Different Type of Strip Poker

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The card table sat in the middle of the living room as they prepared to play. A deck of cards sat in the middle, a six pack on one side along with 2 ash trays and a full pack of smokes. It had been a long time since they played this game but it was actually his wife that suggest they get back into a regular Saturday night game.

“Tammy, you did remember it is five right?” he shouted upstairs. He was already dressed wearing the required pieces for the game. When he called up to her he was referring to the amount of cloths that were required to play.

“Yea… ok… I remember.” she shouted back.

“I just don’t want any cheaters.” he called back.

“Yea, yea whatever.” they said this back and forth in their normal playful sounding voices. He guesses it has been too long and they both needed this to relieve a little tension.

“I am ready when you are.” he sat down at the table and pulled out the cards. He shuffled them after lighting a cigarette. This was gonna be good. He pulled 2 cold beers out of the little mini cooler they put next to the table. Neither one of them trusted each other enough to leave the table and get another beer so they decided on the cooler. The game only called for one six pack but they always kept 2 in the cooler just in case.

Her footsteps could be heard as she made her way down the stairs. She had on her regulation five pieces for the match. Those five pieces consisted of shirt, pants underwear (her bra and panties counted as one) shoes and socks (each pair was considered one) She grabbed her beer lit a cigarette and sat down.

“Ok… lets get this show on the road.” she said with a puff of smoke.

“Are you so anxious to loose?” he chuckled.

“Oh no.. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I win.”

“You are confident tonight dear.” he said with a smirk on his face.

He shuffled a few more times as he finished his cigarette and took another gulp of his beer. Laying the cards on the table she reached over and cut the deck. It was time to play and they both were excited to do this again.

A few years back they came back from a party and were tired but not that tired. Being in a playful mood they laughed and drank some more. Sitting at the table thatnight very drunk he came up with this game. There was no way they ever would have done this sober, but now they looked forward to doing it. He called it “Stream Poker”.

“You remember the rules are simple” as he dealt the cards out.

“Yep, 5 card stud nothing wild” she smiled a stupid smile his way.

“Ok… let the games begin.” he cried.

They both picked up their first hand and neither of them grimmaced. They kept the best poker face they could. It was a few minutes of sipping beer and toking on a cigarette before he laid 2 cards down. She followed with 3.

“You must not have that good of a hand my dear to ask for 3 cards.” he smirked

“Don’t you worry about my hand darling.” she picked up the 3 he laid down.

“Now my two.” he laid out two from the deck and then inserted them into his hand.

They now looked over what they had. It only took a few seconds for them to figure out what was the best way to play their hand so they were ready.

“OK.. I dealt the cards so you go first.” he said trying to peer at her hand.

“Well.. let me see…” she got them in order and laid them on the table. “3 Jacks”

“I see you haven’t lost your touch.” he laid his down. “A pair of Nines”

“Yes… I win.” she said cheering. “I think I will take off my shoes first”

“Damn, you got a head start.”

“Ahhh.. shoes off.” she said. “Now I deal.”

Obviously they came up with this backwards game while drunk but it just seems to work and that is why they kept playing it. Although the game has just started they both started to get a little excited with each hand.

Picking up the cards she dealt again they studdied them. He shifted in his chair and she figured his hand wasn’t that great and he knew it. Another bottle of beer was opened now and it was 1/3 gone before he put it back down. He put down 2 cards and waited.

“Wow… only two?” she laid them out in front of him. “I will also take two” He picked them up and looked still keeping his poker face.

“OK big guy, I dealt you show this time.”

“Sure baby” he said confidently. He laid down a pair of fives.

“Is that it?” she said almost giggling. Then he put down a pair of tens.

“Ohhhhhh…” as she slowly put down her pair of queens.

He jumped up very excited. A small victory dance as he took his shirt off.

“I told you I would not let you get away with this.” he laughed.

“This is only the beginning my dear” she said.

It was back to him to shuffle the deck. The game wasn’t a long one so they usually took their time in between hands to drink a little more and smoke another cigarette. One hand each, she was shoeless and he was topless. It definitely wasn’t normal for the winner to take off a piece of clothing, but again those were the rules.

