His Sweet Boy Ch. 01

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AU: Everyone in this story is over the age of 21. I know many of you want me to finish catching the eye of a mob boss. It is on my list to do. Please comment, I always write more when I get comments.


This hadn’t been Ben’s idea of fun for the night but his best friend Harley had wanted to go so he went along with it. She was a bubbly, bouncy thing. And the new club Dungeons had fit with her new obsession with the BDSM lifestyle.

So Ben, always the designated driver, mother hen, safe friend that looked after everyone else had gone with her to make sure she wasn’t kidnapped, or worse.

And here he was, sitting in a corner barstool cautiously sipping his virgin drink and eyeing the crowd around him with apprehension, borderline terror, while Harley grinded her ass against an obvious Dom, with his black leather pants and harness, not to mention the wrist band he wore.

Black for dominants, Yellow for submissives, Red for claimed submissives, and white for non-players. Harley wore a yellow wristband and for obvious reasons, Ben wore a white wrist band.

A few people had approached Ben. but spotted his white wristband and avoided him after that. It was better than a wedding ring, for keeping unwanted attention away.

That was until he met him. It hadn’t been intended, really it was more of an accident that had to do with a nervous bladder on Ben’s part. Not that kind of accident.

It was an honest mistake. Ben had felt the need in his bladder, checked one more time to make sure that Harley was doing fine, still grinding away. Then he had hopped off the barstool and headed in the direction of what he thought were the bathrooms.

Of course, it wasn’t the bathroom he wanted, but how was he supposed to know he was accidentally entering the VIP area. No one was standing there blocking the way. Ok, there may have been a sign that Ben saw after the fact, but in his blind haste to get to the restroom he must have missed it.

The good news was he found a restroom, the bad news was he found the VIP restroom. It looked really nice with a plush seat and done in colors of red and black that fit the theme of a BDSM club.

Ben was washing his hands in the porcelain white sink when it happened. The door opened and a large figure that Ben saw out of the corner of his eye walked in.

He expected the man to walk behind him and use one of the three urinals or single-stall available in the otherwise empty bathroom but instead, the figure paused beside Ben.

Ben looked up midway through washing his hands and into piercing dark brown eyes that were eyeing him with curiosity. The brown eyes belonged to a giant of a man. At 5’7″ and 140 pounds Ben knew he wasn’t tall or intimidating in any way. It was part of the reason he had confidence issues and anxiety, but this man would make an average size man look small. He was over 6 feet by a few inches with broad, muscled shoulders that were obvious even covered up by an impressive black suit and light blue dress shirt. Black hair was carefully styled up and away from a handsome face with easy grace.

“Um hi?” Ben squeaked out, as the man kept staring at him, examining him.

The large figure remained silent, making Ben feel even more uncomfortable than he already was.

“Can I help you?” Ben tried one more time.

“I think I should be asking that.” A voice rumbled from inside that massive chest.

A shiver ran down Ben’s spine at the luscious sound. Maybe this should be a good time to mention that Ben was gay but very much in the closet. It wasn’t that he was exactly ashamed of being gay, especially not in the 21st century but he was very private about his sexuality and had been raised as such. At home it was a policy of don’t ask, don’t tell. It didn’t hurt that Ben also had some levels of social anxiety. It wasn’t crippling but enough to make him feel very uncomfortable with strangers.

“Wh-what?” Ben stuttered out.

“Seeing as I didn’t invite you up to the VIP section I’m wondering how you got in here.” That voice resonated once more.

It made Ben want to lean in and press his ear to that chest so he could feel it in his bones.


“Yes. That’s what I said. Are you always this slow to understand what someone is saying to you?” The man quirked an eyebrow up.

“N-no. I just…I didn’t know.”

The man hmmmd in acknowledgment of that statement, but he didn’t sound like he believed it.

Suddenly a large hand reached out and switched off the tap that was still running, forgotten by a flabbergasted Ben.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t waste my water. Bills can be expensive, plus I like to protect the environment when I can.”

Ben had taken a hasty step back when that arm reached out and his wet hands dripped droplets of water across the floor as he stood there almost shaking.

“O-oh s-ss-sorry. I didn’t mean….” Ben’s voice trailed off as he tried to get some form of equilibrium back. This entire interaction had been uncomfortable to say the very least.

