Helen Gives Rick a Smokey BJ

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Helen pays for her wine with a smoky blow job

I’m Rick a 38 year old guy from Chester and as I wandered into his local pub was pleased to my friends Helen and Ken there. No actually I was pleased to see Helen but disappointed to see her partner Ken. I really fancy Helen even though she has a daughter only a few years younger than me.

I think she is in her mid 50s and she has short bleached blonde hair and tonight in the pub she is wearing a short black skirt with high heels. She’s also wearing a tight white t-shirt which emphasises her small firm tits and hard nipples. I’d love to think she’s wearing stockings but I guess in reality they are tights. I also love the fact that she wears lovely deep red lipstick that I can’t take my eyes off as she talks to me.

But most of all I love the sexy way she has of smoking that gives me a hard on just watching her. She realises that this does something for me.

I sat down with her and Ken and we just generally chatted. After a while she got up and went to the toilet. When she got back I saw she had put fresh lipstick on, She said she was going outside for a cigarette and I said I would join her.

She took the cigarette and put it between her gorgeous red lips then she handed me her lighter. I lit the tip of the cigarette for her and I stared at her wonderful red lips as she first inhaled and then exhaled a huge plume of white smoke.

She could clearly see what effect this was having on me as I started breathing heavily. Her next inhale was only inches from my face and with her mouth full of smoke she opened it and I could see the ball of smoke inside her mouth before she pursed her lips and blew a long thin line of smoke out through her lovely red lips.

Helen said, ‘You like watching me smoke don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘you look really sexy.’

She continued to do it as sexily as she could and she leaned forward and whispered, ‘Does it make you hard?’

I casino şirketleri blushed and nodded.

Unfortunately the cigarette was soon finished and we returned to the bar.

I told her and Ken that I would have some cheap wine soon and asked whether they would be interested and they said they would. I told them I would contact them when I got it.

Helen said, ‘Well you know I work in Greggs the bakers in Chester so why not come in and tell me when you’ve got it.’

I agreed that I would.

Helen decided she wanted another cigarette before they went home and I followed her outside and admired her long legs from behind.

When we got outside Helen said, ‘I suppose you’d like to me to put more lipstick on.’

I smiled and said I would.

She got her lipstick out of her handbag and standing very close to me she coated her lovely red lips and said, ‘You never know I might let you taste my lipstick one day.’

She then put a cigarette between her lips and again handed me the lighter. As I raised it to light the cigarette she held my hand as I lit it and she inhaled deeply and with the cigarette between her lips she exhaled and blew a lovely long plume of smoke towards me.

She asked me why I found her smoking so sexy and I said, ‘Well obviously when I see the cigarette between your lips I imagine it’s my cock there and when you open your mouth and I see a ball of white smoke in there it reminds me of my cum and I imagine I have cum in your mouth.’

‘Wow, that’s kinky, I love it,’ she replied.

She finished her cigarette and turned and kissed me on the lips. I loved the taste of her lipstick and the smell of her smoky breath.

We went inside, finished our drinks and then went our separate ways.

A couple of days later I got hold of some cheap wine and decided to call into see Helen at the shop where she worked and tell her. I took the afternoon off and went into Chester. I found casino firmaları her shop and went in. She smiled when I saw her.

She told me it was her break time in a few minutes and I should meet her round the back of the shop. I went there and waited for her.

A few minutes later she came out and immediately lit a cigarette and smoked it sexily for me. I told her I had some cheap wine for her.

She said, ‘I’m short of cash at the moment but I wondered whether I could pay you in kind.’

‘I’m sure that will fine, what have you got in mind,’ I replied.

‘Pick me up after work and you’ll find out, I finish at 4.30,’ she said.

I went back to the car and couldn’t wait until 4.30. I didn’t know what she had in mind although I knew it was going to be some sort of sexual fun. I knew that in the past she had a bit of a reputation as being a bit free with her body.

At 4.30 I waited outside the shop for her. She came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. She stopped for a moment and lit up a cigarette. We walked back to my car in the car park and I asked her what we were going to do. She smiled and said, ‘be patient it will be worthwhile.’

We got in the car and I asked where we were going but straight away she leaned over me and kissed me very passionately on the lips. Her tongue pressed against my lips and as I opened my mouth her tongue dived deep inside my mouth. I could taste both her lipstick and smoky breath.

I reached over and grabbed one of her tits. She said, ‘Later, lets go to my place, Ken is visiting his mum.’

I had a huge hard on and I drove as quickly as I could to her place.

As I drove, Helen had undone my trousers and had my cock out and was gently stroking it but making sure I didn’t cum.

As soon as we got there she took me up to her bedroom and we grabbed at each other and undressed each other. Her tits were not huge but her nipples were lovely and hard. She pushed güvenilir casino me back down on the bed and lowered herself down on my erect cock. She was very aroused and my cock slipped easily inside her as she was very, very wet.

She sank right down on my cock and then lit up a cigarette and said, ‘Play with my tits and watch me smoke for you.’

I reached up and squeezed her little hard nipples as I watched her sucking on her cigarette and saw the ball of white smoke as she opened her mouth. At the same time she was slowly riding up and down on my cock.

Helen’s orgasm soon happened and as she got closer and closer to it she rode up and down much faster.

I wanted to cum now but was disappointed when she got off me and stood up.

She started putting some more lipstick on and then lit up a cigarette and then came back to the bed and said ‘Now I’m going to give you a smoky blow job.’

Helen took a deep inhale and with the smoke still inside her mouth took my cock inside it. The heat from the smoke was incredible and how she managed to suck at the same time I’ll never know. She blew the smoke out from the side of her mouth over my balls while she sucked my cock and ran her mouth up and down my shaft.

She continued to do this and I adored the feel as the smoke entered her mouth and swirled round my hard cock. She squeezed my balls at he same time and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. The feeling of the smoke in her mouth was so good I just didn’t want to cum straight away, although I definitely needed to.

Helen finished her cigarette and as I hadn’t cum she lit another and continued sucking and smoking. As my orgasm approached I hoped she would let me cum in her mouth and I said, ‘I’m almost cumming.’

Helen took one last huge inhale and sucked and rubbed my cock so that I shot my hot spunk deep inside her mouth. She had to exhale the last lot of smoke but then sat in front of me and inhaled and then opened her mouth and I could see my cum and a ball of smoke in there. The sight was as good as I ever imagined.

Helen admitted she enjoyed it as much as I did and we now enjoy meeting at least once a week to enjoy each other sexually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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