Ten more cards on the casino şirketleri table and it could only get better from here. This hand was much faster than the last two. He put his cards down and said “I don’t need any, how about you?”

“No way, your kidding.” she said.

“Nope. How many can I get you my dear?” and he put on a big smile.

“OK give me three, and they better be good.”

He just sat there with his cards in his hand waiting for her to show. She opened another beer and took a big swig, then putting out her cigarette she instantly lit another one. The tension was brewing. “I have three kings.” she said a little nervous. He didn’t draw any cards and that usually meant he was acting cocky for a reason. “OK.. what do you have.”

He stood up before he put his hand down. “A full house.” She lost 2 in a row. Putting one foot on the chair he untied his shoes and removed them in his little victory dance again.

“Damn” she said watching him remove his shoes. “OK OK.. don’t get too cocky, I am only down by one hand.”

She composed herself and shuffled. She counted out the cards as they hit the table and as soon as she was done they both picked up the cards to take a look. She let a small smirk show but it never worried him.

“How many?” she said picking up the deck.

“Two” he said discarding the ones he didn’t want.

“I am taking two also.” now the game was getting more serious. It was for fun after all but they enjoyed good competition. Especially when winning meant you were the one that got the BIG prize.

“Ok…” she said to him holding her cards in front of her face. “What do you have?”

“A pair of eights.” he laid them down. She smiled.

“Three fours. Gotcha” she stood up and and watched her bend down and remove her socks one at a time. She was turned to the side and he had a good look at her ass. He loved how it looked, nice heart shape that he loved to grab when they were doggie style.

“Sit down, this isn’t over yet.” he said shuffling

Again the cards were laid out and they were studying them carefully. He moved a few cards around and waited for her. She put down 3 cards and he replaced them for her. He took 3 also.

“Show’em.” he grinned.

“I got nothin” she put her hand down and not even a pair was showing.

“Good, cause I only had a pair of threes.” now it was his turn to removed a piece and he followed by taking off his socks as well. By this point the tension was building the closer they got to the end of the match. She looked at him standing there in him pants, and her eyes were glued to the bulge in his pants. A tingle went through her body thinking about the fun they would have when it was over.

“Hmmmm… as much as I want to see you naked I don’t want to loose this match.” she smiled at him.

“It’s OK.. I understand, but I will be victorious.” he sat down and watched the cards fly back and forth as she handed them out quickly.

He picked them up and looked at her from across the table. He loved her large tits and how they looked under her shirt. He was sure he could see her nipples getting harder under the shirt. They always got hard when she was getting excited.

“Give me 2” he said.

“I will take one” and she handed him his two and took one.

“OK.. stud. Whatcha got?”

“Pair of sixes” he laid them down.

“Haaa..” she exclaimed. “A pair of nines.” She stood up and he watched as she turned her back on him and slowly took off her pants. She had on a very nice clean pair of white cotton panties that hugged her hips very nicely. It was a mini strip tease she did taking those pants off. When she turned around he could faintly make out the patch of black hair underneath the pure white material.

A quick shuffle and this time he made her cut the deck. It was very close to the end and they both lit a cigarette not knowing how soon things would be over. A few cold beers open and they clinked the bottles together toasting each other. By the time the next set of cards were laid down they both drank half of the new beer.

“Give me one.” she said.

“Ok… and I take one also.”

“Put’em on the table, lets see.” he said.

“I didn’t get the one I wanted.” she put them on the table. “I have 2 pair.”

“Thats funny, cause I did get the one I wanted.” and he laid out a full house.

“Ohhhhh.. this is gonna be good.” He stood up and drank the rest of his beer down in anticipation of his win. He put the empty bottle down and she watched as he slid his pants down to his ankles then stepped out. The bulge in his underwear was growing and she wanted to touch it, but she was set on winning so she had work to do.

She got the deck and shuffled slowly making sure it would be fair. He cut the deck and she handed the cards out counting as she went. Another cigarette was lit and the smoke hung in the air as they contemplated this hand. He put two of his own cards on the table.

“Give me one.” she told him putting her card down.

“Here you go.” he grinned and took his two.

“Are casino firmaları you ready?” he asked her.

“OK.. what do you have?” she questioned.