The bahis firmaları man took a step forward, causing Ben to back up even farther until his back bumped into a stall door and he almost fell back into the toilet.

A strong arm shot out and caught him before he could take the plunge, however.

“You’re a clumsy little thing aren’t you.” The man mused as he still gripped Ben’s upper left arm.


“And not very good at talking either it seems. How about we start with what your name is and how you managed to get past the bouncer, into the VIP section’s restroom.”

“B-Ben.” Ben choked out. “And I told you I had no idea this was a VIP section. I just needed to use the restroo-“

They were interrupted by the banging of the door opening and another giant figure coming barreling into the shrinking space of the restroom.

“Eric where you been man we’ve…..” the new man’s voice trailed off as he registered what he was seeing in the restroom. “Oh, what did you manage to find? He’s a cutie that’s for sure.”

“Darryl.” Eric (apparently) acknowledged the other man. “And I’m not quite sure. He claims he found his way here accidentally.”

“Unfortunately that wouldn’t surprise me. I saw the bouncer flirting with one of the clubbers in the corner and not at his post. Not that I can really blame him. She was a hot little thing in a bunny outfit.”

Eric seemed to nod at Darryl’s words.

“I’ll deal with him later, right now let’s all go somewhere more comfortable,” Eric responded.

“So umm, if that’s all cleared up. I’m gonna go…” Ben tried to extract his arm from Eric’s impossible grip as he spoke.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Eric spoke as he dragged Ben’s slight frame from the room.

“I don’t-” Ben gasped out, while Darryl brought up the rear chuckling.

“Yea, not gonna work kid. You poked the bear, whether on purpose or by accident, and Eric’s not the kind to just let something that piqued his interest go.”

“But I’m not-I already told you I didn’t mean to be there. It was an accident and I need to get back to my friend.” Ben said as he tried to pry those strong fingers from around his arm, as the group went down a hallway and up a set of stairs.

Suddenly a horrifying and tingling thought rushed through Ben’s brain.

“Wait hold on. I’m wearing a white wristband. I’m a non-player. That means you can’t do anything.”

“On the contrary,” Eric said, not looking back. “That means that no dominant can claim you for the night and you are just here to watch, but the dungeon master can punish those who break the rules in the establishment, no matter what color you wear.”

“Yo-you’re taking me to the dungeon master b-but but-” Ben spluttered.

Darryl let out a bark of laughter behind them. “Oh kid, you have no idea what you just walked into.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Ben asked looking wide-eyed back at Darryl.

“Eric is the dungeon master.” Darryl gave Ben a smirk.

Ben gave an audible gulp and his slight tremors of nerves ramped up to shaking.

Finally, the trio entered what must be the VIP section. There were several seats occupied by dominants with submissives around the room. It was all a blur as Eric dragged him over to a throne-like chair where the large man plopped down. It overlooked the club, with a view of the dance floor on one side and the dungeon rooms on the other, all covered by a one-way mirror, that they could look through.

Eric sat down his regal bulk in the chair and pushed Ben down to his shaking knees.

At this point, Ben was almost in tears, there were way too many people in the room that had grown silent at their entrance and were now watching them.

Ben’s shyness and social anxiety spiked under his skin, and all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball under his covers and have a good solid cry.

“Please.” Ben whimpered looking up at the swimming figure above him.


The last thing that Eric has expected on a typical Friday night at his club was to run into the cutest little sub he had ever seen in his VIP restroom.

The first thing that he had noticed about the slight figure were those electric blue eyes, shrouded by thick black lashes that couldn’t be natural. They were too long, too perfect. It was all under a mop of brown hair that had an innocently sexy tousled look to it. The whole figure was covered in dark skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt that hung on the boy’s frame.

The boy’s voice had been even better than he had expected, sending a shot of arousal down into his stomach at the soft tenor tone. He wanted to hear what that voice sounded like when it begged.

They had talked, or more accurately Eric had talked and Ben (the boy’s name, which was just as delicious as the rest of him) had stuttered.

That feeling though when he had touched the boy for the first time. That had cinched it. Suddenly the white wrist band the kid wore didn’t matter anymore. Ben was here, in his kaçak iddaa club, ripe for the taking. And Eric, well Eric never could pass up something he wanted.

