Gale’s Sexual Enlightment

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Well hey, where do I start. Okay, my name is Gale, named after my grandmother who I adore and is a fantastic woman, when she was my age she was a real beauty, even though I still think she’s beautiful in a very mature and sexy way. But this is about an experience that she helped me with that changed my life as well as hers.

First let me describe myself to you. I’m twenty-five, 5’7″, weigh 120#’s, my legs and my butt are two features that I get most compliments on; my legs are long, slender and well shaped, so everyone tells me, and my butt is narrow and padded in the rear, if you know what I mean. like a guys bum. I’m only a ‘B’ cup, but I’m kind of happy with my tits; they stick straight out, my areola is about the size of a silver dollar and are puffy, and my nipples almost the size of my little finger tips. If I’m horny I won’t wear a bra, in fact even if I’m not horny, (that’s not very often) I don’t wear a bra, but if I wear this one special blouse with no bra, as I walk and my tits bounce, my sensitive nipples will rub against the fabric and gets my pussy sooo wet, that I have to go to the ladies room quickly, and get myself off. Or if I’m in a crowd like shopping, walking or at a meeting, I’ll quickly find somewhere to sit, and while I’m sitting I just squeeze my thighs together in rapid succession. Of course my panties get so soaked that I have to change them, (I learned a long time ago to have an extra pair in my purse), but if I don’t have an extra one, I’ll just go without for the day. To sum it all up, I’ve got an athletic body, between that and my overall looks I’m sure that’s how I got my job.

Please don’t get the impression that I’m stuck up or in love with myself, well, I have to admit it, I do love myself but not in a conceited way. To a point I am married; the reason I say it that way is because my husband of three years, Mark, is a great guy, a little older than me, a real hunk at 6’2″ and 195#’s and does very well financially; as well as I do as a spokeswoman. for a large corporation that is listed on the New York exchange. We both dress in the latest clothing fashions, and in my position they like me to wear clothes that are on the cutting edge i.e. a tailored suit with a short enough skirt to show as much of my legs with 4-5″ spike shoes, but without making me look cheap. Everything is great between us but, you guessed it, SEX. I have tried everything to turn him on; the sexiest lingerie, I mean real wild stuff; I’ve sat next to him, in front of him playing with my wet pussy, in fact even to the point where I actually can’t stop myself from cumming.

I tell my grandmother a lot of personal things that I don’t tell my mother, her daughter, they’re like night and day when it comes to personal things, especially about sex. Grandma always reads me like a book; she’s a widow in her mid sixties and was born and lived mostly in Europe, they are much more open about sex and sexuality. I drop off at her house once or twice a week just to visit, and to talk to her and get her advice, if I ever ask for it; she is always straight forward, regardless of how frank it is; my mother always beats around the bush and I never got a straight answer from her when it came to sex.

This one day that I dropped off to see granny, was a day when I was sexually really up tight. I mean I masturbated frequently, and Mark knew that I did, in fact I’ve done it in front of him just to see if I could get him turned on, but most of the time he would just look at me, give me a smile as if I was a pet dog, and then continued watching his football or basketball game. But let’s face it, masturbating is great, but there are times that you like the warm touch of another person. Oh, by the way granny was the one that bought me my first vibrator when I was in my mid teens; that’s what I mean about her being quite open about sex.

As soon as I got into her house and we started talking, she looked at me and said, “honey, you look like you really need some good loving, what happened, you out of batteries. he he?” Meaning for my vibrator. “In fact, I’ve got some real great toys that are better than what I got you a long time ago, I use them almost every day; I guess that’s what keeps me smiling and young, hehe.” She could read me like a book.

“I don’t know granny, usually that takes care of me. “Granny knew that like her, I was highly sexual, and that Mark was not. “I think that it might be something else, I’m not sure; maybe it’s because I’m anxious to have a baby, you know, anxiety. I mean my whole body has been so up tight, I feel as stiff as a board and feel like screaming.

