Happy Birthday to Me

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I looked up from my computer at the clock on the wall. 4:45 – 10/7/12 it read. It was my birthday and I was at work. The day was drawing to a close; I had been itching to get home since 2. My girlfriend had sent me a text

“Hurry home tonight birthday boy. There’s dinner and a naughty surprise waiting for you. Amber xoxox”

I asked what the surprise was but I got no reply. This was payback from her birthday. I had sent almost an identical message and when she came home I was lying in a bathrobe on the living room carpet with a glass of wine and a DVD of a fire place playing on the plasma screen. She wanted me to sweat and fantasize about her all day, and I had been. Amber was about 5’6 and very curvy. She was blonde, big green eyes and lovely creamy skin. Her breasts were pushing double D’s, I really enjoyed them; touching them, kissing them, playing with her nipples even just cradling them and feeling their weight. My mind raced all afternoon about what my surprise could be. I tried to concentrate on my work but the image of Amber dressed in her black corset and thong with her favourite stockings and heels kept nibbling at me. I was going wild thinking about it. I couldn’t wait to get home and be free of my aching erection; I was hard practically all afternoon. The second the clock ticked over to 5 o’clock I jumped up from my desk, grabbed my jacket and signed-out of the building. I took the lift downstairs to the car park. I felt a giant hand clap my shoulder.

“Hey buddy, the guys are goin’ out tonight. You In?” A deep voice asked. Before I’d turned I knew it was Chuck. He was a giant of a man of 7′ and every Friday was the same offer. Sometimes I went out to a couple bars with some guys from work; Chuck included. We would hit some upscale places for happy hour and sometimes go clubbing afterwards.

“No sorry mate” I said “I’ve got plans with my girl”. Chuck laughed and turned heading for his car.

“Alright then. Next week man, next week. We’re gunna party!” He called. In the underground basement his voice boomed and resonated, filling the space there. I got in my car and risking a few speeding fines raced home like a man possessed; in many ways I was. Sitting at the lights around the corner from my place I squeezed my firm cock, still dreaming about the curvy blonde waiting for me at the other end of the journey.

Arriving home I parked, at the door I straightened my suit. Walking up the driveway caused my erection to soften somewhat. Amber liked my business suits when she was horny; she liked to pull on my tie and how my body felt through the fine material. Turning the key in the door I heard a quiet commotion inside. Entering the room I immediately smelt a steak cooking. My apartment had been cleaned and all the lights were off barring the range-hood. There were scented candles placed around the room. Amber stood at the stove in a silk robe with her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. She turned and walked to me.

“Hi birthday boy” She pecked my lips “How was your day?” Hugging her I couldn’t feel a bra but as my hands slipped down the smooth material hugging her eccentric curves I felt the small ridge of a g-string on her hips. My senses were assaulted by her sweet perfume, a light and fruity scent. She had done her makeup with dark eyeliner and a high blush on her cheeks.

“It was okay. I had to deal with a boner all afternoon, but okay otherwise” I smiled. Amber’s hands ran from my collar down my chest and across my abs. She stepped behind me and took my jacket and folded it across the couch back.

“Sorry baby. You know how I like to tease” She took my hands “C’mon, I’ll make you feel better” She led me to my armchair and sat me down. She handed me the T.V. remote before walking back to the stove. I turned the news on but payed it no attention. My eyes were firmly fixed on Amber’s silk clad hips. She busied herself at the stove and soon returned with a plate with a fat steak and a thick mushroom sauce in one hand. In the other was a German beer I liked and some cutlery. As I started eating Ambers stood behind me. She began to massage my shoulders.

“Aren’t you gunna join me?” I asked taking a sip of beer.

“No I’ve already eaten” she said. I felt her immense breasts rest on the back of my neck as she whispered in my ear. “You should eat up. You’ll need your energy for later” She licked my ear. I felt my cock twinge. Amber rubbed my shoulders as I ate and drank, I felt like a king.

I had eaten my fill and put the plate aside on the coffee table. Amber quickly swept it up and took it back to the kitchen. Her hips swivelled so seductively beneath her robe. My cock began to throb, pulsing back to life at the sight of her round rump. She returned and sat across my lap casino şirketleri “hmmm” she said with a smile on her lips as she shifted her ass around on my dick. I felt her hot breath on my neck, followed by her hot lips. I ran my hands along her thigh, savouring the heat of her flesh. She kissed my lips, softly at first but soon becoming firm and her tongue filled my mouth. I couldn’t wait to unwrap my present, taking the time to slowly remove its silk covering.

