Cyndi’s Secret Ch. 01

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Cyndi told me her secret.

“Don’t laugh,” she said. “Remember Jared?”

“Not Jared the Hunk Master!” I laughed and narrowly missed the magazine Cyndi threw at me.

“I used to dream about, you know, kissing him” she said, blushing hot. “Who didn’t?” I smiled, blowing the strand of hair from between my lips.

“Then one night, I woke up thinking that he really kissed me. It was so real” she said.

And the next night, Jared came to her again, and Cyndi found out that if she thought about him really really hard, she could almost feel him, physically.

“Then it started to happen during the day time” she said.

My eyes got very wide.”Creeeepy!”

“It’s almost like…” She left her thought unfinished, rimming her lips slowly with her tongue. “But what’s really creepy, was that I started to feel him without even thinking about him first, it’s almost like he’s coming to me by himself”.

“Cos you were kissing back” I wagged my finger at her. “That’d only encourage them. And were you guys just kissing?” I giggled and Cyndi blushed hot.

“I started to think of ‘him’ as my Jared. I tried to stop him when he’s coming on too strong, but he didn’t always listen.”

“What do you mean? Your Jared forced you?”

“forces” She said, and swallowed “If I really let him”.

“Now you are creeping me out” I said, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

It happened a week after that.

I was sitting on the floor casino şirketleri watching a game on television over at Cyndi’s. She was reading her magazine in her bed.

“It’s him” she said

“who?” I asked. I looked up, and saw that Cyndi had put down her magazine. She had rolled onto her back, arms by her sides, clenching the sheets with her fists with her head turned to one side, her chest heaving up and down. Slowly she let out a soft moan as she exhaled, rimming her lips again with her tongue.

“What’s happening?” I asked uselessly, feeling a chill that raised goose bumps all over as I watched her. She tigthens her fists, pressed her thighs tighly together, then brought her knees up and started to slide one leg against the other. Slowly she turned her head to face the wall as she arched her body. She released the knobs of bedsheet in her fists, fingers spreading out. First, she brought her arms together to hug herself, then she raised them up above her head, slowly, as if they were being pulled up, until finally she rested her wrists, crossed, above her head. “Cyndi!” I swallowed “what’s happening?”

She didn’t answer. but twisted her body off to one side while keeping her arms up as if her wrists were held in position, and then brought her knees up higher, thighs pressed together. Suddenly she twisted her body towards the other side of the bed, facing me, then turned back just as suddenly onto her back. with her face towards casino firmaları me and eyes closed, she started to arch up while stretching her arms out, keeping her wrists crossed. As she stretched, she opened her thighs, slowly as if her knees were pried open, her legs straightening out and moving apart, toes pointed towards the bottom corners of her bed.

I sat down at the edge of the bed “Cyndi!” I whispered, as if not wanting to be eavesdropped on. She turns her head back to face the wall, “Jared…” she moaned, her hands balled into fists again, her body arching, taut. I could see how she’s sucked in her tummy below the hem of her midriff-tee. She twisted again, first to the left, then to the right as if struggling, She’s writhing, I thought. “Are you ok, Cyndi!” I whispered again, and, as if beyond my own control, I reached out, and gingerly touched the skin on her bare tummy.

She jerked, and hissed between her teeth as if I had just touched her with a hot iron. There is something about her, writhing on the bed like that, that made me keep my fingertips on her tummy. Her skin was tender, soft, warm. I stroked her soft skin, as if to comfort her, knowing how unbearably teasing that could be. She heaved and sucked in her tummy some more and arched, and I noticed the swell of her breasts, thrusting against the t-shirt, and the outlines of her stiffened nipples, hard nubs poking from under the thin cotton fabric.

She turned and opened her güvenilir casino eyes, but she was looking through me. “Cyndi!” I whispered again, my fingertips wandering upward, riding lightly on her ribcage under her shirt. When she closed her eyes, I noticed the fabric of her shirt around the outlines of her nipples. It was creased, as if pinched against her nipples under the shirt. I gasped softly. When the creases deepened as Cyndi rolled her body, she suddenly brought her elbows close together above her face, with her face in the crook of her arms. She was trying to sit up. It was as if it was all too much, and she’s breaking free of Jared.

Something came over me then. I placed my hands on her arms. “Cyndi!” I said, hoarsely as something caught in my throat, and pressed down firmly on her elbows, pressing them back down to the bed on either side of her head while she strained. She arched and twisted her pelvis, almost desperately as I held her. A low moan came out as a long, passionate growl, like an animal cornered. I looked down to her heaving chest. Now I wanted to brush my fingers across the tips of her breasts. I wanted to see them revealed and watch while “Jared” has his way with her. As if reading my thoughts, she moaned “nooooooo!” and rolled her hips, very very suggestively, while keeping her legs spread.

I leaned foward to press my forearm across hers, keeping her wrists crossed with one arm and the weight of my body while I fished for a ribbon on the floor. When I found the ribbon, I lashed her wrists together and tied them to a bar on the headboard.

Now, my darling! I thought, resting my hands on the smooth skin of her waist, and slowly pushes her shirt upward.

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