Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 01

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Her view: Lying on her back with her legs spread wide, she marveled at how much she had learned about her relationship and her partner and his needs. Pillows were stuffed under her ass to raise her off the bed and her legs were tied around the thigh with just enough cord to comfortably pull them apart and back so her cunt was comfortably on display. She appreciated the reduced strain to keep her legs apart. Between her legs was her spouse of many years nibbling on her clit. As the pleasure starts to rise she knows that she is actually the person in control here. Although she seemingly is the one tied up she knows her partner is caged and without any control over his orgasm. She gets to play on her terms.

You see, through joyful experimentation she has learned of her partner’s desire for her guidance in day to day sexual encounters. At first she found this confusing and it did cause some distraction in their relationship. But as time moved on she was able to find ways that pleased her and her partner.

Now she is much more comfortable in deciding when and how she will enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm and it is not always tied to her partner getting “in the mood”. She has learned she can enjoy orgasms in many places and times. It might be in the morning, in the shower, or even on the patio. He is somehow always ready now and she merely needs to decide she is ready. Her partner is now wonderfully attentive to her whole body and not just focused on her pussy. She spends many nights getting backrubs and having lotion spread all over her body. She appreciates the attention and sucking of her breasts. She loves the touching and attention when she is out shopping.

Partner View: Kneeling on the bed between her legs he slowly circles her clit. He has found over the past few months that she likes it slow and in circles. The pleasure is in pleasing her. He has been guided to circle her thighs with a special purple cord and then tie her legs so they rest comfortably behind her. She loves to have the pillows piled so her ass is easily spread and her pussy easily licked. She enjoys feeling her pussy being stretched and open. She has a special desire to be in this position and her moaning says he is doing just fine. He feels his cock getting hard but sadly the cage keeps it out of reach.

After bahis firmaları explaining his desires a few years ago the two of them have been working on ways for him to please her. One of the first and most important ways was the introduction of the chastity devices. You see she wants to be desired and it turns out that he was being a bit selfish as many men can be. In times of stress the idea of taking the time and effort to be romantic succumbs to the desire to reduce the pressure on his cock. The sad truth was he was whacking off as a time saving measure but in reality was missing out on so much. Efficiency is not everything!

Her view: As she embraces the slow building of joy she remembers how she was able to achieve this pleasure. It seems that as the pressures of life encroached on her daily life she needed cuddling and attention. Sadly it seemed that as her stress level went up she was getting a bit less of what she desired. It was only due to an interesting conversation she had with her partner that a solution seemed to be around the corner. He admitted that in a few “rare” instances he whacked himself off but that he found a device called a “cage” that would keep him from touching himself. She was a bit creeped out by this idea but as a good partner she felt she should at least try to please.

Wow what a find! It turns out that by locking him in this little cage device he went from sometimes disinterested to always and totally attentive. What is the deal here? Some sort of magic? At first she would lock him up for a few hours at a time and the start of the “attention” was the most exciting discovery. Why is this working so well? Always concerned for his welfare, she was often reluctant to make him spend too much time in the cage. “Wouldn’t it hurt if I leave him in too long” she would think. How can he take the pinching and the pressure? Don’t you want to get out and fill my pussy?

Of course the answer lies in the statement that “less is more”! As she experimented with his reactions it turns out the longer she had him in the cage the more intense the attention to her needs. It also turned out the longer in the cage the more explosive his orgasms. During one starting session she asked him if it was ok to keep him in the cage at night? That little question led to the cage being kaçak iddaa left on for the whole weekend. He endured three days and nights in the cage! He said he was ok at night although his cock tried to escape twice and he had to get up and go to the bathroom to keep the cage from pinching his balls. Poor baby she thought! I am starting to like the results!

The upside of the weekend was he was so attentive on Sunday! It seems that after a day or so, he was itching to get out and knew the way out was to pay attention.

She didn’t want his cock to hurt or get hurt but on the other hand he wanted to sit next to her and hold her hand while watching TV? He suggested they take a nap and even offered to rub lotion all over her? Wow, how fun. In the end she asked that he sit between her open legs and use his fingers to spread her pussy. Closing her eyes she felt it start. The bit of embarrassment of her open legs and the fantasy of a master showing her off to his other masters brought her to the edge. Someday she may share this fantasy but for now she enjoys the time to herself. Tiny little circles and the spread of her lips made her breathe faster. She wanted him to stop but it had started and she could not back away. Her leg muscles started clinching and her pussy started spasms. Waves of pleasure overcame her until she had to push his fingers away. Should she let him out? What a challenging question now that she found the key to getting his attention. Perhaps she should experiment with keeping the key out of sight? I wonder how many days he might survive being locked up?

Partner view: All this attention to her pussy and here he is caged and restrained from feeling his cock. One would think this would be a horrible spot for a guy but in reality he could not be happier! Over time he has built up some tongue muscle and his ability to tease and please her has gotten better. At first he was not sure she would like him being caged but it seems that the pressure forced him to try new ways to get her attention and let him out. She started out so nice and she was constantly worried he would be in pain. After awhile she asked him to stay caged longer and longer. Maybe she was realizing that the restriction has an overall pleasurable side effect. The giving of control to her releases him from all worry. kaçak bahis No longer does he have to restrain from masturbating as he can’t physically do it. If he gets an orgasm it is because she wants him to have one. He can do no wrong! He can focus on her and begging for a release.

Although he was sure if he begged she would let him out, he tried to make her comfortable in to keeping him caged 24/7. It worked and she kept him in the cage all weekend. By the end of the weekend he was more excited than when they started. This restraint seems so captivating. This release from determining when and how he would orgasm was so liberating. Each time he would pay attention to her his wand got trapped in the cage and increased the pressure and pleasure. That gift of control is intoxicating! The longer he stays caged the more exciting the journey. What can he do to make her happy and let him out? Sitting between her legs looking down at the cage he was fingering her clit using slow easy circles. Soon he knew she was feeling good. Her legs started to rock in and out just a little bit. Concentrating on soft circles she started to breathe harder. It was subtle as it started but soon she was trying to move away from his finger. He knew this was just a bit of a wish as she loved the attention. Soon his cock was smashing itself in the cage as he pushed two fingers into her pussy and kept circling her clit. Spasm after spasm on his fingers let him know she was in another world.

Her view: Slowing down and feeling the relaxation she now knew she needed to explore how long she could keep this attention on her pleasure. She planned to keep the cage on all week and find out what could happen. Maybe she could get a massage or lotion rubbed on her skin. This just might have some benefits she had not planned on. He is going to be surprised.

Partner view: Oh my cock is so randy. Watching her come has a pleasure of its own. I am ready now to fill her and get released. I know she wants to finish this weekend with a bang. I think I might bust out of this cage if she doesn’t release me.

To be continued? What is that? Did you say you like the attention? That is great because I love giving you the attention. Did you say you are not going to unlock me now? Wait, I think it is going to hurt my cock if I don’t get out? Did you say you are willing to take that chance? Wait a minute, I thought you would want to end this? What, you like how attentive I have been? Of course I will stay this way if you let me out. You don’t believe me?

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