Haircut Club

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John strapped the clip around Julia’s neck. Her slightly longer than shoulder length thick orange brown blonde hair fell down as he moved his hand away. John couldn’t believe she wanted to remove her hair due to its amazing color. Her hands hung outside the chair over the armrest hanging. John moved over rubbing what she thought was an 8 inch penis. She giggled betraying her confidence.

See this was no ordinary school club. John found out that a lot of girls hated their hair. While he loved it. Being relatively popular he convinced a few girls to let him cut their hair and fuck them. When they agreed John was over the moon.

(Back to present)

Julia turned her hand around and grabbed his swollen package through his underwear. She could feel it’s heavy warmth. She tiptoed her fingers up to the waist band. He stopped her and he turned around. She could feel her large C breast grow larger touching the cold sheath and seat. Her pussy loosened spilling liquid down the seat. John turned around with scissors in hand.

John leaned in and kissed her. He could feel her lust. He jumped up on the chair spreading his legs across her body. His packaged giant right up next to her breasts. She leaned in and kissed it.

John didn’t bahis firmaları jump but he did grab a 1 inch thick section of hair. The thick orange blonde and black strand suspended in air by his fingers. He reached with the scissors and snapped them shut severing the hair. He held the hair in front of her.

Julia looked at the hair her best feature dead in front of her. She could feel the left side of her face empty from where the hair had been. She broke the silence.

Julia, “That was amazing but I can’t bear it just put the rest in a ponytail and chop it off.”

John didn’t respond he placed the hair on top of where her boobs protruded. John then dismounted the chair and took the scissor and cut his underwear. His penis flew out. Julia had been wrong this was not 8 inches but 10. It stuck out touching her right tit. He jabbed at her with it. Her C cups danced. She leaned to the right and kissed it. Her hair touched it causing the tip to begin and change color.

John walked behind her grabbing a hair tie. He grabbed her hair and placed it right at the crown of her head. He wished she wore it up more. He loved seeing it in its amazing glory in the sun. John reached for his strongest scissors. But to quench his hair fetish he kaçak iddaa lifted his cock pushing her ponytail out of the way. His cock covered in her hair pressed on her neck. He began to sway back and forth. Her hair fell along his cock. John grinned and kept his balls clenched saving his load.

Julia moaned being turned on by this hair fucker. Her nipples were solid as steel they were clearly visible through the sheath. He pussy was releasing fluid like a rapid. The fluid pooled and fell to the ground. She could feel John pull the ponytail aside and insert the scissors around it’s wide base.

John held the thick monster. He slowly worked the scissors cutting the edges making the ponytail easier to remove. He whittled it down to only a small amount held the tail in place. He then brought the scissors together killing any connection to her hair. He lifted the severed beauty to the air.

Julias remaining hair fell into place as a short bob. John walked in front of her holding the ponytail. It held its final shape. John began wrapping it around his cock. Julia began to moan louder watching him do this. He then removed it from his penis and smacked her lightly in the face with it. She yelled and John lifted the sheath that covered her. kaçak bahis He saw her wet pussy dripping. He took the tip of her ponytail and dipped in in her juices. He then put the sheath down.

Julia looked at him as he put the tip of the ponytail in his mouth tasting her sweet juices. Julia squealed with excitement. John stood on the chair and slowly began inserting his 10 inch cock in her pussy. Julia began to buck as his cock became to much for her.

Meanwhile John let go of her exquisite ponytail which fell on the nearby table with a thud and began inching deeper into her. He grabbed her head feeling the freshly cut strands. He grabbed a pair of clippers off the table and switched them on.

Julia had gone limp from the pain and pleasure from Johns large organ. She saw the clippers and grew excited. The remains of her once great hair was 4 inch long black and that godly orange color. John but the razor to the back of her neck and began to bring it around to the front. Orange and black strands began to fall on her hardened tits. She was in complete ecstasy.

John finished her off. Leaving 1 inch all around. She looked cute with her natural black and orange pixy. John pulled out not cumming and bowed her head. He then released flushing her new do with thick heavy cum. Some dripped down on her tits. John the cleaned up and she left…

Come Monday everyone at school was asking her what happened and who cut her hair. She only told on girl…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20