Amber was slowly shifting herself back and forth, massaging my growing erection with her ass. I grabbed one of her breasts and she began to undo my tie.

“Are you ready for your surprise baby?” she asked very sweetly while she undid the first few of my shirt buttons.

“Just give me a minute or two for my dinner to go down” I said. Amber stood and walked to the door that joined to the bedroom, swishing her delicious hips as she walked. At the door she gestured at the bedroom, a moment later another woman appeared. It was Jane, she was a friend of Amber’s that I’d met a few times. She was a very sexy brunette; her body was very similar to Amber’s but a little taller. She was my surprise. A threesome; I was getting a threesome for my birthday!

“Are you sure you wanna wait, handsome?” Jane asked putting her arm around Amber’s waist. She was wearing a bathrobe to but hers was pink terrycloth, opened down to her cleavage. My cock throbbed looking at the two women, admiring the skin on thier legs and how thier hair spilled down over thier ample melons. I smiled and risking indigestion stood and headed for the door where the two beautiful women stood waiting for me. I closed the bedroom door behind me. Amber and Jane were kneeling beside each other on my bed. The room was light by the small lamp on my bedside table, filling the space with a dim, warm light. I couldn’t believe my luck. I kicked my shoes off and knelt on the bed between the two women.

I’d fantasized about a threesome for a long time but now that it was actually going to happen I was nervous. Amber had told me once that she was curious about girls sometimes. She said she wanted to know what kissing a girl was like and how pussy tasted. I wasn’t sure how I would handle fucking another girl with my long-time girlfriend watching because I was very monogamistic. I put one arm around each girl’s waist and they did the same to me. I was excited and anxious for what i was about to experience. I kissed Amber first, I heard Jane purr watching us. I turned to her and kissed her, it was strange and almost surreal. It had been so long since I kissed anyone but Amber. I felt my heart begin to race, it was strange sensation but I knew it was okay so I sunk in. Ours tongues found each other. Her lips were a different shape and taste to Amber’s, sweeter in a way.

I pulled away and looked back and forth between Amber’s green eyes and Jane’s brown eyes. “I think it’s your turn now girls” I said slowly. They looked to each other, they giggled. Jane’s hands touched Amber’s face and gently drew her in closer. I licked my lips, watching them. Their lips touched lightly, they giggled again then kissed deeply and passionately. I could sense that Amber was finicky but Jane was kissing with unabated enthusiasm. They pulled away from each other and smiled.

“C’mon” Amber said “Take all this off” She said running her hand down from my shoulder over my abs and over my pounding boner. I undid the buttons of my shirt and took off my undershirt and dropped them to the floor. Jane looked me up and down.

“Wow Amber, You weren’t kidding” she touched my abs. I worked hard to keep them in a somewhat defined six-pack. I slipped off the bed momentarily and took my pants off, leaving me in a tented pair of boxers. My cock was straining to burst out of its confines. Jane reached over and tugged the waist belt of Amber’s robe open. Amber mirrored the move and soon all three of us were kneeling in our underwear kissing each other feverishly, our clothes lying in a heap on the floor. Jane’s breasts were very nice, a little perkier than Ambers and with smaller nipples. I could feel two different pairs of hands on my body. I reached down and began to rub each girl’s respective moist mounds. The both moaned in equal pitch. I could feel Amber’s clit already firm beneath her panties. Shortly after I began rubbing I felt a hand fall into my boxers and pull my cock out. Soft hands held my length and began stroking me.

I felt Amber pull away from our group kiss, leaving me with Jane. Jane thrust her tongue into my mouth. Amber bent onto all fours and took me in her mouth. Looking down at her, her ass looked so delicious in her g-string bent the way she was. She sucked the head of my cock, using her tongue liberally on casino firmaları the slit of my penis.

“That feels amazing, baby” I said. Jane began to kiss my chest as I rubbed her moistening pussy. Before too long she was bent down with Amber, whispering in her ear.

