Feeding the Hungry

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Michael flew into the small northern town for a two-day conference. A hotel, a travel budget, and a new place to explore, even a small town, was enough distraction to ensure he wouldn’t be bored even if Laura hadn’t decided to take charge of his evening hours.

Laura met him at the conference on the first day. She was attending as a representative of a local company. It was a coincidence that they had chatted for a while a few months previously on Lavalife but that enough for Michael to let her now he would be in her town. During their chats, Laura had been exploring her fantasies in a safe fashion on line and Michael was only to happy to share his with her, both in chat and by sharing his online stories.

Michael was shy but mildly aroused when Laura approached him at lunch the first day. She identified herself quietly as they met in the lobby before joining the buffet line. Michael knew exactly who she was from her whispered words of introduction, no-one else in the town could have known to ask him such a thing. And he had always found it stimulating to be chatting with a woman who knew his secrets, even when the location and topics of discussion were far from the subject of their online discourse.

“Hello Michael, I’m Laura,” she had said. Then, stepping very close, she whispered, “I was wondering who’s been feeding you your cum lately.”

Michael stood there, processing that message, trying to determine what a respectable response might be.

“No-one lately,” he whispered.

“That would be, ‘No-one lately, Ma’am’”, Laura retorted quickly. She then turned on her heel and walked off to join a group of conference attendees, ensuring that Michael could not follow or continue their brief conversation.

He watched as she walked away. She was short, her shoes being the only thing making her height over five feet. With an average build, she wore a classy outfit that showed off a well-shaped and sexy body. No anorexic model, Laura was built for pleasure and walked like she knew it was perfectly clear to everyone who admired her body.

She wore a knee-length gray wool skirt, with a matching jacket over a high-collared white shirt that had bright gold buttons which were fastened all the way to her neck. Dark smoky stockings covered her calves and her shoes were a definite signal that there was much more to this lady than her business attire might indicate. Black patent leather pumps, accented with bright red piping along the upper edges of the leather and red 4-inch heels, completed her outfit. Michael’s only thought as he watched her walk away was “I wonder if those are stockings”, but try as he might he couldn’t quite be sure if there were garters under the skirt that hugged her luscious ass.

Michael’s thoughts during lunch turned to the chats he’d had with Laura. She’d enjoyed exploring fantasies of female domination, teasing, bondage and training submissive males. Michael had enjoyed their chats, and many fantasy scenes crept into his mind as he recalled chat after chat. The afternoon he spent in a daze, the speakers’ presentations making no impression on his thoughts. He didn’t even notice when an envelope was placed on the table in front of him, but that question was moot when he saw the feminine script and read the note.

“I expect an obedient boy to meet me in Room 116 at 6 p.m.”

It was signed by a single “L”.

Michael rushed back to his room after the final presentation. With less than an hour to prepare himself, he turned down an offer of drinks with other attendees to focus on his one task. Stripping as he got into his room, Michael showered and shaved, both the stubble rising on his chin and the stubble on his genitals. He dressed in loose slacks and a button-down shirt, accented by only a quick splash of aftershave. With no time to spare he went quickly back to the main floor of the small hotel to find the designated room.

Room 116 was located in a small hallway behind the restaurant, which would become one of the town’s few bars after the kitchen closed. The hallway held no more than a half-dozen rooms and appeared to be an original part of the building, before the main section of the hotel went up in more recent years.

Michael knocked lightly on the door at exactly 6 p.m., and the door swing open to reveal a smiling Laura. She was still dressed in her skirt suit except for having removed her high heels. At 4-feet 9-inches, Michael’s 6-foot 1-inch frame towered over her by over a foot.

“Well hello big boy,” she said , “I knew you’d come up and see me some time.”

Crooking her finger Laura turned and walked into the spacious hotel room where she stopped and turned to watch him enter. Michael closed the door behind him and approached where she stood at the foot of one of the two queen-sized beds the room held.

Without a word he followed her simple hand signals to stand in front of her, then to kneel as she pointed to the ground. The height difference neutralized, she leaned forward to kiss him lightly on the lips. Taking a seat on the edge casino şirketleri of the bed, Laura continued to touch his broad chest, idly circling his left nipple with one polished fingernail.

