Florida Cougar

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As long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to older women. So, on a recent trip to Florida, I had the fortune of visiting a hotel lounge, right on the beach, which had a live band. (They were all in their 70’s with bad toupees and rumpled tuxedos.)

My friend Larry, who I was staying with, had plans for the night, and the lounge was within walking distance of his place, so no worries about driving. He said the place was nice, though an older crowd for us, both being 40, which was right up my alley.

I strolled in around 10pm, the band was trying to play something current, botching up the words and rhythm, and the square bar along the back window looked out on the ocean. I ordered a beer and took in the view, then scanned the bar, seeing a good sized crowd of men and women, ranging from my age into their 70’s, laughing, flirting, generally acting like all horny people of any age group.

Across the bar sat 2 women, a blond and a redhead, both women done to the nines, with their jewelry and hair perfect, both attractive and about 55 I guessed. They both looked away when I met their eyes, whispering to each other like school girls, caught gawking at a new teacher.

Even though they were 15 years older, it felt good to know I intrigued them, and I made a note of it as I looked over the rest of the place.

After a minute, I looked across and found my admirers were gone. I ordered another beer and turned to look at the moonlight on the ocean, and there, at the glass, were my lady friends, not 10 feet away, glancing at me, and out the window.

I’m not a smooth person, and tried to think of the right opening line. The blond smiled at me and said “Did you lose Grandpa again?”

“Huh?” They both chuckled. Red said, “Aren’t you a little young for this crowd?”

“I don’t know, are you gonna proof me?” I laughed.

We began chatting. Red’s name was Liz and Blondie was Sue. On closer look, they were both closer to 60, and I’m sure both were knockouts in their younger days, and while Blondie was trimmer, Red had a set of tits that just begged to be sucked. Both stood about 5’7, but I’m not sure how much of that was real or heel.

People were dancing and a slow song came on, and Red asked me to dance. Why not? She moved into me, her soft breasts pressed into my chest, and she moaned, softly. “Mmmm, you remind me of someone I knew long ago.”

“Is that good or bad?” I asked.

“Good, very good.” Her arms tightened around my neck, and her perfume was not overpowering, but definitely strong! It reminded me of my youth, when older ladies always wore perfume, and I felt a stirring in my pants, and it felt good.

After the song ended, we held on a little longer, she looked up and said “Thank you”.

“My pleasure,” I said, wondering if I was a novelty or someone of interest to her. I felt other women her age, looking bahis firmaları at us. Red was apparently a regular here.

I thought she was gonna kiss me, but she hesitated and the moment passed. Back at the bar, Sue was talking to another guy, their age. She introduced me. Liz knew him too and they kissed and exchanged pleasantries.

“Bob is heading up to Lauderdale to see Jim, wanna come?” Red looked at me, then back and said, “I don’t think so, if Harry doesn’t mind my company, I’d just as soon stay local”

I wasn’t going anywhere, so we agreed. Sue said she’d leave her car for Liz to get home, and after a big hug and kiss on the cheek, they left us sipping drinks, me with a half a hard-on, smiling at each other.

They wound up being room-mates, sharing a condo on the beach half a mile away. From what I could gather, they both had no financial worries, traveling often, eating in fine restaurants. The night wore on and she asked if my friend Larry would be waiting up for me, which I laughed at, and she blushed a bit and said “Well, the moon looks fantastic from our balcony.”

I smiled and said “I’d really like to see that”

“Would you? Good, fine, we can go back for a quick tour, and have you back in plenty of time.” It was 2 hours to closing.

We finished up and I could feel the eyes watching us leave, like teens at a school dance. She handed me the car keys. “I don’t see that well in the dark.” I said, “Really?” and she smiled, “Don’t ever get old Harry.”

“You’re not old, I smiled.

“I’m ancient! But thanks for not noticing!”

Their place wound up being 3 blocks away, as close as Larry’s. We parked in their spot and took the elevator. Red needed a special key to access their floor: It was the Penthouse.

The place was awesome, a huge living room, looking out on a patio, with the ocean spread below. She told me to look around as she got us drinks, then we stepped outside. It was a cool breeze off the water. We gazed over the rail, sipping and thinking and she shivered. “Cold?” I asked.

“These old bones”

“Stop with the old stuff. You’re in better shape than I am.”

“Harry, you’re full of shit, but keep it coming, you’re doing wonders for my ego!”

She leaned into me and i put my arm around her waist, feeling some flab around her middle, not too much. She did that soft moan again and turned to me, our bodies pressed as if we were dancing. “I really like you, Harry, and I know there’s no future, but you make me feel young and happy and I’ll take that for a night.”

She reached for my neck and pulled me down, our first kiss soft, almost teasing. We looked at each other and smiled, then kissed again, our eyes still open as I felt her tongue slide between my lips.

As our tongues swirled, the beer began doing its thing, combined with the excitement, and my hand slid kaçak iddaa down to her ample butt and squeezed as she pressed me into the railing, and my cock began to throb.

“If you promise to be a good boy, I’ll show you my play room!”