“He likes that” she whispered “Suck that big cock. Oh it looks so good”. Amber stopped sucking me.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Amber said with the tip of my dick at the corner of her mouth. Jane kissed her then turned to push my pulsing dick into her mouth. Her mouth felt smaller than Amber’s as she took me in, in long, deep strokes. I groaned at the new sensation. Amber straightened up and kissed me, I could taste my cock on her tongue. “What do you want us to do for you birthday boy?” Amber purred into my ear. My dick throbbed in Jane’s mouth.

“Her” I groaned “I want you to touch to her” Amber looked into my eyes and smiled, not in a sweet way but a way that made my cock twinge with excitement.

“Mmm. don’t be shy, sweetie” Jane said hearing my request. Amber slipped to the end of the bed where Jane’s pale cheeks poked into the air. Kneeling beside her Amber ran her hands around Jane’s body, touching her neck and her shoulders, running down under her breasts and following the curve of her waist. Amber squeezed Jane’s ample buttocks, planting kisses there as she tugged her panties down her thighs. Jane’s lips vibrated feeling Amber’s hands on her. Amber slipped a finger into Jane’s pussy, causing her to break into goosebumps across her back. Jane moaned onto my cock.

Amber began thrusting her fingers into Jane, one at first then two. I could see the excitement in her face. She felt something so taboo about touching another girl but at the same time wanted to let her curiosity get the better of her. Jane had started sucking my dick faster and harder, pressing her lips firmly around its veiny circumference. It was beginning to push me towards coming.

“That’s so good Jane. I need a breather though” I gasped. Jane looked up at me.

“Aw but I’m having fun. I’m sure Amber can entertain me for a bit though” She kissed my prick once as I slid off the bed. I headed out into the kitchen. As I left I heard Jane say “Lie down”. In the kitchen I got a beer out of the fridge. I really needed to a break, just thinking about what was waiting for me in the bedroom kept me rock hard. I really wanted to prolong this threesome and as with all sexual experiences when the guy climaxes it’s all downhill from there. I drank half the bottle pretty quickly and headed back to the bedroom. Before I entered the room I heard the distinct sound of Amber moaning, we’d been together long enough that I could recognise what she was experiencing; in this case oral sex.

Amber was naked, lying on her back with Jane’s face buried well between her thighs. Amber was groaning and bucking against Jane’s face revelling in the pleasure she was receiving. Suddenly my break was almost worthless, this was so goddamn hot.

“Keep going, right there. Yeah that’s good” Amber panted, I saw Jane shift a little to get at a different part of Amber’s pussy. “Holy shit! That’s even better. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuck!” Amber squealed as she came with a wild orgasm, her hands clamped to the sides of Jane’s head. I’d never heard her come like that when I ate her out, apparently Jane knew a secret that I didn’t. Jane pulled her face from Amber’s cunt and looked over to me; she wiggled her butt around in a tight circle begging for me. I took a long swill of beer and walked to the bed. Amber’s eyes were wide open watching Jane as she lapped at her cunt in that secret way. I touched the tip of my aching cock to Jane’s opening, she shivered.

Slowly I began to push into her savouring the warmth of her body, once the head was in I placed both hands on her hips and shoved deep inside. Jane moaned as best she could with a mouthful of pussy. I began to fuck her as she ate Amber; her tongue stokes matching with my thrusts. Jane’s pussy wasn’t as tight as Amber’s but still felt good wrapped around me. Each thrust took my full length without protest and my balls slapped Jane’s clit as I began to pound into her. The room was filled with the scent of pussy and the sound of Jane’s tongue work and our collective groans.

“Faster” I heard Jane say. I heard her the first time but i asked anyway.

“What?” I panted.

“Faster” she said louder now. I picked up my pace a little.

“Say it again” I ordered. I love when girls tell me what they want.

“Faster. Fuck me fast and hard. Make me come” Jane groaned. I obliged. I began to fuck her hard and fast, each stroke took my tip back to her entrance before plunging deep into her hot depths. I was thrusting so güvenilir casino hard that Jane’s legs buckled beneath her so she was lying on her belly still licking Amber’s cunt. Amber liked when I did this position with her and Jane was no different.

“Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes” Jane muttered very quickly. A second later I felt her pussy squeeze my cock in orgasm. “Ooohh!” She cried.