“I have one choice for you to make,” she said, “Kiss me good bye and go back to your room and we’ll act like we’ve never met, or, strip, get back on your knees, and promise to do everything you’re told tonight.”

Michael didn’t have to think for long and he began by unbuttoning his shirt. He stood only to remove the rest of his clothes and fold them neatly before returning to his place before the fully dressed woman who had dominated his thoughts all afternoon, and now appeared intent on dominating his body.

Laura ran her small hands over Michael’s chest. She teased his nipples and smiled at the low moans and half-closed eyes that she got in reaction. Sliding one hand lower she traced one fingertip lightly along the underside of his erection. She ended with a finger wet with pre-cum and raised it to Michael’s mouth where she rubbed the fluid around his open lips.

“Your stories and chats about eating cum always turned me on so much,” she said, “Will you eat any cum that I feed you tonight?”

“Yes,” Michael whispered.

“Yes, what,” she replied, in a firm but not a harsh tone.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“That’s better,” she said, “you should remember that.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, now on the bed, I do believe that spread-eagled is one of your favorite sex positions.”

Michael stood and moved toward the indicated bed. Laying on his back he spread arms and legs towards the four corners. Laura reached under the mattress at each corner and brought out straps to efficiently bound him to the bed. Michael watched as she secured him with four small pet collars for manacles, and light cargo straps gave her a quick method of tightening the bondage.

Once he was securely fastened, Laura ran on fingertip down the centre of his chest. She traced the rigid shaft of his cock and scooped a large droplet of pre-cum from the head of his shaft. She slipped the finger between his lips and smiled as he eagerly sucked it clean.

Michael watched as Laura stepped back from the bed. She met his eyes and watched his reactions as she slowly slipped the jacket from her shoulders, stepped out of her skirt, and began to unbutton her blouse. Her rounded breasts, held in place by a lacy red brassiere came into view as her blouse opened. Matching panties and garter were revealed when the blouse was tossed aside. Finally the panties were slid down her legs and Laura crawled onto the bed to straddle Michael’s bound body.

Laura’s legs hugged Michael’s sides, she lightly rubbed herself against the bottom of his hard shaft as she trapped it against his stomach with her pussy. Her hands caressed his broad chest and she slowly teased his nipples as she recalled how sensitive he had claimed them to be. True to his word, she felt him throb against her and the low moans escaping his throat proved just how easily his arousal could be controlled or accentuated by nipple play.

Smiling, she leaned forward to kiss his open lips. Thrusting her tongue into his mouth, she imagined fucking him until he begged for relief, or for more. And she liked that image filling her mind as she turned around to lay on his chest facing his feet.

Michael inhaled deeply as Laura’s shaved pussy slid towards his open mouth and eager tongue. He felt her fingertips lightly caress his hard cock as she slid back to place her wet pussy right over his mouth. He might have enjoyed getting direction from the Ladies in his life in situations like this, but he needed none to execute his current task. Michael’s tongue slid as far into Laura’s pussy as he could reach. She arched her back in response to the pleasurable touch, and sighed deeply when his lips closed on her swollen clit.

Michael licked and sucked Laura’s sweet pussy while she moaned and squirmed on his chest. He forced himself to stay focused on his task even as she teased him ruthlessly by playing with his hard cock, his swollen balls and sliding her fingers down to tease around his tight ass. Laura smiled, he was good, and she was going to take everything she wanted. And she planned to share it too.

Laura gave one more hoarse groan and shuddered in her first orgasm of the night. Michael felt her reaction and tasted it as she gushed on his licking tongue. He softened his touch and gently licked up every drop he could reach. As Laura began to straighten up, they realized they were no longer alone in the room.

“Mmmmm, you do make him sound very capable in the oral department,” a boisterous and laughing female voice filled the room with sudden sound.

“Oh, yes,” Laura responded, “he certainly is.”

As Laura moved off his chest and stepped down to the floor beside the bed, Michael saw that two new ladies now stood at the foot of the bed. One was a short strawberry blond about Laura’s height and the other a brunette, taller than her friends who was probably about an average casino firmaları height of 5-foot 9-inches.

Laura moved around to the end of the bed. Michael watched as she hugged and kissed the blond. Their tongues danced as Laura’s hands cupped her friends ass through her skirt and the blond kneaded Laura’s firm breasts. As their broke off their kiss, they turned to face the bound naked man on the bed.

