Dream Come True Ch. 1

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I stood there in the middle of the dance floor watching her get a drink at the bar. I thought that Korie is the sexiest thing on two legs she has ever seen. I’m Hoku, being a Hawaiian Filipino and Korie being pure Japanese, people thought we were weird, but it’s just a weird friendship. We had gone to school together, grown up together, now both of us 23yrs old; we had become even closer in friendship than I could imagine. I have told Korie all my secrets and it was the same with her. But there was one secret that Korie didn’t know, and that is how much I was in love with her.

We chose different paths of sexual orientation with I being a lesbian and Korie straight and somewhat of a phobic with this whole gay/lesbian thing she kind of grew out of it, kind of. That’s why I was surprised when she accepted on going to Gay night at the local bar.

On the way into the bar, I slid my around her waist and whispered in her ear, “I think we’d better act like we’re a couple, because in about 10 minutes you’re going to have more attention in this one little room than you’ve ever had in your entire life. So if you don’t want to be picked up by all the other butches, then its best you stay by my side and say that you’re taken, by me.” She gave me a wicked smile of assurance and put her hand into mine and led me onto the dance floor.

Most of my dreams came true that night. I have never been so close to her as I have been tonight. We danced, held each other close, and even kissed once or twice. I looked around at the wishful thinkers staring at her and felt a flow of pleasure rush through me, for casino şirketleri I knew that they couldn’t have her. I know I’m bad, but the thought of having any other woman touch her but me, NO I won’t have it.

Watching her walk back on the dance floor, I could tell the she had TOO MUCH to drink. She almost fell walking down the stairs, and I knew that it was time to go. I had a hard time getting her into the car, and when I finally did she didn’t want to go yet, go figure. So on the way home, I looked at her almost passed out, I decided that I didn’t want her to go home that way *she still lives at home with mommy*, so I decided to have her stay at my house.

When we got to my house, she was out cold. I nudged her a little “Hey, Korie wake up. Come on, wake up” no response, still out cold. Korie being so little and fragile and picked her up in my arms with ease. Got inside and laid her down on my bed. I only have a full sized bed but it’ll do for now. I normally sleep in the nude, but as I watched her sleep I decided on a sports bra and boxers, turned off the light a fell asleep.

Sometime during the night I heard a noise. I didn’t get up just opened my eyes. And when I did, I found that I had my arm around her and cupping one of breast. I could feel her nipple against my hand getting her. Then it hit me, the noise that I heard was from her moaning. The more I caressed her breast that I held in my hand, the more she softly moaned. When I felt her moved, immediately I acted as if was still asleep.

I could feel her looking at me. She gently moved my hand and got up to use casino firmaları the bathroom. When she came back, I noticed that she had not one ounce of clothing on her. She layback down and put my hand on her pussy. I thought I was going to die. So I played along. I found her pussy getting wet as I slid my hand up and down her pussy. I looked up at her and found her eyes closed. I heard her moan as my fingers found her clit. She spread her legs wider to give me more access. As I watched her enjoy my hands, I could feel my mouth start to water. I wanted to taste her, feel her clit between my lips and have my tongue inside her.

I took my hand away, and she stopped me. “Please don’t stop, it feels so good.” She said with lust in her voice. I looked at her and moved on top of her. With our faces just inches away, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered with concern. She smiled and kissed me as her answer. Our kiss deepened. I could feel how her wild tongue against mine.

I broke the kiss and started to suck on the nape of her neck and stayed there, making sure I leave my mark. I then started to kiss down her neck down to her breast. I moved to put her nipple into my mouth and started to pinch the other. I could feel them getting harder against my touch. With Her fingernails digging into my back, her breathing becoming heavier, I sucked and pinched hard. I moved my hand and slid it down to her pussy. I could feel the moister against my hand. I slipped my fingers inside her. And how wet she was, I’ve never felt a pussy so wet before.

With my fingers sliding in and out of her, güvenilir casino I kissed my way down to her love pot. I moved myself between her legs. I moved my head between her legs. With my hands caressing her inner thighs, I gave one lick. I felt her shudder. I slid my tongue up her pussy making sure I don’t touch her clit. I watched her face and the pleasure from it made me want to satisfy her more.

I pushed my tongue into her, and could feel her clenching on it. Each time I slid my tongue into her I could hear moan. I could feel her hands on my head, trying to push me more inside her. I looked up to watch her face, and I could tell she was ready to cum. I slide my fingers inside of her and my tongue found her clit. Immediately working up a good rhythm with my tongue and fingers, I could hear her moaning louder. “Please don’t stop, faster. Oh this feels so good.” Upon hearing that I started to shove my fingers into her more vigorously, I circled her clit with my tongue even harder, feeling her hips moving in the same rhythm as my mouth. “YESSSSS, YESSSSS, AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” She screamed. I clamped her clit between my lips and sucked hard and kept fingers inside her, her vaginal muscles clenching on my fingers. I could feel her whole body shaking from her orgasm.

When her orgasm finished I gave her one last lick and moved on top of her. She looked at me and said. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life before. If I knew it was going to be this good, I would’ve slept with you sooner.” All I did was smile and kissed her on the lips. We kissed for what seemed like hours.

I laid on my back on pulled her on top of me. As soon her head touch my chest, she fell asleep. I held her tight in my arms hoping that this moment never ends. I held her for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t stop thinking about how tomorrow might be…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20