So here they were, Ben kneeling at his feet in his ‘throne’ as Darryl called it, and Eric looking down into those suddenly watering eyes.

Ben’s pretty mouth had opened and whispered out the most arousing little, please. Eric was done for.

He reached down a large hand and cupped that little jaw in a light grip.

“It’s alright little one. You’re not in too much trouble. But there is a sign signaling VIP that you should have seen. And since you didn’t your punishment Is to sit here at my feet for five minutes and not talk or fidget. I want you to think about how you would keep this from happening in the future and tell me what you would have done differently after the five minutes are up, then you may return to your friend. Is that understood.”

“Y-yes.” Ben’s sweet voice answered.

“The correct response is yes sir.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good boy. Your time starts now.”

And so they sat, with Ben at Eric’s feet. The Dom couldn’t help running his fingers through this tousled locks. Ben jumped at the first touch but other than that remained still.

Eric continued to card his fingers through those soft locks, as the time ticked slowly by.

The dom switched between checking the clock and watching the young man kneeling at his feet. When the time was finally up he tapped Ben’s shoulder.

“Now tell me, what would you have done differently?”

Ben visibly gulped before speaking. “I would be more observant of my surroundings, and run the next time someone enters a bathroom I’m in.”

Eric couldn’t keep the bark of laughter from escaping him even if he had tried.

“Smart answer. A bit bratty but I’ll take it. Your punishment is over, you’re free to go.”

Ben practically ran from the room, his converse sneakers squeaking across the floor.

Eric watched from his chair as the boy made his way through the crowd of the club. The kid grabbed someone’s shoulder and practically dragged them out of the club. Eric let out a sigh as the two figures left.

All he had was a name, and it wasn’t like he could ask for much more. Bdsm was all about consent and he had gone as far as he was allowed as a dungeon master. He took the job seriously, not only for the reputation of his club but also from a moral perspective.

It was too bad though, he would have liked nothing better than to take Ben’s trembling lips with his own. Claim the kid with a kiss meant to melt his soul. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe in another lifetime…..


Ben wasn’t sure how he had managed to get home and into bed. The drive home had been a blur of dropping off a tipsy Harley and trying not to die as his mind kept flying back to what had happened at the club.

Now he lay in bed hugging his favorite pillow to his chest trying to breathe. What the shit had that been.

It was terrifying and yet exhilarating being at Eric’s feet, staring up at him as he stroked a hand through Ben’s hair. There had been such a sense of peace that had come over the boy as he kneeled there. It was like nothing else mattered but what the dom had told him to do.

Ben’s brain usually raced with anxious thoughts about school work, his part-time job, his friends, family, his apartment, and everything that he needed to get done. Frankly, it was exhausting how much his brain worried and fretted over, but for those five minutes there had been blissful silence, and that had scared the shit out of Ben.

How could one person have so much power over him in such a short period of time? Even in the bathroom, Ben had felt the power of Eric surrounding him. It wasn’t just that Eric was a big guy. Even if he had been the same size as Ben, it would have felt the same. The dom had a presence about him that commanded a room. He was the alpha male of alpha males.

The boy shivered and buried his nose into the pillow and breathed deeply. He drank in the scent of comfort that came from the pillow. Everything was going to be ok. He never had to see that man again, and if a part of Ben cried out in sorrow for that, that was no one’s business but Ben’s.


Eric hated grocery shopping, but he had promised his mother that now he was thirty he would work hard on eating better and cooking for himself rather than going out to eat. He loved the woman but she was relentless, calling him once a week to check in on his progress, and she always knew when he was lying.

So here he was pushing his grocery cart through the dairy section of the store looking for the fresh mozzarella. He spotted it and with a triumphant fist pump (internally, of course, he would never do something so uncouth) he grabbed the last package.

That was the last thing on his list and so he made his way to the front of the store. There were long lines, which he should have suspected, seeing as it was a Saturday afternoon. Everyone trying to get kaçak bahis their groceries for the week.

Eric pushed his cart into one of the lines for a real cashier (He hated the automated ones) right behind a haggard-looking mother with a toddler sitting in the grocery cart seat, and a four-year-old eyeing the candy shelf with avid attention.