“Melissa, Michael,” Laura introduced them, “Michael, Melissa. She’s an old friend, and you’ll have plenty of time to find that she’s very delicious too.”

Melissa walked around the bed and leaned over to kiss Michael. He returned the deep searching kiss as he felt her hand wander across his chest and down to hold his hard cock.

“Very nice,” she said, “he appears to be everything you promised.”

“He hasn’t disappointed me yet,” Laura responded.

Michael’s gaze returned to Laura as she turned to the brunette. He watched as she pointed to the floor in front of her and the brunette quickly and obediently knelt at her feet. In that position, Laura was now taller and leaned forward to kiss the second woman. As she did so her hands cupped the brunette’s large breasts through her blouse.

“And this is Susie,” Laura introduced her to Michael, “you’ll have noticed she can be quite an obedient girl herself, but you can be certain you’ll obey her just as you will me, clear?.”

“Yes ma’am,” Michael quickly responded.

“Good,” Laura said, “with the introductions out of the way, let’s get ready to party.”

“We’re ready,” Melissa announced, “we’re just waiting for you.”

Laura smiled. She walked over to her open suitcase and pulled out a few items. She left her lacy red bra, garter and stockings just as they were. Over these she slipped a billowy sheer blouse with full sleeves, and a snug black leather skirt. Unlike the skirt she wore at the conference, this one clearly showed that she wore garters, and as clearly announced that she wore no panties to make their own distinctive lines. They all watched as she stepped back into her sexy back and red pumps.

Laura then grabbed a makeup bag and walked into the bathroom. This gave Michael a moment to examine the other two ladies, who equally used the time to examine his bound body.

Melissa: mid 30s, about 5 feet tall, deliciously curvy, with strawberry blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, her bright red lips and deep eye shadow designed to catch and keep any man’s, or woman’s, attention. She wore a short plaid skirt and a white long-sleeved blouse with cuffs. Accentuating her outfit was a loose “school tie” which hung open to expose the open throat of her blouse. The tie obscured but did not fully hide the fact that her blouse was actually open almost all the way to her waist. She may have dressed like a schoolgirl but everything about her declared that she knew things no schoolgirl should.

Susie: younger than Laura and Melissa, in her early 20s, a BBW in a way that would make any man drool who liked his women to be real in form and function. She wore a snug leather vest that pushed her large breasts together and upwards, making a cleavage that begged to be explored, and a flaring leather skirt the threatened to display all of her charms, front or back, with the slightest twirl. Her dark brown hair hung loose down her exposed back to her waist. Her makeup was classic torch singer: highlighted cheekbones, bright red lips, lots of mascara and long, long lashes.

“All ready,” Laura announced a she returned to join the others.

“But first,” she said as she moved up to sit on the bed beside Michael, “let me explain the rules.”

Her hand teased Michael’s nipple as she continued.

“Michael, my dear, we’re going to a party and you’re going to wait here for us. There’s a conference of young doctors in town who are being scouted for jobs up here in the North. And we ladies are gong to get our fill of them. And that’s where you come in. Once one of us has had our fill, we’ll need some assistance before we go cruising again. That, my dear boy, is your job. So keep that tongue ready , because from the look of my girls here, they might be getting their fill more than once tonight.”

“But Mistress …” Michael started, only to be shushed by a finger across his lips.

“You did promise to eat any cum I decided to feed you. I didn’t specify whose cum, or how you would be fed. Now you know, and I do expect god reports from Melissa and Susie at the end of the night. And, if I’m not mistaken, that throbbing cock is making a lie of your little attempt to protest.”

“Yes ma’am,” Michael sighed as she smiled at his acquiescence.

“Before we go, Melissa, would you do the honours.”

Michael watched as Melissa stepped to the bed and sat beside him. She wrapped one hand around his hard cock and stroked his shaft lightly to watch the pre-cum ooze from his shaft to soak his head. She scooped up some and held out her hand to Susie who eagerly sucked her fingers clean.

Melissa then opened a condom wrapper güvenilir casino and unrolled the tight latex sheath over Michaels’ hard cock. She then took two stretchy latex cockrings. One she placed at the base of his cock, holding the condom firmly in place. The second she slipped over his balls to grip the top of his scrotum. With that simple genital bondage completed, she and Laura stood up and straightened their skirts.

