Help a Buddy Out

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Nick was sitting at his desk poring over his math textbook for the past hour, taking copious notes in preparation for his midterm the next week. Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and he saw that it was his buddy Travis who was calling him. Travis was at a party, and Nick wondered what kind of trouble Travis was in now. They were best of friends, but Travis always managed to create chaos out of thin air, and more often than not Nick would have to bust in to save his ass. He considered letting the call go to voicemail and getting back to his book, but his buddy could be in real trouble, and reluctantly he picked up Travis’ call.

“Dude, how long is your dick?” was the question that greeted Nick. Nick almost wanted to hang up immediately, but decided to stay on a little longer to check if his buddy wasn’t too drunk.

“Travis, how much have you had to drink?”

“I’m sober enough, thanks for asking, but this is a serious question here. Just trust me for once and answer me: how long is your dick?”

Nick sighed, and decided to play along. “About 7 inches erect, I guess?”

“Great! I knew you’d be able to help out. Get down to College and Jameson, the yellow apartment building, and ring Apartment 14. I’ll let you in when you get here,” Travis said, and he hung up before Nick could give his shouts of protest.

Nick almost wanted to call back and give his refusal, but Travis was unbelievably resistant on party-based matters, and Nick knew it would be futile to refuse this invitation. He was also somewhat worried Travis was completely drunk, and would need someone to see him home. With that he got on his bike and started cycling to the address he was given, wondering what Travis was up to now.

Ringing the apartment number, Nick heard Travis’ voice from the buzzer, saying “Alright dude, you’re here! Just come to Apartment 14 and knock, the door will be open.” Nick complied with the instructions, preparing himself for the wasted state his friend would be in and the words of advice he’d use to coax him out of trouble, and was completely unprepared for what awaited him.

As Nick opened the apartment door, he was greeted by the sight of Travis nude form, his long gangly blond dreads on his skinny frame, sitting on a couch with a huge smile on his face, as a smoking hot brunette girl was sucking on his dick.

“Nick, you made it!” Travis said, welcoming Nick with open arms. “Jen, this is Nick.” The brunette girl released her mouth from the erect penis and looked up to Nick, giving him a better view of her. She was extremely pretty, with a waifish face and huge blue eyes, her wavy brown hair falling slightly past her shoulders. She had medium sized tits and a skinny waist, with enough of an ass to be considered bootylicious. Somehow, she seemed familiar to Nick, and before casino şirketleri he could place her she stood up and approached him, whispering into his ear, “I think you should get naked too, so we can start.”

Travis apparently noticed the look of shock that crossed Nick’s face, and started chuckling at his reaction. “Man, sorry dude, I forgot to tell you what you were getting into. I met Jen here at the party, and she really wanted to fuck back here at her place, but she’s craving a little excitement, y’know? Not literally ‘a little’, though, she wants big enough cocks to satisfy her, and luckily for you and me, we qualify!”

Jen seemed to be ignoring Travis, already working on the belt at Nick’s shorts, before pulling both his shorts and underwear down to his feet, revealing Nick’s growing erection. She stared at it for awhile, and said, “I’m going to have to fix this, aren’t I?”, before wrapping her lips around its base and sucking back and forth, slurping greedily on his ever growing member.

Nick, in the meanwhile, wasted no time in getting his shirt off, revealing his toned upper body, with noticeable pecs and abs that weren’t too huge, just results from semi-regular trips to the gym. His own short-cropped brown hair was more respectable than Travis’ unkempt locks, but it merely reflected the difference in their personalities, but it did not affect the trust and friendship they had. With his shirt off, he quickly stepped out of his shorts and boxers that had been pulled down to his ankles, careful to allow Jen to maintain her careful rhythm that had quickly brought him to full mast.

Releasing her lips from a dick once again, Jen leaned back with a look of satisfaction, saying “You’re much larger than 7 inches, Nick, probably closer to 8. But that’s all the better, and it looks like we’re ready.”

Walking to the coffee table where Travis was sitting by, she retrieved two condom wrappers, and cracked them open with her teeth, pulling them around the base of Travis’ dick, then Nick’s. She also retrieved a bottle of lube and flipped it open. She got on her knees in front of Nick, and smiled. “I’m going to start by sucking you off,” she said to Nick, “while Travis can fuck my pussy doggy style. Travis, you’re going to put some lube on your fingers and finger my asshole. Use your middle finger first, then work your way to two then three fingers. I want my asshole loosened up for what I have planned next.”

Finished with her words, she wrapped two fingers around the base of Nick’s cock, slowly rubbing with her hands simultaneously while slowly swallowing his cock. Travis, in the meanwhile, wasted no time guiding his hard-on into her waiting pussy, while he began liberally applying lube onto his fingers, plunging them slowly into her waiting asshole. She moaned as he did so, casino firmaları letting out a sultry gasp even with her mouth full of cock. Nick himself was having the time of his life, his entire dick being deepthroated by this incredible hottie, as she continued to bob her head up and down the entire length of his cock.