The dom watched and tried to suppress a grin as the kid reached out for a candy bar and was stopped by the mother grabbing his hand and pulling him back while she loaded the belt with her other hand. The woman hadn’t even looked over at the child when she did it.

Finally, her cart was empty of groceries and the woman moved up to pay, holding her four-year-old’s hand tightly in her fingers to keep him from the coveted sweets.

The cashier’s voice caught Eric’s attention and he dragged his eyes away from the child and up to a surprising sight. The cashier was none other than Ben.

The dom couldn’t keep the wolfish grin from his lips. Well, this was interesting. Twice in less than twenty-four hours. It must be fate.

That sweet tenor voice curled around Eric’s body, waking up nerve endings that usually only arose during a scene. It was an interesting experience to feel himself become aroused in a grocery store surrounded by families when watching a scene at his club left the man feeling nothing but boredom.

Yes, it must be fate.

Eric pushed his cart forward and tried to school his features into something less predatory. He didn’t want to scare the guy away, but damn if he didn’t want to claim the boy in the middle of Harris teeter on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Pulling things out of his cart, Eric watched Ben out of the corner of his eye for any reaction, but the boy was too busy finishing up with the mother and her children.

The dom’s eyebrows shot up when he saw Ben sneak a lollipop to the four-year-old under the mother’s nose. The cashier and child gave each other conspiratorial grins behind the mother’s back so this must be routine. However, Eric caught the wink the mom shot Ben as she pushed the cart away.

What a softy, the dom thought. His heart gave an odd little flutter at the interaction.

Eric pushed his now empty cart forward as Ben began to speak.

“Good afternoon, did you find everything you…”

The sweet tenor voice trailed off as Ben looked up and met Eric’s eyes. The dom saw the second recognition hit and couldn’t help the wave of satisfaction he felt at the tomato red blush that flooded the boy’s cheeks.

“Well isn’t this a coincidence.” Eric rumbled, trying his best to keep the hunter within him contained.

It didn’t seem to work though, because Ben shrunk into himself with the biggest deer in the headlights look that Eric had ever seen.

He wasn’t that intimidating, was he? He was in his casual Saturday clothes jeans and a pollo. He looked like any other guy, well besides his ridiculous height of 6’5″. It wasn’t his fault that his dad was a giant.

Eric waited for Ben to move, but the kid seemed to be frozen.

“So are you going to ring up my groceries? Or is that another thing you struggle with?” The dom said trying to go for a light teasing to get Ben to relax a little.

That seemed to spur the cashier into action. As he started babbling an apology as he grabbed for the bag of grapefruits that Eric had put on the belt. But the boy froze again and glared up at the dom.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Eric couldn’t keep the grin of pleasure at the sudden appearance of a backbone off his face.

“Oh, just you seem not to be able to follow signs or answer questions, or keep from falling into toilets. and now you seem to be struggling to bag groceries.”

“I can do all of those things just fine.” Ben defended as he started scanning barcodes “You just caught me on a bad night.”

“Oh? And what made it so bad?” Eric asked leaning his hip against the side of the belt.

Ben let out a frustrated huff. “I don’t know, I guess I really had to pee and wasn’t thinking about what restroom I would be allowed to use.” There was a pause. “Besides, isn’t it your fault that the bouncer wasn’t at his post? Since you’re the dungeon master and all.” The mocking tone that crept into Ben’s voice widened the smirk on Eric’s face.

The boy was turning out to be quite the mouthy little brat.

“And he was dealt with. It does not excuse your actions in the slightest.”

“How many times do I have to tell you it was an accident.”

“Haven’t you ever heard the saying that naivety is not an excuse for breaking the law.”

“Oh, and your word is law.” Ben shot back, aggressively grabbing the innocent chicken breasts and thrusting them under the scanner with more force than was necessary.

“At my club it is.” Before Ben could reply Eric kept going. “What were you doing there anyway. BDSM didn’t look to be your kind of scene.”

“Would you keep your voice down? Do you want to get me fired?” Ben snapped in a more hushed voice.

“How would talking about BD-“

“Shhhhshhhhh!” Ben interrupted flapping his hands up at Eric’s face to shush him.

The dom let out a sigh. “It’s not like we’re discussing something illegal here. It’s a lifestyle.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20