“Oh sweetheart, you’re just all wound up tight, what you need is a good old fashion massage. Now I go to this lady once or twice a week, ever since your granddad died, well maybe even before he died, and let me tell you, she’ll make you feel like a whole, new person. She’s from across and has been here about ten years, I think she may have come from India because she is a little casino şirketleri on the dark side, but she has the smoothest and strongest hands that will make you feel just great. I’m going to make an appointment for you for tomorrow; I’ll call and tell her to give you a massage just like she does for me. She’s an attractive, about forty, woman, but you don’t have to say much, she’ll be able to tell just by how your body responds as to what you need, she’s being doing this since she was just in her teens. When will be a good time for you, oh, and one thing, there is no time limit so that she can take all the time that you need. How about this time tomorrow, before you go home.”

I know better than to argue with granny, and I also know that she has always been right as far as what I needed and what is good for me, so I told her that I would go.

That night at home, I thought that I would discuss it with Mark, but as it turned out he called and said that he had a late meeting and not to wait up for him, besides, regardless what I told him that I was going to do, he would just end up saying that it was okay with him. That night I went to bed even more tense, even after masturbating several times with the vibrator and rubbing my clit, and I still had a very restless sleep.

The next day I woke up knowing that I was going to be ill tempered all day, and in my line of work it does not bode well. I had a meeting with a consulting firm, a group of Asian stock holders and a staff from our P.R. Dept.. When I was through for the day, I made a mad dash for that addy that granny gave me, I was a basket case. I was a basket case and even if this woman gave me a simple back rub, I knew it would help me.

When I arrived at the address on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, I well aware of the fact that this was a very plush building, I mean I’m in the high rent district; offices for doctors, MD’s as well as phd’s. Wow, I thought to myself, this is going to cost a bunch.. When I got to her suite on the top floor, the door was locked so I hit the button for the chime; I waited patiently for about thirty seconds and the door opened by a very attractive young girl of about twenty. She introduced herself as Mayli, she looked like she was Eurasian, then with a bright smile she led me to another room.

Mayli had long , silken black hair that went down to the middle of her back; her complexion was as smooth as polished ivory and she was almost as tall as me. She had emerald eyes that were almost hypnotic to look at; also she had a loose fitting silk gown that was a colorful print, and the emerald color of the gown matched her eyes. Very exotic looking, and for some reason I just kept staring at her and felt as though that my body was starting to relax just by looking at her.

“Madame will be here in just a moment or two, in the meantime we shall have a cup of her special blended Indian herbal tea, it will help you relax a little before we start working out some your tension. I’m her assistant and she is also my mentor so that in the near future I shall be able to either open my own salon, or maybe I’ll just stay with her, it will be as she wishes.”

All the time she talked to me, she stared right into my eyes, even while I was sipping my tea. Between her eyes and the tea, I was definitely starting to feel more relaxed. I couldn’t believe how in just fifteen minutes or so since I arrived, the tension of my body seemed to be letting go. However, my pussy was really starting to feel a great deal more excited, almost to the point that I felt as though that I really had to grit my teeth to keep my hand from going down and start rubbing my clit or squeezing my thighs..

Just then the door opened and a very beautiful and sophisticated looking woman entered the room, came immediately over to me and stood right in front of me. She leaned down, and with a smile on her face, she looked into my eyes, and then gave me a kiss; I mean a real kiss as a man would give a woman in the heat of passion; WOW, instead of feeling disgusted, I almost came. I was never repulsed about lesbian sex, but I never thought that my body would respond in the manner in which it did, this woman certainly knew how to kiss another woman. My panties were soaked.

“So, I finally get to meet my beautiful friends granddaughter, she was so right, you are as beautiful and sexy looking as she said you were. I’m sure that you know that your grandmother loves you very, very much, and I can easily see why.” The way she said it, about your grandmother ‘LOVES’ you gave me a very funny feeling. Oh well, in my present mental state of mind, every word has sexual connotations.

“Your grandmother told me everything about you, and she told me to treat you as lovingly as I treat her and I assured her that you would be well taken care of. So before we start are there any questions you would like to ask? Are you feeling comfortable and relaxed.?”

