He Loves My Feet

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What started as a dare earlier in the day was now fifteen minutes from becoming something completely different. I could feel my palms sweating and I was already perspiring from nerves despite the fact I had just showered. My roommate Sue had teased me the entire time she was polishing my toenails but she also reminded me she’d be right there in the shadows if I needed her. I guess I should explain quickly how I came to this point.

Sue and I had been shopping at the mall earlier when we ran into Jay, a friend from school who we both thought was cute. We’re all juniors in college and Sue and I have an apartment with another girl off campus while Jay lives in the dorms. We hung out together and then Jay suggested we go out back and we shared a joint. Pot always makes me horny and giggly but we knew Jay was off limits. While both Sue and I are pretty, he’s on the football team and has been dating one of the cheerleaders for two years.

We finished the joint and all of us were feeling it when Jay dared Sue to do something. She blushed and said “no way” and then he turned to me wondering if I had the nerve. I asked him what was in it for me if I said yes and he said “anything”. Sue looked shocked that I would go for it but I was willing and I told Jay that if I did it he was to come to our apartment the next day and be our “house boy” from noon until 8 PM and do whatever we asked. Now it was my turn to look shocked when he agreed. I had every intention of fucking him despite him having a girlfriend.

My dare was simple. Both Sue and I were wearing short skirts and snug tops. Sue was braless but I couldn’t do that, my 34D’s caused quite a commotion even with a bra on. I was to remove my panties and Jay would take me to a shoe store and I was to have whoever he chose fit me with a pair of high boots. That included having my foot measured which would surely expose my neatly trimmed bush to the sales person. It was silly, kinky and maybe immature but we were all buzzed at the time.

We walked through the mall and Jay was very selective. He almost settled on a gothic looking girl with her eye pierced as well as about 10 earrings in her ears but then he pulled out at the last second and found someone else. The mall was near campus and on a Saturday many of the workers were college students. Jay managed to find a guy I guessed to be my parents age (mid 40’s) in an exclusive shoe store. I almost backed out now. I thought it was bad enough I was going to show myself to another kid my age, but this guy was like my dads age. It seemed too much but then Jay reminded me that he made a wonderful slave if I had the nerve. I had the two of them surround me and I lowered my panties and dropped the tiny wet garment in Jay’s hand. “Get ready slave boy,” I said in a daring voice.

I guess the dare took only ten minutes or so but a lot happened in those ten minutes as Jay and Sue wandered around the store making sure I went through with my end of the dare. The poor sales guy gasped when I lifted my foot to put it on that measuring thing, the one with a stool on it where the guy sat and you placed your foot on the thing that measured you. His eyes stayed on my exposed crotch and he measured my bare foot and told me he’d return with the boots. He did and he slipped a little nylon thing over my feet. He was actually touching my feet in a very erotic way. I tried on the boots and sat back down and as this older guy squatted in front of me I couldn’t help noticing the outline of his dick along his thigh and it looked huge. He took my foot and let it “accidentally” touch that bulge and we both seemed to shutter. My pussy was tingling and I knew it had to be the pot because I wasn’t really attracted to older men.

I thanked him and told him I loved the boots but they were too expensive ($300) and he held my naked foot and he quietly told me I had the sexiest feet he’d ever seen. I laughed nervously. After all, no casino şirketleri one had ever mentioned my feet when they talked sexy to me. He was still holding my foot and I began to get a bit nervous. He sensed it and let my foot go immediately and once again my toes brushed the snake in his pants.

“If you let me play with your feet, I’ll give you these boots,” he said. I should’ve run out of there but I loved the boots and I was definitely curious about the huge bulge I had touched twice already. “Explain,” I said.

“I’ll bring the boots to you tonight. Just give me 30 minutes to play with your naked feet. I promise I will only touch your feet but you have to let me do what I wish with them. Then I go and I leave the boots behind” he was as uncomfortable as I was but I couldn’t believe I was considering it. “I don’t know… what do you plan on doing to my feet?” I giggled again nervously.

“I promise you will enjoy having your beautiful feet worshipped” he said and handed me his card. “Think about it. 30 minutes for $300 boots. I get off at 7:30. Call me here if you’re interested” and he stood up and held the box over his bulge and quickly walked into the stock room.