“There,” Laura said, “that will catch all those messy drops, we don’t want you to miss out on any later, do we.”

With that, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips, and then led her little posse out of the room. Melissa, in one final act to maintain Michael’s frustration, turned on the television to an endless series of pornographic films, just to keep Michael’s mind occupied.

The time Michael waited was paced only by the changing scenes on the large screen television mounted the wall opposite the foot of the bed he was strapped to. Huge cocks slid deep inside hungry mouths, eager pussies and tight assholes. Load after load of cum shot across the screen, coating sexy breasts and lips. And every time a willing tongue was coated in hot cum, Michael found himself imagining it covering his own hungry and neglected tongue.

As he was lost in a fresh fantasy of his submission to a sexy lady, the door burst open. A laughing Laura swung it shut and hurried over to the side of the bed.

“I was so horny,” she explained, “I just had hurry just to come and get more of that tongue.”

Pulling her skirt up to her waist and kicking off her shoes, she climbed up on the bed and stood over Michael, one foot on either side of his head. Her musky scent of arousal was overpowering. Michael could see the shining wetness of her pussy lips as she lowered herself to his waiting mouth. Her swollen pussy lips framed an open hole, inviting his tongue as fresh hot cum started dripping onto his face.

“Lick me bitch,” she moaned as his tongue touched her hot skin.

Michael thrust his tongue deep inside Laura’s hot wet pussy. His mouth filled with the mixed juices of Laura and her mysterious lover. Lover, in fact, might be too soft a term, perhaps the rutting stallion she had ridden to orgasm might be more appropriate for the horny haste that must have set the tenor of the fuck she’d had. Laura rode Michael’s face hard, rocking back and forth as his tongue tried to keep up with her movements. His lips slid from her clit down her lips and up to her tightly puckered asshole, with his tongue probing and licking every inch of her hot flesh. She showed his mouth no mercy as she rode closer and closer to orgasm, finally reaching it in a muffled scream of ecstasy as she pressed the heel of one hand against her mouth.

As her orgasm subsided, Laura rolled off of Michael’s chest and lay on the bed catching her breath. Slowly she rose to her knees beside him she smiled and lowered her mouth to his. She licked the mixed cum from his cheeks and fed it to him with her slippery tongue.

“Mmmm, that was good,” she whispered, “I hope to do that again later, and I saw that the other girls are working on bringing you treats too.”

After kissing him one last time, Laura slid down to fondle Michael’s throbbing cock. She made sure that he remained hard and that his balls were not too constricted by the stretchy cock ring binding them. Satisfied, she stepped off the bed, straightened her skirt again, and dug into her suitcase.

Michael watched as she showed him an anal plug and lubricant. The plug was a curiously shaped one, Michael recognized the Aneros and knew it was designed to massage a man’s prostate.

“We forgot this earlier,” she explained, as she lubricated it’s slender body.

Michael raised his legs as much as the binding straps permitted as Laura reached down to raise his balls out of her way. She pressed the plug against Michael’s asshole and firmly slid it fully into place. The pressure on his prostate was immediately effective and she watched as his throbbing cock twitched with the muscular response it triggered.

Laura stepped back into her shoes and tidied her clothes. As she walked into bathroom to fix up her hair and makeup, she smiled at the image of Michael licking her friends as well as he had just done to her.

“Make sure you take care of Melissa and Susie just as if I was here to supervise,” she reminded him as she headed out the door.

Michael next wait wasn’t very long at all. Enough to relax and turn his attention back to the television, his concentration broken by the massaging of the Aneros and the added sense of confinement it gave to his cock and balls.

The door swung open with a crash, and as quickly slammed shut again. Michael heard Susie panting as she rushed into the room, her hair flying around her head and her large breasts all but falling out of her sexy leather vest.

“Oh God!,” she exclaimed, “I came three times on his cock just thinking about you licking me.”

With that announcement she wasted no time kicking off her shoes and skirt and then climbing onto the bed and standing over Michael. Her pussy dripped on his chest as she slid one knee past each of his shoulders to plant her tight wet pussy firmly against his waiting mouth.

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