Fun in New Caledonia Ch. 01

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A school trip to New Caledonia worked out a lot more exciting than I thought. Our hotel room mates had been sorted weeks ago and I was quite excited because my friend and I got to share a room, just the two of us.


After arriving at our hotel, the 30º heat was really getting to us so we crossed the road and went to the beach for a long needed afternoon swim. The water was so clear and beautiful, nothing like what we have at home. But after an hour or so, my room mate Jake decided to go back and shower etc. I said that I would be up in 10 minutes or so. So as he went back to the hotel, I continued playing around in the water with a few of the girls in our group.

We all decided to get out not long after and reside to our respective rooms. I opened the door to our hotel room and Jake was still in the shower. I was dry but cold and wished he would hurry up, so I decided to use one of the other rooms’ showers. As I walked out of our room, I caught a glimpse through the considerably large crack in the open bathroom door. There casino şirketleri was Jake, on the floor of the shower with water running over his chest, his legs spread wide in the air and two fingers were thrusting in and out of his cute white arse, his other hand jerking his cock.

I was slightly shocked at first, not thinking that he would be the kind of guy to do that. But as I looked a little closer, I was getting highly aroused. I just had to do something! I went back and dropped my stuff on the bed, getting undressed but keeping my underwear on, not that it hid much of my hard cock. I walked back to the bathroom and just walked in, as if on accident. I acted shocked to see Jake on the floor of the shower playing with himself, even though deep down I was extremely turned on. And I pretended to stumble over my words, and pathetically apologise, all the while Jake’s still got his fingers in his arse, saying not to worry, but just don’t tell anyone.

I thought to myself that I could use this to my advantage. “I won’t tell anybody casino firmaları if you don’t Jake”, I said, and he looked confused. I kept my underwear on and just got into the shower with him as my heart began to race. I bent down and kissed him, running my hands over his chest and then I lifted him up, pushing him to the corner as we made out. His warm, wet body against mine. I removed my underwear and our hard cocks met each other, as if they too were making out.

Both of us having never done anything with another guy before, were quite nervous, but we continued as quietly as possible. Suddenly, I find myself being pushed down to take his cock in my mouth. As I get eye level with it, I now realise how big it is. At least 9 inch, about the same as mine. I begin with a slow hand job as I take his balls, sucking them into my mouth and a moan escapes his sweet lips. I take the head slowly into my mouth, savouring the sweet taste of my first cock. I get about 4 inches into my mouth and just about gag, but I’m determined to take more. güvenilir casino I push myself further onto his cock and get another 3 inch before it feels like it’s in my stomach. The feeling is wonderful though. After a few minutes of sucking him off, his breathing begins to get faster and I can tell he’s nearing the edge. I don’t want him to come though, I have other plans.

I stop sucking him and he looks disappointed, but I reassure him that I will let him come, just not yet. We kiss again, before he gets down and returns the favour. Taking my rock hard cock into his mouth, his first cock and my first male. I can instantly feel that he knows what he’s doing, and he mimics what I did to him, taking as much as he can down his throat and sucking it gently. Then he takes my balls into his mouth and gives me a fast hand job, before going back to my cock, licking from the space between my arse and my balls, right up to the head of my cock before engulfing it in his mouth. I hold his head and begin to face fuck him and he starts to moan and hum, sending shivers through my cock. I’m nearing orgasm, and he continues. As I come, he takes as much of my cock as he can, shooting my seed right down his throat as he looks into my eyes.

And I thought he was sweet and innocent. But there is more to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20