My friends were in shock at how bold I was and Jay was scared now. I reminded him that he better be over 12 sharp the next day for his end of the dare. He kissed us both on the cheek and left. We walked the rest of our buzz off and headed home. I told Sue what the guy had said and what he had offered. She seemed excited and said he was definitely a sexy older guy and I should do it because the boots were amazing. Our other roommate Beth was gone for the weekend so after considering the idea for over an hour after we got home, I picked up the phone and called Steve (the shoe salesman) and I could hear the excitement in his voice. “Black or brown?” He asked. I didn’t even realize he was talking about the boots. Finally I whispered black. I told him we had a cop that lived next door and he would be home so “no funny stuff” but Steve reassured me and to be quite honest, I didn’t feel a threat of bodily harm.

So that brings us to the present. It was 7:45 and he would be here at 8. I was still in my bra and panties wondering what to wear. Sue told me I should wear something similar to what I was wearing at the store. She was in a towel, fresh from the shower and she had polished my toes for me. She kept asking me if I was planning on touching Steve’s cock and I told her I had no intention of doing that. For some reason I let her convince me to wear another short skirt and no panties and she even talked me into a snug shirt and had me remove my bra so that my nipples stood out in front. The doorbell rang and she went into her room and told me she’d be right here if I needed help and that she would be watching to make sure I was safe. I was nervous my heart was going to pound through my chest as I opened the door, standing barefoot in the soft carpet.

Steve stood in the doorway with a bag in his hand, which I assumed contained my new boots. He smiled and that’s when I first noticed that he was a very good- looking guy. I mean I was finding him sexier by the second. He broke the silence with a soft smile and asked me if he could come in. I stepped aside and looked at him as he passed me. His dark hair was a bit longer then most guys in there 40’s allow it to grow. His shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow. He said the apartment was very nice and I led him to the sofa. I stood there for a minute before offering him a beer and he said he’d love one and I caught him eyeing my chest and my nipples straining against my tight top.

I returned with a beer for each of us and sat on the love seat across from him. We began making small talk and I had totally forgotten why he was there and my nervousness melted away as we chatted. He was surprised to learn that I was 22 and said I presented a much more mature casino firmaları picture. He said he had a daughter in college in New York who was my age. “Oh, you’re married?” I asked and even I could hear the disappointment in my voice. He smiled again (he had an amazing smile) and said he was divorced for the past three years. Now I couldn’t help but smile. He said he was 43 and that he and his ex married very young and had two children. He also had a son who was 18.

“So how does a guy paying alimony working at a mall shoe store afford to buy a girl $300 dollar boots?”

“I don’t work there” he paused and grinned at me, “I own the store. Actually I own three stores in the city. I alternate between which ones I visit and spend a few hours working. If you didn’t notice I very much enjoy handling a woman’s feet.” Oh yeah, I forgot why he was there.

“So what do I have to do? I know you said you wanted to love my feet but this is all pretty new to me” I was still a bit nervous but I realized that I was also getting wet and I wasn’t sure why. Steve stood and removed his jacket and then sat on the carpet in front of me. He told me my feet were absolutely the sexiest he had ever seen and that the color I was wearing was a real turn on. I told him my roommate had painted them for me after we got home. He said my roommate was a lucky guy to have that honor. “Girl” I said quickly and he smiled even wider then before. “So… what should I be doing?” I asked again and now I was anxious to feel his touch on my feet.

“Sit back. Close your eyes. Just relax and enjoy” and with that he lifted both my feet into his hands and began to kiss them all over. I tried to keep my thighs closed because I was panty less and I knew I was aroused. I wasn’t sure I wanted him to see that just yet, or ever for that matter.

His kisses felt surprisingly good but what really got me going was when he began using his tongue on my feet. He was licking between my toes and then sucking on them as if they were tiny painted cocks. After about ten minutes of being lost in this new sensation I asked him what physical pleasure he derived from this. I assured him it felt great for me but I wondered what he got out of this. He looked me in the eyes and lowered my foot to his crotch and rubbed it over the huge bulge in his pants. He let me rub my foot over his length and then raised my foot to his mouth and sucked the toes again. I lowered my other foot back down over his crotch and he moaned with my foot still in his mouth. “What exactly did you mean when you said you wanted to make love to my feet?” I asked him. He sat back but didn’t let go of my feet.

“I love what we’re doing right now. Later I’ll go home and jerk off thinking about your feet” his smile was gone, replaced by a look of hunger.