“Three eights” he put them down showing her.

“YESSSS” she exclaimed. “I got three jacks.” She stood up to remove her shirt but he stopped her.

“… and two fives.” and laid them next to the other cards. “FULL HOUSE”

“Nooooooo… ” and let out a sigh admitting defeat.

He stood up and she watched his cock fall past the material as he pulled it down. It was growing as she looked on. He stood there totally naked in front of the table and she sat there ready to accept. Wrapping his hand around his cock he slid his fingers up and down his shaft a few times, it throbbed and it puled with life.

With both hands he picked up the little card table and moved it to the side and now stood a couple of feet away from her. He enjoyed the fact that according to the rules she has to sit there until he completes his win.

“Sit closer to the edge of the chair so I can see your white panties better.” he told her.

She slid up spread her legs showing him the dark shadow under the sheer white. He looked right at her and held his cock in his hand.

“Uhh.. here it comes baby.”

She watched as if it were slow motion. The tip of his penis swelled up and the hole opened up. A stream of his piss arched out and hit her square in the chest, soaking her shirt and ran down getting her all wet. The beer had assured him a full bladder. The stream was strong and showed no signs of ending anytime soon. He guided the stream up and down and left and right on the shirt. The shirt she wore was blue with white strips on the short sleeves. It was turning dark dark blue as his piss covered the shirt. She sat there and was enjoying her shower.

He guided his penis up higher until it was going up her neck then just went up until the stream was aimed at her face. She opened her mouth and let the liquid fill her and it poured out over the sides and down the front of her like a little fountain. It ran all the way down getting her white panties wet, giving them a yellow tinge. Instantly her hand went down and rubbed her clit through the soaked material.

He could hear her moaning as the liquid flowed out of her mouth. She was using her other hand to give her breast a good squeeze through her piss soaked shirt. A huge wet area was spreading out under her as he watched it drip off of her legs and down the chair.

The stream subsided and he walked closer to her as it did to make sure none of it was wasted just falling to the floor. His cock was now an inch from her mouth as the last few drips from the tip fell out.

“Now suck my cock.” so she took it all into her mouth and let the remaining urine that was in her mouth surround his cock. It felt nice and warm and she was loving the taste of his piss and his cock together. She always did and always will.

“Mmmmmmm…” she purred as he moved his hips back and forth pushing and pulling his cock. He went all the way in until his cock touched that back of her throat, then pulled it back out. He grabbed her and made her stand up. He pulled her close and held her piss soaked cloths and body up against him, and planted a huge kiss on her. He was dying to taste his own urine on her tongue.

“I love the way your feel against me when you are covered like this.” he said

“So do I, but now its my turn.” she said switching places with him.

He sat down in a pool of pee that covered the chair, and watched as she put one foot on the back of the chair. Her hand slowly rubbed her wet panties making the dark hair show through the wet material.

“Mmmmm.. now I want you to take mine.” she said. Pulling the panties to one side she exposed her beautiful pussy to him and kept rubbing. He sat waiting for the her stream to start. She rubbed her clit and lifted her shirt to expose a breast. She pinched the nipple and let out a low moan. Her bladder relaxed and he was soon getting a full force stream that showered down on his cock, right where he loved to feel it.

“Ohhh… that looks good… I love to piss on your cock.” she said

She used her fingers to pull her pussy up by the clit and the stream went up and down hitting his stomach and going down to he knees. He leaned back in the chair and she repositioned making the stream climb up his body just the way he did. She enjoyed that fact that most women can piss further and more then most men so it wasn’t hard to arch the stream until it was landing in his open mouth. He took it in and swallowed some and let the majority of it pour out.

“Yes.. baby.. drink my pee… lick it all up.” she moaned.

He leaned in and followed the path of her piss all the way up to her wet cunt. The last final drops of it fell out and he pressed his lips against hers and wrapped his tongue around her clit. It tasted so good on his tongue.

“Your pussy tastes so good with piss all over it.” and he ran his mouth over the entire length of flesh getting everything he could. She reached down güvenilir casino and pulled her pussy lips apart for him so he could get his tongue deep inside her wet twat. He made sure to get his face covered.

