Crew Loyalty Ch. 02

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Zarinah fumbled as she untucked her tight red shirt from her black trousers. Her captain took a small step back to watch and smirked as the Thinly Veiled Starfleet badge got stuck as she pulled it over her head.

When it was done The Captain smiled approvingly at the sight of her shirtless ensign. She ran a single finger over the ensign’s paler stomach and on to the black sports bra, then began gently stroking Zarinah’s tits.

“You know I think you’d better take this off too” She commanded, pulling gently at one bra strap. She slowly strolled back over to her desk as Zarinah complied.

“Computer” She said “put me in something more comfortable, and put my office into setting 5.”

Nanotechnology changed the officers uniform into a loose fitting flannel pyjama shirt which reached the captain’s knees. The wall behind the desk turned into a large window, which revealed a stunning view of the alien world the space station orbited. They were closer to the surface than the ring of ice and rock which encircled the planet, she could see glimpses of it on the other side of the world reflecting in the sunlight. It looked almost like glitter. The planet beneath was at war over minerals in those rocks. But you couldn’t tell from here. Zarinah had seen this view before but bahis firmaları she was always on the go, she hadn’t taken it in like this since the first month or so that she arrived.

The Captain did not acknowledge the view as she sat down on her chair, instead she kept her eyes on Zarinah’s now fully exposed tits.

“Very nice” She said she turned her chair to face the window but kept her eyes fixed on Zarinah. She tapped her thigh “Over here ensign.”

Zarinah walked slowly over to her captain and sat in her lap. Her large, teardrop shaped breasts were usually bound in a tight and practical sports bra, feeling them move just slightly with each step made her feel oddly aware of them.

“Very nice indeed” the captain took hold of one of the ensigns’ tits, which spilled out of her rough hands. She entangled her fingers in the younger woman’s hair and pulled her into a kiss. The ensign turned her head and opened her mouth and flicked her tongue underneath the captains. The captain pinched Zarinah’s nipple and bit her lower lip, the enseign let out a low moan.

The Captain placed gentle kisses on Zarinah’s neck, then her collarbone, then her tits. She moved her hands to Zarinah’s waist, and held her tightly. She gently circled one of her nipples with her tongue kaçak iddaa before sucking on it briefly. Then slowly she pulled her mouth away.

“Now” the captain said. She grinned, leaned back in her chair and twirled one of Zarinah’s curls around her index finger then pulled it away and placed both her hands behind her head. “Get on your knees”

The ensign stood and gulped. The captain moved her legs apart, making her intentions incredibly clear. The night shirt rode up to her hips, revealing her muscular thighs. Her right was augmented with white metallic robotics, her knee, and the outer half of the upper thigh glinted in the moonlight and bright blue electroluminescent wire which glowed through the smooth casing. Tattoos of wild flowers seemed to spring from the scar tissue which surrounded the implant and intertwined as they climbed towards the dark, wild hair which surrounded her pussy.

“Go on, I think you know what to do” The captain glanced up at the ensign and then at the space between your legs.

“I…I really want to captain,” the enseign replied, half breathless already from the experience.

“Good” the captain grinned and turned to face Zarinah. She moved one hand to the armrest of her office chair and touched Zarinah’s arm with the other. kaçak bahis She ran her fingers from the younger women’s elbow to her fingertips “An officer should want to make her captain happy” She took Zarinah’s hand and pulled her closer. Then wrapped her arms Zarinah, and placed her bare feet on top of her boots. “Yet I’m sensing a ‘but’”

“It’s against regulation…you…doesn’t that mean that it’s wrong…or that…you could get in trouble?” She stammered as her heart pounded at the inside of her chest.

“No and no” The captain moved her hands to cup the ensign’s ass again. “We are far from headquarters out here ensign. You’d need to travel at the highest warp speed we are capable of for three weeks to find a higher ranking officer than me. I don’t get in trouble. Because there is no one for me to get in trouble with.” She put a little pressure on Zarinah’s hips, and guided her to move as she slowly rotated the chair back to its original position. Before she knew it Zarinah was standing right where the captain had been gesturing to her to kneel moments ago.

The captain returned her hands to their former position behind her head. “As for this being wrong. It’s not. We are far from civilization out here ensign. I don’t just want you to do this. I need you to show me, as all my senior officers have, that you don’t care about following the rules, or some lover back on earth, or men, more than you care about me. Now get on your knees.” The ensign smiled and sank slowly to the floor.

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