Crotchless Undies

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For six months it was perfect. Nikki and I did everything together. We were poor, but we shared everything, and we were happy. I actually liked that she bought me sexy clothing, and was happy to femme it to the max when we were at home, but increasingly felt she was pushing for me to be someone I wasn’t. It’s one thing to play the slut in the bedroom, quite something else to do it in the real world.

Because I worked hard all my life to get good degrees and a job where I was taken seriously. A job where dressing like a stripper would get me fired instantly. And someone needed to put food on the table.

I loved Nikki, but she drove me nuts sometimes. I liked sex as much as the next girl, but I had my work, and my other friends, and it wasn’t just all about Nikki, who spent far too much time on the internet.

Ironically, it was Nikki who solved all our financial difficulties – with a winning lottery ticket. Not that she told me straight away, but the abrupt change in her mood lifted the stress on our relationship.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so difficult,” she said. “I’ll stop pushing you to do things you’re uncomfortable with.”

I was relieved, and grateful. “Thanks, honey,” I said.

Then she handed me a gift-wrapped box. “Strictly for the house.”

Of course they were. Scarlet red crotchless knickers, soft as silk. I had them on in a flash, and we raced to bed. Nikki’s tongue swept between my labia and penetrated deep, while I was wearing knickers! It felt so naughty and so erotic. I’d never been a huge fan of oral sex, but she brought me to a climax more intense than any I had ever experienced.

“Oh wow,” I said dreamily.

The following morning I was on such a high that it was mid morning when it occurred to me that I was still wearing the crotchless knickers. Even more alarming was that I had chosen to wear one of my more risque skirts.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t help feeling a little sluttish, as if I had deliberately dressed this way. It didn’t help that I kept imagining Nikki’s delight when I told her, and the thought of it had me very aroused.

And of course she loved it. She didn’t even let me undress, but dragged me straight to bed. “How bahis firmaları do you like this?” she asked, slotting a new purple dildo into her strap-on belt. It was much longer and thicker than the others, and if I hadn’t been quite so horny I would have objected.

But it wasn’t too thick to fit through the crotchless undies that I had worn now for a whole day and which were soaked from my arousal. I feared the dildo would hurt, but it glided easily into me, and stretched me wonderfully. “God that feels good.”

“It’s good to be a slut, isn’t it?” she said, fucking me with firm, deep thrusts.

“Oh, yes,” I agreed wholeheartedly. After all, it was the bedroom and safe to say and believe such things.

Nikki eased out of me. “I bought a matching bra, by the way.”

The bra was the same scarlet silk. I stripped out of my work clothes, all except the knickers, and fixed the bra in place. The fit was perfect, lifting my breasts provocatively without causing discomfort. What the bra didn’t do was conceal my nipples.

There were two round holes placed strategically to expose my nipples to view. Nikki pushed me down onto the bed, her dildo penetrating me through the red knickers, her mouth sucking on first one nipple then the other.

I had never known my nipples to be so sensitive. I writhed beneath her, pleasure like electricity driving me steadily to a climax, and when I was thrown over the precipice, my body convulsing as that purple dildo continued its determined fuck, it surpassed even the previous night’s unprecedented joy.

“Wow,” I said, staring dizzily at the ceiling.

“Wow,” echoed Nikki.

I was in such a good mood the following morning I even allowed Nikki to persuade me into higher heels. Only three inches, but even that felt daring.

All that amazing sex was affecting my concentration. Instead of focusing on numbers and algorithms, I found myself imagining Nikki’s nipples between my lips, my tongue circling her clit, her new strap-on pounding into me from behind.

My fingers kept straying to my nipples, and I was startled to discover I still had the peephole bra on. Indeed, you could see the scarlet through my white shirt, though my jacket concealed kaçak iddaa the points of my nipples.

I was startled also by how big my breasts looked with this new bra. My nipples too seemed more prominent than usual.

And the knickers too! That was just unhygienic. Soaked again too. Maybe Nikki was right. Maybe I was a slut, and not just in the bedroom.

Mid afternoon I went to the Ladies’, locked myself in a cubicle, and fingered myself through the open crotch. The slurping sound of my fingers in my wet pussy echoed loudly in the bathroom, accompanied by my whimpers of pleasure.

I felt so dirty doing it, but couldn’t stop myself until I had climaxed not once but twice. I’d needed it so badly, and for a while afterwards I was able to focus properly on my work.

By the time I reached home, I was horny again. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me. “I think I’ll pop in to the doctor’s tomorrow,” I said.

“Okay,” Nikki agreed. She tugged hard on the laces of the corset she had persuaded me into. It was a waist-trainer that I disliked for being heavy and uncomfortable, and I certainly didn’t like it this tight. “Hey,” I protested.

“Do you want me to fuck you or not?”

“Yes,” I said sulkily.

She pulled at the laces again and tied them off. I could hardly breathe.

And I was still wearing the bra and knickers, and my breasts really did look bigger. They were fantastically sexy.

Nikki pushed me onto my back and straddled my face, her pussy pressed to my mouth. She teased and tugged on my nipples as I worked her clit. Sometimes she caressed my pussy too, but the stimulation was not enough for what I needed.

She ordered me onto hands and knees, and circled round behind me. I thought she would return the favour, but instead she pulled my knickers to the side and licked my ass. I opened my mouth to complain, but the sound I made was unintelligible. Her tongue felt so good there.

I’d never understood until that moment why or even how you could lick someone’s ass, but I was soon pushing back at her, moaning audibly and wishing for her tongue to penetrate deeper.

“I knew you’d love it,” she said. “You’ll love this too.”

Something kaçak bahis cold and hard pushed against that same ring of muscle. “Wait, no,” I said, but didn’t move as the pressure increased. I understood what it was, though I had never dreamt I would have one in me.

I panted as I was stretched wider and wider – and then it slotted into place. And it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Good slut,” Nikki said, straightening my knickers. “Now beg me to fuck your pussy.”

I was more than happy to do so. “Fuck me, Nikki. Fuck my pussy with your big purple cock.”

And she did. The feeling of the plug in my ass was an exciting addition. The corset muted my eventual orgasm, but it was satisfying all the same.

I was a complete loss at work the following day. None of the numbers made sense, and I was too bored and horny. People kept asking if I was okay, and seemed shocked when I explained that I was having really great sex with my girlfriend and it was difficult to concentrate at work.

Nikki had been really sweet too, helping me to choose what to wear, giving me tips on make-up, telling me it was okay to be sexy.

My boss even suggested I go home early, which was nice. I thought to surprise Nikki, but she was waiting for me, naked and sporting her purple strap-on cock. She bent me over the kitchen table, eased the plug from me, and thrust her dildo into my ass.

I loved it! “Oh, fuck, yes!” I cried out. “Fuck my ass, Nikki!”

This was so much more fun than being at work. “I don’t want to work any more,” I said. “I want to stay at home so we can fuck all day long. Fuck me, Nikki!”

She hadn’t stopped. Her silicone cock was pounding my ass vigorously. “Will you always be pretty and sexy for me?” she asked.

Honestly, nothing else mattered. “I just want to make you happy. And have lots of sex.”

Nikki pulled out of me. “Get on your knees.” I did, and she pushed her cock in my mouth. “Suck it,” she instructed, and I did so happily.

She sighed with satisfaction. “You truly are mine now. My slut. My whore. My beautiful bimbo.”

I nodded agreement, her purple cock still in my mouth.

Nikki laughed. “I won the lottery, by the way. We’re rich, even after what I paid for that bra and knicker set.”

I knew there was something odd about them!

“They’ve done their work now,” she continued. “You never need to wear panties again…”

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