“Hmmm ,I promise”

She led me out, through the den, into her room, with a huge king bed, lots of pillows, very tasteful and expensive furniture. A sliding glass door led out onto her own patio. She took our drinks and smiled as she approached me. “The man you remind me of, was my first love. He’d be about 70 now. I think of him sometimes, and dream of my youth. I wonder whatever happened to him.”

“Well, I’m glad, I only hope I can meet your expectations.”

“Honey, you already have,” she sighed as her fingers outlined my cock through my slacks. “Most men I meet can barely get it up, but I felt you hard when we first danced. It’s a good feeling.” We kissed again as my hands went to her breasts. She had a black, button-down satin blouse, and red skirt with heels, bare legs on a Florida night, and she sighed as I began unbuttoning her top. “Wait, let me get the lights.”

“No, leave them on”, I whispered.

“Harry, please, I’m an older woman, my body…’

“You’re a hot sexy woman, and your body looks awesome.” The blouse opened, revealing a black bra with milky-white flesh overflowing. Her eyes closed, as I unhooked her bra and slid both off her shoulders, her breasts sagged but not grossly, it was apparent they were real, not implants, her large nipples were pointy and red, almost as if they were raw from abuse. Damn! They looked so sexy!

When my hands made contact with the nips, her body shook, and as I teased them, she seemed to swoon, still eyes closed, letting me have my look.

“They are awesome, Liz, really, don’t ever be embarrassed.” I bent and took one in my mouth, biting and teasing as she held my head to her.

She moved back and sat on the bed, fumbling with my belt, tugging down my slacks. “Nice undies, Hon” she giggled, as she slid her hand in the waist band and slowly pulled them down, her head inches from my bobbing cock.

She had me lie beside her, then wrapped her hand around my shaft, smiling at me, then my cock, thoroughly enjoying this. then those red lips were wrapped around my head, her tongue circling as she got more comfy and I tweaked her nipples. She moaned, louder, now that we were alone.

I kept telling her how good it felt, how sexy she was, not wanting her to forget this night. She worked me well, sucking, then licking the shaft while looking up at me, telling me how hot she was.

I said, “My turn,” and would have happily cum in her mouth, but knew she may lose passion before I got hard again. I stood, and unhooked her skirt, sliding it down, revealing only panties, I don’t know if I was expecting a girdle Like Grandma wore, but was kaçak bahis happy to see it would be easier. I slid those down as Liz held her skirt over her abdomen, still shy about my seeing her. I tugged it away, and she lay naked before me, with 2 things immediately apparent: She no prude, having shaved her pussy. She also had a bit of a gut, with stretch marks from years ago. I found myself wondering how old her kids were.

She had closed her eyes again, and turned her head away from me, and i climbed up and kissed her again, reassuring her sexuality. “You are so hot, I have to taste you.”

With that, I began trailing down her body, her neck, nips, belly, then skipped down to her thighs, which I spread, kissing the inner, soft flesh, moving up now to her clit, which was large, engorged. When my tongue brushed it, she let out an “OOOOOH!” and I saw she teased her nipples.

My tongue slid into the wetness, as I worked my nose against her clit while still tonguing.

She was bucking against my face, groaning and writhing, holding my head in place, crying out, “Oh! Oh! No! Too Much!!! Oooo!”

Her juices gushed onto me, covering my face with sticky goo, and she trembled as she slowly relaxed, having orgasmed like I never felt before.

She pulled me up to her, kissing me, tasting her juices. “Oh Harry, Oh, that was…oh, man, I haven’t cum like that in years!”

I smiled. “Glad you liked it.”

She playfully slapped me. “Liked it?, I loved it! We have to finish you off now, I want to feel you inside me,” as she spread below me and shifted her body to guide me in.

I have always been amazed at how warm a woman’s pussy is. The heat when I slid into Liz was beyond warm. It was hot! I groaned and she held me deep inside her. “Shhh, Mommy will take good care of her Big Boy.”

We began rocking, her muscles in amazing condition, tightening around my cock, which is 6 inches with a bulbous head. In and out we worked, with her whispering how good it felt, encouraging me, urging me harder and faster. We both had sweat drenching us, she was looking her age more now, but that fire in her eyes told me she loved it.

Her legs held me inside her and I felt myself reaching the end. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, Baby, cum for Mommy, fill Mommy, fill me!”

I arched my back, letting lose with a strong gush of cum, then another, holding my position in her as she squirmed, crying out. “Yes, yes, yes baby, yes”

We laid there breathing heavily, my cock finally softened and slid out. She slid from under me and went into the bathroom. When she returned, she looked fresh, fragrant, fully a lady again, in a red full length robe and heels again.

She came to me as I dressed, kissed me warmly, whispering “Harry, I won’t be thinking of my old love anymore. You’ve replaced him!” We laughed and we went out to the den for a drink. Blondie was there smiling like the Cat in the Birdcage.

“You two sounded like you were having such a good time, I was tempted to join you!”

Liz touched her shoulder as she passed. “There’s always next time, Hon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20