After about two minutes, she stopped her fellatio, and signalled to Travis to stop his doggystyle. “We’re going to switch now,” she said. She turned around to face Travis now, swaying her ass at Nick while she did so. “I’m now going to suck your dick, Travis, while Nick pounds me in the asshole. I won’t be satisfied until you get your whole dick all the way into my ass, so you better not stop!”

With that, she began furiously sucking on Travis’ dick, even grabbing onto his hips for support. Nick did not forget her instructions, liberally applying lube to his hard dick and slowly inserting his dick into her asshole, feeling its tightness as it wrapped itself around the head of his dick. He pushed in harder, causing her to release her grip of Travis’ dick and scream, but finally he got his penis all the way into her asshole, rhythmically following the thrust of her ass to pull out about halfway, then slam his entire cock back into her asshole. They went on for about five minutes, when Travis let out a slow moan, going “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”, and his cock slowly grew flaccid as he came.

While Jen had her mouth free for a moment, she told Nick, “Don’t stop, continue pounding my ass. Fuck my pussy with your fingers, yes, that’s the way, uhh…” She began moaning as Nick started finger-fucking her, but Jen did not see a reason why Travis couldn’t continue, removing the condom from his dick while sucking on it to return him to full hardness, while she continued thrusting her ass at Nick to receive the pounding from his cock and fingers. While Travis was putting on a new condom, Jen suddenly yelled, “Oh God I’m cumming,” as her entire body shuddered, sending shockwaves through Nick’s dick and hand.

Pushing Travis onto the couch now, she made him placed his dick straight up like a flagpole, squatting down with both her legs spread past his, guiding her ass and his dick to meet, easily getting his entire length into her anus. She let out a small moan, but continued with her directions. “Nick, come here and fuck my pussy, I want both of you in me at the same time, and I want you to ram me at full fucking speed.”

Nick eagerly complied, plunging his raging member into her wet, waiting pussy, and she let out a yelp once again, both her holes full of cock, and Nick and Travis fucking her began to thrust in and out of those holes, causing her to moan with intense pleasure. She grabbed Nick’s hands, and began sucking on the fingers of one, while making the other cup one of her perfectly güvenilir casino shaped boobs. She rubbed the nipple of his other boob with her hand, and the volume of her moans gradually increased, letting out a small scream every once in awhile, accompanied by shudders rushing through her whole body.

Suddenly, after several minutes of intense fucking, Travis yelled, “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING,” as he jettisoned his semen into the condom, pulling out of Jen’s ass and rolling onto the other side of the couch, panting in exhaustion. Jen seemed to ignore him, only having eyes for Nick.

She stopped sucking on his fingers, and said, “God you’re such a fucking stud. I’ve cum like four times already and you’re still going.” Nick had never been called a stud before, and his ego surged at the compliments to his sexual prowess. She continued, “Bang me hard, Nick, harder than you’ve down before, but I want to be kissing you while you cum.” With that, she grabbed his face with her hands, and pulled him in for a liplock, the most intense kiss he’d ever experienced in his life. Maintaining the rhythm with which he was banging her pussy became harder, and soon he felt the surge of pressure in his balls, and he knew he was going to cum. Ramming even faster then, he plunged his member all the way inside her as he began his orgasm, and from the moans she was letting out and the veritable earthquake on the couch, Jen was having one as well.

Tired but satisfied, Nick released himself from Jen, rolling off onto the other side of the couch. He looked over to the other side, and saw Jen breathing heavily, her boobs heaving in a delightful motion, her legs seemingly limp after all that fucking. He noticed Travis had rolled off onto the floor and was already snoring, apparently overly tired from their fucking session.

Jen’s eyes met his, and she crawled over to him on the couch, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Get it up for me, one more time?” she pleaded, and though Nick was already extremely tired, he complied, plunging his dick into her ass as she rode him cowgirl style. They were both spent, for Nick didn’t last too much longer, and they both came once more in this short fuck session, finally collapsing prone on the couch, cuddling with each other after that exhausting night of sex.

After exploring each other’s bodies with their hands, Jen spoke up. “I know you from somewhere don’t I … do you take Kirishima’s class?”

Nick was surprised when the realization hit him. That’s where he’d seen her before. She was the pretty brunette who often wore baggy track suits to lecture. Never would he have imagined that she would have such a stunning body underneath. “Yeah, I am,” came his reply. “I was actually studying for the midterm before Travis called me.”

“I need so much help with that class,” she said with a wicked smile. “Do you think maybe you’d want to study together some time?”

Nick could only imagine what their study sessions would amount to, and a grin slowly grew on his face. “Yeah, I’d love to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20