“Yes, thank you, I’m ready to start with my massage; you casino firmaları and Mayli have made me feel very comfortable.” I just couldn’t understand how by just being in their presence and drinking the tea could make my body loosen up, but as I mentioned, my sexual need had compounded ten fold and I knew for sure that as soon as either of them touched my body with their hands, that I would cum. Maybe I should just tell them that suddenly I feel much better and just leave. I’m so embarrassed. “The only question I have is, about how much is this going to cost? I mean we’re not really very wealthy and I…”

She gestured with her hand and said. “Darling, your beautiful grandma is taking care of everything, so please don’t worry about that. Also, your beautiful grandmother and I have become very, very close friends, I take it that she didn’t mention that to you, huh.”

“Then let us start, I can see we’re going to have to spend a lot of time with you; I hope your partner won’t be upset if you come home late.” That was more of a statement instead of a question; plus I immediately became aware of the fact that she said ‘partner’ instead of husband, that was strange.

Mayli led me to another room, it was a spa, but it was decorated lavishly and had everything that you could possibly need, from different massage benches, workout equipment as well as machines and equipment that I had never seen before.

As I was observing all of this in total awe, I looked over and saw Mayli standing in back of me, and she was completely naked. My god, her body was perfection, there wasn’t a flaw or a negative feature anywhere. Her breasts were a firm “C” cup with very prominent and elongated nipples, her waist must have been about 24″, her tummy was as flat as a wash board, there wasn’t a hair on her mound and it revealed a beautiful smooth and puffy mound with perfect pussy lips, slightly parted, and perfectly shaped slim legs. Hell, I was beginning to feel like a cow next to her.

I couldn’t help but stare at her, and it was obvious, but then, with my total focus on Mayli, I wasn’t aware that Madame had silently come into the room, and was watching me as I was staring at Mayli.

“I see that you find Mayli as beautiful as we all do, but don’t be embarrassed,” She could obviously see my flushed face from being caught, “we all stare at the magnificence of Mayli’s body, like a China doll. But now, Mayli, please help our beautiful guest off with her clothes so that we can start.”

I let out a little gulp like sound and didn’t have a chance to tell her that I could take off my own clothes, but what really was getting me embarrassed was that I knew as soon as she started taking off my panties, she, I mean both of them would see how soaked my panties were, god, how humiliating.

Mayli was taking off my clothes as if I was on exhibition, gently taking off one item, folding it, and then slowly taking off the next piece of clothing. She finally had me standing there in my 4″ spiked, (bosses orders) heels, my bra, and my panties. The smell of my sexual wetness was so damn strong, and I knew that they could easily smell my arousal, but what was even more shocking , when I quickly glimpsed down to see what Madame and Mayli were staring at, I could see that the crotch of my bikini panties had disappeared into my slit and my engorged inner lips were protruding and very visible on either side of my panty crotch; then she removed my bra; my nipples were aching hard and stood straight out. Damn, damn, why couldn’t Mark get me like this and then rape me. Both of them stared at me as I stood in front of them, seemingly with just my, looking like crotchless panties, and my shoes. At this point if my legs would move, I would have run out of the place.

“You look astonishingly beautiful.” the Madame said. “It’s no wonder your grandmother is so in love with you. And look at you, you poor dear, you look very uncomfortable in those soaked panties, please let me take them off for you.” At this point I thought what more could I hide. “Now spread your legs.” she said as she knelt down in front of me. Madame delicately ran a finger down inside, just above the crotch of my panties as to separate it from my slit, as her finger slid down, it touched my exposed, throbbing clit, I let out a tempered moan, even though I felt like yelling ‘fuck, fuck yeas’ as I came. My cum is usually in a healthy volume and her hand was soaked; some of my cum that she didn’t wipe with my panties, was slowly trickling down my thighs.

After she removed my panties, I now stood completely naked with the exception of my shoes, Madame said, “Gale, you look as sexy standing there naked, as Mayli. Don’t you think that she is just the picture of perfection?” she said to Mayli. With a smile, Mayli strongly agreed. It was if they weren’t even aware that I came right in front of them; in fact I was still rather shaky on my legs as I stood there catching my breath from my wonderful release; And I could see güvenilir casino that her hand was soaked with my cum all over them. She started wiping my cum off of her hands using my panties, and when she was finished she took my panties up to her face and sniffed my soaked panty crotch, and said to Mayli, “sweetheart,” as she put my panties to Mayli’s face, “doesn’t she smell just delicious?”