He kissed her clit one more time and slowly stood up taking her in his arms and kissed her so she could share in the taste of piss and pussy mixed together. He helped her take her shirt off then slid her panties off to the floor as they both stood there naked touching and rubbing the urine into each others skin.

From the table he grabbed one of the still cold and still very full bottles of beer. Holding it close to her he tilted the beer until it started to drip down her large breasts. Putting his lips to her nipple he licked and sucked her tit as the beer ran down. He was swimming in all of the different smells and tastes that they had both created.

“Mmmmmm..” she purred. One of her hands was always circling her clit that was swelling the more they played. He finished pouring the bottle out and the brought her over to the middle of the room and they got down on the floor. He got on his back.

“Put that cunt on my face and suck my cock.” he ordered her.

She squatted over his face and completed the sixty-nine by wrapping her hands and then her mouth around the shaft of his large cock. In one lunge she took his cock in her mouth until his balls were pressed against her nose.

“Ohhhhhh… god you know how to take my penis in your mouth.” he exclaimed.

“Mmmmmmm… ” was all she could get out with a mouth full of cock.

“Yea.. that feels great baby.” he told her just before he plunged his tongue into her moist hole. Using his fingers he opened up her lips and pressed his mouth on her clit and made a suction cup around it. He tongue flicked over it slowly at first, just barely touching her flesh, which only heightened her excitement.

“God my cunt is throbbing I am so horny… make me cum baby.” she screamed.

He pressed his tongue down and ran it over the entire area around her clit. She moaned again and she could not keep her hips still. She gyrated her hips against his face, practically fucking his nose she was so hot.

“Ohhhhh… that’s it baby… Ohhh that feels good… I love the way you lick my hot wet hole with your mouth.” she kept on gyrating and moaning. His cock was in her hand going up and down, moving it faster and faster the closer she came to her orgasm. His tongue was going over her clit very fast and he could feel how hard it was everytime he made a pass over it.

“Uhh.. Ahhh…I’m cumm… I’m cummmming… Ohhhhh…” she let it out and he instantly felt her orgasms ooze out over his face and down his chin. “Ohh.. that felt great.”

“Mmmm.. and that tasted great too…” he said before he gently went back to kissing and sucking her swollen pussy lips. Up and down the outside of her pussy he made sure to get everything he could and not miss a drop.

“I want you to hold my cock straight up baby…” she did as he said and within a couple of seconds she was treated with another steady stream of piss flowing from his cock. Right away she opened her mouth and drank from the tip as it came out. It poured over her lips and her tongue only letting some of it fall out. He listened as she slurped at his urine. It was sooooo hot and only made his cock even harder than before.

Before the stream ended she moved it around and got it all over her face and even her hair was wet as if she had just come in from a rain storm. She watched it slow down to a trickle and wasted no time in taking his cock again in her mouth. She sucked him with long slow strokes.

“Oh thats it… I love how you suck cock baby.” with that he reached around and used 2 fingers from each hand to pull her pussy open. He loved to look at the warm wet inside of her pussy, especially after she came and it was oozing with her cum. He took 2 fingers and pushed them deep in her cunt, getting them totally soaked and then pulled them out. Taking the same fingers he put them against her ass and held them there. She was eagerly sucking his cock and but wanted those fingers, so she pushed her hips backwards and his fingers slid inside.

“Mmmmmm… oh yea.. fuck my ass with your fingers.” and she took his cock again in her mouth. She went up and down his shaft licking and sucking and kissing. Down at the base her tongue ran between his balls and she took each one in her mouth and moved them all around. Once they were totally soaked she took both of them in her mouth and sucked while stroking his cock with her hand.

“Oh.. god that feels good.” he told her. His two fingers were pumping in and out of her ass in rhythm with her hips. He pulled them out and put 3 fingers together and pressed them against her hole. She pushed back and he was amazed at how she took all three fingers.

“Fuck… that feels good. Thats it fuck my ass… Ohhhhh…” she was in Ecstasy.

“Just keep sucking my cock… and i will do anything you want.” he told her.

She attacked his cock with a heated furry. She was going all the way down taking him deep in her throat and then pulling back again. Up and down she slurped giving him the best suck of his life. The head of his cock swelled up and his hips were moving, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20