but noticed it was giving me a perfect view of my open pussy, and I just stared for a moment, studying the shape and detail. I put the brush down and used both hands to slowly and gently spread myself wider, examining my cunt really close for the first time in my life. It was then that I got the urge to touch myself and began my introduction to masturbation.”

“Wow,” Danny said, “that must have been such a revelation… I mean, to finally feel what you’d been missing…”

“Yes, it was… but nothing compared to what followed,” I said, as I continued my story.

“You see, my room was on the first floor of a small Cape Cod house on Long Island. It faced one side of our house but there were large shrubs between our place and the house next door. I never thought anyone could see in my room from the next yard but the mirror momentarily tilted to an angle where I could see the bedroom window. That’s when I noticed someone peeking from the bottom edge of the window as I was playing with myself.”

“You mean there was a ‘peeping tom’ watching you?” Danny asked.

“Yes… and the only thing that kept me from screaming and running away was that I recognized the guy as the shy boy who lived next door to me. I grabbed my towel that was lying on the bed and wrapped it around me as I walked to the window and asked him, ‘what are you doing there’?

As he stood up, I could see the fly in his jeans was open and his erection was sticking out. He said, ‘I’m sorry, Brenda… I was taking out the trash cans from our house and decided to take yours out too. When I walked past your window to get the cans in your yard, I saw you sitting on the bed… and, I… well, you’re so beautiful and your body is so… well, I mean, I saw you touching yourself and…’

‘So, you decided to… play with yourself while watching me?’ I asked.

‘Uhhhh… yeah. I didn’t mean you any harm. It’s just that… well, I’m very shy around girls and have never… dated, so I masturbate by looking at pictures of sexy women. But… you’re prettier and sexier than any of the pictures or magazines I’ve seen,’ he added.

I couldn’t believe this good-looking boy had never been with girls before but, apparently, he and I shared a similar problem. I was strangely excited about seeing the hard-on I had helped to give him, and was fascinated by the idea that we were both virgins, so I wanted to hear more of his story. His boner had softened so he tucked it back in his pants but I asked him if he’d like to come into the house to talk. I told him my parents were not home so no one would know. He accepted my invitation, probably thinking I’d tell his folks about him peeping at me, if he didn’t. I slipped a robe over my naked body and tied it with the waist sash.

Once in my room, we sat on opposite ends of the bed and began telling each other our stories. We were the same age but we both kept to ourselves for our own reasons. He was a handsome kid, even when he was younger, but some girls had embarrassed him in front of his friends, or told lies about him to other girls, so he became very wary of being with them in person. güvenilir casino He began to take up sports and soon filled all of his spare time practicing or playing baseball, football and basketball. He became so good and starred on all his school teams but, because he didn’t date girls, his friends all thought he was gay or just very shy. If he hadn’t helped them to win so many games, they would have probably teased him and made his life miserable.

I told him that I, too, had grown up without dating and admitted that tonight was the first time I had ever touched myself.

‘Gee, your… pussy… looked so beautiful as you spread it open and touched it. But, you didn’t… finish,’ he said.

‘No,’ I replied, ‘but I’ve never done it before so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to feel like… when I finish.’

‘Well, if it’s anything like what a guy feels, it’s really great. I mean, you get an extreme tingle throughout your body and you start breathing hard and fast… and when you reach your orgasm, it’s really intense,’ he told me.

As this boy talked to me about orgasms, I somehow had no fear or him hurting me and suddenly felt a desire to learn more about what I’d been missing. I asked him, ‘Could you take your… your penis out and show it to me,’ I asked.

He looked at me with wide-open eyes and replied, ‘Do you mean it, Brenda? I mean, you won’t get mad at me or tell our parents?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘I’d like to watch you touch it and see what happens when you reach your orgasm.’

‘Well, it’s gonna… you know, shoot off. I mean, when I cum, this white cream is gonna get all over the place,’ he told me.

‘That’s all right,’ I answered, ‘No one’s home so I’ll have time to clean it up. It’s just that… I’d like to find out… I’d like to learn…’

With that, he stood up and unbuckled his belt, letting his jeans drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, he lowered his shorts until his prick sprang to life, then slipped them off his feet as well. He said, ‘Do you want me to stand here next to you and… do it?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘come closer so I can get a better look.’

He stood only inches from my arm now, taking his slender prick between his fingers and sliding his hand back and forth. His cock grew fatter and longer as he wrapped his hand around the shaft and began really stroking his meat. The head turned deep red, then purple, and a sheen or moisture coated it; he told me his pre cum was lubricating it now.

‘Ummm.. Brenda, could I see your… your tits again,’ he asked.

I didn’t see what harm could come of that so I agreed; I opened the robe and let it fall off my shoulders, exposing my large, firm tits. I’d always thought my breasts were larger than average and I had these really long, pointed nipples. I asked him if I could touch his prick before he shot his load so he stopped jerking off and took his hand away, letting his boner bounce in the air in front of me. I reached out and touched a cock for the first time in my life, and found it was very stiff but kind of silky and soft at the same time.

‘Could I do it… like you were doing… to yourself?’ I asked.

‘Uhhhh… sure. Just put a little spit on your hand so it will glide back and forth better.’

I did as instructed and wrapped my hand around his cock, marveling at how thick it had grown. I gripped it tightly and began jerking him off as closely as I could duplicate what he had been doing. His eyes were riveted on my breasts, shaking from side to side from the movement of my arm as I stroked his shaft. It wasn’t long before I heard him say, ‘Brenda… it… it’s gonna shoot. Do you want me to hold it… to finish it?’

I was mesmerized by now and committed to the job at hand–so to speak–and shook my head ‘no’ as I felt his rod get a little harder just before it started to spurt gobs of white cream out the slit at the end. The first rope flew through the air and landed on my left breast; it started oozing down and dripped on my stomach as the following jets landed at random upon my hand, the bed or my arm. It must have felt really good to him since he simply closed his eyes, grunted, and sighed until it was all over.

I certainly was amazed by what I’d just done, especially considering that I’d never seen an adult’s penis until now, to say nothing of touching and bringing one to orgasm. I grabbed the towel and began wiping the milky-white cream up when he said, ‘Well, how about you, Brenda?’

I looked up, in surprise, saying, ‘Uhhh… what ABOUT me?’

‘Aren’t you going to bring yourself off?’ He asked.

I didn’t know what to do. I certainly wanted to explore my pussy further and possibly reach an orgasm, but I wasn’t sure I could do it in front of a boy. I decided to throw caution to the wind and took my robe the rest of the way off my body. I sat cross-legged as before, and took up where I’d left off when I discovered that I was being watched. My new-found friend sat on the edge of the bed and watched intently, as I again spread myself open and began to experiment. While I was gingerly touching places and discovering which things felt the best, he suddenly asked, ‘Could I… touch your pussy, Brenda? I’ve… never touched a girl before.’

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