“It’s Amber’s turn now” I said. Jane twitched for a moment still recovering from coming. I had expected her to roll out of the way but instead she straddled Amber and climbed up her body, soon her thighs were at her lips. Amber looked past Jane’s folds down to me.

“I don’t know about this” She said hesitantly, it seemed she was as nervous about this whole thing more so than I.

“Just try it. You said you wanted to know how it tastes” I replied staring into her eyes. I saw a grin creep across her lips before she turned her face up and into Jane’s pussy. Her hands grabbed at Jane’s round ass, pulling her closer. I touched my cock to Amber’s familiar pussy, it was slick and glistening with Jane’s saliva and her juices. I pushed into her and she moaned into Jane’s clit, making her lips reverberate, pushing Jane just that bit closer to orgasm once more. I sat back on my haunches thrusting my cock against the roof of Amber’s pussy, one of my hands fell to her clit while the other plunged two fingers into Janes gaping pussy.

“More!” Jane cried. Amber and I sped our efforts up when Jane might have only been talking to one of us. She immediately doubled over in orgasm, gripping the rails of my headboard. My fingers were overcome with a squelch of Jane’s cum, I felt Amber’s tongue lapping the juices from my knuckles. I rubbed Amber’s big clit with my thumb, stroking hard against the hood. It was Amber’s turn to come on my cock, I felt her pussy squeeze me as she came. We thrust and licked and moaned til Jane was about to come again; nearly 10 minutes.

“Oh this feels amazing, but can I have more cock?” Jane said breathlessly. Amber pulled her face away from Jane’s pussy and slid out from under her, Jane stayed in her all-fours position. She shuffled back towards me and my waiting, aching cock. Amber knelt at my side slightly behind me, she ran her hands down my body and gripped my prick, she guided it into Jane’s swollen lips. I began to thrust into her as Amber kissed my neck and licked my ear.

“Hear that baby? She likes getting fucked. She likes taking that long, hot dick” Amber said in my ear, still loud enough for Jane to hear. As she spoke she drew each obscene syllable out in long, hot breaths. I was beginning to sweat, I was getting towards coming and Amber whispering dirty nothings in my ear wasn’t helping. Amber raised her hand and smacked Jane across her creamy buttocks, immediately a hand print appeared on the smooth skin. Jane cooed, one of her hands slipped down to her clit and began to quickly rub back and forth.

“Hmmm I think she liked that. Should we go another?” Amber whispered nipping my earlobe.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes. More” Jane groaned. Amber spanked her again, looking now I noticed she was fingering herself. Cramming three slippery fingers into her tight pussy. I felt the unmistakeable pulse from deep in my groin, I was going to come soon. My mind raced over where I wanted to blast my load, inside Jane or on Amber’s tits or in one of their mouths.

“I’m going to come soon!” I grunted, Amber and Jane growled simultaneously in anticipation.

“Come on baby, come for us. I wanna taste it. Come for us, give it to us” Amber said, her hand was a blur as she thrashed her cunt. She spanked Jane again.

“Oh shit!” I huffed, Jane slid forward freeing my cock. Amber immediately grabbed it and pumped furiously along its slippery length.

“Come on baby. Gimmie that cum” She said. My balls shrunk and long strings of white jism exploded across Jane’s rear. The first shot hit her dead centre of her asshole, the second and third across the top of her ass cheeks. I inched closer to spray the last few pumps at her gaping pussy.

I collapsed and revelled in my immense pleasure. Amber leant down to Jane’s ass and began to suck up the pearly cum dribbling down her body. Licking it up from her twitching pussy to the top of her ass crack, collecting the cum in between. Her lips picked up the last drops from Jane’s butt cheeks and swallowed the load down.

“Aw. Didn’t save any for me?” Jane said straightening.

“There’s still some here” Amber said pointing to the bit of hot jism still drooling from my cock. Jane practically pounced on it and slurped the drips into her mouth. She used her hand to squeeze my shaft from my balls to the tip, milking every last drop from me. We all fell into bed, panting in satisfaction and our bodies twitching in the last throws of orgasm. We slept the night naked with me in the centre of the bed and the girls each hugging one side of me, their hot pussies pressed against my thigh.

So, happy birthday to me, huh?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20