Elwood and His Gun Pt. 03

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So, I had been invited back to Elwood’s place for a third visit. This big, chunky black middle-aged man was finally going to put his big fat cock up my ass. But before that he was going to let me watch as he fucked Jamaal, the young black guy who had cum in my mouth and asked me to cum in his crack. I appreciate such straightforwardness; you know where you stand.

At 8pm I presented myself at the house and Elwood yelled for me to come in. As I closed the door behind me and my eyes adjusted to the dark in the curtain-closed room, I could see Elwood sitting on the settee with Jamaal sprawled naked across his knee. Elwood, of course, was also naked. It was his natural state. He was born to have his shiny, dark rolling hills on display to thrill admirers like me and Jamaal. Elwood put a finger in his mouth and plunged it into Jamaal’s asshole, causing the young man to flinch and give a strangled cry, followed by a sigh of pleasure.

“You’re just in time,” the older man said. “Jamaal is ready for me to mount him. Right Jamaal?”

The young man smiled a guilty smile.

“I sure am,” he said quietly. Elwood picked him up, threw him over his shoulder and marched into the bedroom, where he dumped Jamaal on the sagging old bed.

“Come through,” he called to me. “And get naked. You never know when you’ll be called upon to take part.”

As I undressed, he stood there, dark, strong and dangerous with that sexy big belly and that big, fat, sweetly-brutal cock of his bursting with lust and blood. Seeing my eyes focused on it, he said, “You want to suck my cock before I bury it in the boy’s ass?”

I dropped to my knees and took a big mouthful of plain, man-next-door black knob. His penis was like a bodybuilder itself.

With my eager right hand I took hold of his magnificent bull balls and felt them, loving their weight and size. I couldn’t wait for my turn, when he would overpower me with his sheer bulk and give me what my quivering submissiveness wanted.

“Tell bahis firmaları me you love me,” Elwood said quietly.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“You adore me,” he said.

“I adore you,” I whispered.

“Now come up here and kiss me,” he commanded and when I stood up straight he wrapped me in those burly arms, pulled me to him, ground his cock into my crotch and put his big, fat tongue in my mouth. Kissing a guy had never been something I enjoyed, but this was different because I was different. With Elwood I was a different version of myself. People talk about getting in touch with their feminine side: Elwood’s sheer charisma and perhaps a huge invisible fog of pheromones had intoxicated me with a feminine desire to be taken.

When Elwood pushed me away, as if he too was getting carried away with the desire to fuck me, I sat on a chair and watched as he lubed Jamaal’s hole, hoisted the lad’s legs into the air and thrust his cock into him. I saw Jamaal’s eyes roll up into his head at the undisputed mastery with which he had been mounted. Elwood thrust into his anus and ploughed his chute until Elwood was whimpering with ecstasy laced with terror.

“Fuck me, master,” he said urgently.

“You want my spunk?” Elwood roared.

“Oh yes, please spunk in me,” Jamaal hissed.

Elwood gave him one more enormous hump and growled as he filled him with semen. He kept Jamaal’s legs in the air as he pulled out and invited me to watch as his white fluid crawled back out into the half-light. Then Elwood stomped off to the bathroom.

Jamaal was sobbing quietly.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I’m cool,” he said. “It always gets me like this. He’s so… you’ll see. You know what it was like when he kissed you? Multiple that by a hundred.”

As if knowing some procedure, Jamaal quickly got up and wiped his crack with some big tissues before changing places with me. I lay on the bed, on my back, with my cock firm and shiny with precum.

Elwood strode kaçak iddaa back into the room.

“Round two,” he said happily, flinging himself on top of me. I loved his weight and the feeling of having his flesh all over me as he kissed me again in that utterly dominant way.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“Doggie,” I replied breathlessly.

“I knew it,” he said. “The first time I saw you I knew you wanted to submit to me in the traditional homosexual position. Turn over.”

I complied eagerly and he slathered my asshole with lubricant. It felt cold and made me even more expectant. I had never had a cock as big as his and the fear only added to the thrill of expectation. He had obviously fucked a lot of men and he clearly wasn’t afraid he was going to damage me. Besides, I had just seen him humping Jamaal mercilessly and the lad was nothing but grateful and adoring afterwards.

Elwood positioned himself like an athlete preparing for a routine he had performed a thousand times. His gripped my sides with his big, padded hands. He lined up his cock head at my entrance. Then he leaned down and licked the top of my back.

“I’m going to give you the fuck of your life,” he said quietly, then got back into position and I felt the inevitable, unstoppable sliding of his penis into me. He used his weight to ease in and for a moment he just waited there, his cock up my ass, his mastery established, before he began to slide in and out, probing areas of me that had never been touched before.

The feeling of being filled with this man’s meat was overwhelming. I wanted him to fuck me all night. I wanted him to do it slow and sensual, then hard and unrelenting. I wanted to be banged into submission, except I had already submitted. But it wasn’t a fight, it wasn’t a struggle. From the very start I had given in to him in my mind.

He could do what he liked to me.

“One day I’ll fuck you face to face,,” he said, “so I can see how much you love being buggered. You’re kaçak bahis a beautiful, lovely man and I love being inside you. On one of those other days I’m going to cum on your face, on your chest, in your hand. I’m going to spank you beforehand and I’m going to film us having sex. You will love it, seeing your face as I pound you. Now I’m going to fuck you harder and harder until I can’t hold back any longer and I’m going to fill you with my spunk. Is that what you want? Tell me.”

“You can fuck me as hard as you like,” I said breathlessly. “Harder. You’re a big strong bear and I’m your mate. You can make me pregnant. Fill me with your spunk.”

He pounded me, his belly flapping against my back, his balls against my crotch, his hands all over my back and chest, squeezing my nipples as the huge head of his male human salami ploughed up and down in my back passage. I found myself thinking about that term: back passage. It sounded like it had been dreamed up by someone who had just been fucked, a man who had just been buggered. What had, for all those years, been merely a part of my anatomy that I paid little attention to and which was exit-only and purely functional, was now the most important part of my body, put there to receive Elwood’s erect penis and to flood my senses with sexual excitement and a sense of fulfilment. At that moment this was the moment my whole life had been building up to, as this great bear of a man heaved and barreled inside me, stimulating nerves I didn’t know I had.

And finally he lost control and his orgasm took over, grinding and pulsing inside me as he released his spunk to gush out in powerful spurts in a place no semen had ever been before.

Elwood emptied his balls into me and it was the climax of the most exciting hour of my life.

I didn’t even want to cum myself, as charged up as I was. I would save that for later, lying in my own bed, my ass still feeling him inside me, my finger looking for traces of his semen, my mind going over and over this incredible episode.

I would be back at Elwood’s house any time he would let me. I would suck his cock, play with his balls, lovingly kick his asshole and let him fuck me any way and any time he wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20