“Why wait until you get home?” I smiled and it looked as if he shuddered. “I’m really curious to see that thing” I let my eyes drift to his crotch, “it feels absolutely huge.”

“I’m not really hard yet” he said matter of fact.

Steve stood and I let my foot stay on his crotch for another minute until he stepped back and undid his pants. He was wearing silk boxers. I told him he should finish undressing. He suggested he would love to see me naked even though he had caught quite a few glimpses already of my wet, naked pussy. He saw me hesitate and he assured me that he wouldn’t touch anything but my feet. I guess it was a combination of me being out of control horny and also I trusted him completely for some reason.

I quickly removed the little amount of clothing I was wearing and he watched me and grinned, telling me how incredibly sexy I was. I looked down at his crotch again, still in those silk boxers and saw the leg of the shorts had risen and I could see the outline of his rising cock. I kept my legs closed now and my hand was covering my breasts. My nipples were so hard they ached and I wanted to güvenilir casino touch them, I wanted him to touch them. I could feel the wetness between my legs and it felt like a tidal wave, I couldn’t remember ever being that wet before. “Now those” I said in a quiet voice, motioning towards his boxers.

I knew it would be big but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when he turned and let his boxers fall to his ankles and stepped out of them (he had a great ass) and when he faced me my jaw dropped. It wasn’t just that he was big although it was by far the biggest I’d ever seen. It was pointing almost straight at me and I guessed it had to be 8 or 9 inches and it was very thick. What shocked me was the foreskin that covered all but the very tip of the head. I had never seen an uncircumcised man before. He also had smooth balls that were the size of eggs and they hung sexily between his legs. My heart was beating so fast in my chest I was worried he could feel it.

I leaned to the edge of the couch and he took hold of my feet and started to rub them against his cock. It only took a minute for him to get fully erect and he pulled the skin back and showed me his pink, swollen cock head. I wanted him in my mouth so bad but I was too scared. He held my feet together and wrapped them around his cock. He started pumping slowly like he was fucking me. I began to imagine him fucking me. My hand slid between my thighs, which were open because of the way he was holding my feet together, my legs were bent at the knees. He was fucking my feet now with smooth strokes and I could only imagine how well this older man would fuck my pussy. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted to take his cock in my mouth… I was losing my mind and I had two fingers in my wet hole and was rubbing my clit with the other.

He began talking to me and telling me how beautiful and sexy I was and how he adored my feet and how they made his big cock rock hard. He was telling me to make myself cum so he could explode all over my feet and he told me I was going to love feeling his thick, hot cum dribble between my toes. I started fucking myself furiously and he was fucking the arch of my feet faster and harder. I came first, it was so intense that my legs jerked and I pulled my feet away temporarily. He let me complete my orgasm before he held my feet again and I could feel his pre cum now. He looked me right in the eyes and then he held my feet together, the bottoms facing up and he started to cum. It didn’t shoot out at all but it poured out. It kept pouring out too until it started to drip down my feet.

Steve held my feet at the right angle and let his cock go. Then he did something that if I had time to think about I might have found gross, but I was lost in the moment and it turned me on again. Steve began to lick my cum covered feet clean. I swear I almost came.

When it was over we sat together like lovers. I desperately wanted to cum again but Steve told me he had to leave. He asked me what I was doing the following weekend and he said if I promised to shop the same way I did today he would surprise me with another pair of shoes next Saturday night. I asked if my roommates could join me on my shopping spree and asked if they were as beautiful as I was. I told them they were both very sexy and they both had sexy feet. I noticed had cock was starting to twitch as he dressed. He kissed me on the forehead and thanked me. I thanked him as well.

As soon as the door shut Sue came charging out of the other room holding a video.

“I got it all right here, sweetie. You owe me,” she said excitedly. She was completely nude and I stared at her shaved crotch. I’d seen it a thousand times but it was if I was seeing it for the first time just then.

“Did you get to cum?” I asked her quietly and she nodded her head, “not yet” and I smiled. Tonight I had my feet fucked for the first time and saw my first uncut cock and I loved both. I decided to continue with my night of firsts. I looked at my gorgeous room mate, tonight I would taste another woman for the first time.

“What’s that look on your face?” she asked, looking up at me as I sat on the floor by her feet. I just smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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