His Ranch, His Girl, His Mistake

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He was a nice enough guy but he sure liked to rub it in when he was right or when he did it better or had the best. And she was. Tall, gorgeous, and smart, she was the kind of woman that turned heads no matter what she wore. Whenever she came by the ranch she was always prim and proper, not stuck up but a real lady. And he got to fuck her all the time. She had no idea that they all knew about her most intimate secrets. According to him she had a real wild streak and when unleashed would do almost anything sexually.

They were sick of his stories, how she did this and let him do that and none of them had really believed it until he showed them that tape. She was blindfolded and must not have known he was taping her. The way she begged him to let her suck his cock made most of the guys so hard when they thought about it that they hurt. She did things in that one video that most guys had only heard about and knew they’d never actually get to do.

During the summer time the ranch hands liked to hang around on Friday nights and have a few beers. Some would even just camp out in their trucks or throw a sleeping bag down on the ground out by the pond behind the big barn. One night almost all the hands were still there, sitting around the fire and shooting the shit when they heard a car pull up to the barn. Nobody thought much of it until they saw her coming out from the big bay doors. She was backlit by the barn lights but just her silhouette made them stop talking and they all watched as she walked the 50 yards to the fire.

She asked if anyone had seen Him, they told her that he had taken off that morning for the stockyards and that he hadn’t made it back yet. Judging bahis firmaları by the time he left and even if it were a quick sale he probably wouldn’t be back before midnight. That was only a couple of hours she thought so she took the offer of a beer and decided to wait a while.

The beers kept coming and soon she had to pee. She wondered back to the barn and as she went into the office area she heard someone moaning. She peered into the office and saw three of the guys staring at the small TV on the desk. They were all watching intently and smiling, it was obviously a porn. She chuckled to herself and then thought that she’d try and rattle them a little by going into the office and “catching” them.

She pulled the door open quickly and expected them to jump and turn it off but they just glanced at her and smiled. “Well, what do you boys have to say …” her voice trailed off. She could plainly see the movie they were watching and she felt a little sick to her stomach. It was her, on her hands and knees, the camera right in her blindfolded face. You could see Him pounding away at her in the background and the things she was saying made it quite clear that he was not fucking her pussy nor did she disapprove.

Then she was furious, she demanded that they turn it off and give her the tape. She could not, would not believe it when they laughed and said no. They said that it was their copy and told her maybe she should ask Him for the original when he got back. They just went back to watching. She stood there for a long time fuming at them and at the thought that He might have given them the tape.

Finally through the beer and the anger she decided that if He wanted kaçak iddaa them to see what a slut she could be then she would show all of them. She turned to go to the bathroom and one of the guys asked where she was going. She told him she had to piss and he laughed and told her she should just go outside like they did. She shot back that she would if they wanted to watch. All of them moved toward her like one body. They followed her outside around the corner of the barn. She decided to play it up a little and asked one of them to hold her up as she squatted. One of them got behind her and let her slouch down after she lifted her dress.

As she was pissing one of the others walked up and unzipped his pants right in front of her. He asked her how pissed she was that they all knew what a slut she was. She said she was very pissed but that they didn’t really know how much of a slut she was. By now he had his half hard cock out of his pants and he laughed and said that if she wanted to suck his dick they would. She replied that if he pissed on her she might think about it. She was done pissing and rolled onto her knees as the guy behind let her go. She sank back on her heels, leaned back on her arms and with her head thrown back she told any of them to piss on her.

A few minutes later she was a mess, kneeling in a puddle of the three guys and her own piss, her blouse torn open, her tits swaying as one after another of them fucked her mouth like it was the last hole they were ever going to get to stick. She swallowed them all and by the time they were done she was ready for a good cunt stretching.

She got up and started back for the barn taking her dress off over kaçak bahis her head and throwing it down as she went. She threw her bra back at them and told them that she would be in His office if anyone out by the fire wanted to use her. She was just bending over His desk wearing only her thong and her sandals when the first of them came in the door.

Use her they did. In the next hour she fucked twenty-two guys. She had cum dripping out of every hole. She had red marks from being slapped, scratched, and bitten. She had “I’m a Fuck Pig” written across her back in permanent marker. His desk was a slimy disaster of cum, spit, and piss. When they were done with her she got up and put on a jacket He had hanging by the door. She thanked them and told them to tell Him that she stopped by.

A week later he still had said nothing. They had talked the next day as if nothing had happened. She wondered at first if he wanted her to do what she had done but then he said something that made her understand. The boys had cleaned up after she had left. They did tell him she stopped by but that was it. For a bunch of ranch hands they sure knew a good thing when they saw it. A few days later He had to go take some steers to sale, a two-day trip with one of the other hands. She was still pissed at him for telling them about her, more for making the video and showing it to them. She was even more pissed at herself when she found herself unable to quit thinking of how she felt as she was taken again, and again on that desk. She pulled up in front of the shop feeling a little tingle in the pit of her stomach. If anyone was in the shop she could just say she was looking for him. But as she entered there was no one around and she made up her mind. She walked over to the bench, pulled her dress over her head and leaned over. She would stay right there and wait for whoever found her and then of course for the word to spread.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20