“Dear, ” Madame said, “I can see by the expression on your face that you’re curious about what I just did with your sweet nectar, I’ll explain our philosophy, and our beliefs on our sexuality for women; we believe in openness’, as you will soon learn, and that we are not inhibited about what we do. For instance you just came from my touch, there would be absolutely no reason for you to be embarrassed about that. But you will learn more as we progress.” Madame said as she rubbed my juices into her soft hands as if it was some expensive scented hand lotion.” Mayli, would you please bring our yoga mats so that we can do a little meditation to start with.”

“We will start by sitting with our legs crossed, in the lotus position with one heel under our crotch. Fine, that’s it Gale, now put your hands down on your lower tummy. Our meditation will be in the form of a low, soft chanting as we slowly rock our bodies on our heels. Our sexuality comes from our minds, but our minds need, such as a battery in a car, that spiritual energy to give us the very optimum of energy that our mind needs to give us our bodies total response for continued pleasure, such as orgasms that go on and on, or for any physical endeavor we wish to engage in. Let us start. Now totally clear your mind of everything.”

I watched them start their chanting, like you hear monks in a monastery, they had their eyes closed and their bodies were slowly rotating on their feet. I hesitated for a moment and wondered when I was going to get my massage, but as looked at these two beautiful women, I noticed a glow in their facial expressions, the next thing I knew, I was imitating them. I heard Madame say softly, almost as if she was in a trance, ” close your eyes and look for the light, it will get brighter and brighter, and then you will know that your spiritual energy is peaking. At that point open your eyes and look straight into our eyes, we will all be about on the same energy level and we will support one another.”

My body, on its own, responded to what she had said, and as I was chanting and my body was doing its movements, I saw a light inside my head as if all else was voided in my head and it was making room for this heavenly source of energy to penetrate my head. At the same time, not that I did it consciously, but my body was moving faster and faster and also my hands were putting downward pressure on my pubic area, the pleasure was becoming indescribable, I mean in all my years of masturbating, I had never received this kind of pleasure; my head was full of bright colors as if I was watching fireworks, one crescendo after another. I remembered what Madame had instructed and I opened my eyes My chanting turned to low moans and then the orgasms started, “Oh my god, I repeated over and over in my mind, as looked right into their eyes that seemed to increase my sexual pleasure to the extreme; please let it go on and on. Oh god, yeaase, yeas, YES.” I could feel my juices flowing freely, but then I heard this soft Angelic like voice, after I don’t know how long, but it could be forever as far as I was concerned.

“Beautiful, let go, catch your breath and start slowing down.” I was still cumming but I knew the voice was wise and letting me know that to stop concentrating on my orgasms, it was the most awesome feeling, but I let my thinking take over and let go. Did they know that this would happen to me, But then, as we all stayed in that position, I could see quite clearly that their hairless pussy lips were in a state of arousal and wet as well as mine were. I looked at them and I saw something beautiful.

When I was finally able to catch my breath and I opened my eyes, the two beautiful women were looking at me with big smiles, but for some reason I wasn’t embarrassed at all. To tell you the truth it didn’t feel any different than having lunch or a drink with a couple of girlfriends, I couldn’t believe the change of attitude that had overcome me. Before this, I wouldn’t admit to my closest girlfriend that I masturbated, other than granny; now I’m afraid that whenever I get that itch, and I’m with my girlfriends, I’ll just start rubbing my clit as if it was nothing to get off looked down at my mat and noticed a pool of my juices next to my foot.

“Didn’t really want to stop you,” Madame said, “but you were having one orgasm after another for about ten minutes, and I’m sure if I didn’t make the suggestion to stop, you would have continued to cum for the next hour. But now we shall continue with the next exercise. But let me just say at this point, are you beginning to see what pleasure you can receive from within, a spiritual pleasure. Losing your inhibitions as well as any embarrassment when you receive the ultimate sexual pleasure that your mind, and your body can give you. You were glowing, inside and out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20